East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, May 30, 1921, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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News Notes of Pendleton
CALENDAR oh evrnts
Blx-club g olf tournament to b
played here Saturday and Bun-
day May 28-28.
May 31, June 1 and t Stat
convention of Oregon Federation
of Women'e clube.
June i and 4 Twenty-ninth
Annual Pioneer Picnic.
June 14, 15, II State con-
vent Ion of the O. A. R.
June 27-Auguit ( Bummer
Normal School. t
July 10 to 1 Elllson-Whlte
Heptember 82, 23. U Annual
Pendleton Round-Up.
1 IN
.Situllla niworvp nay.
. Indians of Tutullla Mission are oh
.ervlnic Decoration Day by improving
he cemetery and placing flowers on
he grave of their loved ones.
N M ) h
4 Operated! l'non.
Mnrlon lira per. the daughter of Mr.
snd Mm. E. O. Draper, wa operated
pon for tonsils and adenolde on Frl
ay at ft. Anthony hospital
onvalesclng nicely.
ryrt j j. m..mjm
New Steel Arrives.
New steel for the reinforcement of
the O-W. U. & N. bridge at Thorn
hollow has arrived and will be put In
place shortly. The reinforcement are
needed because of the great weight of
the Mulley engine now In uo by the
O-W. H. r N.
Instruct hum to hrlvnr.
Mr. Hylvan Colin, chairman of the
transportation committee for the
stale convention of tho Oregon Fed
eration of Wtmen'i Club, announce
that her committee atik that driver
to whom nuBiber have been desig
nated meet the train anrt that dri
ver remain In their car a the hos
tesses from the vurlou club will meet
guest and carry baggage. The car
will be parked at the reur of the
Htatton on the driveway and will pro
reed with quests to the library for
regiKtratlon and allotment of room,
No service of car will bo required on
Tuesday ut 7:10 a. m. but service I
requested at 12:20 a. m. and 4:40 P
m. On Wednesday at 7:10 a. in. only
thoe driver a requested lor early
xervire are asked to be at the train.
Friday' service will be announced
She I later. All car will form In line on
Riverside Drive, facing the Library,
-101 101 101 101 1Q1 101 101 101
All Day
Pendleton Cash Market, Inc.
301 East Court Street
Phone 101, Private Exchange Connects Both
-101 101 101 101 101 101 101 101 101 T
ar.d cros street to receive passen
ger. A traffic policeman will be
r.tutlnned at the bridge. The service
for Wednesday requires that drivers
drive at 3:110 p. m., to the Ktate Hos
pital for play, and return. The ser
vice for Thursday Is a follows: 10:45
u. jn Athena for luncheon and re
turn, and at 6:15 p. in., vunset drive to
Cabbage Hill, with Mayor Hurtman
ss a sei fcl
Car Rtoliii At CVirvalllH
The police have been notified of the
theft of a 1921 model Dodge car at
Con an is last night after 9 o'clock.
The license number of the machine Is
given as 7038, and the motor num
ber is 590999.
IN ki ki W
Disorderly Conduct Charge 'S
U 11. Whltted wu arrested Saturday !
night by the police on a charge of dls- 3
orderly conduct. Ill conversation 3
with his land ludy is said to bo re-s
sponsible fur the charge, ills trial will s
be held in police court Tuesday morn
ing. h m h fei
Utile Ron Horn
Mr. and Mr, ,IIarry Riulsbcrry of
Pocatello, Idaho, are the parents of a
nine and a half pound son born yes
terday ut the home of .Mrs. L M.
Nlcools. Mr. Raulshcrry will be re
membered a Mis Elizabeth Mclntyre
of Athena.
Wa ajg n, a
Iiid ans Cob-bra (
Ty Karney, Charle Bennett Jr. and
John Snyder and three Indian who
were arrested by the police Saturday
night on charges of drunkedness. Ben
not was released in the morning and
got back again In the evening. He Is
In jail, but the other two furnished
hi h
Officer Oct IJqnnr
Whiskey contained In kegs, bottles
and Jug wa secured Saturday night
in the garage of Jim Dupui when
member of tho sheriff office con
ducted a raid. Twenty-five gallons of
ihe stuff wn token. Dupui has been
suspected of being interested In the
business, and the raid wa made, the
officer think, Just In time to prevent
distribution. He furnished 1500 bond
Ml ft Ml a
Kennedy Funeral Tuesday Morning
Funeral services for Patrick Ken
nedy, 85 years old, a resident of 1'ma
tllla county for 35 years, will be held
Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock at St.
Mury'a church. His death occured
Sunday morning at the state hospital.
He served during the Civil War, and he
n.is many friend here. Infirmities
due to his advanced age caused his
n fta Ka
Make preparation now to at
tftwl Hie. 1'eiulleton Ml 1U II
IMS' CAIt.M VAIi, May 27,
2H. It's a big thing. .,
I Emphasizing lower prices
IS W JwW? !
X ' ' i ' I t 7 it! Kfk .11,
" . . . .'.AVCiiUv,' v l t
Kuppenheimer Good Clothes
For the Graduate
Now to the time to take advantage of this immense
stock of jewelry and all gifts for the girl and boy grad
uate make your money go as far as it will. That is why
we are offering you these wonderful values.
Wrist Watch, regular 130.00, now $18.83
Wrist Watches, regular 125.00, now VlS.aiV
Wrist Watcher regular 120.00, now $14.3.1
Wrist Watches, regular $40.00, now $27.93
Wrist Watches, regular $65.00. now , $49.50
7iiy' Watch?, regular $100.00. now $79.83
Hoys' Watches, regular $75.00, now $59.9.
Hoy' Watcb9, regular $45.00, now .....$3$J13 '
Hoys' Wutchei, regular $35.00, now $27.83
Pearl Neck. IS Inches, regular $10.00, now , $6.93
I'earl Neck, 10 inches, regular 12.00, now ; . , , .$975
Pearl Necks. 14 Inches, regular $14.00, now .$10.95
Everything is for your disposal (or the same reduced price. Can
you afford to overlook thia offer? Oome in and look at It Is all we ask.
Jewelry Store
About that
22. cal. for
Judge D. M. Schannep Would
Put Monster Signs on Roads
for Tourists to Inspect
a proposal to advertise Umatilla
i-uumy so inai tourist coming
miuujin nere win nave an opportunity
to appreciate some of the outstanding
luuuues or tnc lire and nterests of
tne county has been put forward by
Judge I. M. Rchrunnep of the county
court. ,
judge Kcnannep's Idea, as be h.
explained it to friends. Is to erect at
eM lour monster sign bourds on the
main traveled highways near the
county line on all four boundaries.
One would be placed between Uma
tilla and Boardmun, another on the
Oregon Trail between fnion and
Umatilla counties, a third to the
north on till Oregon-Washington line
and a fourth on the highway between
Pilot Hock and Heppner on the Oregon-Washington
"There is no doubt that this county
would be vastly benefitted hv snoh
uc.tion," Judge Schann
.speaking of the plan. "Our resourc
es are so great, we really produce sirh
an amount of agricultural products
that a bare statement of what the
county does each year in nrl,ii... .
... cUIim in lne siate and nation
would be all that would be needed to
make an imposing set of figures"
The signs would be in reality double'
according to the idea of the countv
Judge. One. which would be visible
to Incoming tourists, would tell of the
resources of the county, the square
miles Included In its area, the ,,
of wheat, wool, sheen, cattle ,wl mh.
er Items produced each rur r, .k-
Other kIHa nr ,v.a i.n . .
, MuHiu would Ite a
"Miillt:i:i. Wllirn WOUm Infn.n.
...ims uihi mey were leaving Uma
tilla county with the same ,,..
of resources. Such signs would -he
tourists some conception of the sl?.e of
the country and of the wonith 1, ...
duces which probablv wm.M . i.
given in such vivid fashion hv sm
other plan.
The assistance of tho t..h.,.
Commercial Association will 1.. .,.,i..
In working out the plan which Vns
oeen in Ihe Judge's mind for a lone
. ' fll
Men have been looking forward to
a substantial decline prices and men
want lower prices.
We've done it the result of the
combined effort on the part of The
House of Kuppenheimer and our
selves through the operation of the
closest margin in production and re
tailing. When you come here for your
spring clothing you'll find prices
down to where they should be! You'll
find real style and fit, fabrics of pure
virgin wool, the most durable weaves
finest tailoring the kind of quality
it pays to wear.
We've provided for your interests
in the matter of prices, without losing
sight of quality and service.
Exceptional Values at $40
Others at $35 to $65
the house of Kuppenheimer good .
i Store Closed Monday Memorial Day;
have picnic mm
Bet 111 never
go on a hunger
strike so long
as I can get
Post m
(Easta Oregonian Special)
ATHEXA, Ore.. May 30 The
members of the Haptisi church Sun
day school enjoyed a picnic at lling
ham Springs Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Iitln and
small daughter Jean were visitors in
Pendleton Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Amos O'Dell r.nd baby
have returned from Walla Walla
where they visited relatives..
Mrs. Joseph Sheard and Mr. and
Mrs. George Sheard were Pendleton
visitors Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Panlster and
children of Paisley. Ore., are in the
lty visiting relatives.
Miss Belle Mclntyre was a visitor
n Pendleton Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. James Ritchey or
Forest Orovo were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Norris Wednesday.
O. II. Reered and vie Harris were
In Pendleton Saturday.
Mrs. Lilla Kirk has returned home
from Albany where she attended the
Rebekah grand lodge.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Proudfit and
daughter Mary have, returned from
White Swan, Wash., where they vis
ted relatives.
Mr. and Mrs M. V. Hansell and
hildren l;ft Friday morning for Sun-
nwslde, 'Warh., where they will visit
the Pnvld Partch fanill-' .
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Douglas of Pen
dleton spent the week end nt thr
home of their son, Arthur Douglas,
near Athena.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gross and Mr.
and Mrs. George Gross returned Tues.
Polo Mascot
day from Itrownsvllle and Portland
where they have been visiting.
Athena teichers are spending their
summer vacation in the following
pieces: Professor and Mrs. Hadley
and Mr. Bennett In Portland; Miss
Tirake In Salem; Miss Heidenrlch in
.Milton; Miss Alkn rnd Mrs. Pelt in
Athena, and Miss Williams at her
hcirne sotrh of the city.
Mr. and Mis. Frank Coffock wer?
in Pendleton Satt.rday.
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Itadtke and chil
dren Freddie and Kathleen, left Sun
day for Ulnpham Springs. Mrs. Radt
ke and children will remain fur a
time, Mr. Kadtke returning to Athena
Miss Iris Lo'wther presented seven
teen of his music pupils in a well at
tended recital Tuesday evening in the
Christian church.
Mrs. w. S. Fernis' n was a visitor in
Pendleton Saturd ,y,
A. M. Meldrum was in the city last
week from Spokane.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Catron who have
been visiting relatives at Lebanon,
have returned.
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Read and son
Velton were visitors Saturday in Pen
dleton. Mr. and Mres. R. S. Kutt and daugh
ter Ruth visited friends at Touche.
Mrs. w . K. Dobson closed her j.
schnnt norlhwo::t of Alhpna Fridav ill
and left for Hscada Sunday morning
where she will join Mr. Dobson and
spend the summer vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. t'laude Dickey wer-?
Visitors in Pendleton Friday.
Mrs. W. J. Gh'ilMin has returned
from a two-weeks visit at the ranch
of Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Taylor at
Cold Springs.
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Willahy and
Mrs. Minnie Wiilaliy who have been
visiting the Clyde Wiilaliy family at
Condon have returned.
Mr. und Mrs. Georre Dickson were
Pendleton visitors Saturday.
Miss Thelma Kreytzer has accept
ed a position In the Athena depart
ment store.
ment store. Her brother, Ronald
Krettzer is working- in Haynle's gro
cery store.
F. S. Le Grow was a visitor In Pen
dleton Friday evening.
a, m. to t p. m.
Modem Dentbti-r
In All Branches.
Mrs. Devercm Mliburn, wife of
he captain of the United States
olo t'in in England, u the tc&m'a
Ual mascot if the toam bringt
ick the International polo cup,
layere wiU (tv ter .uiueb o tte
'"ho r'-al basis of me rchandising value rests in its qual
ity. IVii e enter in only so far as the quality of the arti-
cli! just fies. Ci'.ility determines whether this price Is a
hii.Ii on or a lev one. Quality is the guiding influence as
So .;s fi;'al value r.nd true worth to the customer. You
p.:.y depend on the RICH HIVF. iiuality and the HKK HIVE
P'iie as ;our protection on all purchases tit this store.
Hair Bow Ribbons at 38c yard
West Electric Curlers, 23 and
Ladies Mercerizezd Hose in
white at 32c pair.
Middy Ties, at 10c.
See Is Believing
We Invite Your Critical Inspection
Fresh Salted Peanuts,
19c pound.
Satin Finish Candies
25c half pound.
This makes a delicious
candy to serve at parties.
Ticnic Baskets, 1-2 price.
Yrju can get a nice large
one for 38c.
ricot. edge ribbons in all
colors at 15c yard.
Merchandising Bargains have to be
justified by something besides extrava-
Kaul ilailns of Hie itn;i lunat ion. We val
ue our firm name and reputation too
highly to indulge in any publicity that
might disappoint the purchasing- public.
It's true we are not giving merchandise
awav. but in most sales we ure satisfied
with a "below-ihe-averaKe" profit. .
Perfectionettc Hair nets
10c each.