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page five
. ' ' I ..II '. .I.,-,. .1 IMH.,1.. I. -,,....!,. I. - -. 1.
People Here" and There
Clifton A. 'IiII1Ih ur Klgln wiih
here yt-Htrndny.
' Edylhe Hoyil
here yenteriliiy.
of Htpin' Hlioppeil
Ray Pefforiilt' of Wiilla Wnllii Hprnt
Frlriiiy In IVmlleton.
J. 1,. Weitviir of KntrrpriHP Biiinit
ypstenluy In Pmdlnion on IiiihIiichh.
Hi'IIIiik nil klmlH of ini'irliamllNc Ih
thn IjuhIiihhk of Martin MniliHon who
whs here today on a IjiihIiii'Sh nilRslon.
lie Ih proprietor of the gi'liiMul Htore
Ot CayuHe.
.Murriiif,'!' Uivn. (ranltl.
A lli'i-iiHi- to w-l him licon Knitilod
to Lee Julie, of m. Grand!-, a railroad
man, and J.ela Ueeouiwy of Pendle
ton, '
! MnliirlKt I'lnol.
I U. 1). l.emley wiih lined $.1 tliU mor
nlnif In jiollen court for hnvltur pnrked
Ineorreetly. .'or drivliiff on a Hide
walk C. V. Jirurher of pilot JiorU
paid a fine, of $r.
Major K. ftwartsslander, of the tlnui
tllla Indian Afrenry, and nun, I.hw
renre Swurtzlunder, left today liy unto
for MIxhoiiIu, Monluna lo meet Mih.
Swartzlander. Bhn in returning ufter
an extended may at Devlin l,oke,
North Dakota, where nlie waR failed
by her father's death.
SAN FHANCIHCO, June sif,. ( L'.
I .(--One of the larKent reflnerleH an
noil need a deereiiKe of 1U cents In the
price of wiKiir, lirlnKing it to f ii.no
I.llilil Ituin Wcilid
A Hunt ruin would aid In filling thf
hendH of the wheat, my fnrniern, who
are hoping for June Hhoweid. A heavy
rain would prohnhly do damage tint a
little niolxturp would be moat welcome,
nay w heat growers. '
vrrrcitAX si'cckkiw immnki,f
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i About tliiM time of year the weath
er sort of "hru" up In rinatllla coun
ty, which In very Rood tieraiiHR the
(train fiehlH need il. However, thone
who can do (to try to Knt away and bo
Mr. and Mi'h. 1.. I,. Hotel's, their two
duUKhtera, unil Mr. unci Mih. Harold
P.urnett are motoring to Seunlde. The
purty Ih reninleri cl ul Hie Imperial.
I; To be Kovnrnor of Oregon for u few
days Ih an honor that rumwi to not
every man.' Heniitor Hoy V. Itltner Is
anions the few. He left last nlirht for
fiulem where lie will lie the chief Mute
executive diiilnx the time that Gover
nor lien W. Olfolt Ih In t'uinp Lewis
to nee the nation::! Board iinltn. The
Pendleton man'H first icntminiitorliil
duty prolmlily will he to prcHlde at a
heurlntf In Huleiu on a ri'iiulxltlon
from the governor of .!:iHHachii"i-tts
for the extradition of Samuel Ki-irul,
now in custody In Portland, und who
Ih wanted In Uostoti on a non-support
ehurrre. Inspector Harrison Ih here
for 8!Kul, who will fithl extradition.
WASHINGTON, June li-V (A. P.)
Houtlruw wilKon appinri'd In per
Min In the chambers of Chief Justice
.McCoy, District of Columbia supreme
court' to be admitted to practice.
e A .f.o-calibcr maciilne pun has been
developud by the I'nited States army,
caimble of firinit a bullet which, ut
Jim yards, will penetrate one-Inch ar
mor ptute.
LewiK said there was no Ul-feellnK,
no rancor In hlH mind. "I have used
honorable methods. I w.-is not n
Hearst candidate and know nothing of
the trouble-between him and (iompcrs.
I appreciate the proxresHive note of
the convention, wiiTcii wuh indicated
hy the vote tur mi: 1 am content with
t ho vole.
The convention will be concluded
tonight with the last matters com ng
up. They probably will complete
their work eurly tomorrow.
(iulliTlcK Were ii-owiliil.
DKXVBIl, June 25. The vote wan
taken amid a dramatic scene in tne
auditorium. The Rallerles were pack-
cd hy supporters of both factions. The
floor of the hull was crowded with
spectators. Delegates applauded
every announce. I vote. This vvus the
fir.it time tiompers had been strenu
ously opposed since 1SH4, when Miner
defeated hi iii for the presidency.
liompeiH Is hack in the position for
next year. iomiers' triuinpn is be
lieved to he an Indorsement by labor
representatives of his administration
of cautious methods in preference to
the swiftly movlnif methods of I.ewls
The old leader could scarcely control
his emotions. He was xlven a tre
mendous ovation. The movement to
ward (rompers assumed an appear
ance of an avalanche, with 1-evvis and
his own delepation badly split. Lewis
ot only Iwo-thlrdH of the miners'
l ows Hiiu'er I roin Hand
John Winn, McKay creek farmer, Is
convalescing at St. Anthony's hospital
after losing the middle finger of his
lift hand while unloading a harrow
recently. The finjeer was badly mi)Hh
d and amputation was necessary. Mr.
Winn lost his rlKht arm when a child
four years of age and It was' feared
that the recent accident might caime
the loss of hlH other arm. He will
leave the hospital on Monday.
' IT ; ' r
"2s; j. a
ft .
ft I;.
Vlslls Walla Walla District
ft. A. nottcher, aBslstunt I'matlUa
forest BUpervi.ior, is in the Wenhaha
division of the forest checking up on
the fire flKhtliig equipment and re
pairing telephone lines. C. I. Keitlily,
recently transferred to the Walla Wal
la section from Heppner, will Join him '
today. Two districts in the Heppner
region have been consol'dated, and for
this reason Mr. Keithly was transferred.
are holding'
Miss Mae Helen
na Been (elected to represent
ituvn iolu.hu. ones i feet 2 e
weighs 10P and is fond ot dan. t
and tennis.
I. R. R. stands for Rock Island
tvuaa. iou see. the rnllr,,i
a beauty contest .
Hllbrlck. Chlcar
Claim ItnmJ Is Dangerous.
Parties who have been over the
highway between ftcho and Xolin re
cently complain severely of the condi
tion of the hlKhway between Xolin
and Echo, in places the road is badly
cut up and there is also much dimmer
from the lack of fencing at the short
curves. It has been suggested that ef
fi rm be taken to get the subject he
fore the highway commission with a
view to correcting the troule.
Sales for This Year Almost as
Good as They Were in 1920
When New Record Was Made
"We really see with the hack part
of our brain and not with our eyes,"
NivH an eye specialist.
PortnfaM.!nvll! n!OrowtniCh!Mri
The Original Food-Drink For All Ages
The Original
ut Substitute.
Rlchjltltx. Multf .1 Oroln Butract In Powder
No Cooking-Nouruliinc Dlgellbl
(iorfkle Huts Home.
Max Gorfk'.e, proprietor of the
Eastern Hide and Junk Co. on his re
turn yesterday from a trip over the
"astern part of the state where he has
been on a buying tour closed a deal
with H. K. Cook lor the purchase of
a nice new residence ut 414 Garfield
street. Mr. Corfkle will move his
household poods here from Portland,
and Pendhton will be his home in the
future. Mrs. Corfkle has been here
several weeks.
Start the New Month
With July at hand now is a good time to give
the Table Supply a trial order. It will pay you
to buy your groceries and meats from this clean,
sanitary, cool store, where all perishable foods
are kept under refrigeration.
Phone 187
Albors I-; in IWul Stah.
That flenry Albers Is no longer con
nected with the Albers tiros, milling
ompnny Is stated by Frank Chandler,
representative of the company who is
here today. Mr. chandler says Al
bers is completely retired from the
business, is nearly blind and otherwise
In bad health. Morris Thomson of Se
attle is new bead of Albers Pros. In
ill tin re are !IS stockholders in the
company, asserts Mr. Chandler and a
number of these men are overseas vi t
erans, three having been in the Ar
gonne campaign.
739 Main Street Pendleton
OREGON Theater
June 27
Fred Sieel
Stock Co.
Would You
Bet $20,000
That You
a Crime
and Avoid
Arrcit for
Cue Year?
See How
Dees It
I'lsli Arc Tlirivliuf
The million and a half fish recently
I laced In the hatchery at Isinttham
SprlnKs are thriving, s;iyn Marlon .lack
who as a former member of the state
Fish Commission was in charge of the
placing of the cbiis at the springs. Be
cause only half a million eggs were
expected, the quarters were so small
that some of the fish smothered. The
cbks hatched almost immediately and
the fish, says Mr. Jack, will be ready
to feed in a. few days. In Movember.
after the fail rains, the fish are to be
transferred to ptreaniH in this county.
The Pendleton Itod and Gun Club will
co-operate in the work of distribution.
Ivftgs from Klks Iake are to be
trought to Hinghum also, Mr. Jack
Recent reports slate that Andrew
Carnegie established 2.S11 libraries.
WORK WANTKD by one or two color
ed pirls on chambermaids 1'hone
LOST Ladies purse Friday ufternoon
about "i between post office west on
Altu to Aura, north to Court. Contain-
' coney und key. Reward.
One year after!
On June It. 1 92H, after 1 1 months of
night and day preparation which turn,
cd a cabbage field into a group of
buildings of concrete and steel, repre
senting the largest Industrial plant of
its kind anywhere tn the West, the
first Coodyear tire 'was manufactured
in the new Los Angeles factory of the
Oonriypar Tire & Rubber Company of
It was less than one year from the
time ground was broken until Good
year tire No. 1 came steaming from the
iniilil for it is a fact that the rapid
completion of the plant represented
progress never before eipialled in this
western territory.
I No one your of actual production has
J passed, and Goodyear tire Xo. 345,012
I has been seleeted from th'! production
j of June 14. 1921 as a milestone marker
(and W'ill lie on display in the Inhibi
tion Mull "f til" Chamber of Commerce
at Los An-'eles.
In speaking of the extraordinary
progress of the Goodyear factory dur
ing its first year of existence, Mr. Slus
ser. General Superintendent says, "Al
the beginning the present factory was
but a framework of brick and steel.
1'nt, In spite of the then existing short
age of labor and material, and despite
the handicap of a serious railroad tie
i p. the work was rushed to completion
with a surprising thoroughness and
"'Actual production began on June
II, 192'l, and from that date on, it
bus never ceased. I'p to June 14,
1921, just one year later, 34,012 tires
and 394.US6 tubes have been manufac
trred in the California factory to mee;
the demands of car manufactures, tire
dealers, and car owners here In the
"An average of 12",fl employes have
been carried on the payroll during
this, the first year of the factory's ex
istence, to whom approximately $2,
3S2.3ul.74 have been paid in salaries
and in wages.
"The peak for tire production for
the year Just passed was reached on
June 4. V.I21, when 2ST1 tires wcr
built. The peak for tube production
was on September 4, 192H, when 3325
tubes were produced."
Ill commenting on the work of the
sales organization Mr. .1. R. Reilly,
Pales Manager says, "Despite the fact
that the lust year was an unusual one
in the way of sales, in that sales Pi
most lines were in excess of those to
Cull ho had during normal times, we have
this year. In the face of adverse con-
Carpentier in Society
i 5 te iis , jl "JT".
3't-.S3il!T ' .vV
u i .
Tin s f. j i
i( - v it-v3 "riff i i k if ;?
i CarpciUler.atUnJod a lociety garden rr:y at noslyn, L, I., slvn for
C.c Tree Milk for Italy i'luid. The lad' vKa L;;a Ut Ur. Frank C. Uua
teon, th IsiMteM. - - . . ., .
'Why You Cannot (n-t Our Bread from'
! u: .y (iH)i in Twi
J They can all have It at any time. At
'the time of the fire the water tank on
the oven was bursted, doing damage
: to the oven, and has bothered ever
Mlnco.hnl U'lll ttn nut In iiu,'l r,.n,li
tion at once.
We use the very best of materials In
all our baking goods. Very little wa
ter, mostly milk in our bread: plenty
of sugar and shortening to make It the
lest on earth. Ask for it demand it
get It. Others are doing this. You
can always get it hy phoning 122.
True, we are not the largest bakery
In the state, but henceforth our aim Is
to be the. best.
Our oven, 10x12 feet, holding over
3ii(l loaves at one filling, will bake
just as good as if it were as large as
the Pendleton Hotel, no better than a
22 Inch in the best range. Did you
ever notice how nice a change Is once
In a while? Every now and then I
ftep out and buy a loaf of Harvest or
one from Mr. Hohbach. Relieve me,
I take them home and cat them. I
fay they are both good. Couldn't get
better if I went over 200 miles for it
Did you ever stop to think what a nice
deal Portland people get? Their Pa
lters ship bread over 300 miles, pay
from 3 to 3 1-2 cents a pound express
on same and get no more at that point
than they charge the'r home trade.
Would they do you the same? I say
they would.
Your jrrociTj-man miilan the same
oommlKsoii , our Ibnio: as on theirs.
Demand ours. YVIicn you want to
make a cluingn, do It between your
homo bakeries.
Try IU; UAXDY Next Tirno
Oregon Bakery
' n r- -T c - - '
. and
With hot weather the coat has given
way to the shirt brigade. A belt is a neces
sity and every man appreciates a good belt,
especially one with a sterling buckle. We
have the good, dependable kind perma
nent buckles in sterling, gold and silver
Our t.YOO belt anil buckle Is a
wonder. An extra lieavy sterling
buckle nnd the best of katlier.
The Largest Diamond Dealers In Eastern reen
'1 tt
, 1
t timet
r I HI
320 E. Court
Phone 122
(iltions, brought our sales along stead
ily, and now, at the close of our first
year of actual manufacturing here on
the coast, we find that we are not very
far behind our sales for one year r,g.
"Sales for last year amounted to
approximately a little over $15,000,
000,000 or an average of over $1,000,
000 per month.
"This year, so far, nnr sales have
averaged very close to $1,000,000 a
"As the automotive industry as- j
sumes a better tone we are doing
everything possible to foster a new
and better kind of tire dealer for the
You can hrdly realize
the wonderful im
provement to your skin
and complexion your
' mirror will rrwul tn vnil
' IffiXvl 6'cr "siogGouraud'sOtiental
rzrV ! Cream for the first lime.
Stmt I Sc. tar rrlal SUt
New York
J'iu C?T Almost 1
- Unbelievable
I Pay Cash Receive More Pay Leas
f Despain&Lee Cash Grocery
X J09 E. Court Phone 880
A Penney Saved
We welcome a comparison of prices. Then you'll
Iknow that you are getting a hundred cents (plus) in
lvalue for every dollar you spend here. Not only do
iwe sell on the closert possible margin of profit, but
we are always on the alert to purchase to the best ad
vantage. You will find your grocery bills consider
ably reduced by paying cash at this store.
I Despain&Lee Cash Grocery
09 E. Court Phone 880
Your Suit
Fine Navy Blue Serge
Is Here
II. i ' - i i. . t ' 7 A 'Incorporated
You Pay Yourself a Profit
Buying Your Serge Suit Now
THAT) Blue Serge Suit, you've promised yourself
why not buy it now while the selection is the
best, the sizes complete, the values unquestionable?
This is one of the biggest Blue Serge seasons in Men's
wear and the J. C. PENNEY COMPANY has concen
trated its great buying power on the best in the
markets. That's why we can assure you of Better
Fabrics, Better Tailoring, Better Fitting . Suits than
you can find anywhere else for the money.
lvtMiicniluT lVndlelon Chautauqua
July lOlh to 16tli.