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greek tartar's new code of
Health teaches that man is
'composed of 3 personalities
Man Cannot Function Fully Un
til AH" Are in Harmony Says
'Message From Middle East.
r.) A new gospel of health, that
man la tint one but three, anil that he
cannot function fully until h Ik three
personalities are In harmony, has come
here from Ihe middle east mi the tide
of lthsslan and other refugees from
fa countries.
Thla gospel la procla nied hy a small
dark man of mntery, a Greek Tartar,
O. I. GurdJIeff. He had contributed to
the meager Intellectual life of the city
new throb.
The outward and primary of his
teachings begins with daticea borrow
ed from the Moaijuea of IVrsla and the
temples of India. He puta some of his
patients on bread and water for
month! at a time hut requires them,
alf the while, to carry' on the most vi
olent exercise which conform to the
music of a piano.
tiuaruijeii s teachings have some
similarity with the undent Greek con
ceptions of the development of menial
force and bodily grace and activity.
He is persuaded that his teachings
will ihniute the art of living. He has
gathered about him a group of con
verts who say they are Kong to spread
his theories westward, gome going to
the I'nited Slates. He says that he
was taught by Russian physicians and
"In harmony there la health," do
dared (luardteff. "The western world
of medicine and psychology has never
grasped the truth that man is not
controlled by tine personality, but by
three, and when these three are not
harmony a muit says he is 'sick.' A
sick man, a man with that tired feel
ing, is like a horse and carriage with
out a driver. The man Is not master
of himself.
"Civilisation has led man away
from himself, physically and spiritual
ly. Too much use of the bead has de
harnionized him. Man is composed of
three parts. Just like a machine. One
part thinks, one feels, and one eats
and sleeps. If man thinks too much,
or eats too much, or sleeps too much,
he falls ill.
"My plan is to first put the three
back into a common unity, and then
gradually develop a fourth personality
which controlls the other three. If
thla fourth peraonulity or domlmitlng
consciousness Is not developed, the
three men In the same body never es
tablish, contact with each other, and
the Anarchy we call sickness destroys
him." i ' - '
XRW YOlUv. June 8. (IT, P.) A
modern- version of "Three Men In n
Boat" will he presented by Captain
Mltner Tonning and two companions,
who will leave this month for a, voyage
around the world.
The trip will be made in an open
lifeboat, equipped with a sail. The
only shelter will be a canvas cover for
the bunks. The boat will curry . 14
weeks' provisions.
The route will be New York Kne
land, Gibraltar, Sues Cunnl. Sumatra.
Philippine Islands, Hawaii, California.
Panama Oinal, and back to Xeiv York.
They believe the voyugo will require
16 to 18 months.
Tonnlng's companions are Olther
Pettersen and Helge Westerllng. All
are members of the Norwegian Mas
ters' and Mates' Association.
Jjf f 'Wmt J I
Wfo have a Coal &m I
' Bin or a Wood Box ? MM ' I
h cook with a good oil cookstove.
, i; iiiiii r".' i in; i ren t, i; .. s. i
HAVANA, Cuba., June 8. (A. P.)
Seizure by Havana customs Inspec
tors, of several valuable contraband
shipments of opium has given rise to
the theory that a strong smuggling or
ganlxation is working' through the
Spanish poi't of Barcelona. The drug
captured has been found in the bag
gage of passengers arriving from that
One consignment which was found
in a warehouse here Is vulued at
about tuO.OUU.
YOU can get clean economi
cal Pearl Oil from dealers
Voc save yourself a lot of
- trouble and work when you
took with a good oil cookstove.
No fishes to carry no fires to
require your frequent attention.
With a good oil cookstove
and Pearl Oil the heat is applied
directly to the cooking utensil.
1 The heat is steady and depend
able. Pearl Oil gives high fuel
Pearl Oil is the clean burn
ing, uniform, economical kero
sene refined ami re-refined by
aspecial process. Dealers every
where. Order by came Pear'
oa. ,
Thousands will go
this stimmer because of the
. offered by the big cross-continent railroad
Union Pacific System
Serving the transportation needs of the
Great Pacific Northwest
and giving through service via the popular direct routes to Bait
ljike City, Uenvcr. Omaha. Kansas City, 8t. Paul, Minneapolis and
Chicago iiu tiu-se two strh'lly first iut trains
"Oregon-Washington Limited" and "Continental
Cntil and includinp August lStli,
Return limit SO days, but not later than October 31st.
Cliiraeo fKMJ.KO MinipliiH Slfl.GO I'ikI.Io $ 77.40
lxtler 77.40 .Minneapolis K7.IM) St. I'aiil 87.00
Kaunas City . H7.00 Oinulia K7 MI ' SI. Ixmis 101.40
I I'er Cent War Tax lo He Added
Proportionate reductions to many points ICiist. Ftop-overa at
pleasure. Hide (litis limy be arranged for Yellowstoue, Zion
and ItCH'ky Mounlulu National Parks.
For complete detuils as to routines, train schedules, side trips,
slurping tar rates and reservations, and other travel information
desired, call on or telephone
T. F. O'BRIEN, Agent, Pendleton, Ore.
Urn. M"!Iirra', (.etieral Passenger Agent- Portland, Orejon
what I call
Wanted! Ladies
To see Mrs. Scott, who
is an expert demonstra
tor and will v demon
strate the
Si m j ilex Iroiier
-May 23
Electric Supply. Ilouse
Phone 13!). 20(5 E. Court
1 No camouflage .just real cofFcc flavor- rich
and smooth.' That is what you get when you use
Folger's Golden Gate.
It has required many years of patience, skill,
and applied experience to attain the blend which
you find in every tin of Folger's Golden Gate
Coffee. But when you taste it you'll say "that's,
it that's the flavor I've been searching for."
Ask your grocer for Folger's Golden Gate and
have coffee that is
"Differcntintaste from other coffee and better.'!
r J. A. FOLGER & CO.
Sun Francisco Seattle Kiinjuj City AiILaV'
l "' Shifiwltd, Japan ' '
ROME, June 8. (Henry Wood. V.
P. Staff Correspondent.) Fresh com
plications for the Allies In the very
near future are now rapidly brewing In
the Intense propaganda being carried
on in Austrian Tyrol for annexation
to Germany.
The supreme object to be attained
by this Is to give Uermany and Italy
a common boundary something that
has been the dream of Italian and Ger
man statesmen ever since the two
countries attained their national unity.
As a signatory of the Versailles
treaty, wherein she has pledged her
self to oppose any annexation of German-Austrian
territivry to Germany,
Italy, officially at least, is obliged to
maintain a negative attitude in the In
tense propaganda which is now under
way in Austrian Tyrol.
However, Italian statesmen and
politicians are unable either to deny
or conceal the fact that if . by one
means or another this little strip of
Austrian territory lying Just north of
the Italian border at the Krenner pass
and Just south of Munich should be
come a part of German territory, the
advantages to Italy would be almost
One of the eternal nightmares from
which all Italian statesmen suffer is
that of the manner in which Italy is at
all times at the mercy of England be
cause of the latter's control of the
Mediterranean. Italy as a maritime
power is dependent for her nationa.1
existence on her ability to keep up sea
commerce with the rest of the world,
especially for the importation of coal,
wheat and other essentials for her life.
Tet with England controling both
the western entrance to the Mediter
ranean to Gibraltar and the eastern at
the Suez canal, she could at any mo
ment cut-off Italy from all commerce
with the rest of the world and reduce
her to starvation and terms in a very
few weeks.
The thesis of nearly all leading Ita
lian statesmen has therefore alwaya
been that Italy's national safety and
existence depended upon connection
with some northern country that could
always insure an outlet for her com
merce through the northern seas as
well as an inlet for importations. Mani
festly, the country best situated to do
this i Germany, and this was one of
the principal, confederations in Italy's
membership In the Triple Alliance he
fore the war as well as the principal
motive back of all Italian statesmen
"u iirsuuu-u in me matter of Italy s
taking sides with" the Allies duringhe
recent war.
The treaty of Versailles reduced the
territory which separates Italy from
Germany to an almost inconsiderable
strip. The population is overwhelm
ingly German nnd It is amongst this
population that Germany is carrying
on an only too welcomed propaganda
for nnnexatinn to Germany.
The lack of common frontier both
the German and Italian economists
point out constitutes the greatest bar
rier to reciprocal economic develop
ment and relations of the two coun
tries, which would require a customs
unity. . The propaganda now being ad
vocated Is that the Tyrol count i-e
formed Into an autonomous province
and annexed to Italy for the sake of
the common frontier and reclproclvnl
economic advantages.
The propaganda to this end la being
carried on in such a manner that the
Hlliiiiiii.il created thereby can hardly
escape much longer consideration by
the Allies.
A. C. Koeppen & Bros.
The Drug Store That Serves
Yon Beat.
Coulon Wins
- 3
ihida Kara might vamp Johnny
Coulon off hi feet, but she couldn't
lift him. The boxer staged hla fa
mous lifting trick with the movie
tar, when the two reached Hew
York from Europe.
geem to nave
the tire tack
YOU probably know a man whose car is a
hobby with him. He knows just why it's
the best little old car there is of its class.
And he'll stand up for that car against the
world in uny kind of an argument.
The same standard of quality
built into U. S. Tiros is put
imo U. S. Tubes.
Year by year an increasing numbtr of men
feel the same way about tJ. S. Tires.
For a while they may try "job lot" stuff,
"bargains," "big discounts" and "rebates."
But usually it doesn't take long for a man to
sense the economy of the standard quality tire.
For years U. S.Tire makers have been build
ing quality tires.for sane tire users for the car
of medium or light weight no less than for the
heavy car. ......
The tire buyers of the land have responded
with u mighty U. S. Tire following.
"Find Ihm U. S.Tir dtnltr
with ttm full, cumtitttf
U. 6. Virtt."
The U.S. Tire makers meet the re
sponsibility for supplying this nation
wide following with characteristic
Ninety-two U. S. Factory Branches
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Find the U. S. Tire dealer who
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sized line of fresh, live U. S. Tires
quality first, and the same choice
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gest cities of the land
s. a nspffls
United States Rubber Company
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rhone 530 Water and Cottonwood
- J- T 4? ,. '. '