East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, July 28, 1921, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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, 1 I 1 RRFAT G AC FRX ARF . TPDnvra
I - R . . .. . . n g l JlllV.f JUZJ
The Dig Store That Honestly Docs What It Advertises and Advertises Honestly What It Does
( I i. st.t a hi-: lit i i)
for severnl reason-. ni-K of which Is
the offerm of speci.,1 goods a,l
vnnt.igeonsly purchased, goods o,
merit bought ut u lover price than
the prevailing nmik.t price. An
$thcr rnmion Is the cleaning up or
the ooawn'R left over KMds that
mlglit l.e out o( ule the following
season. W In under that von
may not iinsuspAcMnifly l.e offvr.fi
"(Mil of 1W" iiiorcintrdise. nil
lending nn.l nicnssiti moivhiinl..
h.l,l Shrt-InT T,.. s,,,.
'i I
hmji.tuns greatest rnnnrmsTMoHt.
JfiePeoples Warehouse,
wttrpr i r p.vV W tii nt '':i-'v::-.-inr
Genuine Leather Shopping Bags
Offered in black and tan. Genuine lea
ther bags made for rough handling
Special ; $2.09
It's a Bargain Basement Special.
ati vic ruin;
in the. business world is this
through a liesire lo clean up some
left Mir article or the placing on
sale of some tirilolo advantageously
purchased n comparative price Is
given: or it price lit which this ar
ticle shoiihl lie sold by any .good
merchant in his regular way. The
Special Trice Is then given thai you
may compare.
I . v ' i 4
- n
Sjwrts and Outing
Since Pendleton boasts
of its Greatest and Best
Department Store. The
Pepples Warehouse, it be
hooves this bie store to of
fer you the greatest and
best collection of sport ano
outing wear from which
to choose your outdoor
Visit our Up Stairs
Ready-to-Wear Depart
ment where vou will find
the best for the price
matter what the price
...a"' ' i x i .
viy Qour Corset Choice
Make it leisurely remembering that upon the
correct selection cf j our corset depends the mod
ishness of your gowns and your comfort, as well.
Because BON TON corsets are made in models
to fit every type of figure, we are sure you will find
in our Corset Department the model designed to
best express your own individuality. Expert assist
ance w ill be given if desired.
All Men's Straw
Hats 1-2 Price
Yes, it's a wonderful
sale, just the sale that
every man appreciates,
because every man
knows the high grade of
hats carried by this fine
big store. There are
none reserved ; every
straw and Panama must
Remember 1-2 Price.
Corsets Half Price
One lot of corsets,
front and back lace, dis
continued numbers,
sizes 20 to 24. Price
S3.50 to $12.00. While
they last 1-2 Price.
Arch Preserver Ox
fords, a new shipment
just received, military
heel; black $10.00;
brown $11.00.
J. & T. Cousins Ox
fords, representing the
last word in high grade
workmanship $12.50 and
Brown Kid Pumps,
the very newest, most
popular one-strap
pumps, French heels,
price . $12.50
Black Suede Pumps,
whose lines of beauty
are perfect, prettiest of
all French heels, $11.00
Children's Wash
Dresses 1-4 Less
Silk Shirt Sale .
It's very doubtful, Mr.
Man, if you have ever
been offered a better value
for your good money than
in this most excellent sale
of Silk Shirts. Remember
$10.00 Silk Shirts are sell
ing for $4.9S
See the display in the
Men's Window.
Fancy 65c and 75c
Voiles for 39c
Offering one lot of very,
pretty voiles at an ex
ceptional saving. Go
ing fast.
Main Floor Dry
Goods Side.
The Best Pongee
We offer a fair sized
lot of these pretty little
dainties for your little
kiddies. The colors are
varied and the models
are really dainty. They
come in voiles and or
gandies and originally
sold for $5.75 to $8.75.
Now 1-4 Less.
Today Ave are re
marking; all Tents,
Flys, Bed Sheets, Tarps
and like goods.
On sale now Men's
3 Dept.
A sale of true merit,
two grades offered. A
good weight 83c; a
heavy weight $1.10.
Main Floor Dry
Goods Side. -
Middies at Half
Considering the make
of Middies that we
handle and knowing the
most excelent'" quali
ties you can appreciate
this offering. There
are not many garments
in the lot so Hurry!
Sizes 14 to 42. Prices
$1.98 to $3.98.
Here is a Suggestion of What Can be Found in This Good Shop:
Basement Special
Women's Fine Kid Pumps
75 pairs of very fine Pumps have been sent to this
quick clean-up dept. Sizes 4 to 8, widths C to AAA.
Sold originally as high as $12.00 Special now. $2.98
Basement Special
Women's House Slippers
Watch this sale pretty close it is a real money saver
for they are all good slippers, their only fault'is that
they are a little soiled. The sizes run 4 to 8 and their
original selling price ran to S2.29. Special Clean
Up . 79c
Palmolive Soap 7c
Men's Fine Shirts 98c
Women's $5.00 Waists $1.98
$4.85 Girls' Shoes $2.98
.25c Towels 19c
Aluminumware Half Price.
Basement Special
$1.00 Shirting now 49c
One lot of short lengths but all perfect pieces. All
are stripes in just the wanted colors suitable for the
; popular shirts. Buy your shirting and make good
Basement Special
Dinner Pail Cleanup
One lot of a dozen and a half heavy Tin Dinner Tails
containing an extra tray and reservoir for coffee.
Wood handle and tin cup. On Sale at 49c
50c Stationery 39c
$3.00 Aprons $1.49
$3.98 Middies $1.49
Remnants One Half Price.
$2.50 Caps 59c
Knitted Bloomers 49c
B left here, equipped wit
i train to esplure the ere
California Geologists Are to
Study Effects of Former Gla
cial Floods in Far West.
VOSKMITK, Cut., .Inly -:s. In tho
hopo of flailing glacier recoiils which
will enahle Fclcnt.'sts lo rcail the his
tory of tin:' west in much more an
elent.ilas llnut thay have "ceil ahle
to do hithcrlo, P. '.. latthe.s of the
Cnitetl Suites lieoloKical .Survey has
willi a In vm' pack
est of the Slcrru
Nevada as far south aa King's River
1 can on.
So far, scientists have he. n utile t
! deti'ini'nf only that the Ko.ky moun
j lain and Sierra Nevada country was
' invaded twice by Ice. In the M.'sslslppl
1 valley, the castjorn states and I'anada,
! there are distinct records of nt least
I five Rlaelal floods, tine result of Or.
I Matthes' tr'.p may lie the discovery of
! data which will prove that the earlier
! invasion in the west in reality 'Wns
two or more invasions, thereby estah-
, llsh nii the contemporaneous character '
of the filacial epochs over the entire I
North American Continent. j
! "I wish to look for evidence of ftltl
j earlier ice invasions In the west than
' have been determined bv science up to
now,'' Or. Jlatlhes, Mid. "We know I
of two Invasions. Tb later one left i
a record which Is plain and nnm's-I
takable. The autosraph of the earlier !
ine is mixed, confused. It may be j
'that the first record iK the work of
itwo glaciers instead of one, perhaps
more than two, and that thev were
conteniporaneuus with the blnial inva
sions of the other oortions of the con-
itineiu of which we know m five. The)
last (,'laelal invasion was comparative-j
ly recent, only about 25.0U0 years ago. I
lilrtll or YoMMIiltr. !
i "I don't know w hat records we are '
;olir,- to find, of course, but if we can
establish the existence of mor? .than t
itwo glacial floods In the west, it open-
imanv possibilities for readier Ibe eo-
logical history of this part of the I
j world.. Kur irislaiu'c. it miulit enable i
us to determine tbe approximate
i epoch when the last upnvurd thrust of:
ithe Sierra Nevada rnnsv gave us the!
nvigriiflceut peaks In Yosemite and
along the Jlnir Trail. That thrust'
raised lit. I.yicll from u mere hill of I
r.i'oo feet to one of the world's finest ;
spires with an altitude of 13. nan feet.!
! it is believed !h; thrust occurred less j
ithau u million years nr .1 and that b"
' lief will bp conilrmed if we discover
the existence of more than Ivo tkicial
floods in the west, for I.ydell bears no
traoej; of ;e glacial erosion and must
liaVe been I'nrust upward after the
earlier rkic'at epochs."
Dr. Ifatthes and his party headed
for the tittle used Fernandez Pass. in!l
th" southeast comer of Yo::.nolte Na
tional Park', from where thev yil!
"iswing northward In the .Devil's Vest
' Pile, thence southeastward along the
(! famous John Muir Trail on the crest
of the rang". Returning in late Rep-
Prnber. the p.irty will teke a low
route via Tehepite Valley and Hunt
ington Lake, not folio", lug a trail, but
fighting their way over virgin country.
' 1 i
'1 i-:k ns.
Zoeth Housor, sheriff, to Kdivard
Willurd, ;;7:t.::n. S 1.2 si-: 1-4 and
N 1-2 SK 1-4 SW 1-4, Sec. ;5, Tp. 6,
.V. H. S.
Abe Abrahamsou to Mnttie Fanning.
$ 1 .00. mete and bound tract In Mc
Arlhur's Add. Weston.
Veva J. Kendall to I.. W. Warner.
Se. ;
S 1-2 Mi 1-4 and SK 1-4 NW 1-4
ii, Tp. 3. N. It. sr.
: . w.vn-ii ox tiik 01110
! Y 'UKVIl.LK, Ohio. July . ( f.
i N. S. ) Two local aliens placed their
clothing in a johnhoat and went hut h -1
ing 1n the Ohio river.
The boat sank.
For several days the men dragged
t.hp river.
Finally they recovered a pair of
trousers containing 110. The other
pair, containing $lu and a watch, have
not been located.
I President Harding has been pre
sented with a cowboy bat with u slb
ver band, the gilt of Cheyenne, W'y-
, ouiiug.
New Judge
Intci'iittlioiml News Seruee Staff
ATLANTA. Ua.. July 21 It an'l
nrwcli. I just did It.' 'and that tin
way Uunlcr Jackson feels about going
futy feet d wn .'11 a uais.fillei well to
r.wcur two mill, both ni'tioes. He
r .ked his own life without the i-light--t
limitation tifter )ilf 4oen f ill
crown men had declined, mid wnt
tuilh to the biirfnc lufore he would
permit men nt the top to hunt him np
Mne of the men llwd, the other died.
Th boy, tMretoot, (rckl-Ucd ud
pUg-li'.Si 1
l.s is in.pi;i witii l.,y lip-
os lold the sloii wlille undoubtedly
thinking about a slice of w atei rneloii, a
game of marbles, the Kwirnmiir hole
j and a half dozen other thip"s of far
- more Impoi lance in his mind
t "The neero working on m' father'v
iwell." he said, "went down there early
ito olaw oat mjiiic water. Mother was
.there and after u while sin couldn't
Iniuke the negro answ er w In ii the call
rd. I "She came after my father and aft
er a while a clowd (fathered around
tin well, and then it was eeen the ne
gro was unconscious. We could smell
the gas tln n. Another negro was let
down on a rope to bring out the ether
"I'illis (the s. ootid ic gro) must have
got scared. He couldn't fasten Ihe
rope aioiiii.i l ie ml. or ncgi'.. He
wouldn't talk lo us. Then lie fell over.
I told ' ei I would go down wph n
rope. 1 wasn't afraid. Why should 1
be afr.,1-1 ."
l'i:e Chief fodv of Atlanta's fire de
partment, h;: il it w as the bravest act
be had ever seen. He has recoinmernl
ed the Imy for 11 Carnegie hero medal.
.Many man has Ihe reputation of
knowiuK a lot until he tries to prove It.
In Alaaka there ure one hundred 1
siiuire mile which can be used for ug-
rlenllornl inmnui.
POSTON, July 21..- (I. N. S.)
For the f'rst time In the his
tory of the state (he feast of St.
Christopher, declared by Pope
Plus to be 'he protector of au
tutnohillsts and chauffeurs, was
celebrated at SI. Ii onard s
church. July 2.1. A special bless
ing was conferred upon all auto
mobilists and trucks parked out
shio the church, Autoists will
receive bunged medals of St.
Christopher to protect them
fiom accident,
ttt Mtf Mt
V ' A
: : , L'
l I'
Mls MHry f)Took hns just ben
niwilnteil Jiulge of the municipal
court In Washington, D. C, hy Presi
dent Harding. 8h U the ttrst ' .
yiao hold tbaixiBaiw '-
. IH
What Is Your Dollar
Buying for You?
What are vo'u trettinsr for every Dollar you spend?
Arc you receiving the priceless Service of Fair Dealing,,
based on a reasonable exchange of values? Is your
Dollar buying what you need or is it paying for things
which are of no real value? Millions of people are ask
ing this question. It stirs the entire world of buying
an l selling. It turns it back to one simple rule "Do
unto others as you would be done by,"' Its tremendous
accumulative power is proven by the J. C. TENNEY
COMPANY, whose early and persistent application of
the rule developed a business from one small store in
1902 to the largest chain department store organization
in the .world and makes it possible for you to know that
every dollar spent in a J. C. PENNEY COMPANY store,
buys exactly what you pay for new, fresh merchan
dise'courteous interest in your needs, and those things
which are of real value to you.
You are not paying for
Overhead expense on questionable reserve stock that
is waiting to be "mailed down." . . . . , , ,. ,
expensive deliveries. '
Doubtful accounts or uncertain collections. '
It is not being held by the merchant in order to give
the "Cream" to "Credit Customers" and let You, a
Cash Customer take the "leavings" in advertised
- It is the people's confidence in this policy of the J.
C. PENNEY COMPANY that keeps 312 stores In busy
operation every business day of the year and it is the
same confidence that now demands a greater expansion
with a constantly improving service.
You buy J. C. Penney Company shoes because
you have confidence that the price you pay buys
exactly what you want.
It is your confidence and the confidence of
thousands of J. C. Penney customers that has
made it possible for us to offer the better grades
of shoes at lower prices.
The Arch Protector
A new black kid oxford,
consti ncted so as to assure
perfect comfort and pre
vent arch trouble. Made
of fine selected stock,
Goodyear .welt soles and
Cuban heels, width AA to
C. Sizes 3 to 9. "Ask to
be fitted."
Price $7.50
a. line mack km pump, tlexible soles, leather
heels, a wonderful value. Displayed on counter
near shoe department Pair $3.49
This tan calf two strap medium heel pump is a
winner, a leader in fall styles, be sure to get your
pair. Pair $7.90
Near our Shoe Department is a shoe dis
play which gives a full variety of pumps,
oxfords and strap slippers, in black and
brown kid, high and low heels. Values ex
traordinary. .
$2.79 $3.49 $1.98
Brown calf,
blucher, good
weight stand
ard screw soles
Pair .... $2.98
Brown calf
blucher, Good
year welt soles,
for comfort
and service.
Pair .... $3.98
Men's Tan Elk Harvest Shoes, pair $2.98
Men's Mule Skin Harvest Shoes, pair. ..... $2.49
Tan Caribou calf, Goodyear welt soles, full rub
ber heels, a real shoe for real boys at a real price.
Size 9 to 12 $2.98
Size 12Vto2 $3.25
Size 2' to 6 $3.79
Today's express brings more of that 12
Momme weight all silk pongee which has
caused bo much activity in our silk depart
ment the past few days. Those who were
disappointed will find plenty of the popular
naterial here .now. Yard 69c
TIIK t,ltl-:ST CIIAH lll.lHTMI:.VI'.
Quality PRINTING at Reasonable Prices
East Oregoniau Printing Department, i