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PAGE eight
Progress of Industrial America
Shown When Second Hayncs
is Exhibited in Exposition
B'Kti fimtit of the tremendous
fir Id whkth Industrial .America has
t: l ilurinir thr pawl quarter of a
century, wus the appearance of the or
iKltml llavnoM autmnoliiic of the iiit
fi,'p vt 1M)7 In the l'liKoant of Uro-
Bitmk Kxiitmilinn pnrade held in Chi
r.iHO on July So. This ancient Hayncs
ntr i the second oldest Hayncs auto-n-obilo
in cxtatrncc tn the Wilted
Hl:i on. The firnt Hiiyncs, which Is
now tfictnily known an "America's
first On,"" wn Invented, designed and
b'ull V Klwood Hayncs In 1893, and
tn nnw the property of the United
HlHtcx j ovcrnmenl. It Is on exhibition
at tho Smithsonian Institution, Na
tional Museum, Washington, IX C.
Hie second oldest Hayncs car which
had an important place in the great
I'i'ucu'it of Progress parade, is a nov
el u.iocariua vehicle. It has large.
:-ublcr tired wooden wheels, a "sur
Uy' top and a "dashboard." The
timlor lu crashed between the spoKos
of one of the rear wheels. The sleer
tiiR wheel" is a vertical Iron rod
v. ith a horluxHal handle.
Dutipj; the 1921 national automo
lllo hw. at New York City, this an
cient carriage created a stir on Broad
way when It waa used to carry Mayor
Hylun ur.d Col. Klmcr Thompson,
president of the Automobile Club of
lit ad ciindltions In Baker, Malheur,
S'orrott, cnioir, Wallowa and Umatil
la counties, by R. H. Baldock, division
iVncilftc r to La Grande Surface to
top t,f Cabbage Hiti: from this point to
Hiljiurd. rough country mad; from
Hllgard to La Grande, under con
struction: watch for danger signs:
drive slowly, T
1-a unde to Eaker Paved and
I- acadai ;ej to Hot Luke: from Hot
1-uke to Union, under construction :
follow detour afons foot hills, or turn
off across valley 2.1 miles past sanilo
rium; valley road closed from (lid.
to 11 a. in. and from 2 M to 5 p. m.:
between Union and Telocaset macad
am construction, no detour available
except through Ladd Canyon, turning
went r.l end of pavement out of La
Grande; this road fair, 7.2 per cent;
Telooaaet to Baker, good.: one turnout
between North Powder and. Haines.
Baker to Ontario: Baker to Nelson,
good county road: Nelson to Hunting
ton, detour at Nelson school house
V a Chicken Creek, road good but one
tr two steep pitches; two short de
tours near Lime; new road open from
eatherby to Lime. Huntington to
Ontario, via Olds Ferry, Weiscr and
Fayette; first eeven miles rough, bal-aii'.-c
fair, follow Idaho side. Oregon
.fiile from Weiser to Ontario . under
c- . Ktruction.
Ontario to Vale, fair, take first left
h-iiM road after, leaving pavement.
Vale to Burns, very bad.
Vale to Irons.de. fine condition.
Vale to "Unity., through Ironside
linker to Prairie good.
Baker to Halfway, good.
Island City to Elgin, good county
r iid, very little dust but rough.
Klein to Joseph, under construction,
r ith; drive slowly; detours well
Pendleton to Washington State line,
ravttl. detour at Blue Mountain Zi
milca from Pendleton, 500 feet around
' J'endicton to Heppner, surfaced
nearly to Pilot Mock; detour around
crusher; Pili.t Kock to Heppucr, part
ly u-t Icr construction, fajr. ,
ill,. : er to Cill.ain county line, uu
tliT cook! ruction, passable, delourt
well marked.
. P in . ton to Arlington, macadam
ised. !E
MONTREAL.. Aut,'.. 6 ( L N. S.)
Three thousand people, who had plan
tied to emigrate to the United tkatas.
are stranded In Antwerp, according to
cable advices, because of tbe new U. fa
Kcstrlction act. Jloet of them are
I olea, A vteumer thut sailed recently
was scheduled to carry kZU. but sailed
with only . Steamers refuse to
carry more than the monthly quota al
lowed by American law. They would
be compelled to return the surplus to
Europe at the companies expense.
A suggestion has been made here
that the steamers briny these people
to Canada, dropping them en route
to New iork ut tit. John's or Qdebec.
Canada would welroine the settler
the United Plates rejects. Millions of
acres remain unsealed in Westert
Canada. Here the Europeans would
find oleoma and homes. Canada's
Sitolest noed Is population and Its
ItrrateH itMvt land. The country Is
mukhia a bid. for agricultural settlers.
T"he l". K Restusctioii Act Is bound
to prove an Immense benefit to Can
tida," said Colonel J. 15. Ieiinis. of the
Canadian pacific Hallway, one of Can
ada's foremost authorities on Immi
gration and colonization. "The new
law has created a wonderful oppor
tunity for Canada. People who now
dHtre to leave European countries are
better type than the usual Immi
grants. They are substantial farmer
people. If It were not for the dis
turbed comlitlor.s In Europe they
would not think of lowing their native
lan-t. Large numbers of these homr
builders, barred from the United
til tea. ai turning to Canada- We ex
-n heavy settlement In the Wasters
I'Jvv'uwt In Ihe nv )r."
The New
1 -
22-34 Two Passenger Roadster
22r35 Five Paisen-ger Touring
22-36 Thre Passenger Coupe
22-37 Five Passenger Sedan -
All Pricu F. 0. B. Flint, Michigan
Cird Tim Sttndard Equipment in All Midill
Stt Ui tr ifrKiJUttitni and Dtlivtrj Dam
j "" VALVE -1 tpHDmflfy
( . . - : " - . '' 4
Here is a Thoroughbred Four
Completing the Famed Buick Line
'The new Four-Cylipder Buick; here announced, is a
thoroughbredrr.a pjedigreed car well worthy of its name.
Down to the. very last detail, this new mbdel possesses
every quality of enduring serviceability, complete comfort,
'and distinctive appearance that have always characterized
Buick automobiles.
' ' . ' : .
The advent of this new Four makes the Buick 1922 line
complete. It offers to purchasers of a car of this size all the
quality and service that go to make up the name "Buick."
The Buick Valve-in-Head
Engine A Power Plant
Tltpt Has Proved Itself
The engine, of course, ii of the time
tested Buick Valve-in-Head type.
The year-after-year concentration of"
Buick's engineering skill and exper
ience in building 'Valve-in-Head
motors assures the highest standard
of performance obtainable today.
Every other unit is of a quality equal
to the power plant. The whole as
sembly constitutes a perfectly bal-
anced chassis which is of typical
"Buick construction. The equipment
of Cord Tires is merely evidence of
the quality which characterizes the
entire car.
Two open and two closed body types
mounted on the Buick built chassis
comprise the new series.
Even the most casual inspection of
the details of. design and workman
ship will reveal thaf. full measure of
quality which motorists have learned
to associate with Buick.
Oregon Motor Garage
1 19-121 We.l Court St.
Phone 468
qA Great Car Prices
Make It An Even
Greater Value
Qbviously a high grade automobile
a genuine Buick production the
prices listed below make'thii great
Four even greater. A value such as
this is possible only "because of the
( combination of Buick engineering
skill devoted to the one ideal of
quality, Buick production facilities
developed over nearly a quarter of a
century, and Buick's nation-wide
distribution and service organization.
The Buick Motor Company is proud
of the Buick Four. It has the faith of '
long experience in this newest addi
tion to its line. It places upon it
unreservedly the, Buick guarantee
carried, by every Buick automobile .
produced. That its confidence is well
placed is manifested not only by the
keen interest with which motorists
have awaited this announcement, but .
also the advance orders placed by '
distributors, dealers, and, the general;
public. . .(. . ;