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East Oregonian
Tuesday, December, 26, 2017
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hen cold winds blow, it’s
essential to take extra steps to
protect your health. There are
a number of techniques that
can help keep your immunity high and your
body in good condition to support wellness
all season long so that you can enjoy the
chillier months.
There’s no magic formula for feeling
your best, but consulting your health care
provider is always a good idea when you’re
contemplating new ideas to promote better
Get up and moving
Without frequent use, muscles and joints
can weaken and grow stiff, limiting your
mobility. Exercise is also an important
step in balancing your caloric intake, and
physical activity gets your blood pumping,
which has numerous benefits for heart
health. The Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC) recommends a minimum
of 150 minutes each week (or 30 minutes
per day, at least five days each week) of
moderate activity, such as a brisk walk, yoga
class or bike ride.
Additionally, winter brings fewer hours of
sunlight during the day, and per the National
Sleep Foundation, darkness naturally causes
the brain to release melatonin, a hormone
that triggers sleepiness. Exercise can
counteract this drowsiness, as the endorphins
released through physical activity cause a
natural increase in energy levels. Studies
show that endorphins can also elicit positive
feelings and reduce the perception of pain,
which can lower stress levels
to help keep you mentally and
physically well.
Spice up your routine with
herbal supplements
Whether to supplement your diet
with additional vitamins and
nutrients or to give you a specific,
targeted boost, herbal supplements
can help support overall health. For
example, the supplement turmeric,
derived from root extracts of the
Curcuma longa plant, is widely
regarded to have numerous positive
health implications.
“Since 2013, turmeric has
dominated the market as the
top-selling ingredient in herbal
supplements,” said Chris Oswald,
licensed nutritionist at Nature’s
Way. “As research on turmeric
grows, consumers continue to
recognize the health benefits of this
amazing botanical.”
Turmeric can be added to several
foods, but to ensure a steady,
adequate dose, Oswald recommends
a turmeric-based herbal supplement,
like the Turmerich line from Nature’s
Way. The line combines a blend of
premium ingredients in two unique
formulas, Turmerich Heart and
Turmerich Joint. Both supplements
feature turmeric extract along with a
strong suite of herbal and specialty ingredients
for comprehensive, targeted support.
Each supplement uses 400 milligrams of
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standardized turmeric root extract per serving
to boost ingredient potency, maximizing
potential health benefits.
Get ample rest
Fast Facts on Turmeric
As a root native to Southeast Asia, turmeric
has played a role in Chinese and Indian
medicinal traditions since ancient times.
Here are some other facts you may not
know about this botanical:
is a relative of the ginger root.
adds the yellow color to foods
such as Indian curry and yellow mustard,
and is often used as a dye for its rich
When dried and ground, the underground
stem of the turmeric plant can be used
to make capsules, tablets, teas, oils and
Adequate sleep allows the body to
rejuvenate itself naturally, promoting a
better mood, improved system function and
increased stamina throughout the day. The
National Sleep Foundation recommends
older adults get at least 7-8 hours of sleep
each night for optimal health. Beyond a
good night’s sleep, be sure to take some
mental downtime, too, to minimize stress
and anxiety, both of which can have a
negative impact on your health. Find ways
to relax through meditation, reading or
listening to soothing music, which can help
rest your mind and body.
Boost immunity
Fresh fruits and vegetables offer vitamins
and minerals that can play an important
role in immune health. Studies have shown
that vitamin C, which is found naturally in
several fruits, is essential for stimulating
growth and repair in the body. During the
winter months, when fresh fruit can be
harder to find, supplements like Echinacea
& Vitamin C from Nature’s Way can be
another source of vitamin C.
Maintain skin health
As the body’s largest organ and the first line
defense against physical harm, the skin is
particu larly susceptible to wear and tear.
During the winter, frequent exposure to harsh
elements, from dry air to biting sleet, can
have serious impacts on skin health.
You can take steps to minimize painful
redness and flakiness or cracking by
regularly moisturizing your skin with
fragrance-free lotions and herbal oils. They
can create a protective barrier between your
skin tissue and potential pollutants and
irritants, and should be applied generously
to areas that are most likely to be exposed,
like your hands and face. Also remember to
bundle up to prevent the impact of stinging
winds, and avoid unnecessary time outdoors
when conditions are especially harsh.
Find more winter wellness tools at
naturesway.com or Facebook.com/