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Saturday, May 16, 2015
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Let rural Oregon
Rural Oregon rarely makes it into IRUJHWWR¿OOXSLQ0LVVLRQLW¶VPRUH
the Salem spotlight, but two bills
than 50 miles to the next station.
If that station cannot afford the
have us front and center.
labor costs to stay open late, you
could be in deep trouble. Therefore
limits on select rural highways,
it makes sense in some of our
most notably the stretch of Interstate most rural places for self-service
84 from Ontario to The Dalles.
to be legal when no employees are
The second bill
present. You heard
would allow for
that right, from
self service gas in
a.m. to 5 p.m.
We’re in favor 9 many
counties with less
will still be
of increasing
than 40,000 people
full-service, treat-
— that’s most of our speed limits and yo’-self spa stations.
neighbors in Eastern
But after-hours,
allowing for self- when you are can’t
Oregon, but not us
here in Umatilla
around until the
service gas after wait
station opens in the
We’re in favor of
hours in remote morning, you can
pump yourself so
Increasing the
you can get on your
speed limit to 70
mph from The
The only problem
Dalles to Ontario, as House Bill
arises on the map edges of these
3402 would do, makes good sense.
kinds of rules, and Umatilla will be
It’s good for the Eastern Oregon
ground zero for that. Theoretically,
economy, good for our drivers and
good for travelers coming from
have reduced labor costs, which
neighboring states with higher speed could help them reduce costs in
general, giving them a government-
It doesn’t mean that everyone has VDQFWLRQHGDGYDQWDJHRYHUD¿OOLQJ
to speed up by 5 mph — but those
station down the road in Umatilla.
of us who feel more comfortable
That’s the case in Milton-Freewater,
driving in the mid 70s can do so
where less gas stations operate than
without fear of being ticketed.
usual because the laborious pump-
Now, we’ve all rumbled along
your-own state of Washington is just
in the slow lane gullies between
a few blocks away.
Pendleton and Hermiston, and
But because of the restrictions to
speeding up will only cause more
when and how self-service will be
accidents and more serious ones at
allowed, we think again that it’s a
that. But 70 mph is still safe and
reasonable step. It keeps Oregon’s
prudent, and the slight loss in safety ZHLUGEXWEHORYHGV\VWHPRI¿OOLQJ
is made up for a slight climb in
fuel, but it also might save you one
freedom of movement.
of these days when you’re driving
But everyone knows as speed
past Steens Mountain at midnight,
goes up, gas mileage goes down.
your gauge dangling dangerously
And if you are heading east and
close to empty.
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Keeping marijuana from minors
Albany Democrat-Herald
While the Legislature continues
to wrestle with crafting regulations
regarding the use and sale of recreational
marijuana, we expect that one of its
primary concerns will be keeping
marijuana out of the hands of minors.
To that end, we
were intrigued by a
recent commentary
that appeared in the
May 4 edition of the
journal Pediatrics. And
we thought legislators
quick summary of the
commentary, which
was written by three
researchers at the
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of
Public Health.
The researchers noted that when
marijuana use is legalized for adults, it
normalizes the behavior and can make it
easier for young people to use the drug.
And both proponents and opponents of
legalization agree that it’s important to
do what we can to discourage marijuana
use among minors.
Efforts to discourage minors from
using alcohol and tobacco products offer
some clues about how to proceed, the
to research that links weak monitoring
efforts and low prices to underage use of
alcohol and tobacco. But they said that
marijuana offers some unique challenges
as well.
The researchers offered four overall
suggestions to lawmakers working
on these issues in Oregon and other
states wrestling with how to implement
• First, they suggest that regulators
should use tax policy to keep prices
high. Research on cigarettes and
minors shows minors are particularly
price-sensitive: An increase in cigarette
prices tends to reduce use more among
minors than among adults. The tricky
issue for regulators here is that if you
set prices too high, that could encourage
the black market, which would be
counterproductive for the entire
legalization effort.
• Second, retail
availability of
marijuana should
be tightly regulated,
the researchers say,
including keeping
a close eye on the
location of retailers.
Lawmakers have some
time to work on this
issue, since sales of
recreational marijuana
don’t kick in until next year.
• Third, regulators need to pay
special attention to issues involving
marijuana edibles. The researchers said
that regulators need to be aware of how
appealing marijuana-laced cookies and
candies can be to youths — and also
suggested restrictions on the allowable
amount of THC (the active ingredient
in marijuana) in edibles. Here’s a clear
case where policymakers must pay close
attention to how this issue has unfolded
in Washington and Colorado, the two
states that legalized recreational use of
marijuana before Oregon.
advised that marketing of marijuana
be limited. Studies have shown that
exposure to tobacco and alcohol
advertising is associated with increases
in youth use.
Overall, researchers urged regulators
noting that marijuana presents issues that
aren’t at play with tobacco and alcohol
— for example, users have the ability to
grow their own pot, which raises fresh
headaches for regulators.
of marijuana
should be
tightly regulated.
Wow, Jeb Bush is awful
et’s discuss Jeb Bush’s terrible
you have done it, rather than knowing
what we know now. And knowing
I’m really troubled by his
what we know now, you know, clearly
awful performances, and I’m generally
there were mistakes.”
a person who takes bad news about
He still didn’t claim that he’d
politicians pretty well. For instance,
have done anything different than
a friend just sent me a story about
his brother had done. (“That’s a
the Texas agriculture commissioner’s
hypothetical.”) But he was really
vow to bring deep-fried foods back
nailing down that business about
to school cafeterias. (“It’s not about
Collins mistakes.
French fries; it’s about freedom.”) I
Then Bush was off to Nevada,
would classify this as interesting yet
campaigning in his own special way.
somehow not a shocking surprise.
(“I’m running for president in 2016,
But today we’re talking about Jeb Bush. As and the focus is going to be about how we,
a presidential hopeful, Bush’s most attractive
if I run, how do you create high sustained
feature was an aura of competence. Extremely economic growth.”)
boring competence, perhaps.
He also announced that
Still, an apparent ability to
hypothetical questions were
get through the day without
a “disservice” to the U.S.
demonstrating truly scary
troops and their families.
What is going on here?
Then, about a week
It’s not actually about
ago, The Washington Post
foreign policy. Jeb Bush
reported that during a
clearly knows nothing
private meeting with rich
whatsoever about foreign
policy, but then neither
Bush announced that his
do the majority of other
Republican presidential
Middle Eastern matters was
his brother George.
The bottom line is that so
This was a surprise
far he seems to be a terrible
on many fronts. For one
candidate. He couldn’t keep
thing, Jeb had apparently
his “I’m-my-own-man”
missed the memo on how
mantra going through the
everything you say to
spring. He over-babbled
potential donors at private
at a private gathering. He
meetings can wind up on an
didn’t know how to answer
endless YouTube loop for all eternity.
the Iraq question, which should have been the
Also, he had begun his all-but-announced
campaign for the presidency with an “I’m my
considered that he might someday think for
own man” sales pitch. Now he was saying, in
even a minute about running for president.
effect, “Well, I can always ask my brother.”
This is obviously a problem for the Bush
Then, on Monday, Fox News aired an
camp, but it’s a big one for the nation’s
interview in which host Megyn Kelly asked
army of concerned citizens, too. There are
Jeb whether “knowing what we know now”
lots of Americans who are not going to vote
he would have authorized the invasion of Iraq. Republican next year but who nevertheless
“I would have, and so would have Hillary
have found some comfort in the idea that
Clinton, just to remind everybody,” Bush
Jeb Bush would almost certainly be the
Republican nominee.
Now no one, including Hillary Clinton’s
They might disagree with him on a lot of
worst enemy in the entire world, thinks that if
issues, but at least he wasn’t Ted Cruz. “I’m
she could go back in time to 2002, knowing
a fan of Jeb Bush,” Cruz said cruelly, when
that the invasion of Iraq was going to be a
asked about the Iraq incident. “I’ll give him
total disaster and that she would lose the
credit for candor and consistency.”
presidential nomination in 2008 to a guy
If the version of Jeb Bush we’ve been
who ran on that very issue, she would still
seeing lately is the one we’re going to be
have voted to authorize the use of force. So,
stuck with, then one of the other Republican
obviously, Bush misheard the question, right? contenders is going to win. Maybe the guy
Apparently not. He then went on: “I mean, who thinks Obamacare is the worst thing
since slavery. Or the guy who once linked
WKH\¶UHWU\LQJWR¿QGSODFHVZKHUHWKHUH¶VELJ vaccines to children with mental disorders.
space between me and my brother, this might
The guy who used to peddle a “Diabetes
not be one of those.”
We had now learned that: 1) Jeb Bush still
thinks invading Iraq was a good idea; and 2)
Right now, you know, it’s all hypothetical.
he has inherited more of the family syntax
issues than we knew.
Gail Collins joined The New York Times
Fast-forward one day: “I interpreted the
in 1995 as a member of the editorial board
question wrong, I guess,” Bush told Sean
and later as an Op-Ed columnist. In 2001 she
Hannity in a radio interview. “I was talking
about given what people knew then, would
of the Times’s editorial page.
Jeb Bush clearly
knows nothing
about foreign
policy, but then
neither do the
majority of other
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