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i Mews Notes of Pendleton j
June J7-Auiuit I -fiummer
Normal Bofcool, A ,
July 10 Jo 1 EllUon-Whlt
September 22, 28. 21 Annual
Pendleton Round-Up.
Woodmen Knjoy Mertlng.
; Raspberry Ice cream and cake In lib
eral quantities were nerved last night
at the monthly meeting of the Wood
men of the World which proved one
of the most enjoyable ever hold. Of
ficers to serve for the coming year
were Installed, and a class of five can
didates were Initiated.
Itchnlld at Myrk.
Work was started todny at Myrlck
on a new warehouse that will be con
ntructed by the raclfto Coast Elevator
Co. to replace the structure that was
recently destroyed by fire. The ware
house proablyi will be about jno feet
long and SO or 80 feet wide. It will be
To Start Harvesting.
Dave Nelson will start harvesting
operations at his ranch north or ren
dition tomorrow. lie expects to pun
the machine out this afternoon and get
It In tune for the strenuous work that
Is ahead of lt,ln the season's threshing.
Nofcro ow Senteiioo,
Frank Brown, colored, tried yester
day In the court of Justice Joe H.
Parkes on a charge of vagrancy, which
grow out of his alleged Insult to a
white woman several days since on the
utreeiH of Pendleton, was given a fine
of 250 and a Jail sentence of 30 days.
Truck DnmngoH Cars
Three cars and a milk truck were
Camnged lost night' when the driver of
the Red White and Blue dairy truck
lost control of . the "machine while
reaching for a cigarette which his
companion had thrown upon the seat
of the car. The driver, fearing a fire,
reached for the cigarette stub and as a
result crashed Into the rear of the O.
W. Coutts machine which was parked
of the milk wagon were smashed. The
Coutts car was shoved Into two other
cars which were slightly damaged by
the Impact. The accident caused con
siderable noise which was very audible
during the Chautauqua program at
Ilnppy Canyon.
Is Convalescing
William Blusher, Umatilla county
pioneer, Is convalescing In Portland.
He was operated upon recently.
Use the Phones
Grocery, 2 Phones 526
Other Depts. 78
Maximum Is (M
The weather, says Major Lee Moor'
house, Is more temperate than that ex
perienced In July for many years. The
maximum today Is only 88 with a
minimum of 4 S. The barometer regis
ters 28.C0.
rushed to completion as rapidly as on Webb street near Happy Canyon
pnsslbln In ordor to take care of the Tho rear fender of the machine was
wlieat crop which Is about ready to torn off and the back of the car dam
move. ' sged, while the windshield and fenders
Leaves for Milton.
To assist Milton women In mailing
plans for their part In the fulr which
Is to be held. In that region this fall,
Mrs. Edith G. Van Deusen. homo
demonstration agent, left today for
Milton. i
s7 ; Lm.wai
Use the Phones
Grocery, 2 Phones 526
Other Depts. 78
In Otir Aft Uenartment
on the main floor is found lots of new and pretty things to be made up,
'towels, bed spreads and the like. . V '
Have a look at our window and pick out something to make up during your vacation,
Are you out for the BEST VALUES Of. course you are ! You can find them, too,
Come in; be your own judge. , ,
Lunch cloths, embroidery Ebodx, .
at Alexander's.
Package Embroidery Goods
Jt 101101101 101101101101-
Pie Cherries
Place Your Order Now.
TF7 .-., T T,irll.
Pendleton Cash Market, Inc.
301 E. Court Street
Phones 101 Private Exchange Connect
both Departments.
-lOITOl 101 T01 101 TOT 101 101 101-"
Luncheon for KkeylilU.
Tom Skeyhlll, Anzac and soldier-po-ct,
will be welcomed by Rotarlans to
morrow at their Wednesday lunch an.
Skeyhlll, who will be here to fUl a
Chautauqua engagement, Is a Rota-
inaMjw Vapat inn Trln
Mr. and Mrs. Joe H. Faraes wno nao x
planned to leave today were compelled (X
. nnortntiA ttinii trln fnr A few rtflVS 1
on account of burns received by Mrs.
Parkes. Her hands were Injured when
a small quantity of gasoline exploded.
Her condition Is not serious, and the
trip probably will be taken the latter
part of the week.
Will Give Demonstration.
Mrs. C. F. Lake Mr 8. R. Wright,
Mrs. Edward Mason and Mrs. Jennie
Shepherd will give a paper dress form
demonstration tomorrow at Freewa
ir. They received their training
from Mrs. Edith G. Van Deuson, home
demonstration agent who will attend
the meeting aitd who will give in
struction in the making of gingham
wJfcJUe npitMM 'l"yv '! m i nil i iiiiiiihhmmi mm
"fhe Harding Rhie Bautolr and Rracelet. This new novelty origi
nated by the Klger Iloyn have only been on the market three weeks,
but.-r-O Boy these three weeks ! !
If you haven't one get one now, be In style with the rest, and be one
of the firvt In your town to wear a Harding ISiue Ribbon on your
watch or a Sautoir. ' Come In and see us, we have Just received a big
selection at very little rost. (Oon't delayl Come now). Hanscom
always has the best and newest. ' " . -
'.';'";.'"'. ". ' ' GIFTS THAT LAST
HansconTs Jewelry Store
ICnlcf Oie Toddle Top.,.
As a close second to the dice which
are in demand at local jewelry shops,
the "toddle top" or "put-and-take. .
has made Its appearance In Pendleton
stores. "Toddle tops" have been
known by various names for centuries.
They offer a new opportunity for aev
nteea of cames of chance and their
popularity Is growing.
fTliih is Orcanlwd.
Forty men and women of the Reea
and lfawley mountain region have or
ganized a Community Club, says Mrs.
Judith G. Van Deusen, home aemon-
uirntinn aeent. who adaressea me
Imeeting Saturday. The club will be
devoted to community enterprises. A
request has bee made for home dem
onstrations, which wilV be supplied by
Mrs. Van Deusen.
Curtain Goods
Make curtains and
side drapes from our .
materials and be satis
fied. We're sho wing a
varied assortment for
your choosing. We'll be
glad to send out several
bolts to try in the room.
Cretonnes. . 25c to $1.50
Sun-fast. $2.00 to $4.50
Silk and Cotton Mad
ras ... . $1.23 to $3.00
Damask . ....... $4.00
Tapestries. $8.00 to $10
Etc., Etc.
A big assortment of high grade package goods,
ready made to embroider, is here for your choosing,
such as night gowns, children's dresses, rompers,
baby coats, women's pajamas, curtain pieces, etc.
Made of best quality materials and stamped with at
tractive designs 35c to $3-0
Cars in Collision.
One wheel was torn off and other
damage was done to the car drivtn by
Judge James A. Fee when a big car
with a Washington license smasneo
into it on East Court street in front of
the Fendleton Iron Works. Monday
evening. The cars collided, and the
Washington machine was damaged to
the extent of a bent fender, but the
greater part of the loss was visited on
the Fee machine.
Refit Doom for Rotind-rp.
The Ellis-Schiller Co., in response
to a request made by Mrs. Edith O.
Van Deusen home demonstration
agent, will during Round-Up devote
the show room of the Main street
building to women's rest room pur
poses. Mrs. van .Deusen states mm
in the past rest room facilities during
Round-Up have been very inadequate.
She has conferred with Claude Barr,
secretary of the Pendleton Commercial
Association, and with H. W... Collins,
president of the 'Round-up Assocla
tlon, and plans are being made for bet
ter rest-room facilities at the Round
up grounds. , .
Bucilla Perle, 15c to 30c; all colors.
Glossilla Rope, all colors, 6c skein.
Boil proof; in all colors. Big yardage and easy to
work with. ,. i
Bucilla, 6 Strand, 4c; all colors.
Bucilla Floche, 5c; white only; all sizes.
' Embroidery Hoops, 20c; all sizes. -
Needles, 10c, 15c
Silk Crochet, 60c, 65c; many colors.
Glosilla Crochet, 25c; many colors.
Curtain Nets and
Scrims 28c to $1.50
A new lot came the
other day. Come in and
pick out your needs. We
can give you the quality
and color you wish. Let
us figure with you.
Make your slip-overs '
of Bear brand ; yam.
Come to this store for it
. we oner oueusum iKa
Vienna, Lady Fair, Ger- ':.
mantown and others in j
a wide range of the , r-
1 ! T ' .' ..
leaning snaues. . , .
rricea oy xne dju, t
. 25c to 50c -
Open Stock Embroidery Goods of all
kinds, 35c to 3.00 1 rc:: .. ;
" '; ' TOWELS - -V?".-;;
Stamped, ready to embroidery. , Dainty designs.
50c to $2.50. 4 "t
Stamped Centerpieces and Scarfs 85c to $2.00
Silk Embroidery Floss, Rope, Royal and Others,
' 8cSkein.
About that
22. cai. for
tin ' " t iii i, mill11"'"1 "
.4-: - :.. .- u b
Mow Sacks Vscd.
A tendency to use sacks in Increas.
Inc numbers for containing the mil
lions of bushels of wheat and other
grains harvested In Umatilla county is
seen In the number that are being
taken out by farmers. The increase is
believed to have been gradual since
the close of the war. During war days,
a great deal of wheat was shipped In
bulk, but now there is much more than
goes in sacks. One reason for the
popularity of the sacks Is that a more
Ham's Transfer
Res. none 3781
poorly constructed freight car can be
1 tho .rrnin if It is contain-
i" .;:r it me gram is(
shipped in bulk, the r
tight. Some farmers are sticking to
the bulk method of handling and pre
fer It to nsing sacks. There are more
sacks used in Umatilla county in grain
handling, dealers declare, man m ..,
other section of the state.
n.r i . A tu . o n-. J friage has been socialized not women.
uuienucii ui men oca DidiiuiA1i d
Marital Clause in
Silly and
Law as
Receipts From East Oregonian
Prove Link Which Men Use
to Find Place of Robbery
Jewelry, keys, cast-off clothing,
gloves and a Union Taclfic time table
are some of the clues found to Indicate
the identity of the perpetrator 01 a
robbery that evidently was committed
at the home of J. T. Hale within the
past forty-eight hours.
The collection of materials was
found Monday afternoon in the north
west corner of the' grounds at the golt
links by Marshall Spell and Carl Hopf
when the two were looking for a ball
Htopf had driven into the tall grass
near the third hole. Spell spied a part
of tne clothing first, nnd their curios
ity aroused, the men kept up the
search until they had found a collec
tion that made them wonder if a mov
ing van hod spilled part of its contents
on tho ground.
Their suspicions that a robbery hart
been committed caused them to notiry
the authorities on their return to town.
nid this morning In company of Dep
uty Snorlft W'es Spears they returned
to the place. A more thorough searcn
revealed the, fast that a Jewel box, ana
a couple ot necKiaces una uce mum
ped by a ma ,. A pair of riding breech
es with roll puUeos were lying near.
Included In the collection of stuff
were a num&er ot receipts .irom tne
Hast Oregonian fo J. T. Hale for sub
scription payment - The party of men
trailed across the golf links to the Hale
home. The family has been gone for
several days, and n examination dis
closed the fact- that the house had
been entered and ransacked.
Whether the robbery was commit
ted by a hobo or was me wont or a
small bov is a pussle the attaches f
the sheriffs office are attempting to
determine.', , 1
PARIS, July 12. (Newton C. Parke,
I. N. S. Staff Correspondent.) "A
woman owes obedience to her hus
band." These two sentences figure In
the marriage code of French laws and
around them a fierce battle now rages
In all society circles in France.
The trouble came when Senator
Martin, a supporter of Women's suf
frage, introduced an amendment in
the senate to have the second sentence
suppressed or modified. M. Martin
considers the sentence as too humaliat-
ing to women and thinks that such
terms are unnecessary in the marriage
laws. He believes that the affection a
woman has tor her husband should
suffice to call for obedience without
tho law treating married women as
though they were school children.
Cpinionr of well known French wo
men have been sought on the subject
and here ai t some of their answers:
Madame "Miropolsky. a Frenchwom
an by birth and an extremely capable
woman lawyer, says: "Article 213
(the one containing the above two
clauses) is quite harmless. It carries
no penalties. Thcr., are happy mar
ried couples who tt-lieve in it and on
the other hand there sre happy mar
ried couples who are ouite of a con
trary disposition. I.nw Is powerless to
f x the rules of mnt'.IM Intimacy."
n the opinion of Mille. Fanny Hsldy,
of 'he Paris opera: !! the husbani
is redlly superior to h's wife then tho
hitter obeya him ou' of pleasure and
not Lccause the a rays so. If th"
contrary is the Ca-c and it Is not rare
to f'r.J it so then no law en earth
will make a wouhi the blind-folded
slave :i her husJtnd. As lor hus
tmnd't protection o are ,uite ca
pable t proti ting ourselves and 1
think we have i - that. Article
213 ohould certainly be ban-thed."
Tlio Mii. Should Otic). .
The celebrated doctress, Mllle. Pel
letier to much the same opinion.
"Although I liv nc.er had a hus
band," she svi, "i also find Article
211 very hunuiu.ing for women Our
country is vet r.1 r. behind the tlmea.
In Russia the general emancipation of
women U tut advanced. There mar-
All domestic work is done by profes
sionals and the education of children
is given by the state. A woman can
thereby live intelligently and inde
pendently." Secretary of a section of the Union
for Women's Suffrage, Madame Bach
Cremieux, finds the incriminated ar
ticle "absolutely . Iniquitous." To
think," she says, "that a married wo
man is considered Incapable of .prop
erly conducting herself! "Marriage is
an association; there is no chief. In'
practice, happily, the law does not ex
ist But on principle I think it should
be abolished."
Mile. Madelein Roch. the famous
French tragedienne, would merely
change it around and make It read
that a husband owes obedience tolls
wife." - ' . ' ; ' ;
: Madame Colett. a well known write,
who haa been married , twice, when
asked for her opinion replied: "I had
forgotten all about it although it. must
have been read to me twice. As such
a text never existed in my married life
I feel absolutely Indifferent whether1
it is suppressed or not." j.-t-Even
sporting circles were not
spared in the search for opinions on
a subject which Is interesting Franc
so greatly, and "Mile. Helene DutrJeu,
France's foremost woman aviator,
thinks. "Woman is made to obey
man. I don't think the law so badly
constructed, and, after all, "it is so sim
ple not to get-man-led if you do" not
want to accept-the inconveniences; M
well as the advantages ' of married
life." . . '
Very s:i?ri and exclusively tem.fiiiie
the ii'-w I trif'&rt parasols bi ol
srlsji-fiowored taffeta, with shlirej
edvvs and t'ny I'iffles. .' ' .-
10 Day Sale of Cut
Glass Ware
For the next ten days we are going to give a dis
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Some of the principal items are :
Tall and low footed cut star and cut grape design
Goblets of the same cutting as above.
Water glasses, two shapes, same cutting.
The discount is also given on all needle etched
ware that we have in stock.
The season is at hand when the usage of the bet
ter grade of glassware is necessary.
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Ore r on
i i