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' "
Rmdij-to-Wear Millinery
omen s
British Student Holds 'That
11 7
To the women of Pendleton and Umatilla
We have established a Millinery Department
on our second floor adjoining our women's wear
Its sole object is to supply our customers with
Millinery of quality at prices that merit your
This store will be closed all day Monday, Labor Day,
September 5th.
trade. We're going to give you Millinery for
much less than you are accustomed to paying. We
have an expert Milliner in charge of the (depart
ment who can, and gladly will, give you the best
for the price, no matter what the price.
It will pay you to visit this department before
buying your new fall hat. We will be glad to show
.'you w hether you buy or not. ,
and boost the greatest show in the world.
Just arrived by express 50 DOZ. PHOENIX SILK HOSE, 15 DOZ, PHOENIX WOOL HOSE. Be sure to
supply your season's need now. You know how difficult it has been for us in the past season to supply
vou with vour favorite style of PHOENIX HOSE when you wanted them. This condition has been the
case all over the country, the demand for PHOENIX HOSE has been so great that the factory could not
keep up. New machinery is being installed but it takes from three to six months time to get them in run-
iiin" order. We expect an even greater shortage about holidav time. We advise you purchasing what you
need from now till January 1st. SILK HOSE, SILK AND WOOL HEATHER HOSE, LISLE HOSE all
in your favorite colors. iafllttl&WM
NO. 365 Medium Weight Silk Hose
18 inch silk leg, mock steam; black, white
havana brown. Extra values .... . . 51.10
NO. 36820 inch silk leg, 8 inch lisle el
astic garter top; full fashioned; colors
black and -havana brown. A superior
value . ... ; j "o ii-
NO. 39S Heavy Teh-strand SriR
Mercerized elastic lisle, garter top. Jhlill
fashioned; black only. You cant beat
such values at .
NO 708 Silk semi-fashioned, mock
seam, 5 inch mercerized lisle garter top.
Look at this value at . . . ..........
NO. 403 Seamless silk with vertical
self satin stripe; colors black and havana
brown. Unexcelled for quality and
P1NO725Ali Silk Hose,' absolutely pure
silk, no chemical adulteration are useclj
black only- Can't be excelled at. . .
OT .
NO. 330 Infants Silk and Wool Hose
White only, sizes 4 to 6 1-2. A good
value at, a pair :. . $1.00
NO. 409 Fine Quality Medium Weight
Mercerized Hose; colors, black, and ha
vana brcfwn. An attractive value at 60c
NO. 758 Extra Fine Mercerized Silk
Lisle; full fashioned; colors black and
havana, priced a pair $1.00
NO. 747 Silk and Wool Hose Riche
lieu ribbed, mixtures; havana brown and
black. Some excellent values at. .7 $2.25
NO. 792 Silk and Wool Hose Fancy
self stripe, colors Russian calf, brown and
navy and havana brown. Priced to suit
your liking; a pair $2.95
NO. 577 Infants Silk Hose White
only; sizes 4 to 6 1-2. Values extra spe
cial 65c
NO. 568 Seamless Silk and Fibre, with
clock, semi-fashioned; colors, black with
white clock and havana brown with white
clock. You'll say splendid at $1.00
iioPeoples Iferolious'
ilANSFIBU). Ohio. B-pt. i. (I. N.
v Komancea found between the
pva of numeroua hooka In fha pub
lic library br -r txrvrr dreamed of
li I he buuka' author.
In many Wk returned to the pub
lic librarian by patron are found old
Msra, pink -tinted notea, rrpuh-looKliif
letter ttet er matted, lacy haudkar
chMa. rlaaf banda, earn pie. of dreae
ntirtl. poiiteiirda. kodak plrturea
tid tjerama, all lorgorten by . the
iwnern who placed them between the
Karh of these forgotten !irtl-!e tclln
Its own atory. In wm of the old
book are to I found letter yellow
with ape, bearing namea of relatives
long since putacd away.
mr-Tii iimiT rrininnl
(Kant Oretsoiilan Special )
RIETH. Sept. Chris Psnon. eon
tractor for unloading coal m the O. Y.
It. N. Co. ox I achutea both here iiml
at Walla Walla returned from .t short
btiKlne.sa trip to Walla V.'alla a few
j ilaya ao.
j P. Y. Clark was a Portland visitor
1 this week.
Mr. and -Mrs. K. M. Wood chape
roned the Winchester chliilrer. at the
cirens Thuraday.
Mr. Marry Orant and lift. , dauBh
ter Margy were in Pendleton Thurs
day. Joe Kwartz and son George of
Tesko. Wush..' were In Rleth Thurs
day vlsitinff with old friends. The
Kwnrti'a lived here for two or three
year, hut went to Teako ubfiut eigh
teen months ago.
Ham Winchester drove to Pen
d'eton for a short business trip yes
terday. Jlr. R. J. F;ngllsh waa visiting her
daughters Mr. Wanson and Mrs. Han-
imn In Pendleton yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs, W. W, Snider. drovi
I down to Yokum for fruit Thursday
Mr. TIlTy a dairyman pist ws;;t of
Rleth is building a new silo. He has
raised quite a lot of sun flowers and la
Koing to fill the silo with them.
Mrs. Fred Peters and little son Kich
ard look In the circus Thursday.
Harrison Hatfield was ft business
visitor to Pendleton Thursday. :
Il.isie I.andrum and his mother Mr.
I .an drum are moving to Pendleton this
week. The.v have been living with Mr.
and Mrs. H. Orant for about .x week.
Clarence r'nidcr has been on the
"ick lif t this -week.
Mrs. Jack Rose returned to her
home In Helix Thursday after a vlult
of several day here with her parent
Mr. and Mr. English.
Mrs. J. C. I-angley and daurhter
lynx wr I'violleioii visitors Thura-
dnTt ......-.--
WOOSTEH, OHIO. Sept. 2 (I. N.
p.) A heated argument us to wheth.
er it Is possible for snake to milk cows
ha Involved Wayne County anil other
Interested farmers.
The controversy started when a
farmer reported that saveral of his
co hud been milked by birge snakes.
A local doctor said iuch a thing
wn Impossible. Now every other
farmer in the county is recalling In
.itanCHM where n:ike have been
known o milk cow, i
if - -,:
.- It la now the proper thing 'or tnl
lady to resemble an orchid when shf
Is simply gowned In night lingerie '
A satin-striped, night robo of lndo
Btructible orchid chiffon io strlpei,
with satin. It's eleeveless and.
slightly gathered In front' and,
orchid Hboons hnf loftly down tna
tnvrwiS. Sent. 2. (I. X-
vv,.,i, hu i,ifiin ut the London Air
port. Croydon, on the task of erecting
a U'0-foot airship mooring mast.
The mast la to stanu on rmm
fni,nH5.ti..nu. and tests In bringing air
ships to anchor are to be curried out
with it.
A niooi'lm? can be made at the mast
the ship floating In her on clement
nnd swinging freely head to wind by
the use of a nanuiut oi bkiucu men
The' snfetv of these mast can be
Judged. by the fact that the R-33 ha:
been out at Pulham Airdrome at a
mast since February and hus suffered
no ill effects.
Great Religious Movement,
Impends the World Today.
(International New Service i Staff
Correspondent.) ,
LONDON, Sept, 2. It la the emanci
pation of women that has emptied the
churches. 1
The world I not going to the bad,
On the contrary, . a great religious
miivmnent tlllDends. ' 1 ' '
Dr. it. P. Horton, of Hnmpstead.
cuts into a natlonul discussion on
"Why Has England No Time for
God?" with the above explanation of
one of the mysteries of the day, and a
most reussurlng argument concerning
the world's morul state.
"A contributory cause to the appar
ent indifference of religion today is
the change In the status of women.
"Women are not now so religious as
men. . .
Throw Off lUftrauits."
In the past women were the sup
port of the church. The emancipation'
of women has tended to muka them
ihrow off the. restraints nnd practises
of the church, and I think you would
not find that the churches are so
empty because the women arc absent.
The sudden assumption of position In
the world has brought a reaction
which Is very disturbing.
"But only for a moment. I nae
strong conviction that the world will
right Itself. I am surprised that the
war hus not produced in Lnglnno a
tyrant AT Hilt rlt mil and moral collapse,
and I gather great hopes from Jhis
fact. . '
"Peonlc nre'not nearly "ho bad a wo
are Inclined to think. ''. 1
'Antlolimtc llellgjon Movrmwrt"
"Personally I anticipate a great re-j
liglous movement, not In the form of a
revival, hut In a change of religious
forms which will make the religion
that Is taught fit the new Ideas and
w'der knowledge of our time. '
"I can see no Indlfferenco to the
yreat questions of life, and of the soul
and of Clod, but only signs ut' niuW
adjustment between the old wys and
the new knowledge.
"The improvement In life and
habits today I due to a religious Hfo
which has not como much to tho
front. There 1 a greater sobriety and
greater decency, and London I almost
a reformed c:jy compared with what
It was when I first came here." This
Is due to a religion whlrh works not
through the churches, but through
education, literature and many other
spheres." , " - '
VICTORIA. U. C tt-pt. 2. (I. N.
g.) One million letters have been
carried In ten months by Kildie Hub
hard, United Mutes aerial ma:l pilot
operating between Victoria and Seat
tle. This service wa inaugurated to
speed up delivery of Australian and
Oriental malls, with the particular ob
ject of assisting business hou.us on thu
Pacific Coast.
kt. locis, Mo., sept, j c. ::. : .i
Tho reaso.i is a niyth-ry, but cadi
person in Ht. Louis averages reading
only three books a year, according to
a report submitted to tho City Com
mission by Librarian Arthur E. Bost-wlck.
In Taffeta :
I f'i '.'j '' i
Rilvjr lk.,..H ..
-" among ine blue
taffeta is harmonious enough to
suggest this 'popular mrtlJy ,
lothes. It is a gown worn by Iron"
cast o and It i, created from heavy
affeu. with bord0r of ai,vor th
to. rh i. .rn" laee nd "nl'hing
f, ,'h0 ",,oy of w
.ltli llowi,,,, -i-lblKins t u.u. ,
MEXICO CITY, Sept. !.(!.
Mexico Is rapidly becoming a motor
ing country, and for this reason great
er attention is being paid to the roads
of the country.
Highway Improvement Is to bs con
..M.Ted at a National Good Roads
Congress, which will be opened here
on .September & with an address by
.'resident Obrcgon.
Organizations In all part of Mexico
a ill lie represented, Including chum
bent of commerce and automobile
Few countries are in greater r.eod of
road Improvement than Mexico, and
.lu re are few countries in which the
needed materials could be more easily
Hud Roads Arc Mglilmaro
There aro some good roads out of
Mexico City, but In many places tho
motorist, on leaving the streets of a
city plunges almost af onco Into a
nightmare of bad roads. " !" ''
Road building hus been neglected
r;r .M ars, Many road which could be
mudo Important links between bul-
ness center arc little more than trail."
washed by rains on hillsides and deep
In dust or sand In the lowlands.
As good roads will altmulate tha
buying of American motor ears, auto
mobile men arc taking a lively Inter
est In the forward movement. Accord-'
Ing to figures gathered by thd Amerl"
can Chamber of Commerce here, Mc
Ico Is second only to Canada In the
buying of Amnricun automobiles, tires
and accessories, even under present
conditions. .
Improvement In the highways I ex
pected to put Mexico at the head of
the list as a buyer o( motor cars,' and
automobile men are looking forward'
to greut things. ' ' ' l": "
llecuuse the prospects for tlte auto
mobiles business In Mexico appftir to
be so bright there are frequont ram
ors that leading American manufac
turers of motor cars, trucks and trac
tors are preparing - to . build ' branch''
plants hero. - . '
According to figures prepared here,
Mexico's purchases of motor cars, tlrce
and accessories from June I to Juris
30 exceeded 17,500,000. This would
be at the rate of $90,000,000 a. year,
but automobile men pity that oven
greater things may be expected If
there I na Interruption in the pres
ent advancement In Mexico. . s
EDWARDSVILLR, 111.," Aug. S7.
(I. Is. R.) The braxen nerve of boot
legger ha been displayed at Grant "
Eork, fifteen mile east of here. Two
stranger drov tip in an automobile
(.lighted in front of the Mineral
Spring Hotel, lighted two kcron:
torches and begun the spiel of car
nival "barkers.
"Here' the place to . get
booze!" they cried.
A crowd quickly congregated.
the sunnlv of "hnme-brew wa
exhausted. Mayer Harry Deck nnd
tmeriil il. .ulli .i arre.'ted til booi
rtists, - 1 X
your j