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News Notes of Pendleton
August 26-80 Water First
Aid course at City Natatorlum,
Direction of Josoph C. Hedges.
September 18-24 Northwest
Grain and Hay Show.
September 12, 23, 14 Annual
Pendleton Round-Up.
I princlpalshlp and Mvo alternateshlps
tat tne Military Acoaemy during; iva
Examination Hera
An examination for tne 1 922 ap
pointment to the Naval Academy at
Annapolis and the Military Academy
at West Point will be held In Pendle
ton, October 29. The examinations
are to be held by the TJ. S. Civil Ser
vice Commission for - Congressman
Nick Klsnott and will be held also In
1 taker, Bend, Ia Grande, Klamath
Kalis, Ontario, and The Pallcs. Ap
pointments will be made by the con-
KresNman according to the trades
made by the candidates taking the ex
amlnatlon, as reported to him by the
examiners of the Civil Service Com
mission. The Second District of Ore-;
ton will huve three vacancies at the
Naval Academy, three prlnclpalshlps
and nine alternuteHhlps: and one
Tho official examinations to Annapo
lis are held during; February and April
1R22, and for West Point Mojch 7th,
1922. Mr. Slnnott has set the date
for the competitive examination far
ahead in order that those successful
therein may have plenty of time to
prepare for the official examinations.
Any young man of the required age
who is a bona fide resident of the Sec
ond District of Oregon Is eligible to
take the examination.-' Full partico
lars regarding same may be had by
writing to Honn. N. J. Blnnott, room
847 House of Representatives, Wash
ington, D. C.
IUwovcrlnj; lYom Burns.
Mrs. Kva L. Tate who was burned
Tuesday In the fire at the J. P.. Mac-
Master apartment house on Thompson
street when she assisted Mrs. Karl
Purcell in extinguishing flames that
were burning her clothing and hair, is
rapidly convalescing. Mrs. Tate lived
with her children In the front apart
ment. Through error, it was stated
Tuesday that Mrs. Tate lived with her
husband. Bhe declares that she haB
not lived with him for seven months
and states that she supports herself
and children toy teaching music.
Improvements In Store.
improvements are being made to
tho interior of the Allen-Knight store,
which was recently painted. The In
terior Is being renovated and painted.
Weather Is Cooler
Th weather Is cooler .' today, the
maximum being 82. The maximum
last night was 80. The barometer
registers 29.62 and there Is prospect of
IlUKKCll 111 Juil.
Fred Russell, arrested this morning
on a charge of drunkenness, Is now in
Jail, having pleaded guilty. Jacking
J 10 for his fine, he will remain in Jail
for five das's.
Use the Phones
Grocery, 2 Phones 526
Other Depts. 78
Use the Phones
Grocery, 2 Phones 526
Other Depts. 78 4
Itnllrond Itrldae Ilurncd
Owing to the burning of a bridge
two miles east of Cayuse traffic on the
u. w. k. & N. Co. main line has been
Interrupted today. No. 17, westbound
passenger was still being held at Gib
bon at 2 o'clock this afternoon.
101101101 101 101 101 101101 101
Choice Red Salmon
You will find it fresh and appetizing at "101."
Our Pressed Chicken with veal or our Pressed
Luncheon Corned Beef made by one who
knows how in our own kitchen.
i 101 101 101 101 101 101 101 101 101
Pendleton Cash Market, Inc
301 E. Court Street
Phones 101 Private Exchange Connects
both Departments.
Vagrant Are Arrested.
Sam Mason, Walter Chase, J. I.
Austin, E. m Olstead, W. A. Perry,
Karnest McCord and D. O. Priesthead
are now in the city Ja!! beginning a 10
day sentence. They pleaded guilty in
police court this morning on a charge
of vagrancy.
Airplane Not to Arrive (
Because of unforseen delays, the
airplane which was to have arrived In
Pendleton today will not be hee
for three days. Word to thlB effect
was received this morning by Douglas
Clark from Captain Charles Parmelee,
now In The Dulles.
This Is Your Store
We are in business to please you. The money you spend has greater buying power if
spent here. Do not go elsewhere and be sorry. Buy here and be glad. Every time we
make a saving we pass it along to you our customer.
Navy Blue
Dress Goods
A Special
Meeting At I'klah
Paper dress forms and a fircless
cooker are to be made and a demon
stration of a pressure cooker given
August 27 at a meeting In I'kiah un
der the direction of Mrs. Edith G, Van
Deusen, home demonstration agent.
Mrs. Emma Lents is the project lead
er and the meeting will be held at her
home. It will be an all day -meeting
and Albee women will attend also.
List Is Prepared
The prize list for the 1921 Round
Up Is now being prepared and the
awards for the big show of September
22, 23 and 24 show a total greater than
that of any previous year. A number
of local merchants have duplicated
prizes offered by them last year. Oth
ers who wish to offer prizes and who
desire to have their names on the list
should notify the Round-Up head
quarters. The promise of prizes must
be made before Saturday.
Don't despair if you spot or stain yourSuit. We'll
clean it for you like new. No matter how impossible
it may appear to you send t to us. W.e employ the
most modem and scientific Dry Cleaning methods
which restore you? Clothes to their original color
and freshness. m. .
Model Tailors
Complication in Case,
A complication In the case of Shelby
Alloway, wanted In The Dalles on a
charge of stealing an automobile, oc
curred this morning when C. W.
Woods, of Rieth, assaulted Alloway
on the street, striking him In the face.
Woods pleaded guilty in police court
and paid a fine of $10. Young Allo
way. who was formerly In the Ma-
rines, was taken to The Dalles today
by Deputy Sheriff Coleman. The
warrant charges larceny by bailee. It
is alleged that Alloway took a car on
which he had not yet completed the
304 W. Webb Street
(Gritman Building)
Will Assist Rxhlhltorg
The Oregon Hay Growers Associa
tion, made up of X'matllla and Morrow
county growers, will do everything
possible to assist their members in
making displays at the Northwest Hay
and Grain Show to be held here Sep
tember 19 to 24, says I A. Hunt, man.
ager for the association which recent
ly established headquarters in Hermis
ton. The first prize for a bale of hay
is equal to the present value of four
tons, the second prize to three tons
and the third to two tons, besides
numerous other valuable prizes. The
association will assist any grower who
wishes to make an exhibit.
TT i-Slit-n i fill, my -Mdjf
How ' y
About that
22. caL for
Forest Fires Small
While there have been more fires on
the Umatilla National Forest this year
since July 1 than were reported last
year, the fires have been much smaller
and' there has been less damage, says
R. Bottcher, assistant supervisor who
is In charge of the local office during
ine ansence or j. u. Kuhns, supervisor.
Sixty five fires have been reported in
since July 1, the largest being an 80
acre fire at Gurdane and another 80
acre fire at Gibbon. The forest fire
season will not be over until the lost
of September, says Mr. Bottcher. The
electric storms have been responsible
for many of the conflagrations.
School will soon
open, begin now to
get the girls' clothes
ready. Navy blue is
such a good shade,
hpecialjy for scliooi
vear. We have
made an extra ef
fort to have p!cnt.'
on hand.
Such materials as
French Serges, Pol
ret Twill, Wool ".L'f
t e t a. Gabardine,
Satin V e n e t Ian,
Tricotine, and the
like. Buy a dress
length or two and
make them up now.
$2.00 to $.1.50
Table Cloths $1.85
Made of good heavy merceriz
ed damask with pretty floral pat
terns. They are hemmed ready
for use. Assorted designs.
Big Lot Hair Bows 69c
Buy the girls hair bows now
for school wear. Offered in, all
colors, light and dark plaids,
stripes and floral designs, of
best quality ribbons, 1 14 yards
to the bow. They are ready
Linen Damask
$2.50 Yard
Use our telephones, use our
writing room and rest rooms,
meet your friends here, make
this store your headquarters
at all times. We want you to
feel at home and that this
store is your store.
A very fine quality pure Irish
Linen of beautiful pattern de
signs, 70 inches wide and of
heavy weight. We have Napkins
to match.
Percales 25c
Full 36 in. wide in light and
dark colors and neat patterns
for house dresses and aprons, of
good heavy weight and of best
quality. -
Men! Have that Round
Up Shirt Made Now!
and make it of our FAIRY
SPUN SILK, ; because it will
wear, and we have the colors
you want. 40 in. wide and very
serviceable. . .
Brighten Up With One of
Our New Collar Sets
Just a little collar, a dainty
vestee or any one of- the lovely
neckwear offering shown give
the suit or dress an effect of
smartness surprising. Offered
in white and colcjrs.
- Bead Necklaces
$1.00 to $400 t
Offered in all colors including
the new red. Beads often give
the desired effect and finish to
blouse or dress. t ,
Bath Towels 20c, 25c, 50c
Of the largest sizes, prices and
quality considered, well made of
double terry; comes in plain
white and hemmed ends. Buy
your towel needs here.
Dress Ginghams 25c Yd.
You know you can't have too
many wash dresses, for now and
school days, and our ginghams
is the one cloth that gives satis
faction because it washes and
wears. Offered in neat plaids
and checks. '
We take care of your
STITCHING, and we make up
Curtains. Prompt and effici
ent service.
Tourist Travel Heavy
. About 300 tourists cars pasj through
Pendleton daily, according to records
kept by the Eastern Oregon Auto Club.
A careful check yesterday, taken at 18
garages and service stations, showed
that 252 tourist ears were In the city,
the day being one of the poorest of
the season. It is probable that other
cars stopped at other gasoline sta
tions in the city. Many cars from
Walla Wnlla passed through but no
check can be gained on these as gaso
line Is cheaper In Washington and
tourists buy there arid not In Pendle
ton. It is estimated that each car
averages about three persons. Efforts
are being made by the club to approxi
mately estlmute haw much money is
spent In Pendleton by tourists each
day. v
SAI.KM, Aug. 18. (A. P.) The
opening prune prices of the Oregon
Growers' Co-operative Association
for this year's dried prune crop, bulk
basis, has been announced at 10 3-4
cents for 80-40;- 9 1-4 for 40-50: 7 1-4
cents for E0-S0, and 6 1-4 cents for
60-70. The prices average about five
cents below last years prices. The
crop Is estimated at 22,000,000 pound,;
International News Service Staff
LONDON, Aug. IS. Has a man the
right to Jilt a girl whom he js engaged
10 marry ;
The question has been raised by
London newspapers following a state
ment made by Justice McCardie in a
breach of promise case at Birming
"Irts my conclusion," said the jus
tice, "that more than half the divorces
are caused because the parties were
not really in love. In many cases they
discovered that fact, before the mar
riage took "place. A girl has a right
to jilt a man but a man often goes
ahead with the marriage, fearing
breach of promise proceedings."
The Marchioness Townsend said
she thought any honest man would
tell his fiancee that be had ceased to
love her, regardless of the risk of a
breach of promise suit.
"The remarkable thing Is that so
many girls fail to realize that the men
they are engaged to no longer love
them," she added.
Miss Genevieve Ward. English act
ress, said that an engaged girl should
be glad to get rid of a man who has
transferred his affections to another
without thinking of breach of promise
The Daily Mail, canvassing a num
ber of "practical business girls," re
ports that they prefer to have their
fiances tell them the truth before the
trip to tho altar. They are generally
opposed to breach of promise actions,
but believe that a girl who has spent
a lot of money for a wedding outfit
should be reimbursed by a jilting fi
"The right to love carries with li
I the right to jilt," announces one writ
er. "If a man or woman finds that
tre early attraction is passing, it is
t?erefore their bounden duty to break
e'f. The day may arrive when dam
:i...f will be awarded not for correct
a very human mistake on the
threshold of disaster, but for failing to
coiict it. There ought to be a way
of i ' (tiding these disasters without un
due penalty. For there Is nothing
unit so hideous, or quite so hopeless
as a loveless marriage." ,
Sanction One Thing, Whim Another.
A well known English judge, writ
ing in the Evening Standard, upholds
man's right to jilt.
"Where a man has seduced a girl
then an action is a very proper thing,"
writes me judge. "But that a man
can be sued merely because, having
genuinely fallen in love he genuinely
falls out again, is ridiculous. In the
ebsence of more serious features, a
woman should not be able to get dam
ages merely because a man changes
his mind.
"1 have known cases where the pro
posed suit got so far as the issuing of
the writ when the finance has said:
I would rather marry vou than face 1
courts like this.' Tes. and I have!
known cases where the girl has ac
cepted the offer. A good start for
eonubial bliss:
"I do not want to convey the Im
pression, however, that there are not
thoroughly serious and Justified cases.
In addition to the class to which I
have referred there is that In which a
man heartlessly keeps a girl hanging
about for years ten, fifteen, or may
be more until she loses all chance of
marrying anyone else. When a man
behaves as badly as that it is clearly
right that she should have to make
Philadelphia police are using lach
rymatory, or tear gas, in disDersln
mobs. This gas Is not dangerous, but
Is merely a tear producing, choking,
nauseating gas. It has proved suc
cessful in recent tests made outside
the city.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 18 (U. P.)
President Hiirding opposes the various
"trick" schemes suggested for stabiliz
ing international exchange, according
to today s developments. He wants
the return to normalcy in the world
of finance to proceed along slow and
natural lines. President Harding
therefore sees little use of calling an
international financial conference as
Senator King, of Utah proposes In a
resolution, unless active demand caus
es the calling of such a conference.
No need to suffer from that tired,
dead ache In your back, that lameness,
those distressing uninary disorders.
Pendleton people have found how to
get relief. Follow this Pendleton resi
dent's example. . .
Wm. McGregor, blacksmith1, 7H
Lilleth St., says: "Kidney complaint
came on and I was so bad, I couldn't
bend my back to get under a horse., I
was all tired out and my kidneys acted
irregularly and tho secretions were
painful in passage, r had no strength
at all and my back was lame and sore.
After a short use of Doan's Kidney
Pills, all the trouble dlsauoenrprl Mv
healt his now excellent and my back
Is good and strohg. I give Doan's Kid.
ney Pills the credit." (Statement giv.
en November 25. 1912.)
On June 17, 1920, Mr. McGregor
said: "I have just as much faith In
Doan's Kidney Pills as when I endors
ed them before. I gladly confirm all
I said in praise of Doan's for they
never fall, to give me excellent relief
from Kidney ailmen's."
60c. at all dealers. Foster-Milburn
Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. T.
The Original
Malted Milk
for Infants and Invalids
A.Toid Imitations and Substitute!
A.k jtor I'rvpfiM for .
CvJtsi !. Mli IU Blur RiUxw. V
M V-, T.k. ter. Bar t roar V
i - :s
tfin known ti Bot, Safest. Alwiv RelUhlt
Your Valuables
Do you hide them where fire and burg
lars can destroy or steal?
Keep your valuables and keepsakes in
a Safety Deposit Vault.
This bank is installing the most up-to-date
electrical protection on its vaults. Your
valuables kept in our vaults will have this
added protection. t M , ,
The Inland Empire Bank