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People Here and There
- . ; . ,
xioxundpr Thompson, W-ll knowotyeon received. They air ,chunged
'ortland hum is a visitor in Temlle-j Kpiiio In form from Ifoifc year: .
ton today,
i O. M. Rice and Frunk Curl aro ren
alotun men who wont to Portland ye
terduy onl Wo. 17.
V " V
Kennedy IMcadH :Nit Guilty . . ,;
Kenneth Kennedy, ; chursodT with
grand larceny, entered i-1 plea of .not
trulity this morning In circuit court.
Jle Is-oHorifed with hnvlng taken some
hwneii from an!' Indian,. Kennedy
'vratr a eoiiteatarit ; In ..events 'i In the
Bound-Up. , 7,
Harry .IVairner, who sells Apporsop
automobllex and who U wu)! known in
I'endleton is in the dlty. a m,
1? w -Vun lff t-iln'mrtrnlnir fur Fttiurllcs Iuy line
Carson, WdHh., whero ho will spend f -eor-fre French f and. ; ; Stolhi .French
the winter with his daughter, Mrs, C,
H. Stewart.
D. K. tlllliiBH, Inspector , for the
Etna L,lfo( Insurance Co., Is '. taking
care of business for his coitlpkny hore
today. Ie was a spectator .'at the
Hound-Utf Saturday. . .. ,
8 , i .;. ?
Bill Haplcy, the snue f Harney
county, was n I'endleton visitor dur
ing the Round -Up and remained here
until last 'evening. He Is one of the
best known men In Kastorn Oregon
and has a largo stock ranch In Har
ney county, ;
' 4 . 1
1 ' : r , 'i
Indians, entered plea of guilty to a
charge of larceny this morning In cir;
cult court and were fined $1(11 each
by Judse G. V. Phelps. , They paid.
The Indians were the: centra) char
acters in a Saturday night drunken
fight several .weeks since, and the po
lice finally shot French's horse from
uflder him after a chase in the out
skirts of the bity. - - ...
Schools All Kuplicd.
The schools of the county are an
supplied Lwith ttsachcrs, a statement
from the county superlntenoeni 01
schools indicates. New registers for
fhn ime at the teachers have been re
ceived u the office.' The annual and
the monthly report blanks heve alxo
Many Manor, Canes. '
As a result of the activity of county
and federal officers during Round
Up week, severa) lliiuor cases were up
for trial-today in the office of Jusltce
Jo H, IYrkes. Edwin Iavin was fin
ed $200, John roe Hertford JfiO, Hen
ry Kaufrman 1 40; ' Charles kramcr,
50i'4dhn Doe had homebrew on his
pluce which coHt him $75 and John
Dbe'fcmlth paid $150 because the of
ficers -found - homebrew and whiskey
in his place
Marring Iilw-nscs.' v
During Raturday of Hound-I'p, the
county cltrltfs Office was besieged with
the. usual number of applicants for
marriage licenses. Among thpse who
secured the poveted permission of the
state to marry were Jtalph Bumner
Mullory, telegraph operator, Portland,
and Klsie Stone, telegraph operator,
Pendleton r Fred Higgle, mechanic
of Pendleton, and Kleanor Mildred
j t j j 1Efir
Newest ( ,, A.:..
Creation f ?
5c JiW
flavored susar
Jacket aroend r :
permint flavored c1gvv
ln2 UQ1.
Will aid your c? petite
and dige&lon, polish
your teeth and moisten
your throat.
pL-. gL
,i,n,.. .-.. - . LS
Morgan, a stenographer of Frecwatcrj
Allen It, Wheeler, a farmer of Walla
Walla, and Nellie Eylln Dillon, a stu
dent; Loreu Hule, farmer, HeppneK
and Deona Rhodes of Pendleton; Uu
fus Ornduf, farmer of Holdman, and
Winifred Marlow; William Leban
dour, laborer, of Portland, and Helon
M. Troy, Pendleton. If
If Permitted by Court, Prose
cution Intends Going. Into
Accused Woman's Past Life
TWIN FAI.LE. Sent. 26. IV. P.)
The trial of Mrs. Lydla Southard, the
alleged feminine "bluebeard," opened
today. She was specifically charged
with the murder of her fourth hus
hiinil. Kdward Mever. but the state
alleges she also poisoned three previ
ous husbands, as well as a stepenua
and a brother-in-law. She has plead
ed not guilty. Life insurance is held
by the state as the motive for the al
leged crimes.
At thn tlmn of her arrest. Mrs.
Southard expressed the belief that she
was a typhoid carrier, the baby,
hrnthnr-ln-law and two husbands hav
ing died from such disease, according
tn the death certificate.
Southard, the woman's fifth husband
petty officer in the navy was with
itta swifchhoard. including' all fixed
pluTvincent nd opert,n.B CT?ClT ?'
a per ceiii, in i:tiiiivc- - t
for primary and $8.60 for secondary
a petty officer in me navy for .80i000 horsepower; $11.65
his accused w.re as m. vr.a. 0pe..cu. .atv . for geconda
'nibfi.Durrell Cannon, Sat. time,
4:06; total 12:16 8-5.
Second. Hob Lee, Sat. time, 4:15 1-5,
total 12)88 3-6. 3 "
Third. Paul Landrum, Bat. time,
5:12; total 13:35 1-5; , f , ;
; Iloiind-Vp ixny. ' '
First, T,ce Mink on Mysterious Girl.
Second, 15111 Mandors on Our Leader.
.Third, Darrell Cannon on Grayson.
' Wild Ilrsi; Itacc.
First, i?ob Krickson.
Second, Darrell Cannon,
Third, J. H. Strickland.
Steer Itulldoggliig.
First,' Jaklma Canutt. Total two
steers, 52 1-5. .
Second. Jim Mosscy, total two steers
Third, Frank McCarroll, total two
steers, 66 S-5. i
Stwr lcnp.ng.
First, Tom Grimes, time two steers.
Second, Ray Eell, time two steers,
Third, Johnny Judd, tlmo two steers,
1:35 3-5.
Pony rapntth
Fimt, Harry Walters, Saturday time
2:06; total 6:20 1-S. '
Second. Darrell Cannon, Saturday
time, 2.07 3-5; total 6:21 4-5.
Thlry, Shorty Hall, Saturday time,
:09 4-5; total 6:30 1-5.
Quick Cliange,
First Rradcn Gerking.
Second, Vernon Wade.
Cowgirls' Pony,
First, "lorcna Trlckey.
Second, Kitty Canutt.
Cowboys' Standing Juoo.
First. Harry Walters. ;
Second, Kenneth Kennedy.
IVnnln are crowding into the city to
hnr the irial nroceedlngs. The pros
ecution, if permitted by the court, In
woman's past life, showing In aetan
how the death of each husband oc
curred. '' ; , ' '
(Continued from page 1.)
(Continued from Page 1.)
for nrimarv and $7 for secondary pow
er for 250.000 horsepower; $11.40 for
primary and $6.85 for secondary pow
ecution, If permitted Dy tne court, in- ,- - - horBenower; $10.95 for
tends going deeply into the accused fr fJ
Oregon Man Suffered for Five
Year Now EaU, Sleep
and Work Fine.
"I eat better, sleep better, and work
better than I have In years and Tanlac
deserves the credit," said Theodore
Gates, It. F. V. No. 3, Box 113, Port
land, Ore.
"I had stomac-h trouble in lta worst
form for at least five years and for the
past two or three years was In such
bad shape that half the time I wasn't
ablo to do any work at all and was
scarcely able to drag myself around.
1 d hmv.lv onnuirh to sustain life, and
even then I suffered tortures at times
from indigestion. I was so nervous 1
got very little rest either day or night
and in the mornings 1 would get, up
with a splitting headache.
"I had very little hope of ever being
well again when I started on Tanlac
and It certainly is remarkable the way
this medicine has rid be of all my
troubles and fixed me up so that I feel
better than I have in many years.
Tanlac has certainly done a good Job
'or me."
T..-ion I. nll In Pendleton by
Thompsons Drug Store and by leading
druggists everywhere.
concluded the semi-finals with a
spectacular ride on John Day.
In the Indian squaw race there were
two. spills, one ffirl falling the first
time around, and another beiny spill
ed on the next lap. Neither one was
injured, and the crowd gave tnem a
rnn-j nf nuiil'iuKp as they lumped up
following . their falls. The riderless
steeds kept in the race.
Stage Coai'h Itaee
Joe Cantrel driving for Minthorn
duplicated his success of Friday in this
spirited event and took the honors
from Jim Koach who was the winner
Thursday. There was a spill when the
off wheel horse on the Roach team
fell, but there was no damage result
ing and the horse finished the race.
Time 1:20 4-5.
Cowgirls' llclay I lace
Interest in this event was particu
larly keen. Makcl Strickland had the
best total time for the two previous
iiv with 7.65 3-5:' Lorena Trickey
u- ond with 7:57 3-5: Kitty Ca
nutt hid time of 8:22 2-6 for her two
races run Thursday, ana tTiaay ana
wus third. I
At the start ; Trickey got tire lead
by her maneuvers, Canutt was second
Strickland tnird. in xne
primary and $6.60 for secondary pow
er at 375,000 horsepower; and $10.25
for primary and $6.15 for secondary
power for 500,000 horsepower,
if th cost of imDrovement to navi
gation is borne toy the government to
the extent of $3,940,000, the capital
cost will be reduced to $12,100,000 for
180.000 horsepower and $27,9b,uwu
for 600,000 horsepower with the inter
mediate figures In proportion, ine
cost ner horsepower would also be pro
portionately reduced.
Market for 10 wcr
A market for 130.000 horsepower of
secondary power may be developed by
pumping to the 150,000 acres of irri
gable lands adjoining the power site.
A profitable market, for- .,uuu
hnracunwer nf nrimarv Bower and
130,000 horsepower of secondary pow
er must be developed to make the pro
posed first unit installation' of 180,000
horsepower economically successful.
A profitable market tor .,.
horsepower of primary power and
250,000 horsepower of secondary pow
er must 1)0 found before the proposed
installation of 375,000 horsepower can
be pronounced feasible.
If all the railroads in Oregon were
electrified it would require only about
115.000 horsepower to operate and for
Washington 190,000 horsepower, or
about 35 horsepower per mile of track.
If existing power companies now
operating in the principal cities of the
Northwest were to connec. wun im
plant when constructed, it is believed
n. cons iderable nart of the secondary
power could be used to replace power
. . . Cltalolrln nA " -C1 TI.-1 .
second lap, nuwever, . power could be used to replace power
ed up and after the urst cnange Bi;noff generated 'by the steam plants
ahead of Trickey but lost her lead by ..i.jmateiv much of the primary
a length, Canutt dropping back several coud b absorbed the power
icngins. iiij market in this section grows.
again. After the last change Mabel . bHc ,
Strickland's horse went through tne ted , the UnltttHla project for
.........4 ha nrana nilfl ttlA tlODU- '
rum e iiiuumu " . - - .fh fniiowlnsr reasons:
lar favorite lost her race after a nara , lirincinal tiea of the North-
ride. Iw.st which are the present markets
for hyydro-electric power, are locaieu
Saturday's Uesulls
l'ony IIwd
First. IXirrel Cannon. .
Second, Dttve Hearn.
Third. Harry Walters.
Junior Cowboy Itaee
First, Elwood Kirkpatrlck.
Second, Carlton Luck.
Third, Lewis Real.
Mag ta -li Itacc
First, Joe Cantrell, ! U I 1
Second, Jim Iloach.
Cowgirls' Hdny
First, Lorena Trickey, Saturday
time 3:66 2-5, total time 11:54.
within a radius of 200 miles of the
proposed plant Portland, Salem. Ta-
coma, Seattle, Spokane, vvaua nana,
Lewiston, Pendleton, Ontario and
The plant would be constructed at
annroximately the center of the pres
ent constructed railroad mileage in
the northwest, with two transconti
nental lines passing the power site.
The electrification of these lines wouiu
go far toward financing the project.
The plant would be located at ine
function of the railway lines leading
southeast enormous shipments of
phosphate rock from the rich IJaho
dcoosits may be required for tne mak
ing of fertilizer.
Surplus power would pump an tne
water needed for Irrigation.
Aid) to Xavigatlon.
v.viiraHnn would l)e improved by
drowning out Umatilla rapids and af
fording a slack water pool above tne
dam nearly to the mouth of the bnake
river. Another dam below the first is
suggested as an ultimate possibility,
the- entire output of power to De uw-
,A in tho manufacture OI fertilizer.
Cheap barge transportation to the In
land Empire would thus be made fea
sible without cost to the general pub
lic expect for locks In dams bunt pri
marily for commercial purposes.
As the Columbia is in flood at about
a time when other Northwest streams
are low the project might prove inval
nohiA tlen In with a suner-power line
connectine all existing hydro-electric
.,-,.),., in tho Northwest. Power
could be sold at cost, and the rates of
existing companies reduced in propoi-
tion to the saving made.
In the introductory statement by
John H. Lewis, these paragraphs oc-
n ire issuine millions of dollars
in hnnna for the construction of nign
ways which will be a burden upon tne
.,v,c,,.a- and which roads may ul
timately have to be repuilt before the
hnnris are naid off. We are expending
millions of dollars for the improve
ment of our rivers and harbors, with
h,, uttift nrnftnpct nf a. sudden indus-
tirnl cvnansion unless we have avail
able some form of cheap power, it,
therefore seems high time that wc
heirln to lnuuire It some new poncj
on mint he wiselv adopted, such
lnanine- the nuhlic credit for the con
struction of water power projects
whlnh will hp self supporting and ul
timnielv return the entire Investment,
lor perhaps the subsidizing of private
capital which will undertake tne con
struction of the first few large power
-m lust as we subsidized the con
LinMinn of tho. first transcontinental
railways. Or, perhaps, some form of
tinn with orivate capital may
be considered a better policy for the
people of the Northwest to pursue
than the present policy of restriction
"In the absence of such a policy this
great natural resource is going to
waste, while we are shipping in from
o-rent distances, coal and oils to run
nur Indiic.tries. Our country Is sparse
lv settled and we cannot hone to offer
special advantages such as cheap coal
or oil to attract new industries, it we
are to secure the increased taxable
wealth to share with us the cost of
roads, harbor improvements now un
der way, we should carefully consider
ivhnt wb have to offer such new cap
ital, and the conditions which we must
compete with in other places.'
We Thank You -
for the patience shown during our rushed days of
last week and hope that you all were pleased with
our service; but should therar be; anyone who has a
complaint to offer we will appreciate your letting us
know and you will find us ready and willing to make
Now that it is all over and we ire again down to
good solid business, you will find here the best mer
chandise and best service possible and we solicit ,-
Trading Co.
FhOne 455 the Sign of Serrlc
"If It's on the Market We Have It"
B. . .
- - it. .. ul anrl anti t n on hi . HTlim
Second Mabel Strickland, Saturday iu mo hu. -
Hecono, Mauii , come o. nnd many
(penalized , total t ine .M U . I. commo(mie8 essential to Indus-
Tnira, iuu ui, , , develonment while from the
4:09 1-5, total time is:-- -. - .
mey're Wearing Combs in Hats!
Cause Change of Life. How
Lydia EPinkham's Vegetabk
Compound Got Me Up
Afton, Tenn. "I want other suffer
iTifr vntnpn tn Irnov whnt. Lvdia E. Pink-
niMii"iuiMPii nam s vefeuon
Compound has done
for me. During the
Change of Life fwas
in hen for piffht
months and had twe
good doc tore treating
me but thev did mt
no good. A frieno
advtsed me to take
Lydia E. Pinkham'f
Vegetable Com
pound, which 1 did,
and in a short time i
felt better. I had all kinds of bat
spells, but they all left me. Now wher.
I feel weak and nervous I take the Vege
table Compound and it always does me
good. I wish all women would try it
during the Change of Life for I know it
will do them good. If you think it will
induce some on to try the Vegetable
Compound you may publish this letter. "
Mrs. A. Keller, Afton, Tennessee.
Women from forty-five to fifty years
of age should take warning from such
symptoms as heat flashes, palpitation
of the heart, smothering or fainting
spells, or spots before the eyes, and pre
pare their system for this perfectly na
tural change by taking Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound. It has
helped many, many women through this
trying period, just as it did Mrs-keller
ktraordinaiy Values in
$5oe2 T5-2- iooes
The LargMt D-unoo'. uelen
Thanks to You
We are going to take this time to extend to
our many customers a hearty thanks for tne
spirit you displayed in putting your orders in
early. It has convenienced us a great deal, ana
we appreciate it.
739 Main Street
Proprietor ,
I , ' ,
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