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..News Notes of Pendleton
. six-club golf tournament to b
played here Saturday and Bun-
day May :-2.
May 11, June J and 2 Stat
convention of Oregon Federation
of Women cluba.
( June S and 4 Twenty-ninth
Annual 1'loneer Picnic. '
June H, is, Usuta con-
ventlon of the 0. A. n.
r June 27-Auguat I Summer
Normal School.
July 10 to 1 Elllnon-Whlta
September 22. 23. 24 Annual
Pendleton Hound-Up.
Estimate cm Matlock llridgc.
There are approximately 700 8niare
yards of surface on the Matlock bridge
that should be given a double coatlnK
of crushed rock and a finishing cush
lon, C. P. A. Lonergun, representa
tive of the Warren Construction Co.
reported '- the city council last night.
T cost will be 11.40 a yard, be re
ported. The matter wue referred to
the street committee for a recommen
dation nt the next meeting. The
bridge hue been needing attention for
soverul months, but the council has
deferred repair work In the hope tliut
costs would Iks lower.
Forty Men At Work
Forty men are ut work on the Pendleton-Pasco
N. P. railroad truck thin
week. They are making necessary re
pairs. , ' t
Funeral Held
The funcrul of the lato James If. Al
drlch, futhcr of K. I. Aldrlch of this
city, was held this afternoon In Port
land from the conservatory chapel of
the East gldo funeral directors. Mr.
Aldrlch, who was called to. Portland
by the death of his father Is expected
home tomorrow morning. '
Hurry (irody on the Job
Since he ran a train through East
ern Kansas and stopped one day so his
passengers could see a mnn hung by
the side of the railroad track, Harry
Grady has had the habit of getting on
whatever Job he was doing and stick
ing to It. His old habit Is still with
him for he is handling the railroad
boy's club room now and he Is an Ideal
host. When he was looking over the
-101 101 101 101 101 101 101 101 101
School Boy
Peanut Butter
. Delightful for lunches on hot (lavs.
1 pound ......... 25c
2 Impounds '. 65c
.5 pounds -. . . $1.25
Pendleton Cash Market, Inc.
301 East Court Street .
Phone 101, Private Exchange Connects Both
Departments. .
-1U11U1 101 101 101 101 101 101 101 v
premises us a starter he turned on the
hot wnjer In the shower liath depart
ment and not being familiar with the
mechanism of the place could not shut
off the hot water. The Interior of the
club Jiouse soon resembled Dr. Phy's
steam bath room at Hot iUke and
finally Mr. Grady called the flro dc-.
purtment to turn off the hot fluid
which was making everybody sweut.
I-u Grande Observer.
Recovers After Injur)'.
T. lackson, the colored man who
suffered a broken Jaw about a mi r.ti.
ago when he lost control of a Wcycle
l.e wa riding down mo hill !iorth cf
the ri.-er on Main street at.1 am'shad
ItUo a big truck, has so far recovered
that he is able to be out again. His
Juw'Ih In a cast and Infection was fear
ed for- a time but that danger hns
passed. i 35Z23
French ItCMtnuraiit Not Sold
Denial that the VreniT. restaurant
hag been sold was mude today by Hon-
buch Pros., proprietors of the concern
Negotiations were carried on with s
stranger who was here the first half
of the week, but after telling a num
ber of people that he had purchased
the place, he packed his luggage and
quietly left Pendleton.
Hmilli Owned lYiullrton House,
Information received In a letter
from private sources In Belllngham,
Wash., give the Information that J. C.
Smith, who recently shot his wife and
then turned the gun on himself and In
flicted injuries that resulted In his
death, owned property here and bad
planned to bring his wife back to
Pond-oton to live. He was at one time
ftniployed by Tom Boylen on hi ranch.
For the Graduate
Now is the time to take advantage of this immense
stock of jewelry and all gifts for the girl and boy grad
uate make your money go as far as it will. That is why
we are offering you these wonderful values.
f Wrist
' Boys
Watches, regular 230.00, now
Watches, regular S2G.00, now ...
Watch-s. regular $20.00, now .
Watches, regular J49.00, now .
Watches, regular ISO. 00, now .
Watch regular 1 100.00, now
Watchs, regular 175.00, now ,
Watches, regular 4C00, now .
Watches, regular 135.00, now . .
. ...fl3.HA
. ...$t50
... S&M5
rear I Necks, 18 Inches, regular $10.00, now $0.93
Pearl Necks, 0 Inches, regular 12.00, now $a.7-1
Pearl Necks, t inches, regular $14.00, now .$IU.3
. Everything Is for your disposal for tlto same reduced prices. Can
you afford to overlook this offer? Come In and look at It Is all we ask.
Item's Jewelry Store
Have Name Suggestions.
In response to the Invitation of
Judge I. M. Schannep to I'lflatilla
county people to submit napies that
might be more suitable as a designa
tion of Cabbage Hill than the present
name, Mrs. Joseph Wurzer has sub
mitted the following: Scenic Hill or
!rade. Panorama, Bird's Eye and
Skyline. Many suggestions have been
made, and the suggestion of the coun
ty Judge has caused a great deal of
discussion, some of which Indicates
that a change of name would be fit
ting, and others express a desire to re
tain the old name.
Sports Wear
' '.111'
IS' Kv
About that
22. cal. for
The sports girl no longer hampers
horsslf with a skirt. For the courts
or the links she dons knickers with
a belted jacket, like this worn by
Martha Mansfield of Selznlck pic
tures. A felt hat of the soft small
I variety completes the costume-
Pilot Ilock Picnic.
The first annual picnic of the south
ern part of the County at Pilot Rock
will be held tomorrow An interesting
program has been arranged for the
day, and the attractions will be of a
wide variety. Judge Stephen A. Low
ell has been secured as the principal
speaker of the day. Street athletic
events have been arranged. An old
fashioned basket dinner will be enjoy
ed during the noon hour. The schools
of the southern part of the county will
pJ-'Mt mMtprially in the program.
O l "CLDRSHEIM Styles for Spring come forth-.
I ' , JF with all the new effects that well 11
grai;- J.v' dressed men could want.
The perforated trims arc cleverly handled i'lfefe l'
efO&$'- the brogue patterns have distinctive lines that are 1,1
JtSi characteristically Florsheim the semi-square , ''fT. h2
ffiO' shapes are decidedly popular
rvh '!' 5 . Florsheims are specialists in producing shoes '
fEC:,; that have the style appeal Their shoes are of
unusual quality.
yWi'. We invite men who want something new for kfe'iJaT
j Spring to see our display. i.a'
f. The Florsheim "Lamar" ;
ffVj one of the popular
: jpn goods
50c to $40
Here are ties 1;hat of
fer a selection of col
ors and fabrics to
meet every man's
.fancy, and the
prices will please the
man who likes to get
more than he expect
ed for his money.
Summer Hose for
Half the enjoyment of 2
spring and summer is in
having your feet comfort-
ably clad and correct Our
hose will give you just the
foot comfort you seek. 5
35c to $2.00.
Here are beautiful shirts j
for vestless days. Here
aVe hantlsome patterns of
light weight summer fab-
rics that look well when
worn with open coat or
when the coat is left off al-
together. Anticipate your f
needs of buying now
$2.50 to $10.00. H
Warm weather calls
for a cool hat' Lay 1
aside that wool or
cloth hat and wear
one of our straws. Of-
fered in many styles,'
and we have your
size. Come in and get
it ... $3.50 to $10.00 1
Priced $37.50 to $S5.00 . ;.
Tiuillllllltiillllliiiiiiiilliiitiiiiiiitllllliiliiiuilllliiliiiilililiiiiiiiiiiiifiuiiiiir iiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiniliMiiiiiiiiiiii tiiiiiiitiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliililiiiiMiiiiiiilitiiilf iiiiiiififiiiiiitfiijj
hoi I la mil 111.
Sol Baum IS ill and is confined to his
home. He- hopes to be well in tune
to go fishing .during the week-end.
lMnes W ith IJoyd tJcurge
A Pnited Press dispatch today from
London glveB the Information that
Philip Juekson, a former Pendleton
bov. had th honor of dining with
Premier llovd " tleorite today. He Is
publisher of the Oregon Journal.
1. (V AH?
Uiisy H'Pnulim l)n.mage.
A force of workmen is engaged In
tearing out debris which resulted from
the fire which recently did heavy
damage to the building of the Koesch
Bottling Works. The place will be re
built, according to plans of the owners.
1 '
m a a mm tam u m mr 1:1
vta.. i m a . a w .'ii i
iKi.nmiwu a i a m iimi m v.lnii u.lh i
'.munii.fci r m tm aw i i 0 iimti a.','9 1
asn '- ' T MS 1
Ten for 10 cents. Handy
sire. Dealers carry both.
10 for 10c; 20 for 20o.
It's toasted.
To Hold Social.
The Golumbia school will hold n
social, Friday, June 8. Proceeds of
the event will go toward assist Vig two
of the clui) girls, to go - to summer
school at Corvallis. Kred Dennion
and W. W. Orccn will speak at the so
cial. An Interesting program Is be
ing arranged for the event.
'Kmlgrant's Crosf" Kugxreted.
J. P. Walker has como forward with
another suggestion for a now name for
Cabbage 11111 It the present name of
the picturesque grado Is changed. His
suggestion Is that the name be chaned
to "Emigrant's Crest," and his choice
has historical significance. His par
ents came to Oregon overland In the
early days, and after they left KaiisaH
City they never saw any buildings un
til they arrived lu Tygh valley, near
The Dalles. On their arrival at the
break of the hill where the view of
the Inland Empire ts visible they were
huppy and declared that this was the
country for the emigrants.
Miners searching for gold along a
river In British New Guinea encoun
tered a bluish-gray, fluklsh substance
which they discarded. This substance
was osmlrdium, a nu-mber of the plat
inum mctuls and one of the Hardest ore a uny oouie containing
metals known, to science.
Perched between two cars on a
freight train which was about raidy
to pull up the grade to La, Grande,
James Mclonu!d, alias James Mc-
ean na caught last night by Deputy
Sheriff K. 11. K. Iildgway ut Gibbon
after a two-day soarch in which Indi
ans and members of the sheriff's of
fice had combed the country for htm.
Wcs Spears, deputy sheriff, was os
the ground all the time, and he and
an, Indian assistant were close upon
McLean for several houiH. The rail
road was patrolled by several parties
and it fell to the lot of Iildgway to
grab the man who Is wanted on a
charge of stealing a horse j
McLean's clothing wus almost torn j
from his body, lie had no shirt left
when he was apprehended, and across
his back and shoulders, barbed wire,
through which he had dodged, had in-'
fllcted wicked cuts. He had had
nothing td eat for two days when ar
rested, and the first thing he wanted
to do when he arrived In Pendleton
was to get a good meal. The privi
lege was accorded him, and the offi
cers declare that he made, a wonder
ful showing.
In ISOti there were 1st farms on
Manhattan Is'.anJ where now there are
but five. The land 'here devoted to
this purpose is rapidly diminishing.
Card of Thanks
We wish to thank our many friends
for the kindness shown to us during
our sad bereavement. Also for the
beautiful floral offerings.
Hotel Sutter
Not merely a Hotel, but an In- ,
stitutlon Founded on These 1
ticorge Warren Hooper, Mgr.
A few drops of "Outgro" upon the
skin surrounding the ingrowing nail
reduces Inflammation and pain and so
toughens tho tender, sensitive skin un-'
derneath tin too null, that It can not
penetrate the flesh, and the nail turns
naturally outward almost over night,
"Outgro" is a harmless, antiseptic
manufactured for chiropodists. How
ever, anyone can uy from the drug
Some Worthwhile
Best Quality Rubber Gloves, pair 29c
3 pt. Aluminum Percolators, very special. . . $1.89
San Silk in a wide range of colors at, the ball. . . 4c
Paper Napkins, per thousand $1.43
Bathing Caps, large variety of shapes and
designs at 49c
Clarks Silk Gloves in white and black at. : ... 54c
Picnic and Market Baskets at just one-half price.
We have just received 144 collars and vestee sets,
formerly priced at 50c to $2.00 each, our special
price is, each 50c
It is always worth your while to make a
special effort to come here first, for your
saving is always worth note.
Pendleton, Oregon
. . . - 11 I