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People Here . and There
I ' "
t -;- i . . t ' x i i ... . i
II A. I'lodfcller, Haynes auto sales- t"ml Walter, Moose Juw bull pluycr,
liuni j' Portland, wu 11 liuHlnviNi Vi- was in Pendleton today.
Hoi- in Pendleton today.
II. i:.
Iliirtholoincw "f Kcho, who Id
of gas am u cent and u hulf. for dls
tillalc. The money goes towurd road
Hurry Bunl'leld, i 'u it 1m ml eonli uclor,
a band, of -sheep In WhI1ijwhw,u' lu:ru biistmss connected
wan lu-re yesterday 011 buil-
'I'. M. slur-Ion, traveling agent of the
Chicago and Northwestern Railway
Company, with headquarters In port
land, was a business visitor in Pendle
on today. .
K. C l.lnyd, real i-.'MMf man of Kpo
1"""V. Win here -yesterday visiting
friends and tl ing ' ciir.e , of business
matters. plans to return to Pen
dleton with the Kpnkiine delegation to
the Prund-Cp. He haH attended near
ly every one of the big events during
the paHt yearn. ,
with lhn work on the new Klvoli, the
ater. ' . . '
Tux lw I'lild.
The stun of JSHt.CS was paid
Is Made Manager.
-Waller K. Mock, who as a repre
sentative of the A. C. McClurg Co, Ih
Lknown In Pendleton, Iuih been made
general sales manager and will in
future haves his headquarters In Chi
cago. Ho is a nephew of It, Alexan
der of this city.
Will 1. 1st lEoonm
llooms for the Pendleton Itoiind-l'p,
1 f-'enleni'x'r 21. :3 and 24 will lie listed
tlie Viiiiililla county Kinm. P,ureaii after September 1. Accommodation
as a, load tax. The tux wax levied -on I headquarters will open on that date,
five carloads of gasoline and distil- I The price of rootriH will be $2.!0 for a
Into taught by the Varirt Hunan al j" double bed. Many orders have been
the rate of two cents for gallon 'received already.
iimiiiiiwiiiiiifrriTiairi m ion in -itiiiiiiiinrm.y itndnriinitiiiri
Despain & Lee Cash Grocery
PlioiiejiSO ' 209 E. Court St.
..... Saturday's Specials
These nielona are guaranteed
Per Pcund, 2c
3 lbs.
3 lbs.
Gold Shield
II. J. R. Coffee
M. J. B. B Grade ..
1 gallon dark Karo 80c
1 trallon Light Karo ..,........f.85r
1 gallon Liberty Bell Syrup $1.65
8 cans Tomatoes $1.00
7 cans Salmon '. $1.00
5 cattt Teas $1.00
9 cans Carnation Milk :: $1X0
10 cans Hebe Milk $1.00
4 cans Salmon, lb., best $1.00
4 jar? Apple Butter, 22 oz .'. $l'.00
1.. lbs. Small White Beans ....... .f..;..$1.00
3 packages Kcrrs Oats $1.C0
8 packages Corn Flakes $1.00
8 packages Tost Toaties ..$1.00
G packages Shred Wheat .1 '.$1.00
Per dozen 40c
18 bars Crystal White - $1-00
22 bars White Wonder $1-00
4 packages Citrus Powder $1.00
Iiii-ct Comity Hrldw
Memherw of the county court were
In the went end of the county yeter
day where they mode an Inspection of
bridseH. Among other Htructun n, they
Inopected the I'mntllla bride acroH
tho river and forioed an Idea of th
repair that will be nnceMnnry to put
the brldffo In fair condition. The con
dition of bridged. generally Is very
good, members of the court report.
I Never Dreamed Medicine
Cculd Do A Much, De
clares Thi Portland '
MlMlleatmi'lit In halted
That he haH been eomtielled by hh
father to mills ten cow both morntiif
and evening bextdeB working in th
hay harvcat and dfilnit other heavj
work Ih the tcmlmony that was offered
thlH morning in a hearlm? held before
County JudKe T. M. S'ehanneti by 13-vear-old
Charlen Marshall Jr. The
hearing Is brought for the purpone of
Becurlng the appointment of anothei
guardian for Varina and Charles Mar-
j Khali. The father, Charles Marshall
I wan appointed guardian following the
i death of the mother.
10 lbs. Armour Lard
5 lbs. Armour Lard ,
3 large boxes Crax ...:...vs..,.........v,v..9Qc
1 household box Crax , 65c
1 tin box Snow Flake Crax 75c
Pints 35c
Quails ..,..l...I....;..Wftt.a,.Jt,.K,.,A.60c
1-2 gallon ; $1.15
Gallon -- $2.25
Pears, gallon f 75c
Peaches -. : 75c
Apricots, gallon 75c
,r pounds bulk $1.00
4 packages Seeded Raisins $1.00
Per dozen
i Aro Contentful Will
I Claiming that Ella Stoolfiro was an
irresponsible girl and an adventuress
and that she practiced blandishments
on George Jydell which resulted In
him making his will In her favor are
claims made In a will contest which
has been filed In the office of the
countv clerk. The contestants &
Wlliam, liruce and Luther I.ydell and
Mary Hoyer mid Martha Almes, half
brother and half-sisters of the deceas
ed. The will which' was admitted te
probate Is said to have been made lr
19)8. and according to the claims o
the contestants a second will was
drawn in 1921 which was afterwards
destroyed. During hlfl life-time
George I,ydell was a resident of the
Freewater district. The estate Is val
ucd at $20,000. Italey, Ralty and Stei
wer and H. J. Warner represent the
l!OIV Ol' KVT1I HiltT
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llrxitlier-in-I.HW Is Convalescing
Mrs. U. A. P.lackburn, of 7'2S John
son street, sister of Mrs. I'hre Dyer of
lsi Grande who lost her life on the
Alaska, was notified today that Mr.
Dyer, who escaped with injuries aftei
the disaster, is convalescing at Eureka.
With him is his little four year old
daughter Orva, who was saved also.
I The two floated during the night cling
ing to planks and escaped death by a
I miracle. The body of Mrs. Dyer has
not yet been found, but the body of
her six year old daughter. Elaine, has
been recovered. The body of Dtiane, j
Klaino's twin. Is missing.
His aunt and grandmother. Mrs. M. i
K. Cheif said today that they have
hopes that the boy has been saved hut
bus. heeause of his shyness, not identK
fied himself." Mr. and Mrs. lyer are
known in Pendleton and their mar
riage occurred here six years ago. Mr.
Dyer is fireman for the O. W. It. & '
Co. The trip to California was for the
impose of seeing his mother who has
been ill.
"I'm willing to testify that Tan
'hc does all that Is claimed for it,"
said Mrs. Anna Khultz, 625 Claybourne
Ave., Portland, Ore.
"f think It's nothing less than won
derful the way this medicine has built
mo up. While I managed to keep on
ny feet most of the time, for several
"ears I had Wen In a baly rundown
ondition. I lost my appetite and the
title I ate seemed to do me more harm
han good. I was so nervous I scarce- i
y ever get any restful sleep at night j
nd in the morning felt so miserable
'hat I could hardly get up. Finally I
'heumat'rm got me In its clutches and
was especially bad In my left shoulder ;
ind arm and In my back. j
"I had tnVcn only a few doses of
Tanlac when I begrtn to have a good !
appetite, and it wasn't long before my !
digestion was absolutfly perfect. My
nerves sixm quieted down and I sleep
all nltrht long without waking once. In
fact I'm In perfect health now. I
never dreamed that any medicine ever
would help me as much as Tanlac ;
has." ., I
Tanlac is . sold In Pendleton by
Thompson's Drug store and by leading
druggists everywhere.
Our North Window
displays this week's Summer Special
Sugar and Creamer.
A beautiful light cutting on clear crys
tal blanks, worthy of the name of
KJ i inc. -
Tlii Mrgest Ulaowin'1 lcal(-r( In KUt& Oiiftou
81 . . ;i
I ' - : '"'I
.. : 1 - ' 1 i
The price of wheat suffered a de
eline today, September wheat closing
at ft. 23 3-4 and December wheat at
$1.27, 3-4. Yesterday the closing
prices were $1.21 1-4 and 1.27 1-4 re
Following are the quotations receiv
ed by Overbeck & Cooke, local brok
Open High Low Close
Sept. $1.!44 $1.25 $1.234 $1.23
Dec. 1.27 1.2S 1.25 1.25
Corn. t
Sept. .57 .: .56 54 .56
Dec. .56 .56 .55 .55
wiijj ie ;i;xi:ii.i, ixai'i-XToit.
AVASHiNGTXIN', Aug. 12. (A. l'.J
Hear Admiral Christian J. Peoples
has been detailed to be geneial in
soector tA the nupply corps for., the
1'acific coast, naval tirders announc
Wbent Buying by seaboard inter
ests took the surplus out of the mar
ket early In the day but the ensuing
rally brought out sufficient selling
by longs and cash loses to satisfy the
demand. At the close the market had
a heavy appearance. Cash prices
were firm with good demand report
ed for choice grades. Th Canadian
government estimated the wheat crop
of that country at 2SS.000.000, against
234,0(10,000 last year. A cable from
abroad placed the French wheat crop
at 293,000.000 against 232,000 000 lasi
year. These estimates received a
bearish construction. A substantial
part of the selling at the present is in
the nature of hedging, and as this
class of pressure will undoubtedly In
crease coincident with the movement
of the nonthwestern crops, we believe
the logical policy will be to sell on
bulges with the Idea of replacing on
i- od. rate declines as exporters
Hl rly to absorb surplus offerings at
such time.
CHICAGO. Aug. 12. A miniature so
much sadness Is going to be '''.
of nenrue Washington. Painted on a
bit of ivory'- the cause of a man's seeking to buy it.
murder and a lonely woman's lnsan
ity is for sale. "
Art connoisseurs and art institutes at,o
The painting, which was Exhibit
"A' 'in the murder trial of Mrs. Vern
Trepagnler. later sentenced to the Jo
liet penitentiary for from one year to
life for the murder ol Paul F. Volland,
wealthy art publisher, here in 11, is
to be sold by court order. It must
bring $5000, the order stipulates, but
it will easily do hat, according to all
When Mrs. Trepagnler. a sweet
faced old lady, who had about her an
air of dignity befitting even an im-
-l. i.ii ntlewoman of the south
land, took the stand during the trial
she made the following statement:
"I had an heirbiom, all that was left
of the family fortunes. It was a min-
ature of General George Washington.
I asked Mr. Volland to sell it for me.
He kept it. I went Into his orfice
time after time to get it back. When
.he last of my money gave out I went
iga n. I had a revolver wnn me. jusi
to scare him. you know,
understand how it was discharged."
"It's a beautiful thing." aald Mich
ael F. Looby, a Chicago attorney, whw
has been commissioned t dispone of
Vera Trejagnier's "estate." wliich i
the bit of art. ' It was painted by 3.1I111
Trumbull, who died in 1843. 'He ai
a soldier as well as a great portrait
painter. This was his painting 6n a
bit of ivory of his idol George Wash
ington. Trumbull sent the miniature,
as a wedding gift to a Virgin a bride.
When the family movsd westward th
mliii.uure was carried along. It
changed hands again and auain ami
finally vauisbing. Mis. Terpagnicr's
folks must have unearthed it some
where." It will easily bring $5000", but th
money will not d Vera Trctiagnlcr
much good. '
WALLA WALLA. Wash.. Aug. f.".
O. I Kell of Hillings, Mont., who
last night took possession of his dau
ghter. P.obertaKell, and fled to Mil-
j 1 don't j Um. Ore., announced today inai n
would start court action xo ooiani le
gal possession of the child. The mo
ther, Mrs. K. G. Shaw, went to Mil
ton late last night and got the child
after Kell was located. Kell returned
to Walla Walla and announced that
'My only regret is about the pic
ture," was her sole remark wnen me
sentence was read to her. Later she
taken to the asvlum at Dunning.
111. The loes of her heirloom had af-lhe would fight, declaring that a wjr
t'ected her mind. To everyone who oming court in lit naa gnen m
vould listen she talked about the possession of the child. Mrs. fenaw
are George Washington miniature. ... . 'declared a V alia Walla court iwu
' .... . .. . ..i .1 , . .1 J n,l (huf
And now Exhibit A tne uasn--awarueu ner me uawnin
lligton miniature which has wrought she intended to keep her.
.' '' . i
i ... r
9 -
I .... : "k&A j
A Haven of Rest for Ex-Royalties Many Quaint
and Beautiful Places Used By These
; "Men Without a Country".
11V M.VUttj y I DM1 It
HF..N' cx-King Constantino with 1 Caspar lllaier, brolhtr of tin then
family and Miite left Lucernel powerful-IMetliclin Hiarer, AOOot ol t
his homo during txi! iot. Uall, and proprietor ot a portion;
itsae of glass, permuting of an out-.
! look on t lie silhouette of the Mont
few months ago, to once more,! oT the extenjivo domains of Wai icnscoj uianc, rising la tho distance directly
'lanume tlio li iuniphs nnd tribulatioBsi ner Siaad, on the Lake of Constance, i opposite.
of a King, there was much specula- However, Hie ancient chateau proved During his twb years' sojourn at
lion among the colony of lltltd cxibsltoo sniali and a few months later, in I f raiigiiis Charles of Austria ha led
tu the land of tho s Aip 10 the I 1 1 9, Charles settled hiniseif coinfort-I ( lie uiieven'.ful lite of a gentleman
pos.nbiiilks of others lo follow suit. ably In the. palatial Villa Prangins, I farmer. Most of hts time was de
TUen like n thunderbolt the news' near Nyon, on tho Lake of Geiic.va. voted to shooting, fishing and boat
spread that ex-Kmpcror Charles of This residence forms a iart ot one of ' jnjr. Occasionally ho accompanied his
Austria, who had been leading the lire tho finest estates in that part of I wir, ex-Kiuprets Zita on a shopping j
of a dlgnllled, rather.iecluded country ! Switzerland, and has many sssocla-1 ,onr t0 nearby Geneva, but the Swiss 1
... .1... t ,.11, i u-ItU fPl.a An. I . . k .
squire at villa prangins, on mo ..,..-!, muuvui. ; being oceusiomra 10 ine preseucw 01
main in its eimreij is coniposeu 01 me
chateau la Bergerie and Villa Prsn-
Jl I
y?yryr ay yyssyryy
of Geneva, had left Switzerland with
out oftlcial permission and was niak-
1.. -rrnris to re-establish Ills Ihrone In gins. It belonged to ex-King Joseph
Hungary. Hut contrary to Constan- Honnparte of Spain, who took up his
tine's cate, whrre the people were j residence there after leaving Boruen
r,,'Hnir for their former ruler, the j town, S. J. The next owner was his
Hungarians hod no desiro whatsoever nephew. Prince Jerome Napoleon, son; " K
Phnrlrs reinstated as their King I of Kin Jerome Bonapane of West- : Jhe
,1 tho final outcoitie wis that he had
to Join hl family nguln In Switzerland
and be gratef'il that Iho Swiss over
looked hn polftlcal' - 'venture.
Ilie Cnsllo I ' Warlegg ,
I'lrst KwlM Kesldciu Of Tlie Fulled
i,!ill family Of Austria
yvyy yyy.sZcry-&y
occyyyy &y ys-ryp '
cyfjryypyY yyss y'yryyf'jrjyy?y(?
yap yyyy ysf?7' yr& yyps
phalla. He often sojourned al Pran
glns during the Second Kmplre. w-lth
his Italian wife, -Prltn ss -Plothilde.
daughter of Victor Kilninuel II. Ppend
lng vast sums of money on the p'aee.
lie transforiiied the same. Into n
abode of rare benuty and Pii:r
tii'.ed exiles hardly noticed them,
Ail Uuting To The Habs.burg, The
Cradle Of Ills Ancestors
It was indeed a strnnso irony of
fulo wliich brought the llahsburgs
h.uk . to Swltitei land, the very land I
once oppresses. On the Wulpels-1
hi: above HrtisE. In the canton of
Arcovie .-stand the insignificant ri-1 vomit of his. recent iil-raa utxiea ven
mafnders of their first st rough o!d. the j tui e. will transfer his domicile from
actual crad'e of their dynasty, dating l-'ke of Geneva to the Lake ot
ba k to the year liliiO. The lower, ! Luce! ne. where he has alr. ady done
w ith ii"s elht feet tliiik. I tlie or.iv 1 some "house-hun ing." One of the
part 11,1 slimline which bu!,,n,re,l in'estu'es under consideration
a few years vgo. The adjoining dwell
ing house,, where refreshments aro
sold, Is rented to a farmer.
District tit Lucerne l'uturo Abode
It U rumored that Charles, on ac-
Wonderfut' steam yachts
Is the
j,l;!itnp on-tnai stnteuire: in 11 tne roonr ui-;uihjuiij "i"-" v...-.., v,v..e,
telsald In hsve been ooctmled hy Rn. built In Ihe Middle Ages by the nobles
the'rZrJourn on Swu ol! I manllep ece In tho pr,nc!al Umlo.1 HuMhurr is s.l'.i shewn. Th M" --.-. w the property of a
.5? W UW on t". Lake oflroom of the mansion, , ho, e was and ,overn,,u.,l of the canton of AraU, Lucerne Vtr.c,an family Pfyfter-von
in CaU4 waritkB t , . m)rror. an who is the owner of the an. ient , ll.-idegg.
Conatanco, a ci.anau wua-u " .., ,., ,.,. a .i,,,!. I tronnhola Ixd Uaa aam r.Duva.tdi , lUiCMB. evor aaaoui f or its DorlOAJt i UJ.U anajanlajr ha rivaxBjium
scenic beauty, would probably wel
come tho opportunity of shelterlug
this Interesting family In Its vicinity,
for Constaniine'i presence there
proved an irresistible lure for many
tourists. But Lucerne la summer Is
so fascinating and offers so many at
traction that it is really ot no account
whether it can featuic any ex-notables
or not.
As a city It Is both modern n"
quaint. The palatial hotels and smart
shops, the spacious lake promenades
and attractive villus, form a del'ght
ful contrast against the reliques of the
past: tne pieuiresiiue iiit-umemt uuu
Being situated in the district which
is described as "classical ground" for
Its historic associations. Lucerne is
ber of titled guests who prefer to lira
on their dwindled lncomo In soma
moderate priced Swiss pension.
The ancient Castle of Zizers, th
homestead of the noblt Xamlly vob
Sails, situated near tho Grisons cap
ital, Coita. was at on time tho re
treat of the ex-Kins; Ludwlgvof Ba
varia and his eldest daughter. Hlldo
gard. Joined later on by some addi
tional members of his family th for
mer King of the Bavarians now re
sides at Locarno, lovoly spot In
Italian Switzerland, where ho devote
the best part ot his Umi to reading
and automobiling.
While the ex-Grand Duettos of
Meckienburg-Schworin, th mother of
the former Crown Princess Ctcllio, has
lived quietly on th lake of Qnv
ever incs th war began, th
ex-Grand Duke and ex-Grand Duohea
of Hessen, occupying th carefully
renovated Castle ot Tarasp In the
Lower ilngadlne, ar freely Inter
mingling with th outer world. 1
mhl tfl,BlAan i-mvnlnr paei,1lj
also much frequented by th Swiss I forniej hl , ;he vi.,nlt, o th. wtU
themselves and many native singing
and gymnastic societies as well as riflo
clubs often hold their annual summer
festival In this city, thus introducing
the native atmosphere so much en
Joyed by foreign guests.
At Zurich Audi 1-ilsewbere
Another fair Swiss city, Zurich, was
at tho outbreak ot the great upheaval
in Germany and Austria, in the fall
of 1 I S. a particular favorite refuge
of fallen dignitaries both from tb
highest ranks of the nobility and the
military ca.t. These nior or less il
lustrious persons have departed long
i bull iilU V stUl goodly num;
0 1 III.
known group ot Spas. Tarasp, Sckuls.
Viilpera. Is perhaps tb most beauti
fully situated stronghold In the whole
of SwltzorUnd. It Is 1,00 years ol
and was, the seat ot th Austrian go,
ernors up to 1803. 1
Health and pleasur sotkers In Swlts
erUud will thus have opportunities
to encounter many personages whose
names once carried weight, but who ta
the little mountain republlo have t
become converted te th prlaelpl
which aro In harmony with ft laws
of real Pemoccy simplicity sol
equality If they want to endear
tjietnselves to th ratlTt .
.JflBJUpP" W " -- - 1- - - . T - p ' w 7