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An -He Smile?,
11 1 1 - .. : "
Lydia LPinkham's Vegetable
Compound Restored Mr.
Quinly' Health. Now She
Does Her Housework
People Here and There
John llunilcy ana Loula Campbell
vent to Walla YVY.lIu this morning.
.Tghn M. l)o!l)h, who Ib In the udver. I
Using eanie in Portland, la hero today
on u visit. 1
linle Hlushur, who has been spend-
, Ins tho summer In Portland Willi Mrs.
' Blusher and little .son, Dale Junior, ar
rived here this morning;.
A, H. Steele, formerly In the. Anioi'i
' c:in Express Co. office here, now' with
tho George Lawrence Ciuof 1'ortland,
Muii'lage IJconse: (irantt'd
A license to wed has been Issued to
fione Walker of Hot I.uko, u master
mechanic, and Jennie Smith, u nurse,
of I'cndlcloii.
was In I'ondleton on business today. ' I
, . Desertion In Claimed
.T r AiiUr... r.-.....i f,.,..r, .,,-,n. I Claiming that about three years ul
tutlve for Kas'tern Oregon, and H. A.I his wife dcerted him without cause,
Kif.iu.r,, ,.., ,,. ift ,i,lu IKdward H. Atherton hus brought suit
niornlni; for Iji Crando after a visit
of one day here.
la circuit court for a divorce. He Is
presented y Stephen A. Lowell.
J. M. Morrow has returned home
after an extended visit In Southern
California. He Kiient 'eight months
there for the benefit ij,f his hefllth. Hs
declares that he is feeling much better
since tho trip.
Ucd clothes nnd plenty of them are
jiceded to keep cnmfortnblo if one
sleeps m Lehman Springs, uccordlng!
to a statement of County Commission
er K. K. I can who returned this
murn'pg from the springs to attend a
meetinif of the members of the court.
His family will remain there for sev
eral weeks ami the commisi-loner ex
pects to run out every few days.
Wauls Judgment Kniorcvd
An old Judgment secured in the
courts of Washington State is the bast
of a suit filed In circuit court by John
II. Bruff against Andy Uushmun and
i.thers. The suit is to secure end
costs. S. A. Lowell is tho plaintiff's
UtS A.VUM.KH. July 21.- (i;. J'.)
'Governor Stephens today issued a
statement condemning tho Japanese
deportations in the Turlock district. I
"Jtapid progress Is being made to re-
strict immigration in this country ofj
all peoples of Ineligible citizenship.
Kvery happening such as the Turlock,
Injures the cause, decelerates Immi
gration restriction progress and sets
It back tremendously." Stephens an
nounced he hod ordered sheriffs and
deputies -to spare no effort to round up
the offenders. 'VI shall Insist that the
law, treaty i"( obligations he , ob
served," he declared.
A curious Insect of the Malay Penin
sula was recently discovered by a
,meiul.cr of the London Serological So
ciety, H is culled the lantern-fly and
Is remarkable for its sudden h aps,
made by a curious protect on the front
of Its heml, n kind of creased nose
which, when bent back under the ab
domen ii nd i: iddcnly released sends the
Insect f'vln.fl
To ijulci Title '
A suit to set aside a deed and quiet
title to real estate hiis been instituted
in circuit court by Minnie J. Martin
against FT M. Lockwood nnd others.
Noland and Casey and Carter and
Smythe represent the plaintiff.
.Hcgod Thief Caught
Dyke Hill, wanted here for two
months on a charge of steullng a car.
has been arrested and Is being held nt
Helena, Wont, according to a telegram
received at tho sheriffs office today.
A man will be sent after him within a
few days.
j (if -re 20 Days
I U. W F.rown, who declares that his
1 homo is In Itolse, was given a Jail sen-
! tenee of 20 days in Jail this after
w 1
W..SHIX(JTOX, July 21. (I. P.)
lludget Director Dawes prepared an
order for ITesident Harding's signa
ture forbidding the sale of government
properly until after he perfects an inter-department
exchange system. He
expects to save $100,000,000 annually.
Canada, during the past twenty-five
years, has lost sixty million dollars an
nually through failure to segregate
properly platinum and other precious
metals of that group found in North
ern Ontario.
(Continued from page 1.1
slight alterations. The lease, on the
recommendation of City Attorney
Harold Warner, includes the provl-
ivv'?o ef recent photo of Bter
hY J, comedlan- Even thougH
JPf4lrJtta! ia Ntoe Tab
" business la to make
t !
5 it"'' I
' Shelby ville, Mo. "I was only able to
do light housework because for months
m my periods were ex
cessive, t had seen
your medicine exten
sively advertised and
thought I would give
it a fair trial. I took
about eight boxes of
Lydia E. Pinkham'g
Vegetable Com
pound Tablets ac
cording to directions
and I feel like a dif
ferent woman. I
have not taken any
medicine during the jiast three months
and I believ my ailment is cured. I
am now able to do all my housework and
attend to my poultry and garden. If
you feel that my testimonial will benefit
anyone you are- welcome to use it in
vour advertisements. " Mrs. L. D.
tj(JIOT.Y,R. F. D. Ko.2,Shelbyville, Mo.
Lydia E. Pinkham'g Vegetable Com
pound makes women strong, healthy,
and able to bear their burdens and over
come those ills to which they are subject
Write about your health to Lydia E.
Pinkham Medicine Co. (confidential),
Lynn, Mass. Women only open, read and
answer such letters.
11 v
i 1! M
noun bv Ju.lge I. M. fkhannep when ho ",u 1 , '"7 """"
entered a plea of guilty to a charge!1'' he grounds without the permis--.f
having Intoxicating liquor in hisBlon ,of the city, and the natotorium.
possession. He was arrested with Vic
tor Parkin Saturday. evening by mem
bers of the rheiiff's force.
For Thr Gnrtiont
Kv Mad CHld-Birth
f Xasicr uy unnf
tti., toortZT en MOTHERHOOnfltBTMI ADT.fafl
for its proper maintenance, is not in
cluded in the lease.
Councilman Willard Hond, who with
members of the police committee and
Dr. Frank Boyden, city physician, re
cently made an inspection of barns and
barnyards In the city limits, reported
e,mt- hv, l.f.ii turned In tn O.nnlvJ "lll,u""
I AsM'sNiiHvit ltcpfrts All In
I All assessing work In Umatilla coun
ty has been completed and tho final
report:! of the various deputies of the!
1 0 1
: Assessor H. O. Hawks. The force in
, the office Is now busily engaged In the
1 big task of Kettlnir the da written
I into tho books and roll. This work
' nm: t all Jo. completed by the second
Monday In September when the board
of equalisation meets.
vero in sanitary condition, and he
A strenuous effort to pull every vet
eran of the Ninety Flrtt Division who
is not in the hospital or on a honey
imKin on September 24 and 25 to the
annual reunion of the division in Los
j Angeles on those dates began this
week with the enlistment of a full
company of newspapermen to spread
news of the arrangements for the re
union as tliey are made.
The publicity committee, headed by
3'ajor J. W. Sutphen, who served with
the 362nd Infantry. Is being enlarged
by the addition of a representative In
each city and village In the Ninth
Corps Area California, Montana, Ore-i know that the" United States must pro
gon, Washington, Idaho, .Nevada and I vide plenty of money not only to
Utah. As Hecial railroad r ites nro ' huild fighting ships for the Pacific,
obtained, distinguished guests Invited, j hut to maintain adequate naval bases
arrangements made for regimental 'and b"'1'' w "v" 5'ards 011 tho w w"
coast. But they uo noi speaK 01 11 111
Judging from the attitude of the
New Mexico's officers, the United
States is regarded 1n the navy as be
ing friendly to every nation on earth
with vhich It Is not In actual state of
war. One hears no boasting about the
superiority of the United States in this
or that regard.
The correspondent referred to Ja
pan and its navy several times In his
conversations with officers. Every
one of them was able to answer each
question promptly. They know exact
ly wrat Japan is doing, Insofar as pub
lic records are available. That Is their
business as police officers of the sea.
These officers are also thoroughly
acquainted with what the United
States must do to keep pace with Ja
pan. They know that supremacy in
the Pacific ocean Is at stake. They
BuoriiLD Iiuiim Ccusct. I 0. ATUaTk.
Spain has introduced Infirmity and
oh sJe pensions for workers.
.... I banoi'ets and other entf rtainments in c
.' ..Ll l,s Aneeles members of tho commit- sense of alarm. The seem to feel
council asking that the barns he Z- tee will be bulletined and they in turn ha U "" ,
Clared a nuisance and ordered aband- " ill Fee that the Information is spread ! ftcicntl Plful " " ll'e "r
oned, be denied. The council Voted In broadcast through their respective j war concerning prepa ednc . They
tnvor of the recommendation. communities. - te "eve the war w. "J that
The city was authorized to advertise ! Ma short time recruiting commit- f W the sreat that
for bids for cross walks in various i be named in each conunu- Mt Germany s fleets bottled up.
nuy in me .Minn corps Area ana 1 eo inej wueie ,.-i"c i- n.c
through them re-enlistments in thelUnited Slates will tn their eyes first
"Take care to encourage the BEAUTIFUL,
The useful encourages itself."
The jeweler's craft appeals to the fin
est in our lives. We could eat with wooden
spoons but as we advance in culture so do
our tastes advance.
Not only does it serve a definite, useful
purpose but its beauty satisfies the finer
desires that make our lives.
The Largtrst Diamond Dealers in Ki. Urtfon.
I j The Largtrst Diamond Dealers in Ki. Urtfon.
Crab Apples,' box lots - - 4c
Italian Prunes, box lots - -7c ,
Peach Plums, box lots .: - 7e
Cucumber, each : - c
t Big Peaches, per basket 35c
i EVncli Tnmotnmi npr nntmrl 15c '
i ItOil AVl.IMW", f f .
l Green Corn, per dozen ...j - 50c
:Otl JJCCliiO, pti -
Water Melons (guaranteed) A l-2c per pound
Red June Apples, Cants, Blackberries, Red Rasp-
X belies, Loganberries, Hymcella Berries.
l Phone 187
- 739 Main Street
Keep in Step With the Fast Growing
Popularity of
Golden West
Ice Cream
The Ice Cream Loving Public is Quick
to Recognize
We Specialize on Party Orders
PHONE 11 1
parts of the city which were approv
ed several months since. Permission
was granted Kelly's Comedians, a tent
( show, to show here for the second ap
j pcarance this siimntcr. The conipam'
I will pftch tent on the city park
, trrounds near the Catholic church at a
j rental of t'ia. "
An ordinance was adopted for the
Improvement of one-half Mock on Jef
j f ergon street. The first resolution for
j the. construction of sidewalks on the
I west side of Chestnut street near the
Hawthorne sehiol was pa?d.
Ninety-first for the duiuticm of the ic
unior. obtained. Between L'-UOfl snd
SO.ntio are expected to attend. Fan
liietK, parades, elei'tions, speeches
campfii-es and excursions are on, the
A moonlisht picnic at Santa Monica
beach is on the list of entertainment.
Panta Monica is where Mack Bennett's!
bathini; beauties frolic. And there are I
no bathlni; machines there, as at the j
t'rench beaches.- i
of all on America's big and efficient
navy and ;see that t is not Impover- I
isheu. AlrfO that they will keep their j
eyes In future years on the west const
and take care of its needs.
Officers and Men Not Kept in
Ignorance of Political Acti
vities; Silence is Rule.
--v Creamery
The Wholeaome Bulter
t Pay Cash Receive More Pay Less i
X Despain& Lee Cash Grocery X
209 E. Court Phone 880
Inlei nutifinal JScwh" Ker ice Suiit
V. S. S. NEW MEXICO, FlngKlliu
raclfic Fleet. Los Angeles Harbor,
Cal., June 21. In portions of the na
tion far removed from the seaboard,
especially in tho interior of tho coun
try, the question is often raised: "Why
are so many millions of dollars neces
sary In constructing a modern b ttle
ship?" To one. who has had the opportu
nity of coins over every foot of a great
HiipcrdrfiulnauKlit like this New Mex
ico tho answer Is simple.
The reiviun our great sea fighting
units cost o much is because tliey aro
the last wards in naval perfection at
the time, they aro built. And to b
1 such they had to be equipped with the
best, as well as the most efficient and
durable, mechanisms. This has to be
kept up to the hiuhest possible stand
ard and constantly renewed
The correspondent ivas takeW into
a magazine of powder used to supply
the energy of the fourteen-inch rifles,
a little over fifty-eight feet long and
of which the New Mexico carries
twelve, located in four turrets two
forward and two aft.
On one of the walls of steel was a
glass jar partly filled with powder,
broken up into small sticks and ap
pearing something like broken sticks
of hoarhound candy. Inside the cap
of the jar was a piece of chemically
treated paper. If it turned a certain
color it showed tho powder was deter
iorating in strength.
The same method Is used in various
forms throughout the ship. Every
where there Is a check to see if any
thing is happening dally to possibly
render tho superdrcadnought ineffi
cient. Jvfrvency Is Primary.
' When even the smallest defect is
found it 's immediately remedied. At
the s;ime time there is a continual
comparison being made of the per
formances of tho ship's mechanical
odds and ends, so that as new war ves
sels are laid down they can be render
led more efficient than craft of the
i tvpe of only a year or two previous.
if thero can be said to be one objoe-
DOX'T IIISK XI'Xil.KCT tive in tho navy regarded "more 1m-
IV n't neglect a constant backache, pci'i'"U man aninmg cuse u .
sharp, darting pains or uninary dis
orders. The, danger of dropsy or
Origin's disease is too serious to ignor.
edlv U efficiency with invlng of time
and effort. Ono lias only to watch the
loading of the tnree foiirieen-incn
fse Doan's Kidney rills as have your ' pe he turrets to ascerta-n
Vegetables Fruits
at Hie time of the year you need them most.
Each train or delivery brings us more deliver
ed to us fresh kept fresh and sent to you fresh.
friend': and neighbors. Ask your
j neighbor! A I'endleton case.
Mrs. I.. Hammer, till) H. Webb St..
i says: "l was in a terrible state from
kidney complaint. It seemed
though I hud a knife slicking into my
I back when I stooped over. My kidneyrt
were disordered and caused me much
j It II"; 1 WH VI ,v iteiOU IMIU
became easily excited too. My feet an;l
ankles, lilouted badly so I knew the
trouble came from a disordered condl-
tion of my kidneys. I read alout
I IVhu's kidney Pills und several boxes
from Tallman's Drug Store entirely
I cured me. The pains left my buck and
I my kidneys were 'well
j troubles were removed, too
' T'rico SDc, at all dealers. Pon't
4 I s'niply ask for a kidney remedy
.I'oan's Kidney pills the same
tnis. From the depths i f the .New
Mcxii o a charge of 4U0 pounds of
powder, contained in four s'lken bags,
is hoisted by electric elevators to the
HS 'turret. Likewise a shell weighing ll.-
ivn pounds and coutalntng'a charge ox
thirty-three pounds of dnnnite, a
ilesdly explosive is moved up by an
other electric, elevator. The gun ts
loaded and Its missile sent spinning
away twelve and a half miles with a
velocity of :sno feci a second, all with
in a few seconds.
While the twelve fouitcen-iuch guns
are being Hre.t fourteen other guns of
five-Inch calibre can be utilized for
All the other 'shorter range work, or held m reserve
until they can become ettective. it
thfre was on engagement in which
,.,1 ; utrcruft was attacking, four three-inch
thn nuti-ntrcnitt guns would Pari;. jna
i Mrs. lhiimm-r had. Poalcr-Milburn
ifo., Mfrs., iiuffalo, N. Y. ' .
Despain & Lee Cash Grocery
t aa b. Curi . Phone 880
W , , tiik in vuiimi iihank. wun t tie coirespu
imi:i ii,ai nifiv.iiAv I i t'.od navy in go
i,i.r-,s. .,r,..., V , ' s t.'.bl the
nu'iinn ii-iami f,
if t he Hec;uion r.rose for their use, two
submerged torpedo tubes would be
a.ii'nblc Willi their missiles of de
' j si ruction.
Hit" I"smiii of I'tvparvtlilCf.
Admiral Dodman. in an interview
with the coirespiuident, stated recent-
the I'aciflc fleet that
good Insurance. Other
Kime view. They feel
Unit preparedness ls a protection
again -t war. as Weil us a means of dc
fi.tisc in case t( war,
Two targets, both by
the same rifleman. One
with a clean, smooth bar
rel, the other with a barrel
which had been "pitted"
by the- priming in the
cartridges. '
The priming in most
cartridges leaVes a rust
attracting residue. This
rust digs tiny holes all
along the bore and gives
the bullet a bumpy path
from breech to muzzle.
Poor priming
ruins a rifle
The slightest inaccuracy
in the rifle is multiplied
many times on the target.
The priming in US
Rim-Fire Cartridges (in
cluding the famous .22
N.R.A. Long Rifle) does
not attract rust. It does
away with excessive "pit
ting." It helps your rifle
to remain accurate.
For the sake of your
rifle, use U S Rim-Fires.
Money back if not satisfied.
W.J. Clarke
Pendleton, Ore.
Al 0 A if