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    April 2017 - EASTERN OREGON PARENT - 3
Gummy vitamins present a sticky (dental) situation
Can gummy vitamins cause cavi-
ties? I hate to ruin your day, but
yes, they can — even if they are
Gummy vitamins are every-
where. From multivitamins to
probiotics to fish oil supplements,
gummies are an easy, no-argument
way to get your child to take his
The problem with gummy vita-
mins (and most chewables) is the
acidity — Vitamin C is ascorbic acid
— and the stickiness of the product.
Try this experiment: chew up
a gummy vitamin then look in a
mirror. You’ll see gummy stuck on
the tops of your teeth and be-
tween them. Swish with water and
check again. Do you still see the
gummy stuff stuck to the teeth?
Everywhere you have gummy stuck
to your teeth, acids are softening
the enamel. If you were to do this
every day, the softened enamel
can break down and
ultimately become
a hole in the
parents are
surprised to
learn that
things like
drinks and
vitamins can
still cause tooth
decay. The secret is in
the acidity of the product and often
has nothing to do with whether it
contains sugar or not.
There are ways to make these
vitamins safer for your child’s teeth.
For example:
• Give your child his vitamins right
before a meal. Following the
gummy with a meal
will help clean the
gummy stuff
off the teeth,
making it
safer. And
of course,
have your
child rinse or
brush after the
Serve milk
with the vitamin. This
will help neutralize the acids
that weaken the teeth.
• If your child is six or older, and
a good spitter, have him swish a
fluoride mouth rinse after brush-
ing to give teeth a super-shield
of protection from the acids in
the vitamin.
Parents are also surprised to
learn that the worst time to give a
child a chewable or gummy vitamin
is at bedtime. Going to bed with
the acidic vitamin goo stuck to the
teeth will definitely weaken the
teeth and make them more cavity-
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