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Friday, February 3, 2017
MuShu Pork,
the Pekingese
ets are what God gives us to teach us
how to love, unconditionally. Only
human nature has fallen. All children
of God should learn the love of pets at the
earliest age possible.
When my son, Matthew, got married last
year and he and his new wife found their
apartment together, there
was one very disappointed
individual — Mushu, or
Mushu Pork as he was
originally named. Mushu was
the name of the Pekingese
dog that my son adopted
when he had been looking for
a dog companion as a young
fellow. He had passed on
border collies and spaniels,
going for the breed of dog
most like the Ewoks in “Star
Mr. Pork was actually purchased after
a deep investigation by my son from a
well-known Pekingese breeder in Oregon.
Like little teddy bears with habits that can
only be tolerated by Chinese emperors, the
Pekingese is a challenging dog that requires
human servants to be relaxed and happy. My
son’s new wife, Kylene, decided that Mr. Pork
needed to stay with the grandparents (us) and
not with Matthew. He obeyed. Mushu adored
and still adores my son.
My heart shuddered a little when they
parted ways.
Mushu has stayed with my wife and I back
in the home base. Like many dogs before him
who had suffered the displacement of human
romance, Mushu has slowly acclimated to
us. The former puppy of a show-winning
Pekingese — a canine demigod called Sun
Dragon, from Salem — he has embedded
with the companionship of our other animals,
Samuel the dachshund, Gracey the former
Lutheran church cat and Darko, the brooding,
slinky black cat, more like a panther than a
house pet.
Mushu has a bark that seems continual
when his hunger button gets switched on.
Now, semi-blind with cataracts and very deaf,
Mushu follows the other animals around to
take advantage of the many food bowls in
the vicinity. He sometimes stands at my feet
barking for food after he forgot that he just
ate. So today there was a frisson of dismay
when it appeared that Mushu had taken a little
ill, since his imperial health has been good
for many a year. My son and my wife thought
that Mushu might be on his last legs, but I
was fairly sure that it was a tummy upset and
not something terminal. But you can’t be too
careful with an emperor’s dog.
The vet’s office has a cat assistant who
waits for people to come in and then makes
herself available to be stroked and petted by
the new patients, and she greeted Mushu with
a royal arch of her fur. I had in a plastic bag
within another plastic bag the former stomach
contents of my little dog. Evidence of a little
blood we thought, concerning as a little blood
always is.
There was relief, no sign of anything worse
than a little diarrhea that even royal dogs
of Asia suffer, and a recommendation for
dentistry as some of his teeth needed a little
work. I give thanks for the little animals who
love us and teach us how to love each other.
Colin Brown is the pastor of Boardman’s
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on Locust
East Oregonian
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Trump pledges to end political limits on churches
Associated Press
Declaring that religious freedom
is “under threat,” President
Donald Trump vowed Thursday
to repeal a rarely enforced
IRS rule that says pastors who
endorse candidates from the
pulpit risk losing their tax-ex-
empt status.
“I will get rid of and totally
destroy the Johnson Amendment
and allow our representatives of
faith to speak freely and without
fear of retribution,” Trump said
at the National Prayer Breakfast,
a high-profile event bringing
together faith leaders, politicians
and dignitaries.
Trump’s pledge was a nod
to his evangelical Christian
supporters, who helped power
his White House win. So far he
has not detailed his plans for
doing away with the rule, which
he has previously promised to
rescind. Named after then-Sen.
Lyndon Johnson, the regulation
has been in place since 1954 for
tax-exempt charities, including
churches, though it is very
rare for a church to actually be
AP Photo/Charles Gorry, File
In this July 30, 1954, file photo, then-Sen. Lyndon Johnson,
D-Texas, holds news conference in Washington. Moving on a
campaign promise, President Donald Trump said Thursday, he
will work for the repeal of the Johnson Amendment to free
religious organizations from constraints on political activity.
Abolishing the amendment
would require action by
Congress, though Trump could
direct the IRS to disregard the
rule. The tax code does allow a
wide range of political activity
by houses of worship, including
speaking out on social issues and
organizing congregants to vote.
But churches cannot endorse a
candidate or engage in partisan
Lloyd Mayer, a law professor
at the University of Notre Dame,
said an IRS move could prompt
lawsuits, if the rule was repealed
for churches but not other char-
Mayer also noted that a full
repeal of the rule could open
up churches to the possibility
of spending their resources to
openly try to influence elections
— and for donors to get tax
breaks for political contributions.
While some conservative
Christians would like to see the
rule abolished, others, especially
the younger generation, support
a clear separation of church and
political endorsements. Many
liberal churches are also active
on policy issues, and could
potentially get more involved in
partisan politics.
Mayer noted that for some
religious leaders, the IRS rule
has given them a way to avoid
political pressure for an endorse-
“Now a church that wants to
say no has an easy answer, it’s
illegal,” Mayer said.
Repeal does not appear to
have widespread public support.
Eight in 10 Americans said it
was inappropriate for pastors to
endorse a candidate in church in
a poll released last September by
Lifeway Research, a religious
survey firm based in Nashville.
Couple are invited to attend
the event, which is titled
“Making the Most of Your
Marriage” by Kevin Leman. The
seminar is Saturday, Feb. 11 at 9
a.m. at the church, 200 Willow
Fork Drive, Boardman. The
cost is $15 per couple, which
includes a workbook. Some
scholarships are available.
For more information, call
St. Francis mural
installed at St. Mary’s
depicting St. Francis of Assisi
that once graced the original
St. Anthony Hospital has been
regifted by CHI St. Anthony
Hospital and Sister Monica
Borden to St. Mary’s Catholic
Church for the enjoyment and
inspiration of those who view
it. The mural is installed at
the ramp to the parish hall. Fr.
Kumar Udagadla, the current
pastor of St. Mary’s, is thankful
for the gift.
The mural was
commissioned in 1980 by St.
Anthony Hospital in honor of
Joseph P. Brennan, M.D., for 61
years of uninterrupted service
and devotion to St. Anthony
Hospital, the community of
Pendleton and the surrounding
area. Dr. Brennan began his
medical practice in 1922 and
retired in 1976. However, he
continued his service as medical
director of the skilled nursing
facility at St. Anthony Hospital
until 1983.
Prophetic minister
to speak at Aglow
Photo contributed by Dennis Duchek
A mural of St. Francis of Assisi was donated by St. Anthony
Hospital to St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Pendleton.
If Gathering meets in
livestream of the If Gathering
is Friday and Saturday in
The mission of the event is
to gather, equip and unleash
women to live out God’s calling
on their lives. Women are
invited Friday from 5-9 p.m. and
Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
at the Eastern Oregon Trade and
Event Center, 1705 E. Airport
Road, Hermiston. Participants
are encouraged to dress
comfortably and bring a Bible.
Food trucks will be on hand
during dinner Friday and lunch
Saturday for people to make
purchases. Participants may
bring a sack lunch, if they prefer.
A light breakfast and snacks are
For more information
or to register, visit https://
Alumni mass
celebrates Catholic
Schools Week
celebration of Catholic Schools
Week, all current and former
students of Walla Walla Catholic
Schools are invited to a special
The Walla Walla Catholic
Schools is a ministry established
by the three Catholic parishes
to provide a Christian-based
education for preschool through
high school students, regardless
of religious affiliation. The
schools include Assumption
Elementary-Middle School and
DeSales High School.
The alumni mass is Sunday
at 10 a.m. at St. Patrick’s Parish,
415 W. Alder St., Walla Walla.
For more information, visit
Baptist church plans
couples seminar
BOARDMAN — A marriage
and family seminar is planned at
the Boardman Baptist Church.
co-founder of Word to the
World Ministries will share
his testimony and prophetic
vision during the upcoming
Walla Walla Aglow Community
Lighthouse meeting.
The public is invited to hear
John Mark Pool Saturday, Feb.
11 from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
at Grace Church, 116 S. Third
Ave., Walla Walla. Refreshments
will be served.
Based out of Baton Rouge,
Louisiana, Pool has appeared
on the radio, TV and internet
broadcasts. He has served as a
pastor, foreign missionary and
prophetic evangelist.
Aglow, which started
in 1967, is an international
organization that seeks to
minister to its members
and share God’s word in
the community. For more
information, call Kathy Owsley
at 509-540-2684, Lora Sykes
at 509-540-0212 or visit www.
Worship Community
St. Johns
Episcopal Church
-Presbyterian Church (USA)-
201 SW Dorion Ave.
Join Us
On Our Journey
With Jesus.
Service of Worship - 10:00 am
Children’s Sunday School -
10:20 am
Fellowship - 11:00 am
Scripture, Tradition and Reason
Family service 9am Sunday
N.E. Gladys Ave & 7th, Hermiston
Fr. Dan Lediard, Priest. PH: 567-6672
We are an all inclusive Church
who welcomes all.
Open Hearted...
Open Minded
Grace Baptist Church
Come meet Jesus at
3202 SW Nye Ave Pendleton, OR
Sunday Morning Worship 11:00 AM
Sunday Bible Classes 9:45 AM
Sunday Youth Group 6:00 PM
Mon. Community Women’s Study
9:30 AM & 6 PM
Awana Kids Club (K-6th grade)
Wed Men’s Study 6 PM
MOPS meeting the 1st Thur of the Month 6 PM
in Mission for Christ LCMC
Bible Study.........9:00 AM
Sunday Worship......10:30 AM
Red Lion Hotel
( Oregon Trail Room )
First United
Methodist Church
Sunday Worship
Wednesday Bible Study
Youth Classes:
Nursery - 6th grade Sun & Wed
Jr & Sr High Discipleship Program Wed
Overcomer’s Outreach
Tuesday at 6:00pm - Annex
A Christ-centered, 12-Step
Recovery Support Group
Pastor Sharon Miller
401 Northgate, Pendleton
352 SE 2nd Street, Pendleton
Sunday Worship 9am
Worship Broadcast on
KUMA 1290 @ 11am
191 E. Gladys Ave,Hermiston
Sunday Worship 11am
Worship Livestream at
Open Hearts, Open Minds,
Open Doors
Rev. Dr. Jim Pierce, pastor
555 SW 11th, Hermiston
Nursery provided for all
Sunday School - 9:30 AM
Worship - 10:45 AM
6:00 pm
Wed Prayer & Worship -
7:00 PM
“Proclaiming God’s word,
growing in God’s grace”
Good Shepherd
Lutheran Church
Sunday worship at
11:00 AM
420 Locust St. • Boardman, OR
Saturday Services
1401 SW Goodwin Place
Sabbath School 9:20 am
Worship Service 10:45 am
P eace L utheran C hurch
210 NW 9th, Pendleton
Join us Sundays
am am
10:30 am Fellowship
11:00 am Sunday School
& Adult Class
~Come and be at Peace ~
Colin Brown, Pastor
on 1290 KUMA noon each Sunday
Sunday Worship 8:45 a.m.
Sunday School 10:00 a.m. (Nursery Provided)
Fellowship, Refreshments & Sunday School
Check Out our Facebook Page or
Website for More Information
Tom Inch, Pastor
Grace and Mercy Lutheran Church, ELCA
(First United Methodist Church)
191 E. Gladys Ave. / P.O. Box 1108
Hermiston, Oregon 97838
Faith Center Church
Worshiping God
Loving People
108 S. Main • 276-9569
Sunday Worship
10:30 am
Sr. Pastor,
Ray O’Grady
712 SW 27 TH ST.
Presbyterian Church
14 Martin Drive,
Umatilla, OR
Worship: 10 AM
Sunday School at 11:30
241 SE Second St. Pendleton
Sunday Holy Communion 9:00 a.m.
Wednesday Holy Communion Noon
Weekly Adults Spiritual Life Group
All Are Welcome
To share your worship times call Terri Briggs 541-278-2678