East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, September 26, 1921, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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Newsotes of Pendleton
' Oct. 4.- Entertainment Umn-
, tllla County Druggists' Assocla-
Hon at dinner by Pilot Hock
Commercial Association.
October 7- Seventh Annual
Dairy and Hog Show, at Her-
surcd. The dance, under tho now plan
adopted thifj yef.r, has paid better than
It did last year, much mine space be
ing avuilabfo'thiul formerly. ,
Tiro Ch'U'f lo"J"oiiwntloii.
W.'FJ. Itlngold. chief of the fire dc.
paitment, left Sunday at noon for
lt0 KtrbiKH to IIuIho. . .
The strings of home which in p.
Pearcd here In the racing eventa dur
Inff the Hound-Up have (tone to Boise
where they will appear there this
week. The strings Include the Drnro-
nener, iuccarly-ijindrum and other
Block. The horses were loaded Hutur
;day night.
I Vancouver, 1!, C, where he will be for
a 'week In ntteridinco at the conven
tion of fire department heads. )ur
lug his absence Arthur Keenan, assist
ant chief, will be In charge of the department.
succeeded In extinguishing the , fire
before the fire department arrived.
1IIP.V Canyon Successful.
The financial returns from the four
nights of Happy Canyon will make
the show a success this year, a prelim
inary estimate made by Mark Harthel,
In eharfte of checking the accounts, In
dicates. The full report of tho re
ceipts and expenditures will not be
ready for several days, according to
Mm Harthel, but enough -data 'wnsj
nvullable this morning to make the
financial success of tho night show ns-
Rcnm:oniK(H Never Ktoppcl.
The homeseekers' excursion, carry
ing fanners from the Middle West,
did not stop In l'cndlcton this morning.
The party was ho small that It was
considered Inudvlmible to take the
members over I'matiya county. The
excursion was put on under the aus
pices of tho state chamber of commerce.
Camp Ktovo Overturns.
No property damage resulted from
a fire In a, shack owned by Mrs.
Bowles at the corner of IJlleth and
Court streets Sunday morning. The
ninsc had Its origin from the overturn.
Ing of a i-amp move, but neighbors
Tnklng Slock Homo
H will take most of this week to rc
turn the stock used here during the
llound-Up to various parts of the
county. The work of sending the
horses home was begun yesterday and
Is a tonsideiable task. ' . -
Hotmail is Visitor.
Alfred Holman, owner of the San
rranciseo Argonaut, was here Satur
day for the Hound-l'p. He was form
erly editor of the Portland Oregonlan.
.Mr. Holman attended the peace con
ference and' met many world famous
men, among them Lloyd George.
J, -id-
o '
Finish Your Canning
Operations Now
. Place your orders with us and we will try to
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We still have a few Golden Stale Mason,
Wide Mouth Ball Mason and Glass Caps.
Pendleton Cash Market, Inc.
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Phones 101 Private Exchange Connects
liotli Departments
101 T0I 10T 101 101 101 T0I TOT TOT -
Hoys Are Hurt.
lien Smith and Wald6 (litis) Dyers.
who hold the end positions on the
Pendleton high school football team.
are both crippled and will not be out
lor practice for several weeks. Smith
suffered a strained vertebra durinc
practice, while l'.ycrs has a snrafned
ankle as the result of an auto acci
dent yesterday when he was hit by a
Miss Moons- Visits.
Miss Anna Shannon Monroe, Ore
gon woman who has gained a nation
al reputation from her work as an au
thor, was here Saturday for the
llound-l'p. Miss Monroe is author of
Happy Valley," and other books and
stories with a Western flavor, as well
as numerous articles on women's
sphere. She has written many stor
ies about Pendleton.
Use the Phones
Grocery, 2 Phones 526
Other Depts. 73
, . Use the Thoncs
Grocery, 2 Phones 520
Other Dcpts. 78
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Hoy Scouts Are Successful.
Members of the Hoy Scout troops
cleared about $800 through their Bell
ing of programs during Round-l'p.
The boys, In Uniform. Conducted their
work in an orderly manner and were
ft contrast to the usual program ven
der. Hev. J. M. Cornelison, one of
the scout masters, praised the work of
the boys and says that he considers
them a credit to Pendleton.
Injured In Auto Aocldent
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Young, and
Charles Towne suffered Injuries Sat
urday evening when Mr. Towne's car
skidded on the pavement on Webb
street, throwing the occupants out.
Mr. Young was bruised and his should
er blade broken, and he is at St. An
thony's hospital as a result. Mrs.
Young was bruised, and Mr. Towne's
ai m was dislocated. Miss Irene Ilea,
another passenger, was uninjured.
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Hunting Season Opens
September First
Police Oinrt Business Urisk. '
The aftermath of the Round-Up
was settled this morning In police
court when the cases of persons ar
rested Saturday night by the city of
ficers and spec.al deputies were set
tled. MoreTfan 100 In fines accrued
to the city strong-liox, a majority of
the offenses being for drunkenness.
Some fighting was reported, the show
er about 2 o'clock, however, cooling
the ardor of the boisterous crowd.
Several physicians are said to have
Ijad special work in the way of hiking
stitches In head wounds, but no- seri
ous accidents were reported.
The remains of Krank O. Parkes,
Pendleton soldier, who was killed In
France, were forwarded from Hobo
ken Sunday night, information receiv
ed by his mother, Mrs. .Jennie Kisher,
Indicates. It is thought that the date
of arrival will be Friday.
The funeral services will be held
Sunday at the Kpiscopal church, with
the American Legion in charge, and
the sermon will be delivered by Hev.
Alfred l-ockwood, rector of the
church. All ex-service men have been
requested by Commander P. I,. Idle
man to be present at the services, in
uniform if possible. Troop I) men are
especially urged to turn out in honor
of their former comrade. His com
rades will serve as pall bearers.
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l"OI,K'i; KKFl Si: TO KXl'UMX
SHATTMC, Sept. 26. (lr. P.) The
policed refused to explain the arrest
of Frank Irvln, customs inspector,
and I.. C. Alberta, a salesman, on open
charges. Irvln was arrested yester
day and Alberta today. The authori
ties hint that the arrests are the re
sults of a mysterious probe.
Let TTs Show You Our Larger Assortment of
They Get the Game.
NKV YORK. Sept. 20. (t. P
Kuth made his 57th homer In
Yankee-Cleveland gajne today.
1 1
i- h I- nv v y m
('International News Service Ftaff
she took tip the ne"iV clothing idea.
"Paints, canvass and other necessities
of an amateur artist are so expensive,
I and I had to economize some way,
I decided it should be in the line of
RAV FUANCISCO. Cal., Sept. 26.
uress reiorme.s ami ---'r ,iiff,.,.n in cost, as
sun- 1 - - '
1 compared to American viutura, u
f)ne of the articles of food
with which the wa.ste is grealest
is bread. In almost every house-
hold quantities of this are "left
over" every day. Frequently
they are put into the garbage
pall; more rarely they are made
into bread pudding or a few are
used in scalloped d:shcs or in
similar ways. It is not generally
known, however, that dried
bread can be ground in a coffee
mill or food chopper and used
in place of part or all of the
flour called for , In siiiRcrbread,
, and cookies, pancakes, and bis-
. cults, or in thickening; soups,
satires, etc. This fact has long-
! been familiar to commercial
bakers anil there is no reason
why the housewife should not
practice the same enonomy that
they do. R. V. n.
i r . .
Pit sio p
1" i
)rood for Sale
Yellow Tine, Fir and Tamarac
F.Alt 1, (.ll,l,Mi:US, Pendleton
found themselves blinking in the
light of reality, and .Miss Doris Both
well, talented artist and a member of
t?an Francisco's Greenwich Village
younger set certainly started some
thin? when she appeared on the
streets in a costume entirely new and
novel to Americans in the line of wom
en's wearing apparel.
Miss Hothwell's .carb Is nothing
more than the costume of an oriental
woman of the belter middle class and
solves the enigma for her as to the
high price of clothing. Phe wears
coat 'and trousers just as Hie women
of San Francisco's Oriental section do.
'.My change from the American
style was the result tif necessity," said
the coy little miss, in explaining why
I'mlcrclotliiiig I'n necessary
Miss Bothweil's costume consists of
trousers, coat and top-jacket of silk,
without sleeves and usually of some
Pleasing color. For an Oriental ward
robe is very compact, and several
changes of clothes can be carried in
the same space as can a fewer num
ber of changes of American clothes.
The wardrobe of Miss Rothwell con
fists of about four suits and will an
swer for every occasion, she says.
"Another feature is that no under
clothes in the way of skirts are
needed, and they are very comfortable,
more so than anything I've ever worn
before," she said. "And the thins that
tickles me it that I do not have to
wear hat kt' fc!6ves.
So jar Miss-i;othweH has not taken, clothes, and rather like the id'--a,
to tho, Oriental shoer but announces concluded. ,J .
she is having shoes or ratner. ( san
dals made to order, which will cost
only 51.75 per pair.
"When ft is cold all you have to do
it put on a couple of extra suits." she
explained, in answer to the query as
to how she kept warm on cool even
ings. Xot only is the youn artist Oriental
in her mode of dress, but also ar
ranges her hair much as do the women
of the Orient, and wears heavy jade
earrings. ,
Her plan is fast spreading to other
American girls, for Chinese materials
wear like iron, and the cost is a great
deal less.
"It seemed unusual at first, I admit,
but 1 -haS to )lve Oin'Mgh cost of
1 ne (imereiu-e iu,'- i""111
s'.iepi clothes is about half, and for V
evening dress the margin runs even .
higher, she explained. j
"I bought a street suit of wool and i
silk for $10 and a work suit for $3," i
she said, exhibiting the garments, "and 1
they look rather natty, too," she added.
"For an evening dress. American ,
style, one would have to pay at least j
J 100, while I got a corded silk suit,;
Oriental style, for $0. For the $100 !
yon could secure about the best ma- !
tcrials made in China and Japan," she
said; ' ' - - "
Punch the Clock, Mr. Congressman
Chronic and Nervous Disease mni
Dimsaei of Women. X-Itajr Electrk
Tempi Mdg. Boom II
rhon 411 ,
Rnpresentatlve Kissel of New York is pushing his bill to have con
gressmen paid cn n attendance basis. He would have a time clxk,
with a card for each member of Congress, installed at the Capitol. Hera
ho is, oa the right,. duuonsik rating sucb a clock, to other congressmen..
For two years we have been trying to obtain for our
Sterling Silver which we could .sell at a comparatively b
Xow wo Imvo it the beautiful cw Mary Warnii, a nic
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Teaspoons for
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Salad Forks .viamw, ..
Individual Putter Spreaders r. .
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