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Social and Club News
Klngham Springs were visited hy
corn of pleasure seekers during the
week-end, many rrs motoring to the
resort during Saturday and Sunday.
Among visitors at the Spring were i
Mr. end Mrs. Frank Oreullch. Mrs. At,
Ught. Mrs. Untie Uvcrmore, Miss
Evelyn Greulioh, Miss Ignore Oreu
lloh, Miss Francis Cireulich. of I'en
dlcton, tleorg IVIt?, of Oreenvllle,
South Carolina, Mrs. Tulle. Mrs. Hone,
land, Mr. Watson, of Valla Walm.
Mr and Mm Dean Dudley of Athena,
Mr. and 'Mrs. Iye Prake of Astoria,
Mis Elsie Ralph, Miss Bertha, Mo
Kern, Andrew Keen, Ralph, IT.
Mntllcdorf, James Ilalph. Mr. and
Mrs, T. A. Oilxel, Misa Iils Percy, Ar
thur Rhodes, all of Hermiston, Mr. and
Mra. Frank Kox of Walla Walla, Mr.
ttnd Mra. W. I. Rayhorn of Weston,
Mr. and Mrs. K. CK Williams, Mr, and
Mra. Mason Thompson, Miss Edna
w inn, Mr. Anna Ptorie, Mts Marj' Tilt '
ner, Mr. and Mrs. Edwards, Mr. and EN' ROITE HERE,
Mra. R, J. Green, Dr. and Mrs. F. W. Mr. and Mrs." S. H. Render passed
Incent, Mrs. T. V. Arnreiter, Miss j through the citv yesterday in their car
Oertrude MrConnell, Miss Merle Kins. I hound for their home in Pendleton.
i,ucii iwnonnmt miss .Marjorie-t They have lust returned from an ex-
ber of people are camping at Ring-1
ham Springs, anion them Mr. and
Mrs. Will Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. IS. A.
Didly, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Iehem, ,
Mr. and Mrs. f. Mclntyre, and . Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Ixickwood.
Of interest to the Pendleton friends
of Mrs. Mary E Fawcett, who was In
Pendleton for the Oregon Federation
of Women's clubs convention Is the
following- from the Portland Oregon
lan: Mrs. Sherman T. Edwards was hos
tess 4-eeently at a .luncheon at which
sho honored Mrs. Mary JO. Fawcett,
whose marring to It. C. Campbell will
be an event of the. near future. Mrs,
Fawcett was dean of women at Dragon
Agricultural college for several years
and made a wide circle of friends
among the faculty members and stu
dent body. Her friends In Portland
nre nlnmilntr i n u nffuir frit- Yifw Tlta
misb iimn iaior, ,r. ana Mrs. marriage will take place at the resi
King, Mrs, U C. King. Mrs. Bert . dence of Mrs. Edwards.
Sparks, aJ)
of Pendleton. Miss Helen
Miss Margaret McLachlin,
Miss Francht Broughton. Faye Norris, hRender is the owner of
K. K. Peabody, all of Dayton, .Miss
Mabel 5tone. Miss Ruth Stone, both of
Spokane, Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Tay
lor, Bert McLean, Rmil Reed, C. H.
Hervel, J. C. Turner, and Mr. and Mrs.
E. J. I'rice.
Resides the week-end guests, a num.
tended trip through southern Idaho,
where they visited with relatives. Mr.
the Troy
laundry in Pendleton. Baker Herald.
A group of Pendleton people ar
rived at the Benson yesterday by ma
chine from the Rotmd-Up town. The
cnf contained Mr. and Mrs. I.. S. Rent-
July Clean Up Sale
- - - v ... ,
Great Reductions on
ley, C. T. Rarr, Carl Cottley and H. B.
Lamley. The visitors said that the
road was In fine condition with the ex
ception of 13 mlies, which was Tuther
rough. The trip wna made in a day's
run and without lncoivenience.r Ore.
Mrs. James Johns rr, who has been
visiting relatives In Brldgtwater, South
Dakota, and her daughter. Miss Helen
Johns, who has been in Brooklyn, New
York during the winter and summer,
returned to Tendleton yesterday. Misf
Johns who is a graduate of University
of Oregon has completed a post grad
uate course at Pratt Institution and
specialized In library work, In which
she will be engaged this fall and
I Mrs. George Harc:ng and children,
Robert and Jean, of Sprague, Wash
ington, were in Pendleton today " en
mute home after a trip to Yellowstone
Park. Mr. and Mrs. Harding made the
trip recently, Mr Harding returning
home a short time ago and Mrs. Hard
lug visiting relatives In La Grande.
She formerly lived in Pendleton and
will be remembered as Miss Maymu
Honoring Mrs. Donald Robinson, a
recent bride. Miss Blanche Moena and
Miss Gabrielle Morns are entertaining
a few friends most Informally this aft-
according 'to another banker. All I
debts wort't b paid, uVd"lhere Wai
be' a ahortage of machinery on the i
farms, this man thinks, but Mr. Aver
age Farmers will be mighty close to
freedom from debts. He will have to
borrow to produce next year's crop,
and of course, that will require a lot
of capital before another harvest. So
conditions can't be normal yet with
hin rrnn in thict lmnbn.'b lint
i- j ,tiij t, r ' " " " "-'
i.r ...infill., i.uua J.ar. i-nuioru i n tig stride toward normal conditions
ernoon at the Moens farm home. The
guests motored out for the afternoon
and remained for tea.
Mr. ani Mrs. D. D. Hohart add lit-
evening after a sojourn at Wallowa
Lake. They enjoyed the trip' greatly
and say that the weather was very
cool, the temperature, reaching the
freezing iioint at night.
Pay Nothing
Deposit Nothing
iVe will lend you this Valet AutoStrop Razor
On thirty days trial.
If after trying it for 30 days you find that it solves
the problem of keeping a razor blade up -to its high
est shaving standard, keep it and pay us its price,
$5.00. -. Otherwise you may return it without cost or
obligation. Any responsible party can arrange" with
us for this free trial An offer of this kind has never
been made in connection with any other razor and"
is more convincing proof of the merit of the Valet
AutoStrap Razor than any argument we could pre
sent. Call at our store, borrow a' Valet AutoStrop
Razor and demonstrate this merit to your own satis
faction. ;
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Shaw, who
have been guests of Mrs. Shaw's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chaney,
have departed for a trip to Salem and
Corvallis. . Their home is in .Yakima,
Washington and the visit here was a
part of an automohHe tour.
Mrs. Gay Matlock who has been con
valescing at St. Anthony's hospital)
after an ot eration for appendicitis, has
recovered and yesterday returned, to
her home. '
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Bennett
and Mrs. Bennett's mother, Mrs. Eliza
J. Burchill.f motored to Walla Walla
this morning to spend the day. :
Miss Mary Johns-and Miss Kate
Stanfled have returned from Bingham
Springs jwhere they have been spend
ing aew dayn.
, . ..; . - ''
A guest at the home of-Mr. ahd Mrii
George Hartman j is youni; Wesley
Hartman, of Portland, nephew "of Mr.
Hartman. . '
Mrs. L. C. Campbell is spending a
few days visiting in Baker.
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Our Furniture
is marked at the very lowest possible price and w solicit
your closest inspection. We have been and are still doing
good business regardless of conditions. Why? Because
p have good stuff at the right price. ' '
We have a beautiful assortment of quarter sawed oak
leather seat rockers ranging in price from $15.50 to
$18.50. ,
Bow back Chairs, largest size, strongest built, saddle seats
, for only . $2.25
2 inch post beds with heavy filler $16.40
35 lb. Silk Floss Mattress $17.50
45 pound Cotton Mattress $8.75
25 lb. Cotton Pad $7.25
We pack, crate and payfreight on all out of town or
ders. Let us do your repair work. x
Yours for service,
& Kemp
Quality Our Watdiwunl
Satisfiu-tloii Our Aim
Following is the sec SHRDLU H'
Following is the second and
last of a series of instructions
for canning by the eold - pack
method, the first having been
printed in Monday's issue of the
East Oregonian:
Fill with liouid Wipe
around top of Jar wfh clean
cloth, then put on wet rubber.
Fill jar. with hot water and I'
teaspoon salt to quart jar for
vegeL-fbles, or with hot sirup for
Adjust cover and partially
(1) Screw top jar Screw on
tight and then reverse a quar
ter of a tucn.
(2) . Oiass top jar Fasten top
spring only . Leave side spring
(3) Vacuum sedl jar Adjust
cover and spring.
Process Place jars on
bottom in hot water bath,
water at least one inch
the top of Jars. Do not
to count required time until wa
ter boils. Water must boil all
the time. When requlrd time
Is up remove Jars immediately.
' Final sealing As soon as ta
ken out of boiling water, exam
ine rubber. Complete the seal
, have
by screwing cover tight or ad-
justing shoulder spring. ,
Testi'g Invert to test the
Joints for leaks.
Storing Laber, protect from
lii?ht io prevent fading. E. V.
I -j
! t'M.vni.LA rorxTY
j - " (Continued from page 1.1
j every place where he owes money that
,it will be Impossible for all debts, In
;cluding this $3,800,000 of " outside
j money, to be paid In full.
1 "But the $6,000,000 will reduce the
! $3,500,000 of outside money to one:
half of its present amount, I bellece.
and It will enable the merchant to get
the big part of what is coming to him.
jWhat must be done Is to have con
siderable co-operation practiced by
"In the big commercial districts, fi-
Unanclal Interests are figuring that
five years will be required before con-.
ditions can be normal. I believe that
we can reduce that time by at least
two years and maybe three. This year
wtll jfive us an excellent start, and
qext year will take us forward to ap
proximate freedom 'pf Indebtedness.'
Ho i figure Jhat comparatively our
condition is encouraging:"
Tlii Ycai-a Crop Helps. .
The production of this year' crop
is going to be sufficient to put thn
farmer back clot to A normal bails
Hojt Weather Lunch ,
1 f0 varieties of Cheese ' ,. '
f15 kind of Sardine v
Columbia River Salmon . .
v Columbia River Shad . 1 ,
23 variette of Canned Meats
Clams, Oyter, Shrimp, Lobster and Crab. ;
' , Lobster a la Newberg ' '.-
Chicken a la-King ' . ' .
' Boned Chicken '
Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce '
' Pork and Beans .
Kippered Mackerel, Herring and Sardine
Sardine Paste v . "
Cod Fich Cakes
Finnan Haddie ' .' . v
Complete Line of Fresh Fruita and
, Vegetables '
.. -, 3'-'
Gray Bros. Groceiy Co:
j . 3 Phones 28 Only 1 Quality the Best
10 Day Sale v of Cut
' Glass-Ware-' '
For the next,ten-days cVe going o give a- dis
count of 25 per cent on all cutfglass iq puf stoclt.
Some of the principal items are : ; !- .
Tall and lowfooted cut latar and cut Krkpe design
shcrbits. ,' - ' ' ' ! "
Goblets of the same cutting as above. t
Water glasses, two shapes, same cutting.
.. The discpunt is also given on all- needle etched
ware that we have in stock. . , : '
. The season is at hand when the psage of the bet
ter grade of gJaRsware is necessary. -
: "You will pvpfit by the saving that we are offering
'vou- - : ;..'" , V., ' ": '
will have been taken. - .
I'ohk. Years to I'ny.
Another hanker inclines to the opin
ion that .three Tears; prohably four,
will be required to recover from the
condUUons that have been prevailing
for 'about orte yeaV. ' '
A big crop, is being produced this
yeart and it will bring iiF a lot of
money," he said, '.but the trouble is
that all of this' money has already
been spent. The wheat costs about $1
to produce, and a profit must he
I Pendleton - ' Oregon
i in-111 L -"'"'ft'O'tgr'"1 1 1 ki -i ;
i M I kt l.l r. k . . - : .
, V'vaJ - ..." r ' '
made by the farmer before he can
"We were four years in creating
the conditions that finally resulted in
the depression that we now feel iand
nave felt for quite a long time. My
own opinion is that an equal length j
of time will be required to get bark
to a normal state. j .
"One of the big difficulties that
stands in the way of adjustment is the
continued high cost of production as
compared to the low prices Vecelyed
by the farmer. It is true that littlo
machinery has been purchased during
the past' yeavs and. in my opinion it
will be at least two more years be
fore much more is purchased. The
reason for this is that more 'equip
ment was bought when machinery
was highest than had ever been
bought before, and now, under tl)e
spur of necessity, the farmer will prac.
tice economy. , Combines, binders,
plows and wagons will last fipr years
with intelligent care,, and I:matilla
county farmers will see to It that
theirs -last as long as possible. Little
buying of equipment Can be expected-
until machinery prices recede, or un
til crop prices go up. "
"Skilled labor usedbn farms ' wit
It takes jihe tea
to make a good
teed ctr Ink
-it's delirious
when iced
:a i -.;,,-
have to come down, too. Help in
harvesting is too high yet" ;
Yerhatllity Help.
Tho versatility of the county Is .a
big aid In such conditions. as"exist at
present, one of the men pointed out.
The Tttllton-Freewater dKtMct' with Its
million dollar income of fruit and
hay, the west end with its diversified
crqps, and the big wheat yield of the
reservation section are all elements
that combine to make the county for
tunate. In addition, the livestock in
terests are diversified and extensive.
The et end of the county will he
in better condition this fall than for
a numHer of years, bankers agree. TJin
very heavy crops produced otK the
lighter lands will ofsist farmers to get
on their rfeet to a degree thoylmve
not experienced for several years.
llssRed Crcmi Gasolim
gor rower (ffiaMiieagfi
p fix
...is. - - - i
ft ,
2 t ,-WSc3rf3
That your engne shall delivrr
'the maxhHum powr: w4 ' ..lt
the maximum speed it was
. designed to develop.
The refining of Red Crown gasoline to make
a high-quality motor fuel is based on a thor-
r ough scientific knowledge of the fuel require- .
. ments of the automobile engine. .
These requirements have been met by the
Standard Oil Company out of its years of
experience and in accord with a policy of true
service in its' field." t '
Look for Standard Oil Service Stations and
for the Red. Crowo sign at service nations
and other dealers. There you wine able to
gt good service with Red Crown gasoline.
I Vi? gasoline s&fF standard
Every need for the
Harvest Time ' v
Sturgis & Stone
V.V, - ,
ill 1
n ii'
The young woman who takes
the chance of tying her future with
yours has practical, sorious prob-
lotno nhpnH Nn doubt VOU Want tO
. proviue ior ncr cunnoii, ouu najji
ness but good intentions will notpay
for a vacation, a pleasure trip or
comforts that mean so much.
' Show her your bank book be
cause she has a right to know what
you hare been doing wjth your
mbney and what efforts you have
made to provide for A home. '
Show her your bank book for
your own good. ' It will bring home
to youJ,he need of practical man
agement of your income and time. It
will strengthen .your resolution to
save and provide for her.v , ,
You jSaye Money
When you get your Refrigerator -ftDftnis.? '
The balance, of our' Refrigerators will be closed
(out at x - ; ', : -
' ' 20 ; Off -
7 See U3 before yoU buy and save money.
v.. coi'nx KT.
riIO.K 49H