East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, July 16, 1921, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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) . 1 iMPnrA or im " 1 1 - , 1,1
jogkjonr Sunday NecdsTh.s3te Store is Prepared for You
wMmaw -unjsisf DKKm.tiN'r ttKt'. "ij" ' ! 1:1
r,rj'r'1 .......... . . . . tuirl
wi, tviu. voi it atti:vii t.,
Ilk- .illit li.) ,,c iiMiirrw Mumius (lie
I inn) Ilia Htglmajr Idowiw Uuii n-ml in
to t.rniit Xnmly. Iletiiiv r,Umn in
mir lMpJa Wiii.hm.
i:i:mi :.miu; to it. tiu Bnni. ti v.
I'ostol'fU'p inula hied witJiin tlm bir
lows' lluy flumps uiul nioiu'v orders.
uuill your letter uiul ihiitcN mist
UiK'kuitos, Wo wrun, nihil ess uiul fort
ward your iwckiiRcs.
'I lie Saturday evening shopper will find these sales running full' blast. Since it is
the spirit of the times to economize it behooves you to look well into these special
events. ou may lie well assured that not a single item comes in the trashy, "take a'
chance" class; but ALL uphold the high standard of quality material by the hi" store
for the past forty years. ,
( Sale of Collars
Sets and vestees, xtra good val
ues at 1-3 the regular price.
Fancy Goods Seel Main .Floor.
Men's Shoe Sale
Offering a fine lot of dress shoes
in values to $12.50. Sale $4.93.
Men's Side. Rear Main Floor
SheeU and Pillow Cases
Replacement needs in good goods
. . at real sale prices,
Dry Goods Side, rear Main
Art .Goods, Half Price
Beautiful stamped pieces of ex
cellent quality, A clean ub sale.
Dry Goods Side, rear Main
. !" Floor.
Silk Underwear Sale
Offering Kayser's fine quality
garments in values to $5.00.
. .. . Sale $2.98.
Dry Goods Side, rear Main
' ' " ' Floor. " '
Sale of Dress Ginghams
A truly meritorious sale of good
. I materials. for good ging
ham dresses.
Dry Goods Side Center Isle.
Men's Fancy Caps
Offering big lot of odds and
ends in values to $4.50.
' Now 59c
Bargain Basement
Women's Fine Pumps
'Sixty pairs of odds and ends in
values to $14.50. Now $4.95
Shoe Department Balcony.
Tissue French Ginghams
ReDresentin? the hpH-pr
diams for the better gingham
Dry Goods Side Center Isle.
Children's Summer
The very prettiest styles and the
newest materials, 1-4 off.
Up Stairs Ready-to-Wear Dept.
Polly Prim Aprons
Unbleached muslin, chambravs
and percales, selling 98c to $2.7.1
Up Stairs Ready-to-Wear Dept.
$1.65 Play Suits 31.00
Here is a good sale. Every little
suit a substantial one. Not
many left.
Boys' Department Balcony v
95c Women's Unions 69c
You'll appreciate this sale as it
represents a truly good saving.
Dry Goods Side, rear Main
v - -
As usual "high grade." Odds
. and ends offered in one fair ,
sized lot at 1-2 price.
Up Stairs, Corset. Section.
Children's Suuimer Hats
Also boys'. Refreshing hats of
excellent quality, 1-3 off.
Boys' Department Balcony v
Women's Vests ,
A clearance sale of knitted gar
ments in values up to 35c.
Now 18c
Dry Goods Side, rear Main
'' Floor.
Fine Dress Voiles
A fair sized lot of pretty voiles
selling oridnally up to $1.25.
Now 69c. ; -
Dry Goods Side Center.
36 Inch Percale
. An excelent grade of this servi
ceable material, dark and light.
Now 19c
Dry Goods Side Main Floor.
Men's Fancy Silk Shirts
One of the best sales held this
' year, values to $10.00.
Now $3.65.
Men's Dept. Main Floor
From March to July Growth in
Sales Amounts to 475 Per
Cent; Enlargement Needed.
Item lfZrlf,iV (tC. VnUCr Pds) tha we have found on hand in our biS ma. Every
item is a good bargain and the good quality of every i tern is guaranteed., -.. ... ....
Duiliiij the week, four of the offl
cUiIh f the (Jiiuilyoar Tir & Itulibi-i-
i;oniiaiiy uf- California' left I.os Ar-'
Hfles for. Akron, Ohio to confer with;
President K. H. Wilmer uiul their offl-
e.!als of the parent eompnny on the I
matter of further Increases In produc
tlon scheilnlea Unit -are . ncccwary in'
order to meet the increased demind 1
for Uoudyear Tires which the western 1
factory Is expeiiencijiK. I
This party, consisted of Vice 1'resi- i
dent and (5ener.il 'Manager A. F. t)s-j
tpfloh, Sales Maiuisfer J. It. Heilly, j
Treasurer V. A. M. Vaughan, and C. j
Sluysur, Factory Siipcrtntendeiit. On I
the eve of their departure Vice I'resi-1
dent A. F. Osteiioh pave out tho fol- t
lowinir facts concerning present bust- :
ness of vhe western comiany, which
has increased steadily since early
f sprinK.
"Indications as early as last March'
j InrticatetK that tho Imrrier which has
i iwieil holJlnr lntk tire sales was about
1 to break. At that time our I.os An-
Soles factory was producing but 730
automobile tires per day.
''Step by step, however, production ;
was BTadually increased until, twain-I
nlng July l, our schedules cull for 3500 '
tires and 1709 tubes daily or art In-1
crease of 475 percent since last March.
."In Merch the Rubber and Text Us;
Mills were'employimj only s.'i people,
while todiy ntore thsn 1250 people are i
rexmired to handle tho nresoht sohed- i
'ules of prodtictkm. Ill Juno'190, the!
Goodyoar Tire ft Rubber Company of
California sold to dealers here, in this !
western territory a total of 32.654 cas- j
ings, while June 1921 thowed sales of i
48.266 casings an Increase of 13,612. j
And it must be remembered, too, that !
June 1320 represented one of the high I
Peak mo'uhs in Goodyear's career. I
Dorm the fiscal year to July 1,
1910 a total of '!M.66li nutmmihth.
I tires were sold in our territory, w hile
(lotinlte sales to J ilv 1. 1'I21. includ-
injr both dealei-s' and manufacturers'
business, totaled 348,992 tires.
"In dollars and cents the business
for June 1921 in all departments of the
California Company comprising auto
mobile tires, truck tires, mechanical
soods, accessories and repair mater
ials amounted to over 11,300,000.
Special to Automobile
ci ( ; ' . ; . 7 ,
Practically everybody before starting on a .trip
with their car wonders (even tho their tires, are :&-
parently in good condition) how. much tire trouble
they are going to have on the road from punctures,
blowouts, glass cuts, etc. If you will only allow lis
to equip your tires, new or old; with t "1
You will not have to worry any more. We guaran
tee them to double your tire mileage, on 'either '"Cord '
or Fabric tires and do away with 90 per cent of . the
inconveniences-caused by punctures; blowouts, etc. .
For further information call. -
Jewett & Dimick
809 Garden St.
Phone 186
;' .-. - - ' : ASK FOR .
rrsrr rmcf Hor icrs
pKJ'jK Initio.
u aubaHruta.
Pprlnfnntfv!nva1ldtandOrowlniChit(lrra I Itleh Milk. Moltrd Oratn Rirtrwl In Powder
The Original Food-Drir.k Kor AllAgco No Cookinc Nourihm DitealibU
in July, whereas In July last year, the ,
combined production amounted to but,
18,000 tires. The decided increase In j
production In both, these factories is
explained by the fact that tire stocks
are low for this time of year and must
be immediately Itioaeascd to take care
of Increased suiles to our dealers. And
In addition to this, the sales to car
manufacturers are showlne a marked
,, ....u..,ui.,iv. .-I..,,. a u. nsui,iu. , JUiy 16. -(A. P.J
... ...r t,wvivi.iwii i ii,i.n.niiitiii niyii iiiu luuieaseu sine in f,.del-.l tiloeenilliiu. n rain id r- ,.
the Ittibber Mill, the Ooodyenr Tex- of new cars." ' ' 1 UC -" "oce!5ln8 afcalnrt Cap
Si of the Kutiber Mill, the CiMxlvcnr Tex
; tile Mills turned-out 2Ti6.706 po-lnds of
fabric for August 1, 1920 to October
SI, 1 a 20 and from Oftoher SI. 1920 to
June 20, this year. HII5.783 nounds
The consensus of opinion of all four
Goodyear officials as they left for their
eastern trip wns that they believed the
tiro industry was once again on a
"led 'n
"child pro-
Were produced. To manufacture this ! .-.mind unit nhslnnH:,l h:iis
enormous amount of cotton fabric,
3 108 bales of loner staple cotton, valued '
nt J'ldfi ft nn noio ,ni,.,..i ii nr..kih A rovnl (ioeree has been
iTutnp from the Salt River Valley in ' ''fl'i'ii for the calllnc of mi intern ,
Arizima and the Imperial Valley In j itdli.il congress for the Pi'oij-cii.m kA
California and every pound of which ! The OLestlon .f ostall-Wni,'
was used In the making of Goodyear ;"' mifrnutional offico '.,
Tires at the western factory In Losttcci f n is to bo discussed
I AnscleA i
"Kstimated produclion of the Tex
tile .Mills for July Is 2uO,noo pounds
for August 250.N'0 pounds and for
Si ptember 27,(I0U pounds.
"The combined production of both
,the Akron and tho Los Angeles fac
tories of the Goodyear Tire & Hubber
Company will be over 30.000 tires dally
The Di'rHct of Columbia is not a
State and Is not represented by a star
on the flat!.
tain Robert ilosenbluth. of Now York.
and Sergeant Roland Tothier, of Provi.
dence, 11. I in connection with the
shooting of -Major AtxartY.w Cronk-
hito ut Camp lewls In October,. 191.S,
tire to bo dismissed, Attorney General '
DauBlierty unnounccd ioday nfter iv -'
personal invcstiSat!dti"'"lT6'"14ld Hit
(vlitome withered by tho. department l.
shnil bp sent to the jroenntlntf attor
ney of l'lorce Coutiry, Wiish., for such
uctiou as ho dccins' proiM!-. :,
- Will llMllUillO rajHTM
XACOMA, July IS, (A. P.l l'ro.
yecutor Seidell said alt tho japers ho
has In tho case hava nut H'onvinccd
In Indli the Itords arc hunted fort him Itosenbluth and Uothlcr should be
their skins. The skins when tanned I tried, lie said, however, li would
arc made into women's and children's ' cxamlius all papers 'the .government
shoes, purses and bugs. . ' wil turn over. , J!'i
Monthly Birthday Book' Builders of our Nation why July is Celebrated 'die World Over
i. K25. Comta da Roehambeau
1, 1714. Oiock. tk composer
a. H2i. Louis XI, of France
, la4. .Nathaniel Hawthorne.author
i. 1755. ttnratl Siddons, scirtta
, 17W. John Paul Jooea
7, J95. Hlghard Dana, patriot
t, 17. Pius-Greene Halleck. poet
8, 1777. Henry lUilam, historian
1.-10. Jolia Calvin, llieolosian
11. 177, rfrnrc v ncy Adams
JS, lSiIiliii Tbortau, author
tile lirsi suv L-n iTcsiJeiiia or i ilw
nited States, lour uer- from Vir
ginia, two from ilissachiiciiis. an
one from Tenneuee. Three of the seven
died on .July 4th. and tivo on tin same
day and year. Two of tht-m w re on he
committee of three thai (:.if . t ue
Declaration of Indep njicif-e. ui.i-h
two died on the same day and yeir.
on the atln.veraar of the Declaration
of lndependtnce. ( Hk- tliat live oui
one had a tun. ui:il Uiut son became .
lO'i'.mnj im
one r!Jte iniiiaf.
a. one Is he i;o stand mon m
; sreatnvM and the un.-Iio.ved udmim
ition of Use world, (Jeorce Washington
iio tiit oEt.ci' lutn
Cr io.:t:. Tile iniiial letter of int
Kicbard Cumberland. B;h- j -"i" tf mtsr of two out of lbs seven i
op of Petersborough I the same, the initial of two ot.ics ihi-
, 18 I fame and the initial of, r
- ivii. ueraro iaogoaine. writer j .,h9 sani'j. Tiie
. in, esir joinua lieynoias. painter stand
i. ii. ur. iaac walls
' 1$. IK9. G'lferl White, naturalist
.J IS. mi. John Martta. painter
S, 17. f'orot. painter
t-'l. 1664. Matthew Prior, poet
;: ii, 1G?1. Antboav At-bley Cooper, pol
., . . '. - Itieiaa -J3,
lilt. Charlotte Cufhman. actress
2-t, IS!. Alexander Uuiiiils, per
?5, lSi. David Et;!aco ,
26, 1456. Henry Vll
' 27, 124. Alexander Dumas, B'
. 2S, 14i. Jacopo Sannazuro, poet
, 2.
J, 1763. Eamnel Rosers, poet
.' St. ' ' - - .-.., -
fti I ppit'ie island
I'Miiaina ,
I'ol'to It. to
Illl '
'I irk.-y
i'roi.11 iv :
"en ' !
J i. ;
J l:
J:i y
2 ui
J. I
J til
2 I
1 I
1 I
2S. 23.
i iu .,.,. ..vlicc l.ay '
fl-e ul.i nl (lie l;.i.Tlilq
I roi l. i,.a, .mi of National IndeptiiJecc
Autioi:., i ln.u pcinlcncj Day
l.,i,cr:, li...,
t utii .i.L;i tJay
Su:: hi. r Ho'iil.iys
l.id' pt-ndeice
Tie lull of the Bastille
litdrpendeiicp Day
N .nucal Independence Days
The K irk's Hirtlnlay
I tub ftendence Day
t.iuTicuu lodepeudeiice Day ' '
h Urpt ndenee J):i
Xitioni't l-'.je
'i h' day of I in- f'atron ,,unt of spall!
I'l'm-'ninMiien of the Coiititurli."ii
C'iH'!ltl'!on v.iv. .- -
l".'-ii.iVri. n-iv
Thrt R Boy Cbn Mrket., ,
iNSTBUCTOX.DftKT Of rirNym.UlIltIW.PWSUe ScHoataOrttTHOlt
Do you kusw-
were 7
John Ailaum
ThoniH? JetTcrson
Jaille .Vladlon
J-'li.'ea AJonrut
Joiin yuuU'y AOjiiis
Andrew Jackuu
Jnf,eion and Adam" dird nn ih"'
ani day of tilt year:; July 4.
I$I. Jlonroe .ld Ju'j' : IS
The Junior Cock
Hi f I tyueliter IWU'I? I
- .iiu-i'u! of I'.uur
st tej.-.puou .t'tli Mlit i
tj. a.-im, iii;'u1 li'.kin poivdor i
VYi;i! ii.,,- ;;p r u,e tins r- .iik in,
1 h-iel iiiii'!".j;,on Till iiird or :r
of oil.
V.'i.ili tlo.- in, Mure is iinm! lily uiixc-j
' 1 I l;!!!!-"',,,,.,;.,,;- vo'.l e.;ter :
ci liiiv
Ol .111.4
I AIMS l ()i: nit I tH lini
I'li.Mf UASKt.r
Vork win, i!-.0 ntigir ir;w and bare:;.
niiulie iik- Uoiii,ii niousir to ai tliL.
vjici- mixed. . '
D.v ,ie into ten p.-n-ti. '
l.'uil out ol the pins into plcce
'""" !:"-'iu'." in d.nine;cr and lit ii,
n..i;in tins Kit neatly around tin
.-;: ai',1 be sure thern i,no link-' In
iii! -!ie:i llil-OUKh ii1.-b tlie jLlee nu;
Pii77le Corner FOURTli OF TUUlf
.... I
t:i:i with pitted chei'i'if-i
a a lablc-poji'iiHi to earn !
1 ui compot(e of li letters.
My 6-4-J-ll-l.' mean honestly.
Mf -7 is tha abbrwiatioa of a boy's!
-,'uamo. ';
iljr 1018 is a burt of anser. .
1 U as iclamuuon.
K:( waoie is a nell loved holiday In '
July. i
UI.IOUXAL l'1..l.r;
t It Hie foliowum ait wiittea, oue be!
, lew auolhcr, their diagonal tettvia. tw-'
t iiiutii at the upper eft hand vol out
and ending at ti,s lower rij(iit ban
ivorucr. tpeil the name of something j
, ceo In t'ouinh of July celebrations.
I 1 1. To Chan; trom one position to
I. A union of p-nou in ona inter-1
i I.
. .
i .
To tiiU'.ecd the mind.
Itlders of hore. t
Email piece of anything. j
A tentlnel on hrfback.
K ef any kind. !
KMOMA-Tfe.J. Mug, 0. fourth.
. Jul. - !
- P1AU0SAL niflfl Tsraffi '
5 1. Jewa-a 1. Smeitlt. , J. icl
4. Jrkrgt k, if ";. i. te4ftle.
"Kfc. .tlvi. iAaWaaawMaaiwaaaaMaaii " "'mm -mm.. . .
I '"-N 'rf'S i
P.: i
- Kiuft
' ten ser.t'i'ou-iy The amount
-"';'' will . depend - on 'be Kind
irn rv t.ui you wiil r.ee.1 ui.
p ' ii: e-u-h
iij.iui Z lab. ft.
I.' 1
til' i,
Ay .
. , ; sj
' v
l ' '
0 111 111!
i .i
V.Hi u
-.';i;:e p
o; tier
v;!b j i i.
il IIM'I. I'
pi.ier i-ii
'i "W i'li a fur,. i .ei in.eiit lor
'be top ol ti.. (I to make boats,
''C Some of (lit-
"'"' "" ,
Use A LlGHT -' , , ; f.V&Zmi '
i . ; ' (
(4) f'i ,,)iwi-AJ-i V 'JrjL Clock ,? ''- ',
L LA ll i 0 - I ! 1 totfjMO()
yjrrrz . U 1. ' y "i Jj Alam Clock O i
i '"JJ I ' 1 1 v -' , Otmc Shall Clock? .
"v y U $' J srcTion Pr.novt ALAPn 4
TunuxY ' SPmna Ano Adjust)
' i ' - ' J JmuvvV a '
0i , ii, , NAIL 50LXflO ! i OR AMMO AnP NOTtX
' y- ' To Pncpi, tif, ...... y-N . 1 3WI Olf
fY 1 1 ' y (NI '.Jn fiimtsiouM hay'
y Vl . . I ' "3HALLT -v A ' Si NCCCSiAAY TO
?.? tJ,r'- ' i i lv" nrT ' ynaJklf Suit nrcHAw t
r-lf STtnfoHAHts n '.CI Avail A0Lf mm-, k
' U .. L..'. So'-0' Tv" Xj I lit i Covim hull WrTX
'"Mhi6lAO,- - 4' LJ, iL- ' .. ,. CAHQLt t,r. 1
To Gil Poe 1 . , ' .
Pnnraw. L'StL! f '-ULt'J-, ' ' "; "' ' ' -
' .'' ''
snuif III, 'Jlie propeller ahaft consiUf
luS uuyltt lo pi'inc an Inieiestlrts
tor any buy uhu like.
1 1
u - .'.)
If p.p.-!
Oil' III
- f'l 0
II, nt. !
lid pick .'
!. T'ie.-e
M til,
I .fully th ,
i ic v e;-y
Mf. nil I '
'' U I il.lt i
mi"-ii I
snuif III,' 'J'lie propeller abaft consists
or a nail .oidored lo the propeiicr,
llien lo I )il nail I, aoldered a amU
ililin iii:,,l f,, , m. . .
Iraau-a m iy Have to Uo changed ,u e ' oi,l, , . ' " ?
-lit Hi .i.M-i,.,n,.:,n you will have i ' ! !,, "'i . 1 i",UZ'1'- "
.l:.l.l.- l,Mi,.l Hill l. u .e ...iv " '. " mi e.iutui mat II
ditiiriiMbiii! ultown !
'liirn to do. Tiie bout from whlrii this
should not be soldered.
!r-.wi,i8 niiide was sueewsfully I . " ", ' " ''
i.e. fid. and .Im. one boy has done, I ' ' ,?fl "1 eU"'k fr'
i, ,,, o.li.- ,n il.n An - I ' . ' " v' Periment.
The iit-i teiiais rfiiiilred will be home
:..,:lit wioii lor the hull, the -ork!
rum j tin. ill cioi h a. id Mimic tin. i
Let lis iiuku the bull Oral, al it !
10 t.'ie (iii usJ for winding 4h
having a rectantular plecat ahaot
iron toldered to H.'U"hls, ol course, la
for winding the mechanism. i.
No figure are hovn for tha amount
the propeller blade are lo ba bent.
Tha purport of the bendinit Ii evident'
and the amount neecwary will have to
be determined by trial, 11
To preaerva I ha boat It ahould ba
P;bu4 or covered wltlt card! grease.
The one from which tha drawing waa
jus4e was Kivrn (he latter treatment, y
t ut out rachvlv alm s Hie dott'd llii , mid e ulial Hobble Is tip to
p Uia Glutlvua tuw lh. XUcu so and do liLewl.-.t.
a . "A
J: P
S'jluliun Fourth ol July Vut (Jul
J to tlie .i'ii, of i emming tlm ao'il
' tie ?:t .WI. 'u 1 1 -1 ' i 11 rj ilifm n-,i.,iiit
I "' SH'fi for l.ij.iitf i) ill the HmII.
I 'l'"l'i' iliiivvti nhiinld prove allf jrvy
I lltiPliui v be .Used If dei-ed, bat ,f vaih
. b.ni inly idniH of your on utiitvl
I'll! Of lli) toy, use IIiriii 'i ftUl
; nf the bull in hollow, d out uaaboaia to
'lve added Hunt ni-o. to lh t,i4, A
liln pi,..-e nf ivood pla,fd-- t-L
iron! .or!on m a iei U.
H Hi (lie tha eiui-d .rt,j ,v c.4-ai :
'print nhoiil-l be v, miil j,J.v-P'-1'ir
U dri'en. .roiti the ito, Wi if
liia hands. To thi aiem u
tua propeller ahuft, inaklBj U S ,
The Fourth of July
AA' :lli,vi"g 4fc jOii lJii (lie very ftneM day '
nil ant
hvl ivajliing wnj! wilil aVp
f to io!, J ,uiil Ijope!
frol i ,mi tumid j'i no! tiv w,
Nwrl f .V.oititlt ' ;ip,
K-.i' A ii -Fiwii La spi'!)' t) it -,
. , li.ik .fi,1, i". Mm!
lh Fourth of old1 !ulv!
4y lliry lore the chaini tway,
And gave the battle cry . .
Ilia! wunded to tlie1 iky(
So I will rf (tie great parade,
I a ilmw my loyally"
Tu who were not afraid,
1 fip,ht (or you and rn
And ict iltji country freeH""