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Thin In No. 38 of the fourth aeries of article iHHiied by the 'Xatlnnal Kinder
uartcn AHBoelntloa, 8 West 40th Street, New York City. They are appearing
weekly In theeti columns.
Hj- Ilurothy CanflcUl Fiwhor, Author of UndcrfOood Hetft Tim lirimming Cup.
The young woman who takes
the chance of tying her future with
yours has practical, serious prob
lems ahead. No doubt you want to
provide for her comfort and happi
ness but good intentions will not pay
for a vacation, a pleasure trip or
comforts that mean so much.
Show her your bank book be
cause she has a right to know what
you have been doing with your
money and what efforts you have
made to provide for a home.
Show her your bank book for
your own good. It will bring home
to yojj the need of practical man
agement of your income and time. It
will strengthen your resolution to
save and provide for her.
The lecturer wan describing and
advocating: modern, humane and In
telligent methods of dealing with
young; children. As he posed for an
Instant, a grlm-fiiced woman rose up.
"Will you answer me one plain ques
Hon?" she challenged him. "This
shilly-BhallylnK with children Is all
right at times, but there are times
when nothing- but a good spanking
will do. What do you do when a
child stamps his foot and says "I
won't do it!' "
If you'd avoid both jolt and jar
. Let us inspect your motor car.
Wouldn't that Jar you?" remarked the careless autoltst as he
landed in the ditch. "Only yesterday 1 reud an ad advising me to have
an expert Inspect my car but I thought I wus some wise buby. Now
look at me. I wonder in the name of the man who Invented mile
(tones how far It Is to the nearest telephone;" Telephone to us!
SerrV Car Iay and Night
, Shop phone, 870
518 Willow
An eastern circus organization will
tour the country this year In motor
trucks costing from $12,000 to 130,000
apiece. It Is estimated the saving in
rail charges will fo a long way to pay
for this equipment. The motorized
circus will be able to travel anywhere
and, being Independent of train ser
vice can maye towns not often visited
by large shows.
May Escape the Dreaded Suf
f ering of that Period by
Taking Mr. Block's Advice
Hopkins, Minn. "Dunne Chance ox
Life I had bot flashes and suffered foi
two Tears. I saw
"""NjLydia E. Pinkhara'f
1 Vegetable Com
pound advertised ir
the paper and got
good results froir
taking it. 1 recom
mend your medicine
to my friends anc
you may publish
this fact as a testi
monial. "-Mrs. Rob
ert Block. Box 64
Hopkins, Minn.
It bas been said that not one woman in
a thousand passes this perfectly natural
change without experiencing a train of
very annoying and sometimes painful
symptoms. Those dreadful hot Hashes,
sinking spells, spots before the eyes,
dizzy spells, nervousness, are only a few
of the symptoms. Every woman at this
age should profit by Mrs. Block's experi
ence and try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound.
If you have the slightest doubt that
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound will help you, write to Lydia E.
Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass.,
about your health. Your letter will be
opened, read and answered by a woman,
and held in strict confidence.
I fit
Iyvtu A
9 a. m, to S p. m.
Modem Dentistry
hi All Branches.
Let Government Bonds Abso
lutely Insure Your Investment M LEGISLATION MAY
The lecturer waited. The question
er added nothing to her question.
"Do you call that a plain question?"
he asked in an incredulous tone, as
though he could not believe his ears.
"1 certainly do," she said with satis
faction. "Well, Madam," said the lecturer,
"I will answer that plain question if
you will answer one of mine. 'J low
big is a house?"
The woman stared. "That's not a
plain question. What sort of a house?"
"Ah!" said the lecturer, "you can't
answe me till I have told you what
sort of a house? ' Well, I can't ans
wer you till you tell me what sort of
a child."
"I don't see what that's got to do
with it," said the woman, but some
what taken aback.
"Weil, here's a case. A little child
of three, very nervous, sensitive, re
cently over an illness, has been on a
long, hot railway journey. At the end,
exhausted from lack of sleep, excited
to the point of distraction by the noise
and a thousand fears he cannot ex
plain, with a beginning of stomach
trouble from the irregular meals, he
is told by someone who does not un
derstand little children to carry a
satchel much too heavy for him. Per
haps you would expect a three-year-old
to say, under such circumstances,
I'm sorry, but I'm not feeling very
well and It is really quite beyond my
strength.' Hut I don't blame him a
bit for stamping his foot and scream
ing. And certainly he does not de
serve the same treatment as a loutish
boy of fourteen who refuses to obey
a reasonable request. And yet you
expect some answer that will be the
same for both those canes."
Every child is different from every
other child, and only his mother is in
a position to know how to take him.
All sets of circumstances are different
from all others and only those who
know all about the case have any
chance In guessing what is the right
thing to do. You must do that most
difficult of all things, think, and think
hard, before you know what Is the
right thing to'do. Rut before you bj-
gin to think just rememner mai ir
child stamps his foot and says
won't," to you it is because you have
brought him up wrong. When you
see a dog that habitually snarls and
shows his teeth, you do not say "What
a disagreeable nature that dog has.
You Bay, "Heavens! what a brutal
master the poor creature must have
"Into the twilight of the world are
launched each year myriads of tiny
ships. I'nder a sky of clouds and
stars they groupe out to the great
waters and the great winds little
sloona of life, on whose voyage the
! future hangs, they go forth blind,
feeling their way. Mothers, and you
!who will be mothers, and you who
have missed motherhood, give them
their chance," John Galsworthy.
The Kindergarten through right de
velopment of the God-given powers of
mind and soul provides for these little
voyagers and guiding influence, by
which to attain the inalienable right
to life, liberty and the pu.suit of hap
If you are interested in the educa
tion of children, help establish kinder
gartens in your community. For in
formation address the National Kin
dergarten Association, 8 West 40th
Street, New York City.
Hall's Catarrh Medicine
Those who are In a "run down" condi
tion will notice that Catarrh bothers
them much more than when they are In
food health. This (act proves that while
Catarrh is a local disease. It la greatly
Influenced by constitutional conditions.
Tonic and Blood Purifier, and acta through
the blood upon the mucous surface of
the body, thua reducing the Inflammation
and restoring normal condition.
All druggist. Circular free.
F. J. Cheney A Co., Toledo. Ohio.
The New Way of Developing Fortunes in Oil
THE DAY OF THE GAMBLE IS PAST-Oil Investors need no longer "take
a chance." RELIABLE oil operations should now be just as safe as preferred
industrial stocks. DEMAND IT!
If you are at all interested in making money in oil, take advantage of
THIS opportunity, wherein the element of chance is so simple and reliably
We Offer Every Investor the Squarest Possible Deal and Ab
solute Security
Our syndicate has bona" fide lenses on over 5,000 acres of deeded prospective oil land in the great
Lance Creek vicinity, adjacent to Lusk, Wyo. Leases are in First National Hank of I.usk.
. We want to sink a well and haven't the necessary money. Yon help us get it, and share In the im
mense profits that are assured. And you are not going to be permitted to suffer loss, for
Here's Our Safety-Guarantee Plan:
Absolutely the most unique and careful financing plan yet introduced Into oil pioneering. For
every dollar subscribed and deposited with our Trustees (we receive no moneys). Liberty Honds of equal
face value are purchased by them and held in trust as security for your money. At the end of a year,
when wo I'ltOVE that there Is oil on our holdings, you shall then decide between accepting stock in our
company or demanding your bonds. Isn't that about as fair and square an opportunity of participating
in the great weulth daily being earned by oil, without risking the usual percentage of loss, as you ever
heard of?
You Simply Cannot Lose!
Only sufficient monly to do what is actually necessary .is wanted. The fewer in, the greater pro
rata profit. And we want the profit of those who co-operate with us to be something worth while, Jf
YOU have the cou.ago of a pioneer, YOU, TOO, shall be one of the fortunate ones, if you
WASHINGTON, ( July 2. (I'. P.)
tax legislation may precede the tariff,
following a dinner with the president.
"I am inclined to believe the tax leg
islation will he first adopted, he said.
"They may hold the tariff bill in the
finance committee after it passes the
house until the tax bill has been pass,
ed and then give the tax bill prefer
ence. The country wants the tax bill
and is entitled to it," he declared. "1
will be mistake if congress does not
put taxation aheud of tariff." Repre
sentative ltlanlon of Texas, demanded
in the house that the tariff bill be de
layed until September first.
ico through Pacific toast ports and
Guatemala during l!tS0.
Lesson Boards
Right is reserved to return oversubscriptions. ,
Send No Monev to Us. All funds go Into the Kscrow department of the Hellman Commercial Trust
& Ravings Hank of Los Angeles. Newspaper space prohibits explanatory justice being done this remark
able Plan for safely developing oil fortunes. Write TODAY for complete data and details of how you
can win In oil development without taking tho usual big chance.
Here's tho key to success, und the insurance against loss. Recall Mr.. Rockefeller's beginning and
ACT! t-
California-Wyoming Oil Syndicato,
333 C. C. Chapman Rldg.
Los Angelas, California,
Send mo further Information In detail regarding your safety-guarantee plan
for developing oil lands. r
Kscrow IX-pnrtinent, Hellman Commercial Tnist St Raving Wank, los Angt lcs, riVposltory for all
funds nd rrtVroncc as to legitimacy ml reliability of this plan
I x
Good Music Good Eats
Good Roads
If You Use
You Have No Tire Trouble
Gertson & Marty
639 Cottonwood Street Phone S9S
This is the aim of us all, no matter
what we buy it is the basic
principle of all economic
When we tell you therefore that
in buying tires, when the best
service at the lowest cost per mile
is your objective
should have your best thought.
In the Rugged, Cord and Traffik treads,
with the high quality and unusual mileage
which they give, and considering the new
low prices they present a proposition
which you really cannot afford to overlook.
Your choice of the well known Cord,
Rugged and Traffik Tread.
Dvop in and let us convince you.
amilltllB(l!EtlBj!!B "
Barney Oldfield
Pennsylvania Vacuum Cup
The Nation's best tires at the lowest priees.
Enjoy your trip with a set or an extra of new tires.
Pendleton Rubber & $
iipply Co.
305 E. Court St.
Wholesale and Retail.
WM. DUNN, Mgr.
Phone 135
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