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pmiiiiiiiiiki im'fh k MONDAY EVENING ATTGTTST fi
SI . : :
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-CLAUKSBfRa. W. Vn., Aug.
(I. N. B. ) White, Black, lit in pail. N".
this isn't it color scheme nir a checker
tame. It's about, the Itov. J. White,
S3' netfro preacher, of iteyunldsvllle. At
P ltast, he Is entitled to prefix the minis
H' tcrtal title to his name.
' The Jie,-. Mr. White was entirely too
handy with his Sim. There is u dras
tic anti-weapon statute in West Vir
ginia, lamed far mul wide as the John
son Anti-Plsud-Toting law. Anil the
least a MiiBistrnte or Judso can fio un
der it Is in line a man $" "'"l 1,1 P lm
; in 1a il for not 1ks than six -months.
j The Iteynoldsville preacher was
li leekv at that, as he drew the minimum
U, sentence, which was imposed In Mag
fij istrale T. (J. Nicewarncr's court. Mrs.
HI liii na Taylor, nf Iteynoldsville. swore
J I i hat ihu irev. J. While not i. nly "tot-
. .1 the cimi contrary t" law therein
mailt- and provided, lint that
crew it upon her und thn a
Kill Iter with It.
Come and See.
I iioPeoples Warohous
Wonderful values.
d to
ci -mil no vnmv. lit vn:its
(International .Vews Service Staff
WASHINGTON", Aug. 8. Reorgani
zation of the Bureau of Naturalization
In the pepartment of Labor is one of
the pet plans of Secretary Davis. The
plan is now taking practical shape,
und prospects are that a great new
forward step may soon be taken to
make life different and better for the
alien newcomer and the country a
gainer by acquiring new citizens bet
ter prepared for their new duties and
'" privileges.
At Secretary Davis's request a bill
has been introduced in Congress which
will change the title of this bureau to
the Bureau of Citizenship. With the
change in title the bureau will take on
vastly broadened scope of activity.
The old Bureau, of Naturalization has
always been cha'nged with the respon
sibility of naturalizing foreigners, but
'it is Secretary Davis's plan to have the
new -bureau live up to its name. It
will be more than a Bureau of Nat
uralization; it will be a Bureau of Citi
zenship and training for citizenship.
It will train our alien arrivals by in
struction in the public schools. It will
provide for them guidance and protec
tion. It will set up machinery to see to
their proper distribution over the
country, so ris to avoid the old evils of
congestion of new foreigners in he
larger cities. Many of these new
comers, for instance, arrive here with
lon; experience, w hich tb'-v ar" farced
to discard for wur' in the cit'es be
cause they na e no means i re.ieti-P3
the farms cr of ascertaining wa.-re
their farming experience may be of
"Among its other duties the new
Bureau of Citizenship will spread
knowledge of our American institu
tions in such a way as to heighten re
spect and inspire loyalty to those in
stitutions," said Secretary Davis, in
commenting on his plan. "It will besin
n national campaign for bettering the
physical and moral well-being of oiir
foreign-born population. To this end
the new bureau will undertake to pro
tect the foreigner from fraud and im
position. Tt will provide centers of in
formation, vhere persons of patriot
ism and character will offer guidance
and advice. Where it is possible these
advisers will be themselves of foreign
extraction, in order to offer real sym
pathy and understanding and so serve
to bring the still newer aliens into
wholesome contact with the people of
their own race. Always the burden of
advice will '-e respect for the Federal
jovi rnment.'' . '
To tiuai'd Against I'ropauanila
It is Secretary Davis's aim to utilize
to the full the machinery of the new
'nireau to protect the newest ailen ar
rivals from the evil influence of "Red''
and Communist propaganda. One of
the chief agencies in this purpose will
i e n thor.atr:h system of public school
in:"tniction fur alie- s. The 'women will
have the benefit of class at home.
The instruction will in- irlven in places
of' employment, or at other suitable
points, as well as in the public schoo's
These classes will be arranged for all
adults and wage-earners.
''Each alien will be required to reg
ister." said Secretary Davis. "This is
not for the purpose of setting up a po.
lice system, but in order to keep truce
of each individual for his protection
and guidance. Each .registrant will
be given a certificate of bis registra
tion, on payment of a fee not to ex
ceed $10 for adults and $3 for wage
earners who are minors. All the money
from these fees will be expended in
the payment of teachers for such for
eigners as need schooling. Thus the
alien newcomer, as in properjuys f;r
his own improvement and lifts the
burden of his care From the shoulders
of the Government.'
In addition to, these 'now functions,
the new Bureau of Citizenship, as
planned, will encourage States and
communities to prepare teachers to
teach the immigrant to speak, read
i nd w rite the English language, to
understand and value the privileges of
citizenship and practise devotion to
the institutions of our government. In
all such classes of instruction the mo
tion picture will be liberally used. The
states will be askeii to adopt legal
school terms of at least six months of
each year for the benefit of wage
earning children and adults. To this
and compulsory school attendance will
be asked for. To complete the instruc
t:on, training will lie provide; m
health and sanitation, n!om with
Physical culture.
The new bureau will seek the aid of
all religious, civic, educational, com
munity, fraternal and other nrgajiiza-
' I.AWKKNCE. Mass., Aug. K t. N.
' ;'. - -tnurinous auto hire bills ncou
sn.'o'il by the extensive raiding activi
ties of tlin liquor squad of the Lawr
ence police department bus given rise
!o an economic edict of l'olice Com
missioner I'eter Carr that hereafter
. link squad do ns "raiding afoot. Joy
riding at. the city's expense has been
Irhargcd bv the police bead, who be-
j lieves that fuoliiij.' it" will I f fully as
motion ofthis work of j effective. '
citizenship, i.o- Sineo ( 'omuiisslouer fare's eleouon
i to office one taxi concern alone has
tions in the pn
training the alien f
cal agencies in each commur.itv will la
encouraged to pool their efforts ami
influence toward the establishment of
citizenship classes 'and educational
courses in the public schools.
Itiil Tuh- to Be Cut
Secretary Davis is convinced that
the- present naturalization laws need
to be "modernized in order to meet the
actual conditions of naturalization.
The bill now before Congress gives
the new bureau authority to appoint !
efticers win shall have semi-imiielul
power m preliminary naturalization
bearings. This will have the effect of
cutting much red tape and of saving
much time on the part of Judges as
well as the time of wage earners who
desire citizenship. As naturalization is
now managed the seeker after citizen
ship and his witnesses are forced to
lose much time from work in waiting
at court for the services of the court
cierbs in preliminary proceedings.
1 ecu paid nearly $7, nan in auto bills.
F m in the bituminous coal
tiit Hocking vallry in (duo
Lteu btu ninK steadily fur thiriy
yearH, n-n during almost ujU
h til1
IT i f A
starting vv eanesaay
I entire 'oal depos. t, covering approxi
Imalely seventeen square miles of ter
ritory. The coal is of excellent grade
I ami it is predicted that it will burn
jforneHi'ly a century to come, as it is
! impossible to extinguish it.
M'.MUXT, Texas, Aug. S. (I. N".
jS.) A strange mystery Involves lieau
I limit and Carlisel, Intl. The body or
jo. W. I'eiry, Hiauinont contractoi-,
i recently vs found in a swamp ne.w
Lake Chai Jes, w ith a bullet wound
! in tbo neck.
A mesMige was dispatched to his'
! uncie, James Latstiaw, at Carlisle.
The message was returned, . wit h tliej
intoiniuiion tnat i-atsnaws nooy, wtin
a htrorq; cord bound securely aroun
the neck, had been found in a stream
near Carlisle.
Absence of any available motive of
laiiciile, ofl'ii.-ei'H deel.-iro, precludes the
possibility of a strange "death pact.'
Itnmor connects the death 'of both
men with a secret order.
Commoner Sounds Deniocratio
Toscain for 1024 Election;
Hails Coming Irish Peace.
ST. LOfis, Ho Aug. 8. Ity Kent
WhIsoii 1. N. H. KUiff Correspondent)
Tin.' world should look .hopefully
forward to President Mardins's pro
posed disarmament conference, ac
cording to William Jennings Bryan,
erstwhile secrotury of state In the cab
inet of former President Wood row
Wilson. .
"Those who have' been hoping1 and
praying for universal jieace," declar
ed Bryan, whllo here on a tour of the
west, "luivo' hiore reason than ever to
be hopeful today. l'roHitlunt Hard
ing's proposed peace conference, If
successful, wllkbe the greatest iriUlier-
ing In centuries. Tile peace- confer
ence t i 'acis dieted one i war. iTIils
conference may end ull wars."
Attacks Booe l aw Ijiloiccrs,
When shown headlines In a local
newspaper detailliiij the cupturo of
two large whiskey stills, Bryan de
clared prohibition has come to stay.
"I'rohibltlon is permanent," he de
clared uniphytlnully. "Before prohi
bition went Into effect carloads of li
quor were shipped into the cities,
hauled h', drays to saloons on promi
nent corners and displayed alluilngly
on the shelves und In windows. ,
"Now liquor is brought in handlings
at night by bootleggers who sneak
through the ulleys. That Is soma
change. Where the law is not enforc
ed it Is mainly where the enforcliiff
officers are not in sympathy with the
iluw. An officer who sits down and
listens to a debate between Ids appe
itito and his oath of office, before
starting on a ruld, Is apt to arrive too
late. It's .something like allowing
liorsethleves to elect a sheriff.
"Besides those who aren't wllllnir to
cut out tlieir own supply, we have
those who uro. crooked: but wo have
the same prublem to deal with In en
forcing ull laws. Many automobiles
are stolen, but no one suggests Hint
the law against automobile thefts be
The "wets," Bryan declared smil
ingly, through the beer ruling by
former Attorney Cieneral A. Mitchell
Palmer W;s a ray of sunshine. I
"It turned out to be a rny of 'moon,
shine'," he scoffed, "and the "shine"
will soon be taken out of It by an net
of congress.
"I don't see how beer can ever eouie
buck. If it cannot come bark as u
medicine, huw Is it going to have a
chance to coine back as a beverage?"
The "wet" parade In N'W Vork on
July 4 didn't have "one-half ot one
per cent kick," Bryan said.
"The fnneral obsequies of John Bar
leycorn are all over," he continued
enthusiastically. "It was estimated
that 31)0. utiu persons would-nmrxli In
the New York 'booze coterie, but it
turned out that only 14. "00 actually
marched In the rarade. Nine hundred
of those were musicians, paid by ore
head brewery agents. The funeral
services are sure over."
Supports i:ii-w Profits Tax.
The corpulent, many-times presi
dential candidate ulso had a few re
marks to make about taxes.. The
great question is not so much reduc
tion of taxes, he asserted, u the no
tion of things to be taxed.
"Ylio only tax repeal which has
b-en veeif.-iously demanded," staled
Brian, "is the exeoss profits tax. This
; should be the last tax repealed. It Is
a tax collected only on excess (profils
-that Is the tax that ought not to be
'taken from the purchaser. It is the
only tax that one can repeal himself.
Wonderful powers of memorizing
facts are possessed by a Yorkshire la
borer, who has menially stored away
ol.eiiit items of general information.
Hudson Maxim's "Best Chums"
Ted El
1 Re !!
15 PEOPLE 15
lie Girl Sh
Beautiful Costumes, Funny
Comedians, Good Singing
- and Dancing
1 l:J ' . v - . J ". - "
hi - , ''.:
1 i' X . ..." y
! : . !l "
x ' . ' ! '
1 . . J ' - A
X - '
'i'. '..'.vi-',.-.."-.
N . . . ; -' j
j- 1 A
X T,t i v.- ' - -
. . w -' " , "
without seeking the aid or consent of
anyone else. If he will stop stealing
he will not have to divide with the
The Commoner smiled broadly
when I mentioned the Irish situation.
"A new armistice day," was his de
scription of the day Irish l'eaeo Is
established. It is difficult for anyone
not actually affected by the Irish situ
ation, he said, to understand all the
difficulties to be overcome. The en
tire' world will rejoice, ho stated. It
a basis of permanent peace in Ireland
is reached.
Mas the democratic party a chance
to "come back?" he was asked. "In
deed it has a very good chuneo to
again gain control of the administra
tion," he asserted emphatically.
"The reaction against the republi
cans already has set In," declared
Bryan. "It is possible for the (lenio
crats to gain control of the next con
gress If they will stand on the side
of the people on all questions.
The democrats should select a pro
gressive man In every district now
represeuted by a republican und put
him to work discussing public ques
tions in his district, with a view to
winning the next congressional elec
tion; not a man who will make a bid
for the vote cf the underworld, but a
man or a woman who -will appeal
to the consciences of the voters as well
as to their Judgments, to women as
well as to men a man or a woman
who will ropresent the masses Instead .
of the profiteers und privilege hunt
ers." 'i 'lJktlH
Hudson Maxim, the lainous Amerir-a.i Inventor, is snown here with
his two "best chums" that's what he calls them Mrs. Maxim and their
granddaughter I juris.' The picture was snapped at the Maxim home,
Lake Hopatcong, N J- Most f,f Jvfuxim's time, when not workinir on '
IiiYciiiiiiiia. ; r-,t,e -.1111 imis. Itluxim afllj UOI'lS.
AtartliiiK war tuvnaiUoom within tha nexi , t,-.e-
lie predict many
AYKit, Mass., Aug. 8, Vigorous op
position ii the proposed abandonment
of "amp levens by the government
will lie made by the business men of
this town. Isl by the board of trade,
they declare that they fought hard to
obtain the camp and will fight hard
to retain it.
"We are being discriminated
against," said L. W. Ilerry, a member
of the board, "We have Coolldge,
Ijodge and Weeks In Washington from
Massachusetts, and they can't Ret a
camp for their own state. The towns
within a radius of twenty-five mileH
are up In arms over this outrage,
"We intend to send telegrams of
protest to Senators Lodn and Walsh
and all the congressmen."
General Clarence I. Edwnrdfl, com
mander of the T'Mrst Corps area, is
known to prefer retention of Devenf
over camp Dix, N, J. - .