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    '''Ir'-, M 4 -' 'V '
j - I, . , t , i . .
Including Pendleton Prices and Associated Presi Reports
i fh
tiii'liancrcl I'fUTin Utile
Oil I'.rtllund Market
(from ihf Orcston Journal.)
Thcr cr- 'Ik1iI lunfl nf livestock
report eil In the- North Portlnn.1 alley
Friday, but practically none of these j Friday
or available for the I rml". Carloads
vrnt dlfprt ti killers. AM price p!t
un hnnitfrt.
t?lx carloads of hoes nmp in from
K'onlh Dakota direct to n local packer
nnd thin formed the entire carload
mnvfrnciit Friday nt Ninth Poll land.
Only offprlnaH on the open market
were wrcoh shipment and these Hold
Nt t-a1- prices.
Oenernl hop market ranK:
Fat plus 12. 0012. 50 i Choice dairy calves 10.500 11.00
Feeder piss 1 1.00 tf 11.50 j prima llKht dairy calves 10.00 jr 10. 5C
stairs ......... 5.004 8.00 Med. light dairy calves, . ".00 (f 10. 00
Nothing t nil was reported new in Heavy calves
catlle alleys at North
No rarloads came
Market was considered nominally
steadj with former values continued.
General cattle market ranr:
Prime light ..
Smooth heavy, '
pounds ....
Fmooth heavy,
llonuh heavy
.$12,00 5? 12.50
50 to SAG
:oo liw..
lO.OOlti 11. Oil
9.00S 10.00
.lfl 9.00
I Choice steers 6.00 6.50
j Medium to (rood steers. . 5. SOW 6.00
I l air to medium steers . . K.00W 5.00
j Common to fair steers . . 4.00T 5.00
' Choice cows and heifers 4.75 ii 6.25
I Medium to good cows and
I heifers 4.25 5.00
I Fair to medium ecrsvs and
i heifers 3.15 (if -1.25
Common cows, heifers . . 2.50W S.50
Camiera 1.75(,f 2.50
Pulls , , . 2. 50W 3.50
Choice feeders ...'.;' . 4.50 5.00
Pair to pood feeders ... a. SOW 4.75
5.50 fii 7.0c
Practically the entire Friday shlp
nient of sheep and lambs to North
1 ortiamt rtldny went direct to killers
on country purchases. Practically
nothing was available for the opt
market. ,
General trade sentiment indicated a
steady tone.
General sheep and lamb range:
Fast of mountain lambs 6.5 7.2.",
. 'i
IrV'lrMlT'H'N. V INTO the fesss-j
7fi0 Wi pit?,
Isest valley lambs
Fair to good lambs ,
Cull lambs
Feeder lambs ,
Light yearlings . . .
Heavy yearlings . .
I.lttht wethers t. ...
Heavy Wethers
Kwes ,
5.50 W
1.50 if
1.50 S
3.50 Si)
2.50 si!
2.00 SS
1.0(1 f,i
Caul . everacTT
VficjTTr, Soon.
1 syess.
Siot-k Salt's Show
M-ffonliiji f Slnrkrt
NKW YORK. Aus. 13 -V F.
Pellins of slocks was resumed yester
day and for a time the decline made
further headway, hut in the late deal
ings the market stiffened, with the
closing steady. Sales wore 4 30,000
Pressure was directed aaainst the in
dustrials and the standard rails were
comparatively steady. In the early de
cline llethlehem Steel, Ceneral Hlec
Iric, Hoyal Dutch, Sears Koebuck and
various other issues were marked
down a point or more. The shorts.
apparently, were none too sure of their i
position, however, and hestitated to I
press their advantage. j
Kails, oils. piiiipments and shipping j
shares were in demand on the lato
rise, in which there was considerable
short covering. j
Although the movement as a whole!
was of small proportions, weakness de- J
eloped in a few spots. American j
Writing Paper preferred dipped to:
201,;, the lowest since -ISIS. Central!
Leather common and preferred yield
X it 1, i :
ve Me A H ALP POZGN of THe B I Q e ST"
TC?l;ecs You've COTl I'M GOING. 'CO PReNr
,THEM TO T30ve FRiiSNS Of rMMC tvko fWkinMi
"Ci.vjG'StT ' wweLs to GAje-ST- UTTC6
1 IHi llll I . . r- 1
mi w w aw
fi 3.75; bulls,
best feeders
S 4 f ? :
I -Sheep l'.eee'.pts 40o'0; all classes
: steady; bulk western lambs, $!i.50W
j 10.25; top. Jlo .'.O; best native lambs,
JO. 30; fed clipped lambs, S'J.0; good
ed about four points enili, and these 1 feeding lambs $7 .75 'ii S.
issues, together with Vtah Copper, .
Continental Can and Putted States Al-1
cohol, reached low points. The United States Chamber nf Corn-
Heaviness again predominated in
the bond market, although several of
tho weak features of' yesterday made
recoveries. Central Leather 5s, Chile
Copper 6s. Mercantile Marine 6s, Ccn
mercp reports that the old-fashioned
American home the dwelling with a
front and back yard is giving way to
the modern apartment house, even In
the smaller cities. Last year 70 per
Is alright, but usually it is llio other fallow who Is
SttiJiig TIk irk hes".
Wlijr rit-k jour money in a wlirmc that ran'slics
ovct n&lil and k'acs jott discouraged antl moncy
l?, Aluajs question and thoroughlv invpt:satc Hip
safety if ait-lnvcMniciit that promise sure and larvo
pror.m. .
Keip jour nion.-y hi this rtrong hank, where it nill
Ixi Kafc fnini I-t ii a itiniil.ite in an interest
j ciclins SavijiKs Acioiint, inn 1 you liavc enough for
home, or a business or a.n education.
A Savings Aeeoitnt nvans "Iteady loney-' and yon
too can have Mich an account.
The AmericanNaiional Bk
Pendleton. Oregon.
"Strongest Sank in Gaston Oregon
tral of .Georgia 5s nnd Oregon Short cent of the famlliesjprovided with new
Line refunding 4s declined one to 1 1-2 , homes, got one-family dwellings; 11
points. Reading 4s, Southern Railway j Per cent, two-family dwellings, and
4s, St. Paul refunding 4 1-2s and 19 per cent, a multi-family dwelling.
Chesapeake & Ohio convertible 4 l-2sj
Pnd fs lost substantial fractions. To
tal sales, par value, $7,50.1100.
Foreign e.vchango rates were irregu-1
lar, with a narrow range. I
Call loans carried over until next
week at 6 per cent.
"More Home to the House '
w2"Iav vv mm. m m mem pttow.
.mmJ !r mt .v: mi ii i i i I Hi n li ii in rlli
MwM J '
Cruikshank & Hampton
"Quality Count."
124-28 E. Webb Phone 54 S
Your tld l unilmre Taken In Fxeliaiure as Tart payment on New
KtcluUi Acou lu l'eudieon for Airolug (So Whip) IorcJi
Itrarish Foreign Reports
Make liwer heat Irices
CHICAGO, Aug. 13. (A. P.)
Pearish crop estimates from Franc?
and Canada tended some what to de-
j press the wheat market, yesterday,
j Prices closed unsettled, l-2c to 2c net
i lower with September $ 1.23 to $1.23
j and December $1.25i4 to I.23i.
t orn lost l-2i 5-Se to lc. and oats 3-4
cents to 7-S?lc. In provisions, the
( utcome varied from 40c decline to a
rise of 2 l-2c.
Downturns in the price of wheat
t ok place chiefly during the last hour
of trading, the market earlier bavin;;
been steadied by commission house de
mand based to a large extent on the
assumption that sooner or later export
business would develop in sufficient
volume to absorb all the wheat sur
plus in the country and Canada. Con
fidence in this view, however, receiv
ed an unexpected jolt from a st.ite-
i ment by the French minister of agri-
culture putting the yield of wheat this
siason in France nt 40,Oiio,om( bushels
abe.ve' current trade figures and assert- j
ing that foreign purchases had exceed
ed the country's requirements by 2Sf
Oao.'tOfl bushels. The Canadian crop
ns officially estimated at 2SS,000.0ioi
bushels as against 263.000,0ml bushels
harvested last year.
Liberal country offerings weakene.l
corn, December touching the lowest
level yet this season.
Oats, like corn, lacked support.
Provisions averaged lower as a' re
sult o' scattered selling which more
than counterbalanced the effect of
higher quotations on hogs.
jy iALt In'nU1!
anywhere you have to step right out.
and keep stepping.
Xo wonder Rip Van Winkle slept
20 years. He started the evon.ng by
watching a chess game.
After seeing a very young baby yes.
terday we decided that one reason It
is so much like Its mother is that
when it gets what it wants it wants
something else.
A .Alatrimonial anil Sp ritual Cult.
Leachville, Ark., Hreseset.
Tho Kd nnd wife took dinner with
Hon. Johnson and wife on last Sun
day and a fine dinner we had. Pro.
Johnson and 'wife. Is one of our best
Christiana in the church.
Just as every attic has Its past so
every cellar has its future.
Steadiness Shown On
Omaha Livestock Market
OMAHA, Aug. 13. (fnited Slates
bureau of markets) Hogs Receipts,
4.10(1; 25c to 40c higher; bulk better
grades $. 10: top, $10.10; packing
grades, $ST H.50.
Cattle Receipts 1500; all classes
steady to strong; yearlings, $10; steers
averaging 1 400 pounds, $9,110; bulk fed
steers, $8.75 ri 9.75; bulk cows and
heifers, $4fi5.25; eanners and cutters.
Trees for our soldier dead!
What better gift
To honor sacred memories
Than glorious trees?
Trees that lift
Into the sky the head
Proved by tho wind,
Put never broken;
Noble and kind,
Anil strong in token
of youth's faith
That lives in death.
Th' wife of Captain Kidd was ter
rified when ho called her "My Treas
ure." She thought he wanted to bury
Your dog is the one friend who nev
er looks up your rating in Dun and
We thought some one would spring
the Joke about Taft milling weight to
tho bench.
Mother Why, Robby, you selfish
iittle boy! Why didn't you give your
sister a piece of your apple?
Bobby I gave her the seeds. She
can plant 'em and have tt whole or
chard. ' , ,
Marking time is all right but to get
When Irregular' or suppressed use
Triumph Pills. Safe and dependable
In nil proper cases. Not sold nt Drug
Stores. Do not experiment Willi
for "Relief" and particulars, it's free, j
Address: National Medical Institute,
others; save disappointment. Write
.MHwankee, Wis.
Chronic and Nervous Diseases ant
Diseases of Women. X-Ray Electrif
Temple Bids. Room
Phona 411
Savings are sure here
, We save you time, too. No need to shop around
" to be sure you are getting the best values. Better
values have put 312 Penney stores into 26 differ
ent states in nineteen years.
A business policy and efficiency that eliminates
all unnecessary expense and gives you standard
merchandise at lowest cash prices, not once in a
while with "Special Sales" but every day in the
year. . '
36 in. Hope Muslin, the well known brand, finished
soft for the needle, yard 13c
36 in. Bleached Muslin, standard quality, yd. 12c
36 in. Lonsdale Muslin, yard 19c
36 in. Lonsdale Cambric, yard 25c
36 in. Berkeley extra quality Cambric, yd... . 29c
44 in. Indian Head, yard .". . ..: 33c
54' in. Indian Head, yard 39c
36 in. Unbleached House 'Lining, yard 7c
36 in. Pepperell Unbleached Sheeting, yard.. 13c ,
72 in. Pepperell Unbleached Sheeting, yard. . 43c
81 in. Pepperell Unbleached Sheeting, yd.. . 45c
90 in. Pepperell Unbleached Sheeting, yd. , 55c
63 in. Pepperell Sheeting, yard , 43c
72 in. Pepperell Sheeting, yard 45c
81 in. Pepperell Sheeting, yard 55c
71 in. Pequot Sheetingj yard 63c
81 in. Tequot Sheeting, yard 69c
90 in. Pequot Sheeting, yard' 79c
72 in. Unbleached Pequot Sheeting, yard ..... 55c
81 in. Unbleached Pequot Sheeting, yard 63c
90 in. Unbleached Pequot Sheeting, yard . 69c
72x90 Pequot Sheets $'.69
81x90 Pequot Sheets $1.79
81x99 Pequot Sheets $1.98
42x36 Pequot Slips 43c
45x36 Pequot Slips ........ . ; 49c
14x24 in. Barber Towels, dozen 9Sc
17x32 in. I luck Towels, red border t : .... 15c
18x36 in. Huck Towels, red border . , 19c
18x36 in. Huck Towels, fancy border 23c
18x36 in. Bootts Absorbent Towels, hemstitched
border, each 23c
15x30 Bath Towels, 2 for ... : 25c
18x36 Bath Towels 19c
19x34 Bath Towels 25c
22x45 Bath Towels 39c
21x42 Bath Towels, heavy 49c
26x48 Bath Towels, extra heavy 59c
New patterns JuM rcTlvoil. sollil inlor ginghams ncallv piped
ill white, light anil dark H'iinlc. all at our alliactlic. cci) da
price, each HIK-
Three Generations of Rockefellers
' k V"- -r--, s
, ' "k 4
bvilmofHitufulim fl J " JL DnilmcfSalifiaat
(a" m Q
The New Buick Four
Three fenerations of the world s rirliesi family John D PMj;ivlk'
, Jobs D )r Lai aoiu of the latier, unapvti at P.caw. H. f.
.The new Buick Four is a distinctively
Buick creation in every feature of design
and construction. It embodies those
principles of construction that have
characterized Buick automobiles for
more than twenty years.
The engine is of the famed Buick Valve-in-Head
type. The bore is 3' the
stroke, 4". Wheel base, 109", turning
radius, 36'. ,
A Marvel carburetor with the new auto
matic heat control insures proper vapor
ization of the common low grade of
commercial gasoline.
Multiple disc clutch, the transmission
and universal joint are of standard
Buick construction the universal joint
being lubricated from the transmission.
The rear axle is the three-quarter float
ing type, with semi-ellipticaWype springs
front and rear. The frame is a deep
channel section, strongly re-inforced with
four cross members.
High pressure Alemite system provides
lubrication. Dclco equipment with Exide
battery insures efficient starting, lighting
and ignition.
All models have non-glare headlight lenses
all are complete with tire carrier and
extra rim. Closed models are equipped,
with adjustable windshield visors, wind
shield cleaner, dome light, ventilating
windshield, adjustable windows, and sun
shade in rear window.
Cord Tires Standard Equipment on all Models
See Hi for Specification! and Delivery Dates
Two Passenger Roadster, 22-34 - - $9.1S Three Passenger Coupe, 22-36
Five Passenger Touring, 22-35 - - - 975 Five Pasenger Sedan, 22-37 -
All Mem T. O. B. Flint, Michitan
.1 '
V $147
. J65
Oregon Motor Garage, Inc.
Phone 4G8
119, 121 W, Court