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It is a Common Saying That if You Want Anything Good You Can Always Get it at The Peoples Warehouse.
Infant's Outing Gowns finished with scol
lop of blue or pink, price. . . 63c to $1.19
shade of great pliability, roll smoothly,
on, a guaranteed roller, complete with
--' brackets, screws and ends,-should sell at
$1.0(X Special ......... 59c
Brown Calf Oxford, imitation brogue pat
tern, low heels, price $6.00
- f
Fall Season9 s Offering of Today Xtra Values
. , iijr
. . TTT-1 . 1
....... jfl I
k xi i ..'if.
gS.sMe$V illHtlii I !
& Hi
hsk i ' i a f ss- .
I !
I : ,Tf J
With Your New Suit or Guimpe
, Dress, New Becoming Waists
The popularity of suits, guimpe
dresses and separate skirts call for a
plentiful supply of blouses. The answer
to that call is found in our splendid se
lection of models which possess the ne
cessary charm to bring out all the smart
features of these modes.
These cool fall days seem to fit
in exactly with the color schemes of
these plaids and the softness of the
material. And the styles, oh, so
many, thiis allowing ample op
portunity for every woman to se
lect just the skirt best suited to her
personal individuality.
The snappy stuff
THAT'S what the young fellows
want; that's what we have for
them; and they're coming to us to
get it. Hart Schaf f ner & Marx
have certainly done a great work
for us this season; never before
such "live" stvles as now.
Look at this illustration; some
style isn't it? We can show you
'vy ?', ' v ?' V v
' '
Is 1 J fi
- '1 r " 'b;
Because they are the cream of the output ol our country s Desi Hosiery amis.
Children's "Iron Clad" and "Cadet"
, a .-, vn.i will find none better. Built on
nature's lines, from top to toe. with just enough elas
ticit" everywhere to fit any size closely, yet comfort
able, without strain on the fabric They will.give un
usual satisfaction because they are scientifically
strengthened wherever needed and every pair is guar
anteed. They're priced remarkably low. from, pair 29c
to 5c.
IMKKiiix All-Silk Hose, absolutely pure silk, no chem
hal adulteration ore used; black only. Can t be excell
ed at
I'lKniX InaiiVs Silk ail H.we White on.
sizes 4 to 6 1-2. A good value at, a pair ?l-w
1'ho.fiix Fine Quality Jfetlium Weight Mercerized
H.-; colors black and havana brown. An attractive
value at
riHMii I".xtr Fine Mcrcoriiod SUk tl; a full fash
ioned; colors black and havana, priced a pair. . $1.00
IM.oc,U Silk and Wool Hose Richelieu ribbed,
mixtures; havana brown and black. Some excellent
ItHX-itix Silk and Wool Hose Fancy self stripe, col
ors liUHKian calf, brown and navy and havana brown.
1'rioed to suit your liking; a pair. -.
IMkmiiIx Infant Silk Hose White
6 1-2. Values extra special
only; sizes
4 to
1'l.ocni Seamless Silk and Fibre, with clock, semi
fashioned; colors, black with white clock and havana
brown with white clock. You'll Bay splendid at.. l.tK
Sultana Hpathpr TTnse S2.49
High grade wool heather mixtures, superior quality,
stainless dye. A wonderful value, a pair $2.49
' Sultana Fashioned Heather Hose
, $1.50 and $1.65
Richelieu ribbed, fashioned leg. all wool, heather
mixed hose. Priced specially low, a pair$150 and $1.65
inioenix Medium Weight Silk Hose 18 inch silk leg.
mock seam; black, white, havana brown. Kxtra values,
Phoenix 20 inch Silk Ix-g. 8 inch lisle elastic garter
top; full fashioned; colors black and havana brown. A
superior value $1.93
Flmenix Heavy Ten-Strand Silk Mercerized elastic
lisle, garter top. Full fashioned; black only. You
can't beat such values at $2.35
Phoenix Silk semi-fashioned, mock seam, 5 inch mer
cerized lisle garter top. Look at this value at. . . $1.45
Phoenix Seamless Silk with vertical self satin stripe:
colors black and havana brown. Unexcelled for quality
and price . $1.75
Women's Cadet Stockings 39c Pair
Women's "Klastiknit" rib top hose, medium weight;
extra heavy heel and toe; colors black balbriggan and
white. A special value, a pair 39c
Women's Cadet Stockings 49c Pair
Women's outsize "Eiastiknit" rib top hose, medium
weight; extra heavy heel and toe; colors black, bal
briggan and white. A real bargain, a pair 49c
!! ?? V. sU if
illy t I
' f 1
" if
Plaid Sheet Blankets 83.25
In this lot you will find a variety of
handsome plaid blankets to choose from
also plain colors with borders as well as
the plain white ones. Extra large size
sheet blankets 66x80, 68x80 and 72x80;
blankets that have service and comfort!
combined. Special value, each. . 35
$5.50, $5.75 and $6.00
Beautiful large size blankets in handsome
plaid patterns in gray, pink, brown, yellow, light
blue and tan. Special values at $5.50, $5.75, and
)fi9?Qoples Warehouse,
T. II' I ". !i WMrncir RAYS TO T" a r 2 : i :. i
Copyriitt 1919 Mart Sciiffncr & Marl ;
An absolutely rain and weather proof coat of 3-4 length,
built to wear. It has plenty of room and made for com-
frt' Well Worth the Price $17.50
..i,!,,! iino1 nnrt minis of the best supple Ica-
j-iuuvy w,..yv...- . .
ther, tanned to withstand the storm and hard wear, t ull
and three quarter lengths.
Priced $35.00 to $50.00
Of the medium weight, for under coats. Made on coat
styles and vest styles. Come rich brown, gray, green and
mixed colors.
Priced $5.00 to $8.00
For the Fall and Winter days, of the fine woolens and
good fast colors.
Priced $3.50 to $5.00
The new caps arc here. Come get the first choice of the
very newest styles.
Reasonably Priced $1.50 to $4.50
.The very Inst word In stylo
$3.50 to $5.00
O,UU0 Miles!
-f i
? 'Ml '
5 M I
o . fciun- la R. P. Lambortb.
i. i.. ..a ,,l (hn White llousej
Sa'ys he haJ walked 270.000 mllca.
In tl Z yearn sice uu re
Worth. Texas. Oi uoe4 uay
all ho cats.
SEATTLK. Sept. 26. ( I. P.) Fit
teen thouniuil member f the former
91 "Wild West" division nre mectint.
i.. AnireleH nnd 500 ore here to
celebrate the anniversary of the Ar-
.,,. ,,fiViiMivp. DoloRMtrs from an
nlong the coaHt are flocking to those
two centers to celebrate the event and
hold memorial services for their ueaa
m...".,!is. Mfuse-Argonno remims-
onccs are flowing free.
BIltMJXOHAM. Ala., , Sept 26.
tl X. S.1 Hev. 11. M. Kdmonds, pas
! inr of the. Independent l'resbyterlan
,.hi,n.h nf HlrniinKluim. has been In
' sured for 100,0ii0 by members of his
i unit ff. iii (inn ltev. Kdmonds was
formerly pastor of another church but
! withdrew with part of bis congrega
1 f.,m.o.l the . nrencnt orif.m
Izatlon. lteallxing tliiiiTtno suocesi of
ihn new 'venture depended largely up
on the pastor, deacons of the church
decided to insure his l;fc against pre
mature death which was declared
"niiiMit seriously effect the organiza
tion and perhaps ruin its future
('has. H. Olcott to Iulu E. Rea,
12100.00. Ixt 3, liloek 25, Arnold and
Ttnlev's Add. I'endleton.
J. W. Kennedy to Columbia Junior
CoIIcku. J.1000.00. Lots 1, 2. 3, 4, B
and 6. Block 1. Gross Add. to Milton
nnd mnlp nnd bound tract.
r?ih.fpn Kellv to .Tusner X. Kellv
$1000.00, S 1-2 NB 1-4 & X 1-2 PB 1-4
Hoc. 22, & N 1-2 N 1-2 SW 1-4 & N 1-3
KB 1-4 Pec. 23. Tl. 6. N. It. 37
Cinranro, T. . Mnnre to r:otlleh Don
! art, $1800.00. lMt 6 and N 1-2 Lft 6
Wright's Add. to illlton.
xe of Economy Expert Has
; Now Tallen on 'Movie' Fans
Scattered Throughout World
, -HV4-HARI.t8E-m-r.HKS
1 tnjj ANCBld-X Kept. 26 The axe
if vctinomy eierts, which has been
vihv in all of the great motion picture
.1dl.. here. h no i:tWn
vte" fans scattered throughout the
Ttt exix-rts have figured out that a
iaviu of from $o,o(in to a cool n.ll
in dollar, can be effected for the
t.uU. nnd popular players If the fans
,r t pay for photographa of
"I learned thnt a movement to
Naif fr pbiograph and dons-te tha
nH-. ovr the hum1 rost of tnak
ig th pl-turf. to a-ma needy cause
,a Wn ory u.vfully tried -ut by
tn l'Kf'.rd ud ft Uoll) woiH jho-l
Many other film celebrities have In
dorsed the plan and are now co-op-eratlne.
Miss Pickford haa been turning over
the money received from the Bale of
her photographs to a Good Cheer fund
for needy children, while other stars
are swelling the coffers of a fund for
aged mothers from the sale of their
pictures. It la predicted by the man
agements of the leading studios that
It la only a matter of time until all of
the stars will enter into the new
charitable picture distribution plan.
Ki next time you send for a free
photograph of your favorite picture
star don't be surprised If In return
you receive a card nhlch reads about
as follows:
"Y.iur letter asking for one of my
pictures has just been handed to the
committee selling my photographs for
the benefit of the Aged Mothers' Fund.
There axe numberless mothers who
have aacfificed all their Uvea for their
children and who find, as the end
drawa neur, they have been too liberal
with others at their own expense."
For some tlm a careful checklns
of the request for photographs made
from all parte of the world to stars
and atudloa haa shown In moat ln
rtancea the person making the request
were attempting to make collections
wbh-b would include all the leading
players. Some of the persona writing
have their appeali down to , jco a
business like basis their letters are
printed, the name of the player or
studio being merely written in. .
At many of the plants it has been
customary for the stars to turn their
letters over to studio attaches and tho
pictures would be sent out at the ex
pense of the studio managements.
This has been especially the case
where stars have been under contracts
to a single producing organization.
The first day that Wallace Held
adopted the new plan three barrels
filled with letters which had been sent
to Keid were broutcht to his manager's
office. Most of thexe letters made re
quests for photographs.
. "I have spent a lot of time In an
swering mail from 'fans' for a number
of years',, said Ke!d to the correspond
ent. "I have put in many an after
noon trying to add a little sunshine to
some lonely life by a little message of
cheer, t have written these replies to
fans' at times when I should have
been out on golf links or in the sun
shine recuperating from my long
"I have. In common with other
widely-known players, come to the
conclusion tt la an iniustice on the part
of the public to expect studios or stars
to pay out large sums annually to sup
ply photographs free. Those who real
ly want them will he glad to pay a
small gum for the pictures if they
know the excess above actual coat wU
go to a worthy charity." (
For First time Organization
This Year Was Composed of
Strictly County Musicians.
A feature of the Itound-t'p which
won praise from visitors who wern
here to see the show was the music
which was furnished by the Itound
Up band.
Formerly, it was composed of mu
sicians from all over the state, but
during- recent years a local organisa
tion with A. W. Lundell ss director
has been built up, and this year every
musician was a 1'matilla county man,
and there were only four who did not
reside in Pendleton. Two were from
Htanfleld and two others from Wes
ton, and nil of the players are mem
bers of the local musicians' union.
To a majority of I'endletonians, the
band haa come to be taken as an In
tegral part of the l)ig pageant with
out whose services something vital
would be missing from Iho parades,
marches and during the time when the
different events of track and arena are
under way.
A musician from Everett, Wash
iMKton, commented highly . on the
work done by the F.ound-1'p band
and declared that its appearance and
the quality of Its offerings mado it
stand out In bold relief among the
crack organisations that were here
from all over the state.
"That made the boys of the band
fool mighty good," Director Lundell
declared In speaking of the incident.
"When It Is remembered that all of
tho other bands here were either made
up by picking tho best musicians from
many communities, or as Is the case
with-the band from I.a Grande, sup
ported directly by the city, and that
our own organization has no regular
financial backing from any source ex
cept what we can make in the worl!
we do. It shows a fine spirit on the
part of the boys In keeping the
Hound-Vp band to this high standard."
Beach Queen
' 1 3 .A
'yi -
. ,-VrtJW?.rfsft..1- .... - .
7 - 'lK:-
k ' t ' - .
: H '-
' " '
! A ' J
' .CI iA
(Bast Oregonlan Special.)
wiin. h..ii 9R. Mra H. I. Wooda
was aorlouBly ibjured Thursday, even- .
lug at about 7 P. m., four miles this
side of Hermlston. Mr. ana Mrs.
Woods were enroute from btilem to
Walla Walla when they had tire trou
ble and had pulled to tho side of the
highway, when a car goinr south and
one going- north met Just where the
Wood's car was manning, ine cer
going south was a Ford delivery truck ;
and driven by J. Stork, of Hermlston,
with but one light, and struck tho
Wood s car. Mrs. woooa waa noioinw ,
. o-nnii nn iho lim-k of their car and
attempted to dodge aside to miss tho
oar but was not successiui, wnn wi rr
suit tiiut sho was seriously Injured ana
. ... ... i. , , n
her clothes nearly torn on o iw, .
Woods la at tho Hotel f.cno wnere
Dr. F. It. lorn Is caring for her and
mm t. m iTenrv Is her nurse. Mr.
and Mra. Woods were married at Sa
lem. Sept. 18 and were going to waiio.
Walla, where . both expectea to auena
college this winter. . .
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Wimama ten
here Saturday for Toppenih, Wash.,
where they Intend to reside.., Mr. WW
liums wus properletor of the new and
econd hand store and had lived here
for several years. U O. Lawler haul
ed their house hold goods by truoK.
Henrv Taffel. of Hnna hoiiow, w
here on business Saturday.
There will be a meeting at the Echo
school house Tuesday at S p. m. tor the
purpose of orgunlBlnx a j-aroni-ieacn-
er association. Officers will be elect.
ed and work out lined, rarentg are ,..
urged to attend. t
Them was an o d time dance at tne t
Odd Fellows hall Friday night.
A. H. Manley, of I'ortiana, maae a
short visit Wednesday at the Crary
homo. Mr. Manley- waa on hl way -
to tho ltound-l'p.
('. A. Gilbert 1 in porunna
Carlson, of Butter Creek, lett
this week for Corvullls where he will
enter O. A. C. as a freshman. ,
Thomas Hoss m home again alter
a short business trip to Portlund.
Miss t'urric Andrews waa a renuie- ,
ion visitor Friday.
A. It. Thomson returned the first or
the week from a two weeks buslneas
trip to Washington, !. C.
Senator H. N. Slnnfleld !was Ut Kcnp
a short time Saturday.
Herman Moehlnke and family or
Oregon City, arrived in Echo Wed
nesday to visit at the Fred Hcfft home
Mr. Moehinke and Mr. Herft are cou- '
sins. '
Mr. and Mrs. V. U Dingle, of Seat.
tie, visited nt the home of Mrs badie
Thomas last week.
Mrs. 1 M. Henry left Sunday even-
in., fnr nunrion. Ore. When she re
turns she will brln her parents. Mr.
and Mra. Frank shannon with her ant
will live In Mrs. Sadie Thomas' house,
near the school house.
Ralph Holto and Frank Blonn, or.
Stanfleld. were in town Saturday.
ir r kv Thomson. Mrs. Sloan
Thomson and Mrs. Wm. McCarty of
Butter Creek were shopping- here oair
f. E. Whltmore. who lives aoutn
east of town, was hete on business
Wednesday. ' ' t
Chas. Dallas, a wheat raiser on ins
Slnsher land south of town, was her
this week end on business.
n vv. Richardson of Canyon city,
haa leased the George building next to
the Tire Shop and will open a Jewelry
storo and repair shop, as soon as nw
goods arrive. . ' "
The Misses Neva and Mildred woi-
...... m,.fl..l,l were visitinar
f rlenda and relatives here Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Oliver or Bum,
M.h nr. vlsltlnr relatives bere and
also attended the Round-Up.
Mr. and Mrs. John Tuiror ana r.
u. fimido White, of Lexingtons
Ore., were here Thursday on their way
to Pendleton, . .
Th..,., iMrhards. of Stanfield, waa
here a couple of days this week.
J. F. Spinning was in Fenflleion en
ri,i,ri,i. to attend a meetlmr of the
executive board of the Oregoft Irriga
tion Congress.
Miss Mary Bartholomew left Ecno
rhi,r.Hnv nleht for Eugene. She wlU
enter the University of Oregon as
Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Myers aoa son
Averell were Sunday visitors at tho A.
, Doggs home on the Meadows. , "r
m. n,i Mrs. Oscar Mitchell cam
here Wednesday from Grass Range,
vir,i tn visit their daughter, Mrs.
John Oliver, and family and to attend
the Itound-Up. Mr. Mltcneil is one
of Oregon's oldest settlers,- 'having
come here In 1859, living on. buuw
reek for many years, having gone ta
Montana about eighteen years ago; .
witnv Pearson of Lena was - here
Thursday. 1 '
Henry Robertson of Band Hollow
was here Thursday.
Tho fifth and sixth grades gave
their teacher, Mrs. H. W. Drew, a
surprise Tuesday p. m. nt the school
room, refreshments were served.
Mrs. J. F. Woods, of Stanfleld, visit-
cd her sister, Mrs. Roy HWo, Wednes.
day. ,' t -.:r
Mrs. Utile Gillette,' of Portland, 1
visiting relatives and friendds in Echo;
this week. ' '
Arthur Ashbaugh left here this last
.,b. tnr millniis Montana. - His fam
ily expect to Join him about the last of
this month;
rr. Hetsler. of Pendleton, was her
on business Wednesday.
Fred peppcrman, a farmer near
Butter Creek, waa In town Wednes.
l"ORTLANI, Sept. 2$. Wheat
$i.o to iu:, .
Miss Madge Merritt of Brooklvn
waa chosen "queen of the New
York beaches" in a beauty contest i
in wMch hundreds of beauUes wars
'antereayr - . , .- - J
' September wheat today closed at
1.21 1-4 December at $1.24 t-2 and
. oo 1.9 ITfillnwIncr Are the
ivjujr Ofc , ' - J - - ---!-. - - :
quotations received from the Chicago
grain market by Ovcruec gc I'poae,.
local brokers.
High Low Close i
$1.23 $1.21 $1.2H4
1.26 1.24 4 1.24
1.S0 54 1.2S14 1.28 Ss
.62 .52 .51 .61V
,5( M .51 .6614
" Oats.
.8714 -7K -WW
,41 .41 ,41
i Open
1.80 V4