East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, August 24, 1921, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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Afezetf iVofes of Pendleton
August 20-30 -Water First
Aid course ut City Natutorlum.
Direction of Joseph C. Hedges.
Hept mber 10 Hermiston Ex-
perlmeut Blatlon Field Day.
September 19-24 Northwest
Grain and Hay Show.
September 22, 23, 24 Annual
Pendleton Round-Up.
October 7-8 Seventh Annual
Dairy and Hog; Show, at Her-
Mrs. I.ovcll Humeri
Mrs. Pert Lovell Is suffering from
slight Injuries to her hands as the re
sult f an accident )OHt evening, Mrs.
Lovell, In opening a box of matches,
In some way Ignited' them, burning her
hands and hair. She was able to sub
duo the blaze before It burned her
Use the Phones
Grocery, 2 Phones 526
Other Depts. 78
I-Ylio Klioep Men .Makes I'lin liawt)
Joe Cunha and Joe Pedro, sheen
men of the Echo district, wcro In TVn
(lleton yesterday en route to Pilot
Rock where they made selections of
young rams for the coming season.
Ili llv Advocate Sold
Announcement hns been made of
the sale of the Helix Advocate, the
former owner, M. I). Lynn disposing
of the plant to Loren O'Gara and
Jacob Knaiis. The new owners are
Mr. Hatfield Die
Mrs. Nellie Hutnem, moiner 01 jvirs.
John H. Link of Hermiston and 1'. F.
Hatfield of Hermiston, died In Kan
sas City on Sunday. She had been suf
fering from cancer and had taken the
trhi in the hone of finding relief
through medical treatment. For the
past six years Mrs. Hatfield was post
mistress at Troutdale. She Is survived
by her husband, Mrs. Link, Mr. Hat
field and a second daughter, Mrs. Odin
Anderson of Monmouth.
went on record to the effect that It
would care for any legitimate expense
Incurred by the secretary or state trea
surer under the act. George A. White,
adjutant-general. In a statement be
fore the emergency board said the
people had voted for the creation of
a 130,000,000 corporation, while the
legislature had appropriated only $30,-
000 for the administration of the act
Ho declared that this sum wag wholly
Insufficient, and would hardly pay for
floating the original bond Issue of $5,
000,00(1, provide proper office equip
ment and get the work of the world
war veterans' state aid commission un-
I der way.
Use the Phones
Grocery, 2 Phones
Other Depts. 78
R. W. llitner Keturus
R. W. llitncr president of the 1921
Senate returned last night from Salem
where he has been for a meeting of
' the state emergency board of which ho
Pendleton men and are experienced in is a member. The board pledged a
the newspaper game. Active manage- deficiency appropriation not to exceed
ment of the paper will bo In the hands 190,000 for the administration of the
of O'Oara. soldiers' bonus law. The board also
For Medical Ti'cutiiicnt
Henry Thompson ' of Gibbon has
beon In .Pendleton for several days.
He Is undergoing medical treatment.
We're Ready to
the New Things
in Dry Goods Section. New Fall Goods ARRIVING DAILY. You are invited to come to the store, see the
"New" we have gathered for you. No trouble to show.
Suede Tex
how You
for Fall
To Take Trip
John Lambirth accompanied by Al-
vin Kosh, Howard Dunham and John i
Green expect to leave In the morning I
for T'WIiih tmrl nl her fioints In the!
mountains on a vacation tour. They'
will be gone for several days.
$7.75 Per Sack
for the
Schrani, Wide Mouth Ball Mason,
Easy Seal, Golden State Mason.
"You Can Depend on 101"
Pendleton Cash Market, Inc
301 E. Court Street
Phones 101 Private Exchange Connect
fs Cuim-lnming
L. M. Wleklund, who recently burn
ed his left hand when he touched an
unprotected switch at the French Res
taurant, is convalescing. Mr. Wick
land wan doing some plumbing work
when he was injured. He is wearing
the injured member In a sling.
Watck our window and see the great values we are
offering you each week.
The very newest styles in Jewelrydom, each article
bears our guarantee if at any time an article does not
give satisfaction tell us, we can help you and if you tell
your neighbors, they can not and will not.
We are still offering you a big reduction on every ar
ticle in our line. Now is the time to make your dollar
which you have worked so hard for go almost twice as far.
Come in and look over our large stock. We are at youl
evvelry store
Hunting Season Opens
September First
)'',. I,
PTv: 1 j ' t d A
Let Us Show You Our Large Assortment of
They Get the Game.
All AftoP-llarvoxt Vacation
After the harvest Is over and before
the weather eets any cooler is the
Ideal time for a little vacation trip ac
cording to Theodore Charrier who
with Mrs. Charrier -was hero today.
They farm near Helix. They are plan
ning to go to Soap Lake, Wash, for a
visit and rest of about-two weeks.
Ottiiig ltoiiiI-l'p Information
V. T. Mlttnucr, In the hotel business
In Portland, formerly manager of the
Geyser (irand at linker, and W. H.
Southard 'of Baker, were In Pendleton
today on their way to Baker after hav
ing been at Marshfleld for several
days. They were asking for advance
information about the Hound-Vp and
expect to be here for theshow in September.
Han Attractive W indow 5
Five deer heads mounted attractive
ly, one brown bear rug, two black bear
rugs, a mounted brown bear cub and
some lynx rugs are included in a win
dow display at the W. J. Clarke Hard
ware store on East Court street. The
mounting of the heads and pelts is the
work of H. O. Worthington who does
unite a lot of taxidermy work. The
display has been receiving much com
ment from sportsmen who are making
plans for the hunting Beason.
A i
One of the new fall
fabrics for coats and
suits, 56 in. all wool,
and comes in all the
wanted shades, such
as navy, brown, bea
ver, Copen, etc.
Silk Duvetyn
Bolivia Coating 85.00
Finest quality Bolivia the most
stylish fabric for coats, offered
in the season's newest shades.
Make up your coat now, and get
the benefit of a full season.
56 in. wide
Likes Cabbage Hill View
"I was through Yellowstone Park
Just a few weeks ago and saw all the
.-debts in that place of wonders, but
there isn't anything in the park that
can beat the view one gets of the In
land Empire from Cabbage Hill." That
is the statement made today by War
den J. Smith, a newspaper man who is
on a tour of the Pacific coast states.
He was until recently advertising man
ager of The Times at Twin Falls, Ida
ho. "I came mighty near running my
machine off the road down the trail
because I was so busy looking at that
view Instead of driving," is what Smith
had to say. He expects to go to Walla
Walla from here where he has friends.
Signs Must ;.
Signs on the state highways In
I'matilla county must be down by
September 1. says Oscar Cutler, resi
dent engineer, who is here from Athe
na today. Mr. Cutler says that H. H.
Haldock, division engineer, has In
structed him to put a force of men to
work at removing the signs unless
they have disappeared after Septem
ber 1. The state law provides that
there shall be no signs on buildings,
fences, gates, bridges, trees, rocks,
boards or anything whatsoever with
in the limits of the state highway or
within sight of the highway, unless,
however, owners of property give
their consent. Mr. Cutler states that
with the exception of the 15 miles of
grading between Pilot flock and Vin
son there Is no h.ghway work under
way in this county. The work is be
ing done by state and county, the con
tract being In the hands of Oxman and
Harrington, who have greed to have
the work done by January 1, 1922.
The Warren Construction Co. recently
finished the short detour at Klue
Mountain Station, so that there is now
continuous pavement between Pendle
ton and Walla Walla. Contracts will
be let August 30 by the state highway
department for eight miles of guard
rails on county highways. Some of
tho guard rails will be for the Pendle-ton-Cabbage
Hill road, and other for
the rendleton-Echo. Pendleton-Milton
and Pendleton-Pilot Hock roads.
It is
We only have this
silk Duvetyn i n
brown at present, 1 ut
will have other shades
soon: 40 in. wide, of
best quality,
dresses, coats,
Tricotine $3.50 '
The very best of quality is our Tricotine
SI If 1 a snlendid cloth for Dresses and Suits.
ed in the season's newest shades; 50 to 54 in. wide.
French Serge 82.00 to $3.50
All wool and of good quality. Comes in all wanted
shades for dresses. , ..... jJ1.
New Cretonne
. At last they have come.. New
patterns and colorings for dresses
and aprons. They're on display in
our Art Dept. Come in and buy a
few lengths. Yard 25c to 50c
tut i crH:( ::.!.-'
New Skirtings
Entirely new and different these new skirtings,
of Striped Venetian, offered in all colors. Buy a
skirt length now.
Satin Canton
This is one of the
best silks for wear
that was ever
known. It is of
heavy weight pure
silk, woven to give
good service. For
that new fall dress
be sure to use our
Satin Canton Crepe
40 inches wide.
to Vkiah in his truck Wednesday ho
came across the wagon bridge at
Kridge creek, which went down just as
he drove off of it. The Long creek
stage started and got as far as the
broken bridge and had to return to
I'.kiah with the mail.
Lou Case started to fkiah Wednes-
Kansas, and Miss Mary Bourru? of school
Hereford, Texas, arrived Thursday for
an indef.nite visit with their' anrit,
Mrs. William Meengs, of Bridge creek.
Miss Ha Sturdivant left Wednesday
for Stanfield after visiting in Ukiah
for two weeks.
Tuesday evening during an electric
It's Toasted
i' J y"'v
VKIAH, Aug. 24. 3. H. Wagner has
Hisi.nae!! nf his stock of hardware to
day and while driving along the river storm Mr. and Mrs. Fayette Mettie
between Dale and the north fork grade were standing in their yard, when the
his stearing gear broke and his car
J. H. Constants, who will conduct the backed into the river, a distance of
business hereafter, and George t-aia-wcll
purchased the building.
Mrs. lien Colvin and daughter or
Montana were guests at the Vkiah
hotel Friday night en route to uiam
county to visit her daughter. Mrs.
Johnny Porter, for an indefinite time.
As Bert Keeney of lale was coming
feet, and it required a tea'.i to pull
him back to the toad. Fortunately
Mr. Case was not hurt in any way.
, Mr. and Mrs. William Selby and son
of Pilot Hock were the guests of Mrs.
Jennie Moore Sunday night on 'their
return from the springs.
Mrs. Emmet Cardweli of Wichita.
lightning struck a tree near by, run
ning on the telephone wire to the
house, shattering the lightning arrest
er and burning out .the phone. Tile
lightning knocked Mr.. Mettie down
when it struck the tree.
I. It. Lawrence and family left
Thursday morning for Portland where
they will remain during the winter,
where their children will attend
Clark Martin and Lloyd Sturdivant
left Monday for the mountains on a
fishing trip.
A forest fire is burning on the head
of Cable creek and the rangers and
fire guards are busy fighting it.
Mrs. Falkenburg and son of Port
land registered at the t'klah hotel
Wednesday night on their way to Cav
crhill for a visit.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sturdivant left
for Stanfield Tuesday on business, ex
pecting, to be gone several days.
Fred Hinkle was in town Thursday
from the sheep camp.
Henry Lazinka Sr., and wife, and
Henry Jr., of Pendleton, came up.
Wednesday, going on to the Lazinka
A grass fire started on the Ness
ranch Wednesday about noon and it
run over about a hundred acres of
good grass before it was gotten under
control. It was supposed to have been
set by lightning.
Frank Chapman of Butter creek is
visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
J. H. Mettie.
Mr. Albee, game warden from Pen
dleton, was in Vkiah Wednesday on
official business.
J. D. Kirk and wife returned from
their camping trip Wednesday, after
an absence of two weeks.
Mrs. Edith Van Ieusen. home eco
nomic agent, will bo in Vkiah August
2 7, demonstrating the pressure cooker
and will teach the ladies how to make
dress forms. All are invited.
Mr. Langdon, forester, has purchas
ed lots in Vkiah and Is now building
his home for his family, who will be
here soon so as to get the benefit of
our excellent school which will begin
September fi.
Felix Johnson, Tom Ledgerwood,
John Carter. Will McPherson and
Hint Cardweli were in town Thursday
en route to Portland with beef cattle.
Orin tiilibs is hauling lumber for
Mr. Langdon's new house.
Mr. Hracher. Vic Bracher, and Mr.
I'aulus of Pilot Hock were in I klah
Friday night on business.
Mr. and Mrs. I'opplck of Athena, ar
rived Thursday to be the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Chamberlain for a
week. Their son, Melvin, whft has
spent the summer with Mr. and Mm.
Chamberlain, will return homo with
his parents for school.
Lorena Xess was the guest of fie
ni'a Huston Saturday night and Hun
day. The weather has turned cooler alnee
the ruin with very cool nights and the
J water, which was vetting very low, lint
beiTun raising in the creek, and th
weitther now is ideal fall weather.
Mr. l'ark"S ami wife of Pendleton
and II I Terry, wife und son W; ne.
left last Sunday for olive !,nk. better
known as iH-sululioii lake, for u l0
duya' ouliug.