East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, July 21, 1921, DAILY EDITION, SECTION TWO, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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I'lTRIA iTNiKn., July S !.-' I. y. S.t
One of thi chlrf oonrrrn1 of many
persons In and round Pn-tlo follow-.
Ins; lh rrent flood a transports.
Ion. JCnt bo, however, with one in
ebrious young Inrty, wilh -whnni the
tale hss to do.
Hfifor tti. flnnd mr-r nrvrtert thf
W means tif rmrnina- Piiehlo from
'tiutatitt waa y smplsni. snt the lat
ter wns una hie to make u la ml inn
Vtihln the oily limits.
1 ' Aftrr the water and hiiRt niniss of
find debris had been remove. i
'fotn the sirei,t the principal mnr nf
IrwvH shout the c.ty was th:it uwd l.y
'Adam and Eve previous to the orltrliml
Nearly all tho a'rtnmithile on the
Vtwts were enirnsd In some hramh
f the reclamntlnn work, and it was
fsvrrnl week Wore the Ptr-t rail
Hiay company snerdod in .puins
their rar In operation.
'This condition, in an industrial city
Ilk ritehlo. whiTf wi many wnrklnc
tnple live, on one side of town and
vtrs. on the other, caused a srrent deal
rf speculation as to ' How will I )jot
"The young lady referred to wa
tnnch perplexed for a time over the
difficulty of reaching: her place of
mployment on time. Rein an en
HuBKt'fc devotee of roller skating.
wwer, she tnncoived the Idea of
fceeomplishina- her daily traveling via
I he roller-kat route. She brought
Ht her skates, strapped them to her
tfilnly extremities, nnd, pronto, the
j.rohlem was solved.
'She rolled merrily along to and
rrim her work, dodfinn, with a. smile.
In and otit anions the hurrying crouds
chanting the time-honored phrase.
'Riieini before pleasure." to "Rusi
hCss wltli pleasure."
While It is not anticipated that the
sidewalk roller skating fad will reach
fctirh propntfinns In ritehlo as to ser
iously curtail the business of the street
car company, it is believed that many
who have been visiting- amusement
parka and paying- for the privilege of
fkatlng will emulate this khaki-clad
miss and secure a little healthful re
creation in going to and coming from
Oieh- daily tasks.
SHANGHAI, China, July 21. IBy
Charles Edward Jiopue, v. p. Staff
Correspondent.) Paid agitators who
have set the rest of the -srorld o end
through' labor disturbances have
awakened sleeping China and are to
day engaged in organizing -what they
hope will be a counterpart of the
American Federation of Labor.
Twenty thousand workmen are on
atrike in Canton today and nearly that
many have juit their johs in Shang
hai. ; Peking and Tientsin are to be the
next points of attack n.l afte.r that,
if the preliminary moveinents aga'nst
the employer In the larger cities arc
successful, the r'an is to extend thr
propapan.li to the smil'er communi
ties throu'iout the cou.!iy.
That foreign methods have been
adopted by the Chinese leaders is
evident and there is a strong suspi
cion among the authorities that a for
fcigner is secretly directing the cam
paign. But thus far all efforts to dis
cover the identity of the "Man .Be
hind the Throne" have been unavail
ing. 4 1-nundry workers who commit m.-iv-hem
on soiled garments by processing
them through a course of rock-pound -Ing
hi muddy water at three coppers
per garment were the first of the lo
cal workers to rise in tneir wr:uh and
demand better treatment from tlieii
bosses. An eight-hour day, .loubl
pay for overtime, halWday holiday on
Sunday and full pay for natioiT.l srhd
lubor holidays were incorporated in
their demands. The laundry ownerf
were aghart. They had never been
tip against a proposition like that be
fore. Seldom had their menials dar
ed to even raise their eyea to the
higher-up, let alone demand or even
beg better pay or working conditi
ons. '
? "It can't be done," they wailed.
' "nut it will be," grimly retorted
the aroused employees. Whereupon
they staged a parade demonstration
and Succeeded in calling out the car
fienters. the masons, the cotton spin
tiers and the sawyers. Daily others
Of the smaller craft are joining the
ranks and what threatens to become
a general strike is becoming more
nd more probable.
1 ECREKA, Cal.. July 21. Arrested
for whistling. This Bounds like the
eomib man's idea of the "blue law"
regime. Hut it happened to iliss Jan
et Kunter of Eureka,
f She whistled, she admitted.
hut George Meaken, a stranger In
town, heard her, and misinterpreting
the promptings of a sunny disposition,
reported to the polxe that she was
6tit of her head, and needed attention.
Bhe Was brought to police court.
Jid the JudKe draw a lone fure and
fix a heavy, heavy penalty? He did
' I.ArU)IU It AIM Knot'.
MARTINS FERKV. Ohio, July 21.
A landlord hei ordered a family to
VTben the family refused to move
Oie iStiuioru removed the windows and
I Due to the heat, th did nt Unher
tliem. apparently.
' But, when the landlord had the roif
taken off the tenants li ft.
(SKXATI Will III' itll'RI si;Ti:i
The senate will hav e a represents -6e
hn the American ri.'li ;u i..n in
President IlardioK's disarmament con
ference, the white houhe itniinunceu.
f Samuel tJompers bus ui-ked fur rep.
fewutntion for lutxir and the president
litis Ilia request under cons 'deration,
was stated.
A baby whale swam through the
Narrows into New Vork Harbor recent
l anil while it lay iihii a sand burr off
IMaten Irttantl, two men. one wuh a
hut. in and Uie vllur with a carving
Hull, killed t I
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