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DAILY EAST OMddinAH.'pCHDLfiTOU, OltEfiOJT, Tt7trf!3AV EVENING, MAY 10, l02i.
People Here and There
19. M. Binlth of Weston whs hi' ro to- A. C. Olson, a proscription clerk, hug
day. arrived liero and 18 employed at the
'i'liuiiiiiiu drug store. Mr. Olson fut-
K. R. Moore of Mciiohiuu was liera luoi ly lived at Havre, Montunu.
today transacting; business. Iu Ih u 1 -
rancher In the Mcachum district. I 1
II. Koppel, a resident of Hoise, ar
rived Id l'i'iiilluton this .niornlnir from
J'ortluml. lie will upend a few duys
here on business mutters.
nmnro AMn nrnnrno
lILzr- ,.w i, -t
, W, AV. Ilollons, superintendent of i
the second division. (J). W. it. & N
w.ih a l'endlclon business visitor yes.
terday. Ills headquarters are in La
W. Sehwiirtr.enherg, formerly man
ager of tho Pendleton ltollor Mills,
now In the milling business fn Spo
kane, returned to tlio Washington city
yesterday after a business visit hore.
Allen Fotwim, John Simpson, Claude
fnow nnd Bin Hyeis returned yester
day from Ihe Dulles where they drove
aeveral Kords for the Hlmpsoit Auto
Co. They made the return trip by
Willi n, Taylor wai here today
from hid home In .Topi""'" transact
Ilifr business In connection with the
cluslng of his father's estate.
- ' .Ylcrctuiiite ;. l'ino.
J. .u. French, a stockman or . the i Andy II. Johnson on one count, and
Ourdime dlirct, wan here today look- I llrinker and Johnsi n on two founts.
I' ' '! 'r"n mallersr rl ricut- Milton merchant!), pleaded suilty to
It. a shipment of beef cattle on charge preferred ngulnst them by
..... . , ...., .irt. Mate food and dairy Inspectors In the
Chief Justice
(Joes After Aul" Thief.
Kheillf Koeth Homier left this
morning for I .a Grande to get Jack
Clarke, nrrosted there yesterday uflor-
noon after an exciting; chaso In which
he wna able to elude nivinburH of the
sheriff's force, t'liirk was seen here
Saturday nnd rlm.se wan Riven. He
went to Weston, tloulicd on hin trail,
cut across by way of side rendu and
wot lout. Precautions were taken by
thii sheriff's office, however, to have
officer In surrounding townH notified,
and the arrest at I -a Crandc followed.
Clarke Ih charged with the theft of a
Maxwell cu belonging to W. T. IMckcr
hoii of 1'reewHter. Dlckerson accom
panied Sheriff Hauser to l.a Urandu
und will drive the machine bark.
.1 i e -
let the Children in.too!
It's no longer necessary to
maintain a dividing fine
at the breakfast table tea
or coffee for grown-ups
. no hot cup for the youngsters v j
Serve 1
to each member of the'fku
ily, and all will be pleased
and benefited by this pure, ,
. wholesome cereal drink.
"Uteres a Reason for Pos turn
Sold by all grocers
Made by Return Cereal Corapari7,Inc:
Battle Creek, Michigan. 0
Pay Cash Receive More Pay Less
Despain&Lee Cash Grocery
209 E. Court ' Phone 880
Tea Garden Syrup,
gallon $1.65
Liberty Bell Syrup,
gallon $1.65
Karo Syrups, light,
gnlrn C5c
Karo Syrup, dark, '
gallon 90c
Golden Marsh n;e low,
gallon $1.25
Log Cabin Cyrup,
large $1.35
Log Cabin Syrup,
medium 1 70c
Avondale Molasses,
gallon 95c
Tea Garden Strawberry
Preserves 50c
Tea Garden Raspberry
Preserves 50c"
All other Tea Garden
Preserves 45c
Prunes, per pound 23c
Royal W. Soap,
20 bars $1.00
M. J. B. Coffee, 5 lbs $2.35
M. J. R. Coffte, 1 lb....50c
Jlills Red Can, 5 lbs. $2.35
Hills Blue Can, 3 lbs..,.95c
Rice, 3 pounds, head. ...25c
Beans, 3 pounds small
white i .-. 25c
Beans, 2 lbs. Lime 25c
Prunes, 2 lbs. dried 25c
Peaches, 1 lb. dried....25c
Apricots, 1 lb. dried ....35c
Sugar, per sack $9.00
Sugar, 10 pounds $1.00
PayCash Receive More Pay Less
Despain&Lee Cash Grocery
209 E. Court , Phone 880
t s a;
Bir Alfred Lawrertce. 78, haa auc
ceeded Lord Reading, tho new vice
roy of India, a Lord Chief Jtutica
of England.
court of Justice Joe If. I'nrke Mon
day afternoon. C'hailcM AlHmh, He
lix merchant, pleaded eiiilly en two
charge. J. x. Ktone, also from the
east en'l of the county, pleaded guilty.
Nominal fines of $15 and 110 were
.1 Hnemed auaiitat the merchants. The
cliaixes were brnusht a a result of
inHpcctioiiM of milk and cream made
by members of the Htate'lnapccinr'ii of
11lni iuil of I'klali '
Mrs. W. W, Slanshler, the present
principal of the schools ut rkiah, li.i
filed her contract in the office uf the
county superintendent of schools to
teach for another yuar at a snlary of
Sl.tiU. Tnls is an Increase over her
salary for this yvixr. ,She has been
with the I'kluh school for aeveral
Willis H. Taylor, formerly a me
chanic In lSatttiy I), HSlh F. A., has
presented his discharge from the army
to the county clerk. for recording. His
record shows that he enlisted May '21,
J HI 7 and was discharged at Cauip
Iwi June 2S. lli. He pariieipalcd
In four offensives.
Money to school school districts in
the county will be sent this month on
the two mill tax voted last year where
by each school district is allowed $jO0
for each elementary grade teacher.
The tax yielded $30" per teacher. The
first Installment of MSise will soon be
ready to send to tho district!.
Si-hool Vari .Members hern
John tftirrlaon, lx-rward Hwrison.
Charles Michael and H. W. CUlllnnd,
members of the board of Kehonl Dis
trict No. 8 7, of I'llot Hock, were In
rendleton today. '
Co to HiittiT t"re k.
1 Members of tho county court were
in the Putter creek region today
where they made an Inspection of road
Mothers! Give The Little
Ones Syrup Pepsin
They Ua Dr. Caldwell'!, and it quickly
, relieve! their constipation
and headache!.
DnGIN to tench the child regular daily
"-' elimination as young tut possible,
and much constipation will be avoided
later in life. The most convenient bour
throughout life if immediately upon
oisinp. It dot not then interfere with
play, school or work. ,
When in spite of your effort! a mem
ber of the family becomes constipated,
give Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin fn the
size dose directed on the bottle. It is a
mild, gentle laxative safe for young
babies; effective for grownups. It is the
brgeftt selling liquid laxative in the
world, end mast economical as a sixty
cent bottie vill last you many months. '
For your Information, Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin is acompound of Egyptian
tienna and other simple laxative herbs
with pepsin and pleasant-tasting pro- Send me your name and ad
matics. Look on it as a good family dreuaniluiUsendyouafrte
ineiui, usi.'iui to relieve constipation
and symptoms like headache, bilious
ness, colds, fever, bad breath, loss of
appetite and sleep. It is no exaggera
tion to snv that millions of families are
never without a bottle of Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin, itsnfeguarastheu'health.
tridi bottie of my S-mip Pr tain. '
Adlreu me Dr. W. B. OM
well, J u Washington Stmt,
tlonricelln, lllinnis. Every
idy now and then needs a
laxaiivc.and it huvll to know
ihe best. Write me today.
1 1 1 Children Examined.
One hundred fourteen children were
tested at the child conference held
last week at Hernilston by Mis. Edith
C5. Yuri Deusen, home demonstration
agent, and Miss Iawile Lane, nutrition
specialist fruin O. A. C. This week
conferences are to be held at Pilot
Women to lie ltcirvciitcd.
The club women of I'endleton are to
be represented at a coming meeting at
which the proposed milk, ordinance
will be discussed. At the meeting
Saturday. It was decided that Mrs. Ed
ith G. Van Deusen, home demon
stration apent, mt with the women
who will probably choose one dele-
ate to act on a committee composed
of Mrs. Van PeUsen. Dr. Frank Roy-
len. Mayor George Hartman, Fred
Hennlon. county agent and a local
dairyman. The ordinance will be
thoroughly discussed by the commit
tee. "
MKX AUK. IXUMI til 1 1. TV.
CHli'Af.O, May 10. (A. P.) Two
of the three officials of the upholster-
rs union on trial charged with inciting
slugglnss. bombings and other acts of
violence during t.ie 191S and 1S2
strike were today found guilty.
LtiHT Motometer from Studebake:
cur. Phone 1(103. Upward.
WANTED Cook for ranch reason
able "wages and smal) crew. Phuiv:
FOR SALI-7 line 2 story frame house
with bath room must bo moveJ
from lot at mice, Innulre ut.ldS W.
Jackson or Phono 9S6-W.
cw l"iirnltiiro Storo
I have opened a furniture store
3(S V. Webb. New and second hand
goods bought' and sold. Come and
see W. 15. Fisher. Phone 1 WS.
I1AI.TIMOKE. May 10. (A. P.)
Three hundred alleged marine strik
ers and sympathizers stormed tin
customs house today to reach a party
of negro strikebreakers who had fled
into the ftderal building for protec
tion. Heveral negroes were severely
beaten before Ihe iolc drove, off the
FOR $200,000 UNION
Contracts for the erection of
the fipiO.OOO union high school
at Milton were let yesterday by
the board of directors who in
consultation with It. YV. Hatch,
architect, opened the bids and
passed upon the same.
Alloway & Oeorg of Spokane
have the general contract nt a
price of J I fin. 000. William
O'ltourke of Walla Walla has
the heating plant contract und
W. S. Fleming of Portland, the
Two States
-LCtW--- '
rrzr: . ST v V. Xl
. i
A watch makes an idei.l gift Wtt use of Its if rent
usefuluees and permanaiu y.
Oui display of these dainty watches Is most Inter
es ing Exquisite in design, varied in assortment,
acturttc Ume,keepers, and bove all. not too high In
A wateh from Buwtcllc's Is 'the best possible.
Tins f-arsest Itiumimd WeuU-rn in avtern Une-m- f
0 '
iv-rr-w ;
i zi
Division of Illinois into "North
Illinois," consisting of Chicago and
the seven counties near by, and
"South Illinois." is the object of a
movement led by State Senator J. T.
Denvir of Chicago. It's because of
of "downstate's studied unfairness
to Chioaep," saya Denvir,
Annual Irot Arrives The proof i
for the material of the high schqol an- j
nual which is now dt press has arriv- i
td nnd is being read and corrected by
numbers of the staff. The book has i
turned out excellently and it Is expect- j
cd to rival any high school annual in j
the state. The copies are expected to
arrive for distribution May 29. The j
untiring efforts of the staff and the j
cooperation of the business men of the j
city have been responsible for its sue- )
Style Show to !! tiiven. Members
of the Domestic Art class under the di
rection of Miss Kate Voorhies will to
morrow afternoon stage in assembly a
style show. The show will consist of
the clothes made and designed by
members of the class. The girls have
done excellent Work in this subject
this year and it Is hoped thattfhe fash
ion revue will Inspire more girls 'of the
school to take the course. All those
oliimliinir work. The total cost ! interested .are mvitiai to attend.
of the structure will reach S200,-
OHO and the hulliling is to be
completed by January 1.
East Depends on .Tryster
"1 k
. Merchant's Lunch
, . .. ' , from 11 to 2 P. M. . -
Fresh Doughnuts and home made pies.
Special tables for Ladies.
Home cooking our specialty.
'C' . Open from 6 A: M. to 12 P. M.
White's Doughnut Lunch i
8 8
123 West Alta.
I?? , jrV"r-
Si s i f , I-
I -' iM 1 i '
!' " ' " x
X -if
N if
W. "V .
IHiital l.cxtim' (Jiveii Yesterday
afternoon pupils of the grades and
high school of the city gathered nt
the high school auditorium to hear a
lecture on Dental Hygiene by Dr. J.
C Jones. With the lecture were sev
eral slides and a two led picture. The
lecture was repeated nt the county li
brary for the benefit of the townspeo
J. CPenney Co' A Nation-Wide Institution j -
tIn Terms of Economy .
New shipment 36 inch Dakota Percales, a well
known standard brand, light and dark
grounds, yard JJC
New patterns Merrimac Percales, one of 'the
finest qualities, full 36 inches wide, bright
cheery patt3rns for skirts, blouses, house
dresses, etc., plenty of dark patterns too if
von nreferi tfard 23c
Japanese Crepes just received, the colors most j
- wanted m this popular ana practical iau
ric, 30 inches wide, white, salmon, light blue,
canarv and l:.v?r der, yard -. 9c
Many nev patterns of voiles have been added
recently, full forty inches wide "in conven
tional and floral designs,, light or dark
grounds, yard ....,.... 23c, 39c, 49c
Another consignment of that justly popular
Hickory Elastic direct from the mill insur
ing fresh stock full of "snap," black or white
yard, 1-4 inch 6c; 3-8 inch 7c; 1-2 inch 8c;
5-8 inch 10c; 3-4 inch 12c; 7-8 inch 13c; 1 inch
15c; 1 1-4 inch 17c.
Hickory Garters made of the same high grade
elastic, for boys' and girls' from 2 to 17 yrs.,
white or black, pair v . .19c
Genuine Leather Boston Bags, fine for shop
ping or a general utility bag, two handles
. sewn on, buckle and strap fastening, em
bossed grain split cow hide, soft and pliable,
" brass studs on bottom corners protect the
bag, brown or black, 14 and 15 inch sizes,
each $2.98
Plenty of hair nets now in stock, the popular
Duro 'Belle, double net, cap shape, made of
human hair, hand made, gives unusual wear,
each 10c
Meritas and Sanitos Oil Cloth for table or wall
covering, white and colors, 47 and 50 inches
wide, yard . t. . 'i . . .'.v.v.'.v. 33c
J. C. Penney Co, A Nation-Wide InsUUition
For Expectant Mothers
Osed Br Three Generations
buoncu Risuutei Co., Dipt. 5-d. Atusta. e
SL-UTHAMtTtiX, Kng., May 10.
U l'.i Colonel (George Harvey, the
new American ambassador to Great
Britain, arrived on the Ao,uitania.
' Harry Payne Whitney's three-yrr-old. Tryster. will be the tirnln r-
llance of the east In the famous Kentucky IVrby ot Churchill Downs,
louisvlllc. Ky.. fny 7. lonardo II, who ran a record mile at Lexington
recently. 'will be Tiyster's chief livjl In the Ociby. Trjster has tmncn
ioHj suced wid gival !amiii . ... . - - , , ....
ATHENS, Slay 10 (A. P.i Ilus-
sian officers formerly vf General
Wrangle's army, who were brought
to .Greece when the Crimea was eva
cuated and who have found it impos
sible to secure other employment,
have turned their hand to domestic
and household pursuits.
Recently one of them was seen on
the streets of Athens wheeling a baby
carriage. He was a handsome Cos
sack colonel and his sturdy build,
martial air and fine features made
him a conspicuous figure. -His charge,
a rosy-cheeked baby belonging to a
wealthy Athenian family, took evident
delight in Its stalwart, good-natured
nurse, who shved the youngster ns
much care and affection as the most
devoted mother
The servant problem does not exist
in Athens. At least the Greek house
keeper has no such difficulties in this
respect a her sister In America, for
she can always fill the place of maids,
cooks and kitchen hands with former
Russian soldiers and officers, of whom
there are thousands In Greece.
UOCHESTEK. Minn.. May it). (A.
P. ) Franklin K. Lwnc, former secre
tary of the interior, was greatly im
provedtoday following his operation
of last week. His physk ians are con
fident of his recovery.
Be Slender S
For a Real Smoke
J Buy
Cigars I
Now 2 for 15c
... hAin tlsnilir. aatlfK healthy,
is now youi. tii piur; ib hadowy
tte to fiv you Mm ot aue bion reduction M
iht Kn i.rTtn. or tedious IXWf''' tia
H.-Min nth aalta. teeu no f'
thyroid, do low ot tim. Jut
tnl a thm so molt. MSV KOriH
sytm ind rduo 10 to 60
to) under money-rwanc tu-i-aalM.
Safe, Mtablf, r.com
tanded by fibysicians. Add to
your capability ia1 ebarm.
Amiu all bo know ycu. Bo
coma Knhlcr In st0. vounflOf
t appermncs, attraotivo, (tun id RMitn,
yentoyourUloI Taka your io3urmnw
nd wif ht ottta and look at yoorscll at mirror
to know tho tral benefit. tVa't km any
mon tin), ttrt oo nd oniey the trnl! ot
tcomint deader. Ak tor bos ot KORCIM
T A BULKS (proooonod coroaitl M any drus
tior. Accept m auhctitutaw Or mail $1.00
to na for box; or wtito lor frea broehuro
ttreti U, W-H, Statiw JL ttv Virt, K. t.
Pfajalclan aiul Surs;eoa
Itooms 11 and 2t Bmlth-Crswfor
relephon T0 Km. T4t-R
Dr. Lynn K. Blakeslee ;
These ex-militarv men are willing to Chronic, and Nervoue Diseases anf
take up the most humble calling If It Diseases Of Women. X-Ray Electrsj i
will brin them bread and shelter. Therapeutics.
Hunreds of them are now acting ns Tempi Bldf. Eoom 1) ;
.1 111
waiters, butlers or cooks in titers - i
llousehoMa mid tesiaiuaiit. I ywf 310-W ... .(w- V;
t a. m. to I p. m.
Modern Dentistry
In All Branches.