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    Friday, June 23, 2017
The visitors
ast Sunday two visitors came by
the church. I recognized them from
the year before. From Minnesota,
they were summer swallows who wafted
in as they passed through Boardman and
continued to travel up to Seattle. A retired
husband and wife, on a pilgrimage of long
travel, gifted us with their worship and
I miss Minnesota personally, it is one of
the friendliest and most humble states and
even if winter comes dramatically there
is always spiritual warmth that floods the
streets and fields. Our summer Sunday this
week had the feeling of
a grace-filled Minnesota
Also this Sunday, our
two young congregation
members who had been
involved in a serious wreck
that involved their flight
by medical helicopter to
two separate hospitals
were back, with their Mom
and Dad, sitting in their
usual seats, and smiling
as if angels had intervened to rescue them
from the auto impact with two semis —
which I am sure had happened. Also, two
congregation members had returned, mother
and daughter, luminous with their smiling.
They had been witness at the site of the auto
accident and had gathered in protection and
holy kindness. The young girl who was
present was close friends with the younger
boy — and I saw her happiness when he
walked to her smiling in the aisle.
My heart blossomed like a rose with
thankfulness. Angels glittered in the ether.
Angels come in pairs so it is said, and
it did seem unusual that our rare northern
visitors came on that day to bring their
visitation blessing. Such a light, mellow
feeling in the church. Our pianist Renee
commented on the beautiful quality of the
singing that was bell-like and energetic.
I feel hopeful that soon, more blessings
will come, even though sometimes things
seem now as if they are being starved of
love and concern. I hope and pray that
common sense and “heart,” as President
Trump says, inhabits a rework of the
Affordable Care Act if it happens. And I
hope and pray that our seasonal workers get
supported as they work on American farms.
I hope and pray that the leader of ISIS has
been stopped in his evil, as the Russians
are claiming this week, saying that they
believe he has passed in a Russian attack.
And I hope and pray that Mosul and Iraq is
restored to peace and civilization.
I hope and pray that the enormous
grace of American charity opens up for
the suffering of the world and galvanizes
salvation activity in every corner of life —
and the corner of life that is inhabited by the
billionaires will feel the spirit compelling
them to spend money to bring healing and
joyful enterprise to human life.
I lastly pray for those about to receive
Hurricane Cindy’s power as it breaches our
mainland and ask for protection for all those
in the path of its power. I also pray that all
Americans will feel their spirits inflated by
our country’s promise of freedom, universal
suffrage, and fighting for justice. May the
Lord inspire us with his truth! Amen.
Colin Brown is pastor of Boardman’s
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on Locust
East Oregonian
Page 7A
In world’s largest refugee camp, churches offer hope
Associated Press
BIDI BIDI, Uganda — Scores
of thousands fled the violence
of South Sudan’s civil war
with little but their faith. Now,
in the world’s largest refugee
settlement, they are improvising
They dance and sometimes
speak in tongues. Preacher
Daniel Rasash falls to his knees
and weeps in prayer. One old
man with missing teeth shakes
his hips as others ululate during
a service at Yoyo Pentecostal
Tens of thousands have been
killed in the civil war, and close
to 2 million South Sudanese now
shelter in neighboring countries.
As World Refugee Day is
marked on Tuesday, the inter-
national community prepares to
meet in Uganda to draw atten-
tion and funding to the world’s
fastest-growing refugee crisis.
The Bidi Bidi settlement
is home to more than 270,000
refugees from South Sudan.
Most have arrived in the past
year. The churches for the born-
again Christians are oases of joy
among the daily humiliations
that come with rebuilding their
“We don’t have a voice. We
have no authority to even say
AP Photo/Ben Curtis
In this photo taken June 4, the congregation claps and sings
under an open-air wooden frame as they attend a Sun-
day service at a pentecostal born-again church in Bidi Bidi
refugee settlement in northern Uganda.
no to war,” says the preacher
Rasash, 25. “The solution we
have seen is maybe we kneel
down praying, because the Bible
says the people of Israel suffered
like that for many years and
when they cried to God, God
listened to their prayer. In the
same way we shall cry to God
so that God will hear our prayer
and bring back peace to South
Christianity is the dominant
religion in South Sudan and reli-
gious faith played a strong role
in its long fight for independence
from Muslim-majority Sudan in
HHS graduate powers into
faith-based event
STANFIELD — John Kopta, a senior
member of the Power Team, a Christian
strength-based ministry, is the featured
speaker during a trio of outdoor events at
Bard Park in Stanfield.
The Ultimate Youth Smash 2017 kicks
off the free program Saturday, July 1 at 6:30
p.m. In addition to Kopta’s presentation,
the evening also includes a local band and
singing group made up of members from
area youth groups. In addition, Kopta will
speak Sunday, July 2 at 9 a.m. during the
Stanfield and Echo Community Worship
Service. The Anchor Point Seventh-day
Adventist worship team will lead the music.
Refreshments will follow the community
service. And, on Tuesday, July 4, Kopta
will again demonstrate feats of strength
during “Strength in Christ.” During the
free program, which starts at 7 p.m., Kopta
will demonstrate how faith is stronger
than our fears and failures. Guest musician
Tony Long-Drew will sing several patriotic
A 1983 Hermiston High School
graduate, Kopta has spoken to more than
1 million people in 30 different countries.
The former Bulldog football player and
wrestler joined The Power Team two years
after graduation. He said the strength-based
ministry provides an opportunity to grab
people’s attention, which allows them to
minister to their hearts.
The event is sponsored by Anchor Point
Seventh-day Adventist Church, Stanfield
Baptist Church, Crossroads Community
Church, Hope Presbyterian Church and
Echo Community Church. Everyone is
invited to the family-friendly events. For
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Faith Presbyterian focuses
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File photo
John Kopta, center, holds a phone book
he tore apart during a 2015 performance
with The Power Team in Irrigon. The 1983
Hermiston High School graduate will
speak and perform at a trio of upcoming
faith-based events in Stanfield.
more information, contact stanfieldag@
eoni.com or 541-449-3434.
Aglow starts men’s prayer
WALLA WALLA — Men of Issachar,
sponsored by Aglow International, is a new
prayer group for men.
The group starts Sunday from 6-8 p.m.
at the Village Way Clubhouse at 601 Village
Way, Walla Walla. The goal is bring praying
men to together to discern and understand
the times, as referred to in 1 Chronicles
12:32, to bring changes in and around them.
All men are invited to be part of the
gatherings. For more information, call Jim
King at 509 386-4763.
Presbyterian Church
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Open Hearted...
Open Minded
PILOT ROCK — A group of
impoverished children from Uganda
will present a program featuring vibrant
costumes, African dancing, singing and
A faith-based organization, the Imani
Milele Children’s Choir features a
talented group of performers who receive
training and then travel across the globe
to bring attention to their plight. The free
performance is Monday at 7 p.m. at the
Pilot Rock Pavilion, located on Alder
Street, off Highway 395. Those who plan to
attend are encouraged to bring a blanket or
lawn chair.
Established in 1989, the children are
rescued, taken care of, educated and
equipped with knowledge and skills to
assist them into growing up to become
leaders. For more information about the
organization, visit www.imanimilele.com.
St. Johns
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Children’s choir to perform
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HERMISTON — Kids ages 3 through
fifth grade are invited to attend the Maker
Fun Factory.
A vacation Bible school presented
by Faith Presbyterian Church kicks off
Monday from 9 a.m. to noon at the church,
1005 S.E. Ninth St., Hermiston. Participants
will learn through the theme of “Created
by God: Built for a Purpose.” The event
continues daily through Friday, June 30.
There is no fee.
For more information, call 541-567-
in Mission for Christ LCMC
Come meet Jesus at
2011. Many were horrified when
the world’s youngest nation then
collapsed on itself in late 2013
amid largely ethnic violence.
Here in sprawling Bidi Bidi,
the refugees meet in open-air
churches rigged from timber.
The seats are planks of wood or
logs dug into the ground. There
are no brass bands and there are
not enough Bibles to go around.
The Sunday services are
raucous events. Their drumbeats
echo through villages. More
than 20 churches are now spread
across Bidi Bidi, according to
Lilian Dawa, a refugee who
serves as a community mobilizer.
The refugees are allocated
small plots of land to erect
simple homes of grass, mud and
wattle. But there is no longer
enough land to offer everyone a
plot large enough to plant crops.
The refugees depend on United
Nations rations of maize meal
and beans and many say that’s
not enough.
The raw new churches offer
“We feel the pain in our
hearts. There are many people
who are too traumatized to
come to church and they don’t
know exactly what to do,” said
Rasash, who fled South Sudan
last year. “There are people
who are sick out there and they
don’t have anybody to support
them. There are no drugs in the
hospitals. So that’s why we are
praying. God should be the one
to help.”
Rasash’s church already faces
apparent competition from a new
church a few meters away that
has neither a name nor a roof.
But it has an energetic leadership
team that includes 22-year-old
Sylvia Sunday, who fled South
Sudan last year.
“By the power of the holy
ghost,” she sings, “all the
demons will run away.” Then
she prepares to give her sermon,
which warns of temptation.
Behind These Stone Walls Beat the Hearts
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