East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, August 12, 1921, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE TEN, Image 9

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The Greatest Sale held in Pendleton in the past seven years. Offering over $500,000 worth
of high grade merchandise for a season's Cleanup. A clearing of odd lots and odds and ends.
Kadir.il reduction will prevail throughout the Rig Store whereby you can outfit vour entire
family at the lowest possible cost. Attend every day of the Rig Sale.
nsaam emm jjepartaent ixess
THESE AUGUST CLEAN-UP PRICES Should Appeal to Thrifty People
A Surprising Price Cut on Our Stock of Women's Summer weight underwear and Hosiery
The most Opportune Sale of Hos
iery, a positive worth-while saving on
every pair you purchase at this sale.
Anticipate and purchase for present
and future needs.
Lot 1 Children's Med. Fine Ribbed
Hose 23c
Perfect quality med. fine ribbed children's
hose in white, black and brown. They are in
sured against all imperfeeton and will wear
with superior resistance; all sizes.
August Cleanup Sale, a pair 23c
Lot 2 Fine and Heavy Ribbed
Hose 29c
In this lot you will find fine ribbed misses'
hose and heavy ribbed boys' hose, but very el
astic and are guaranteed by the manufacturer
to give satisfactory wear; all sizes in the as
sortment August Cleanup Sale, a pair 29c
Lot 3 Children's Fine Mercerized
Extra fine ribbed mercerized hose for chil
drencolors vlack, white and cordovan; made
from high grade mercerized yarns; all sizes.
August Cleanup Sale, a pair 39c
Lot 4 Women's Fine Quality
Hose 23c
These are guaranteed by the manufacturer
to wear and to give splendid satisfaction. Col
ors black, white and cordovan; all sizes.
August Cleanup Sale, a pair 23c
Lot 5 Women's Fine Lisle
Cotton 29c
Women's fine cotton lisle hose, with the same
guarantee for wear, colors, black, white and
cordovan, all sizes.
August Cleanup Sale, a pair 29c
Lot 6 Women's Fine Mercerizzed
Hose 39c
Women's fashionable mercerized hose, have
fashioned leg and foot and are shown in all
sizes in black, white and cordovan. You will
find regular values up to 65c.
August Cleanup Sale, a pair 39c
Lot 7 Pure Silk and Fibre Hose 64c.
These celebrated stockings are made of best
quality pure silk and fibre and are shown in
all sizes 81-; to 10 in black, cordovan, white.
August Cleanup Sale, a pair 64c
Lot 8 Pure Silk Hose SL29
Fine quality lisle top, very elastic, 20 inch
pure silk boot, extra strength in heels, soles
and toes; colors, black and white; all sizes.
August Cleanup Sale, a pair $1.29
'" 1 - " " "'
A generous lot of goods compells us to clean
out all the odds and ends of which there are
hundreds of dollars worth. Buy his supplies
at this sale and save.
Offered in the August Cleanup Sale 1-4 off.
Assortment of colors, styles and sizes. You
claim 1-3 off, which means that you can buy:
$3.00 Sweaters for ." $2.00
$4.50 Sweaters for $3.00
$5.00 Sweaters for $3.35
$G.O0 Sweaters for $3.93
$7.50 Sweaters for $4.95
Children's Straw Hats 1-2 Price
Children's Crash, Linen and Cloth Hats One
Third Off.
Special Sale of Boys' Jazz Caps 25c.
All Roys WTash Suits
Reduced for Our August Cleanup Sale
$1.95 Suits, August Cleanup Sale $1.30
$2.00 Suits, August Cleanup Sale $1.35
$2.25 Suits, August Cleanup Sale $1.50
$2.50 Suits, August Cleanup Sale $1.67
$2.75 Suits, August Cleanup Sale $1.84
$3.00 Suits, August Cleanup Sale $2.00
$3.50 Suits, August Cleanup Sale $2.34
$4.00 Suits, August Cleanup Sale $2.67
Aug. Glean-Up Sale of Surplus Grocery Stock
Hundreds of dollars worth of Quality Groceries must be cleaned up.
Salmon, Red Columbia River
Soap, Crystal While ,
Oysters, Preferred Stock
Salmon, Pink, Large Can
Oysters, A. L., Good Quality, Small Can .
Oysters, A. L. Good Quality, Large Can
Clams, Good Quality,
Olives, Ripe, Big Cans
Olives Ripe, Small Cans .25
Jams, all flavors, Small Can
Pickles, Del Monte Sweet and Sour
Sandwicholo for Sandwiches
.Washing Powder, Sea Foam
Milk, Canyon. Brand, the can
Peas, Standard
Deviled Meats
Reg. Sale
$1.15 $ .75
.25 .22
.25 2 .35
.2o 2 .3)
10 bars 1.00
.25 15
.25 .10
.25 .10
.50 .20
.25 2 .35
.75 .50
.25 .15
.15 . .10
.35 .20
.15 .10
.75 .50
.25 .20
.15 .10
.25 .15
.10 .05
.35 .25
.40 .25
Kayser's Silk Top Union Suits $2.29
Thousands and thousands of women can
testify that in quality, fit and service, Kayser
Knit Underwear is unequaled and when we
qote our entire stock of these famous gar
ments, regular prices from $3.50 to $4.95
you'll immediately realize the unusual saving
importance of this great sale.
August Cleanup Sale, Suit $2.29.
Women's Fine Ribbed Union
Suits 49c
Low neck and sleveless style, with band top
and cuff knee, only in sizes 36 and 38. Our
regular prices, 75c and 85c.
August Cleanup Sale, a Suit 49c
Kayser Mercerized Lisle Vests 79c
Low neck, sleeveless style, with bodice or band
top; all sizes; regular values from $1.00 to
August Cleanup Sale, each 79c
Kavser Fine Lisle Vests 59c
Low neck, regulation top, fine lisle cotton; all
sizes; regular values 75c and 85c.
August Cleanp Sale, each 59c
Misses' and Children's Union
Suits 39c
2 to 12 years of age; fine ribbed, band top,
tight knee, regular price 59c suit.
August Cleanup Sale, a suit 39c
Swiss and Ribbed Vests 10c
Women's Swiss and fine ribbed vests, with
band top; sizes 36 and 38; regular values to
August Cleanup Sale, each 10c
Kayser's Fine Mercerized Lisle
Union Suits $1.79
Low neck, sleeveless style with band or bodice
top, tight or loose kne, regular values $2.00 to
August Cleanup Sale, a Suit $1.79
Women's Well Made Union
Suits 69c
Bodice and band top, loose or tight knee, sizs
36, 38, 40, regular values to $1.10.
August Cleanup Sale, a Suit 69c
The Clean-Up Sale In the Boys Bah
cony offers many substantial savings
25 PER CT. TO 50 PER CT.
Cleanup Sale of Roys Suits
A wonderful cleanup of the greatest stock
of Boys' Suits in Pendleton, including the
famous Hart Schaffner & Marx. Read the
comparative prices carefully and consider the
wonderful savings offered.
$7.50 Suits, August Cleanup Sale $4.95
$9.00 Suits, August Cleanup Sale $5.95
$12.50 Suits, August Cleanup Sale $9.35
$15.00 Suits, August Cleanup Sale ..... $9.95
$16.50 Suits, August Cleanup Sale .... $10.95
$20.00 Suits, August Cleanup Sale .... $13.65
$25.00 Suits, August Cleanup Sale .... $16.65
Roys' Underwear Offered at the Rig
August Cleanup Sale
Boys' Athletic underwear in Nainsook. A
good value at the regular price 85c. August
Cleanup Sale now 60c
Athletic Unions in Nainsook.
65c fabrics for 49c
Rovs' Coveralls
Ages up to 8 years at 98c
This means the very best make, the
A very fortunate purchase indeed 200
blankets in all, some of them, especially the
white ones show slightly soiled. We have di
vided them into 5 lots at pi ice reductions that
will command your best attention.
Lot 1 Up to $10.50 Rlankets $4.95
Wool and wool mixe.l in big, genci ous size in
checks, plaids and plain colors. Roguhi val
ues would be up to $10.50.
August Cleanup Sale, Each !; 1.95
.Lot 2 Up to $6.50 Rlankets $3.95 .
Wool finish cotton blankets, extra heavy
weight and large in size; plaids .r d plain col
ors. They're splendid v&li.cs at $1.50.
August Cleanup Sale, Each $3.95
Lot 3 Up to $4.50 Rlankets $2.95
Good full size bed blankets, some with wool
finish; plain and plaids. Regular prices on
this quality would be up to $4.50.
August Cleanup Sale, Each $2.95
Lot 4 Up to $2.75 Rlankets 98c
Only 15 pairs in this lot; they. are double cot
ton blankets in good sizes for single beds. You
will find regular values up to $2.75.
August Cleanup Sale, Each 98c
Up to $1.25 Crib Rlankets 74c.
You'll find a good variety of patterns and
colors to choose from, all at one price for im
mediate cleanup.
August Cleanup Sale, Each 74c
Roys' Waists
$1.00 Values, August Cleanup Sale 79c
$1.25 Values, August Cleanup Sale 95c
$1.50 Values, August Cleanup Sale .... $1.29
$1.65 Values, August Cleanup Sale $1.39
$1.85 Values, August Cleanup Sale $1.49
Every Item in the Roys' Department
All unlisted Boys' Goods bear a 10 Per Cent
Trunks, Valises, Suit Cases, Etc.
l.iUfgiiRp Unit you'll be proud to own, quality iroodH thnt
will Rive you the extreme limit of wrvk-e. Now Is tlin time
10 nny. it you re RolrtK on a trip of liny kind you'll need
niKm.Kp im toiiip Kinn, una i your opportunity to Have.
Itl:ll fTIOVK MM' u l.'l.l .nu-a.
l.ftil inllKPH and linns AiiRiist I.imiii Siilo 1'rlro.. $1.10
....p....-., .iiiif .-.tin- a in-.-, , f.irn
.....(... . ii t.iiiii (-..iiir i hi, , .j.i
i.an wiiisos mid una;, August Cleanup Siilo 1'rliw, . $3.R5
..( vallw-M and Haex, Aimust ( li nniip Sale 1'rlce, , $.1.89
"" n'i IMMtn Aiikusi ( Iraiiup Siilo Prior. . $1.98
$:.!iO Valises and Unas, August Cleanup Sale Trlesc. . $5.89
..) Villi-- and Itlliru- AiiirM 'l.-a,.i.n Uoln f - n
viii.iiu tanses and ns, Amriist Cleanup Sale VrU-f. $7.78
$12.50 Trunks. ViiIIm-m. Suit, f'nuns. I 'd- f 'l......... u
i.i.au irunKS, Valises. Suit Coses. i:te Cleanup. . $M.AA
iruiiksii talises, Suit Cases. i:ts., Cleanup.. $12.00
$17.50 Trunks, Valises, Suit Ws, i;t, Cleanup. , $l.t'.0A
Vlf.aU Trunks. Vlllltra Knit f'nn l.'f.i I . . nA
' ...... . ..iiiiii. . ii,nir
iniiiKs, valises, Suit Caws, vAa, Cleanup., $15.80
$22.50 Trunks. VallseM. Suit Cases, l'l.. (i.n..
$25.00 Trunks. Valises. Suit. Cases. I I.. ' in'.
$27.50 Trunks, Valise, Suit Cases, i:to., Cleanup!, $21.00
$:r..00 Trunks, Valises, Suit Cos s, i:te., Cleanup. . $27.45
$50.00 Trunks. Valises. Suit Cnso I. 'I.. t.i u
' . 't ivinir. . .in. uu
75.00 Trunks, Valises, Suit Cases. lOte., Cleanup.. $57.40
i.wmiu minas, vaiist.s, Milt rases, i:te Cleanup. $7.45
$175.00 Trunks, Valises, Suit Cases, Ktc, Cleanup $1."9.20
$200.00 Trunks, Valises, Suit Cases. i:u. Cleanup $118.00