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News Notes of Pendleton
Jun 14, It, 1 Stata con-
ventlon of th O. A. R.
Juno 27-Auguit I Summer
Normal School.
July 10 to 1 lSlllaon-Whlts
September 23, (3, 24 Annual
Pendleton ilound-L'p.
IVtolvc Word l Yom Hoover
"I have no Information that lead
mo to hcllove that there will be any re
duction In coal rate thin season," my
a copy of a telegram from Herbert
Hoover, secretary of commerce, receiv
ed here today by E. 11. Shea, north
western representative of the Itoyal
Coal Sales Co. The reply wan In re
aponim to a iuery from the coal com
pany. Mr. Shea states that contrury
to the usual cuntom. consumers are
not ordering coal early this year as
they have beerf expecting a reduction
In price, due to lowered freight rutea.
lloover'N telegram, Mr. Shea point out
given no Intimation of a reduction.
Mr. Bhea predicts that It will be hard
to get coal tlila fall oh coal ahould be
moving now.
Visit at IVmli'r Homo
Mrs. Frank FTaiilcr has an her house
guests, at her home at 206 Garden
Htreet, her father, W. W. Klrby ana
her nlcco, Miss Kthel Chandler of
Richmond, Oregon. Mr. Klrby la a
veteran of the Civil war and 1 heie to
attend the O. A, It. convention.
Inm for California
Miss Bluncha llenHel, who for the
puat two yeara haa been lnatructor In
Hpaniah In tha Pendleton High Hchool,
left yesterday for California, where ah
haa accepted a posltlo for the coming
year. During the summer months
Mln llenaol will attend aummer
Past President lfcrt
Mrs. Clara T. Lylo, of Oniulgce,
Oklahoma, formerly of La Grande, Is
a puat deportment president of the
Women'a Hollef Corps. Khe i here aa
the guest of her brother, Churlea Tut
lla. Mrs. t,yla la a member of the Oli
ver I- Morton Woman's Relief Corps
of La Grande. Khe la a talented musl
ctun and tins studied abroad. Mrs. Lyle
!ta a member of -the Daughters of the
American Revolution also, and haa at-
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rm aaaasaaaaaaaaaaaaaH i
Cherry Time
Is Here
Pendleton Cash Market, Inc.
301 E. Court Street
Phones 101 Private Exchange Connect
both Department.
tended three continental conventions.
i-bsi yrur una was a delegate to Wunh
Ington, D. C. Both V. It. C. and D.
A. H. members are to march In tomor
row's parade an Mrs. Lyle Is puzzled
us to which organization she will Join.
Hoy Arrives on SMit'h llli-tlulay.
A little son wus born yesterday to
Mr. Hill Ml-M !i,ITI,IU II VlllM,,1 Au
jun Interesting coincidence, tho new
arrival whs Dorn on tno oiimuuy oi
tils threo-ycur old sister. The boy has
been numed llenjaiuln Jiuncs tUison.
I f U
Cpl of Mup Arrive..
Klve hundred copies of tho official
mup of the Oregon Tourist und Infor
mation Burcuu have been received oy
tho Eastern Oregon Auto Club. They
will bo distributed to anyone who call
fur them at tho auto club hcudnuur
tors in the Elks bulld'ng.
Has Mule He Would K. II.
J. I., lleckley of Klamath Full baa
133 mules he 'would like to "'l to
ITmutiltn PAiinlv fi, rmrm iifcnrltnir to
a letter that has been received from
him by the Commercial Association.
They will runge In weight from KB0
to 1300 pounds and they arc from 3
to 7 years old
Pu'T Is Interesting.
A duplicate of a copy of "The Reb
el." of the Issue of August 9. 1862. at
Chattanooga, Is a part of an Interest
ing display at the Peoples Warehouse.
The copy, and other duplicates, are the
property of E. White, of Portland,
member of the O'. A. R.. who while a
member of Company C, IT. 8. Infantry,
bargained for the original Copy of the
paper while on the skirmish line dur
ing war days. The paper contains
much propaganda for the secessionist
states. A small advertisement offers
for sulo or "trade for boy" a negro
woman, "good cook, Ironer and wash
er." Another relic shown Is a dupli
cate of a copy of "The Daily Citizen."
puitlixhed at Vlcksburg, Mississippi.
186.1. Roth of the originals arc kept
In Portland by Mr. White.
The June Bride
There ia never a time in the girl's life when she is hap
pier than on her wedding day. '
Now we all want to keep her happy and the only way
is to give her a
from the well selected guaranteed stock of Silver Sets,
Knives and forks. Teaspoons, Dessert Spoons and every
piece that goes to make her a complete set from Han
scom's Jewelry Store. .
We carry a number of selected up-to-date patterns
and will save you from 20 to 25 per cent.
Don't Delay, Come Now A
1 8 J
KANSAS CITY, June 14. (I'. P.)
One bandit was shot and killed and
cnother was captured In a running re
volver fight In the heart of the Kansas
City business district. One bystander
was struck by a stray bullet Hun
dreds of persons enrouts to lunch
dodged the whizzing pellets.
Joe Clemonta, the alleged leader of
the desperate "daylight" gang, was
killed and J. C. Williams was captur
ed. The third member of the gang es
caped. A boy told the patrolman that
the men had abandoned an automobile
In the outskirts of the city, changed
hnts. and boarded a street car. -A pa
trolman followed them and accosted
them as they lighted from the car.
They struck the officer and attempted
an ascupe. The officer fire, killing
Clemonta, Williams being captured by
another officer. The men are accused
of several daylight holdups which have
been committed recently.
You Wear
Them Easily
Clothes that have had the I
touch of the master designer, are
worn easily. They become a part
of you. They give you body
comfort, as well as the satisfied
feeling of being well dressed.
Kay-bac is the last word from
our master designers at Fashion .
Park. In this new style idea, 1
they have created a , distinctive 1
model a model that gives you 1
that well-dressed feeling. 1
Ask to sec the Kay-bac
It's different i
$40 to $65 I
The MAN Store
Other Makes $25.00
Up 1
liiiiUHHiiuiiiiiiuiiiiHiimi iiiiiiiiiiimimimiiiiimiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiMiiii iiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiuii iimiiiiimiii iiiiimiiniiiiiiiiiiuiiu
About that
22. caL for
1 . :
WASHINGTON-, June 14. Loans
arranged for the livestock Industry are
to be extended to wool growers. It was
officially announced at the treasury
department. A fund of J5O,000,000
for the purpose Is to be subscribed by
bankers of the Eastern and Middle
Western states. Bankers In Xew
York, Boston and Philadelphia are to
subscribe 325,000,000 of the fund. The
money will be deposited in Chicago.
After Mother Had Been Re
stored to Health by Lydia
. Pinkham's Vegetable
Salisbury, Mass. "For seven years
I had a female trouble and such bearing-
down pains I could
hardly do my house
work. The doctor
said, 'If you can
have another baby
it might bo the best
thing for you but 1
am afraid you can
not.' I beiran tak
ing Lydia K. Pink
ham's Vegetable
Compound and my
flby was born on
'Peace Day'. If
women would oniy take your Vegetable
Compound thry would have better
. health. I always recommend your Veg
etable Compound to the neighbors.
Mrs. TltAcy Patten, 8 Lincoln Ave.,
Salisbury, Massachusetts.
The experience of maternity should
not be approached without careful phy
sical preparation, as it is impossible for
a weak sickly wife to bring healthy
children into the world.
Therefore if a woman is suffering
from a displacement, backache, inflam
mation, ulceration, bearing-down pains,
headaches, nervousness or "tho blues"
she should profit by Mrs. Patten's ex
perience, take Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound and be restored
to health.
(East Ori'Bunian Special.)
ADAMS. June H. Holl Morrison.
Blanche Ikiuc, Cyril McAtee. Trabell
Ross, Lla McAfee of Pendleton and
Geraldine Morrison motoreu lo wana
Walla Monday.
Rev. Luther returned to his homo in
Adams after a few days- outing in the
Mrs. I Clurk and Mrs. Charley
Bunch motored to I'endleton today.
Charley f-hutz Is able to be out to
day after being operated on at St. An
thony's hospital this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Dupuis and daughter
Irene and Francis motored to Adams
Mr. and Sirs. Kalph Wallan and son
Billy, and mother. Jane Wallan, mo
tored to Adams today.
Mrs. Henry Wblely and family arc
guests of her mother, Mrs. French.
James Chesnut went to the city of
Pendleton Saturday to do seine shop
ping. "
Daniel Kembler made a business
trip lo Pendleton Saturday.
Never Late
FhTSlcuui and Surgeon
Koooib II and 26 Binito-Crawtort
Telis'hona 101 E U9-B
-J - 1
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Morse and Mrs
Joe Cantrel motored to Adams today
lo dn some shonoing.
Mr. and Mis. Charley Shatz and son
mow red to Pendleton today. Charles
was operated on at St. Anthony's hos
pital today. He had his tonsils taken
out and returned home today.
Pen Inman was a Walla Walla vis
itor today. He went up to consult an
ocvn!i.st about his eyes.
Mr. and Mrs. Ward of Pendleton
mo'ried to Adams Thursday and were
the guests of Miss Helen Blake.
Mr. and Mrs. John Oglo motored to
Pendleton today.
Mr and Mrs. Revella LieuaUcn mo
U.rod to Pendleton today.
Mr. and Mrs. Shrlmpf motored to
Adams today to do some shopping.
tiobert Pierce drove to Adams Fri
day to do some shopping.
Mr. and Mrs.1 Art AVatrus and sons
and Muriel Watrus and Lester Watrus,
and Mrs. E. G. Marquis motored to
Pendleton Friday to visit friends In
that city.
, John Hales and Sullivan Rclmer
motored to Adams Friday,
Clint Holectnb motored to Adams
.Mrs. Paine motored to Athena today
to do some shopping.
Mr. MoGlnes of The Dalles, arrived
in Adams today and is the guest of
Mr. und Mrs. Labudoe and family for
a few d;iys.
, Miss Hazel Angler left today for her
home In Montana after staying with
her uncle, Ralph Wallan, and grand
mother, for the winter months to at
tend the Adams high school.
for over 75 years has
relied upon Goursud'j
Oriental Cream to ktrp
the skin and complex
ion in perfect condition
through the stress of
the season's activities.
Smd IS c. tot
1ial Slit
Clayton Rogers and Horace Mann
of Pendleton motored to Adams Sat
urday. Emmet Dkrr and Mrs. Bertha Kem
bler motored to Milton Sunday and
were the guests of Mrs. Sam Darr and
mother for the day.
Carl Christian and Harry Larabee
motored to the river for a few days'
outing and fishing. '
Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Morrison and
Roland. Roberta and Geraldine, and
George Bradley, motored to Bingham
Springs for a few days outing Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Ogle motored to
Pendleton today.
Henry Whitely was In Adams today.
Mr. and llxp. McFaul and daugh
ter Kathleen of Pendleton, motored to
Adams and were the guests of Mrs. E.
C. Bowling Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Arolio of Athena
motored to Adams Sunday..
Dr. and Mrs. F. Lleuailen and son
Fredrick and daughter Barbara, mo
tored to Adams Sunday and were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Lieuallen.
Mr. and Mrs. Edvin Watrus of Pom-
eroy are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. E.
G. Marquis for the week end.
F. M. Whitely returned to Adams
Sunday after spending the past week
at Heppner repairing the caterpillar
for Mr. Otto Wagner of Heppner.
Iona W atrus of Pomeroy is the guest
E. G. Marquis for a
of Mr. and Mrs.
few days.
The members of the Adams Baptist
church will start to repair the parson
age. T. A. Lieuallen ia chairman of
tho committee.
Clayton Rogers motored to Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Lieuallen motor
ed to Adams from his ranch near Adams.
So easy to drop Cigarette,
Cigar, or Chewing habit
Xo-To-Bac has helped thousands to
break the costly, nerve-shattering to
bacco habit. Whenever you have a
longing for a smoke or chew. Just
place a harmless No-To-Bac tablet in
your mouth instead. All desire stops.
Shortly the habit is completely broken,
and you are better off mentally, phy
sically, financially. It's so easy, so
simple. Gst a box of No-To-Bao and
If it doesn't release you from all crav.
ing for tobacco in any form, your
druggist will refund your money with
out question.
Mtsa Viola Croffoot has been
graduated from the Sabttha (Ka),
high school with not an absent or a
tardy mark against her In her IS
jmira et achool lift. She Uvea on a '
tana tor torn tti booU
I a. m. to t p. in.
Modern Dentistry
In All Drancbea,
Again We Set the Price
Perfectionefte Hair Nets ioc
Talcum Powder
San Silk, the ball ""!..".""."!..5c
Rubber Gloves ... 29c
Crochet Thread !!!!!!!..9c
Dress Snaps S... "......Sc
West Electric Curlers 9e'aad"23c
Shoe Laces ...5 anci iQc
Crepe and Silk Handkerchiefs, newest designs. 25c
Auto Veils, assorted colors , 85c
Ric Rack Braid ...2 for 25c
Adjustable Belting 25c and 35c
Veils 15c and 25c
Tocket and Ivory Dressing Combs .15c to 75c
Come here first, save money and steps.
Salted Peanuts
19c lb.
"MORE FOR LESS" Satin Fiimh
Candy, 45c lb.
..m mm am a -aua4ka4iw&.a