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PuMlnh4 Daily und S'-ml-Wockly. at
lVhtiMn, r'fton, by lh
AST OltKUON'l.VN' lTm.lSHlXa CO.
Enu-rril At the iot office at Pendle
ton, or' roit, an rconti claa mail nm(
Imperial Hotel Nwi Stand, Portland,
OitmRn Purfhu, Vtv vmHy liullding.
.-hint,-l'TJ, 1. t, Hurtau hi'l four
l--til li Sir t. X, W.
Member f the Aftoelntetl !
Tli1 AiM!Mtd l"r-c in exclusively
nt i tied to the line lor republication ot
11 n-w a dispatcher rr'iitei to it or
rot oiherw is- cr -tltted in thia paper
fend alo tlitj local new a publicised here
in. I
Daily, fna year, by mall
I truly, nix montha, hy mm! ...
Putty, three mtrnthi. hv mail
Daily, one month hv mail
OMIy, one year by carrier
Onily, fix months hy currier
irt'ly. three ironthtc by c.iirier
lnilj. one month, hy carrier ....
Semi-Weekly, one year by mall
S. nil-Weekly, fix month by mail 1. 00
Semi-Weekly three montha by mail .CiO
$6 OP
... 3.00
... .!;
2 00
by Edgar A. Guest
NVc nrod -the lives f others to nwiKe
our ivn ci'tnpbte.
It takes thp pniilcs nf neighbor to
lipht our humKe stroet:
And nil the ". wo treasure would
cold nil nonlitl bo
Vnless amubir v;titod to fharp our
Por on 9 desert iskiml where man
must livo aloiio.
Thoiiph heaped with Reld and silver
which he could call his i-wn.
The stuff would hiM' Its value and
he would cease to care.
And he Would sifch for sumeono with
whom his wealth to share.
Fame vcr an empty slorv without
the friends who praise,
Fr in others comes the. splendor
wh.eh crowns the toil of days;
T!iere"s none so vroat or huml'ie but
w hat .at nieht must find
That with the lives of many, his life
is intertw ined.
We must have kindly neighbors.
must have loyal friends.
On them mid nil they itive us the
of life depends;
The thine called Pelf Is trifilns
makes success, defeat;
We iieefl the lives of others lo make
our lives complete.
it !
: II
V' .." i- 1
v:';- V ... .. . :f .., ,h .-.- .; f . '1 -f II
No Merchant Could Hope
to build for the future unless it were upon the solid foundation of ' Quality
Merchandise. That's what we are doing here, building for the future by of
fering the best goods obtainable at a given price, and please remember that
price is always the lowest because we buy for cash, sell for cash, have no heavy
office expense or losses due to a credit business. The savings thus made are
handed down to 6ur rapidly incre'asing'clientile. The phenomenal success of
this store proves it. Just try The Crescent the next time you go shopping.
il. hy Kdtrar A. (iiiest.)
v If
. ... j ypn ty ls in .loss as well as new styles In colors have arrived as a result
IN passing the $400,000,000 nuval appropriation bill the re-! r new wy.tte n oeeui.umH. tario the eoiiie now-ei- riuhti ome reigned
publican house organiza'Jon under the leadership of Repre-' 5 'i"'1 '" i'ilf '" I'e-H tin- vomen r.ian (upper ieiw. ivte the Kun.nean
sentrvtive Mondell acted wisely in turning down efforts to; irri'pl''Hl,,1,H,,i"f,",l',,e ;,r- ?p"i;"M':n";'s,,,p
make the appropriation contingent on a disarmament confer- j u:,',wV;,!;;;o,vV", '..V .i,".VVrrc,;",.i' .'r.""1".
(fence to be called by the president. j o-m-r. .. .iiv.::.ie.s n wn i..-fr uie pi,s,-iit Ht h.B!tI.
- The subject of disarmament is at present in a nebulous stage. , : : - a
The American people by rejecting the League ot .Nations helped , rvi rvr rnif I ITrf) I ny
bring about this condition of affairs. The situation may be eor- T K fKAKl
rected 'under the Harding administration. The opportunity will ; I lLU 1 Ll
be open to the president. and he will have the country behind;
him if he wishes to undertake something real. But we will not;
get any where with such a move unless we are ready to go into'
the thing whole heartedly and in good faith, willing to accept:
cur responsibilities' as well as demand our rights. (
Meanwhile we have a possible quarrel witn japan ana mei
Anna Korpella, Verletta Done, Thelm.i
j Pollock, Hertha Wyatt, Kdnr. Porter,
i l'mily sttilililefleld, ilenea Jlouston,
! Hy die lloylen, Garnett Wajtner. Volma
Smith, Willert Horn. Hersehel Wldkell
and Homer Uinders.
riaylet, "Five Cups of ChnenlaJe"
Velina lioyer. (iladvs I-litcher. Itnth
( Kast Ciw eonlau SpeeiaL) t"let( her. Kleanor Haseall ati'd Hazel
1'II.OT l'.lit'K, May 5. Mrs. Edith ! Warner.
administration at Washington is pledged to repeal the Panama I Van ix-nsen. county demonstrator, was ; vcai s.do rain stantop.
canal tolls act which will seemingly be in conflict witn an im-j tt"h Sh""' Ca"""-":u"'"or
portant treaty With England. e do not know just What is ! NV,n he held In I'llot K..k Thursday! Famous Suns and Their Comporers
ahead Of US nor does the rest Of the world. j "d Friday of next week, May 1Z and ! Ted Koy. Victor Hracher, ueorge
Under such conditions the advisability of a stronger navy) -Mrs- Van i'v advises that! Jordan, urn Kidweii.
should be plain and it is obvious to most people on the Pacific j "s, charso r"r cor,ns a ' vJZTv" i''"'
coast. Having rejected the most ambitious plan ever offered i Lorena nym rpent the week-end 'statuon ' "' "s ,tcur
for promoting peace the logical COUrse for this country is to keep i in Pilot l-.oek visitinc eornelia Klridee. j lliadlnp Cladvs Hutchinson.
its sea strength up to date, particularly so when England now j a mm.i.. r of were bidden tu( stunt win kmwcij. WTi Kmitht
t"a tbp rmstf-rv and lanan is building at a lively rate To stop ' ho h''"' "f Mrs- v L- S:ltul-: ""h eurrm, uwiai.t Behannen. i:d-
tas tile master ana japan IS DUllCling at a meiy lcUC, 1U -P ; day fiern....n to spend a few hours war.l Ness, llilmer Horn. I.esteY lort-
our naval betterments now-voulo be like letting lire insurance i socially. The afternoon was snent e.- i,,
nnlirtps Iansp fitter havintr taken all tne wneelS Oil me lire w"h needle wont, mnwrsiium aatl
Night Cowns and
E n v c 1 o pe Chemise
made of long cloth,
nainsook and seco silk
prettily t r i m med,
your size' too, at 98c
to $2.29. '
Bonito Hand Em
broidpred hand made
gowns' and envelojje
chemise are' very
pretty and service
able. . Prices from
$3.19 to $6.19.
New Dress Skirts.
; some very smart
styles arrived in sports models, white
serge and poplins, also pleated skirts
in the darker hues from $3.75 to
$10.50. ' "
Our Curtain Nets and Marquisettes
are proving very popular inasmuch
as the merchandise is well selected,
the patterns are good and the price is
low. Priced per, yd: 19c, 28c,' 42c to
$1.95. ' ! 5
" Curtain Machas, a heavy' quality in
brown and rose, 3G in. wide, yard 98c
A New Lo't of Taffeta Silks and
Soft Heavy Satins arrived yesterday
in the shades of navy, brown, new
zinc grey and black. Prices ' range
from, yard . ; $1-95 to $2.9
Marseilles Bedspreads an excellent
showing of new patterns in scalloped
or plain hem, priced fully one third
less than you were offered them for
a few months ago ; from $4.00 to $8.5u
Colored Bed Spreads, 'imported
English make, satin finish, colors are
'bink. litrht blue and yello'wV Priced
at; $8.19
' ' Rain or Shine Silk Umbrellas,
bought on the new low price marets.
All silk with new handles of bakalite.
Colors of green, gray, brown, navy
and black. Priced . . .$6.19 and $9.49
Pendleton Woofcii' ' Mills' Pillow
Tops in beautiful new color combina
tions, bound with felt to match de
sign, each $1.50
''Baby Blankets, scalloped and print
ed in kindergarten designs $1.19 to
$2.19. ' ;
Pendleton Go Cart Robes each $4.00
Pendleton All Wool Tlaid Bed
Blankets for full size bed, pair $12.50
Phone 127 for courte
ous, quick service in
delivery or otherwise.
Only the better kinds
of merchandise are
found in .this .stock.
DR. EDWIN L. THORND1KE, the Columbia University psy
chologist, has devised a system of intelligence tests in
tended to ascertain the mental abilities of prospective col
lege students. Ihey reveal.not knowieage, understanding, dux.; postponed until Thursday cvenimr.
tnPTitnl a1prtnps. nnVk wit.'nerceDtion. Recently he gave these ! cwin to tint fact that -the huh
tests to fifty leading business men ot an eastern city, lhe results
were astonishing. Not one of the business men was up to the
average of the young students entering Columbia. And the gen
eral average of the business men was still further below that of
the college students. Yet the business men were all regarded as
the highest type, conspicuously successful. What does this in
dicate? I. frankly, do not know. It is not easy to believe that
successful business men are less intelligent than college fresh
men. Yet, perhaps, the affairs of this workaday world do dull
our senses. I wonder if it isn't alarmingly easy to go to seed.
And does proficiency in one special line of thought tend to rob
us of our aptitude for everything else? Are we as smart as we
think we are? Fred Kelley in The Nation's Business.
ud (lalhreath. Tom Stanton. Ted
music, followed hy a dainty two course Koy.
luncheon. The invitation list included. Vocal Solo ZiHa Johnston.
Mrs. Jean P. Kirkpatrick. Mrs. I V.j lieadlnu Ijilian Crnmli.' ',.
Slacken. Mrs. Albert Uoylon. Mrs. I Stunt. "Trials of a Manuirer" Vic
James Truman. Mrs. ti. K. (Jill. Mrs. j tor Itrarhor, Cenrse Jordan, Klla Stan.
Robert rtoylcn and Mrs. C. ,T. .Miller. ton, Kleanor Haseall, Albert Pollock.
The meeting of the Women's Com-' snB, "Auhl Lane Svne" Ko(etv.
munity Club fur this week has been
chool liter.tr' urogram is to be pre
sented on Wednesday evening. This
w-ill be a social meeting in chante of
The health commitu". 1eleates to
the annual convention nf tin Oregon
Federation of women's clubs to be held
in Pendleton May SI, .Pme 1, ', and X,
will be elected at 'this meeting, alt
members are nrsyd to be prtit-ent.
Following Is the histi school literary
program which will be presented in the
auditorium Wednesday ' evening, May
Chorus, "fries of the City" Mau
rice Pollock, Paul Eracher, Raymond
Anderson. Lila' FW tcher, Hazel usg.
. I.. V. Macken moved
Wright properly Sai-
Over at Seattle a man who was a war time investigator for
the government was atatacked by some I. W. W.s who stripped
their victim and burned him with a torch. The poor fellows
were perhaps drunk and merely meant to kill the man, so why
should the department of justice worry.
Umatilla farmers are right in moving thoughtfully with ref
erence to a new selling plan. Most anyone can see that a ca
pably managed cooperative sales plan can accomplish good but
there is such a thing as getting fromc-frying pan into the fire.
( If the fruit growers of the Salem district are not expecting
.'too much they may have their hopes realized this year Salem
Statesman. The nearness of the penitentiary evidently makes
Salem editors guarded in their remarks.
The French are not moved by German wails of poverty. The
French had an experience they have not forgotten and who can
blame them for demanding that the invader pay the damage bill.
If Union and Umatilla counties work together the problems
regarding the road over the mountains can be solved. The sub
ject is of sufficient importance to justify real attention.
i Owing to a fisherman's strike they are not catching salmon
on the Columbia this season ; maybe this will help out the mutton
' With wuges coming down the worker is entitled to reduced
living costs. .
Struck Out 20
the liaily
May :,.
t in poplar.
Columbia river and are owned by
Kwitzler lirotlrers and other parties.
' John M Kochern Is here from Helix.
1 A. J. P' ric arrived from Portland
I last n.cbt.
! Mrs. J. p. Itobinson and Miss Susie
. Frnnim? will leave tonitiht for a visit
vuth friends in Portland and Astoria.
Itave Adams is In the city from his j "
mountain riih near WeMon. H- re- ! To produce the body of a murdered)
ports n immense amount of luojsture tp-in at cort an evidence, a. Canadian
there. Northwest Mounted police officer
j "iHMslH-d' by lor team four hundred
A Ids romid-op " started f" in ; mi,,K gouth to the nearest Justice n
fmatilta mi Wednesday. There were roBrt on ,,, s,,v .ivr producing the
beut t horsemen in the putty and . body at the trial of the murderer w ho
they wttl e.ither nonie tyi,n nor e f wa, captured detp in the northwest
(bat raiiie on the iiurtlt cide -'f the i nildvrnvk.
' f
- -
Misa Victoria I'lazii, of Pasnaae.
N. J.. hurled a no-hit fame, struck
out 'JO of the 2'i batters who faced
her and allowed but three to reach
firjit tjaee In a contest between Pa3
ulc and Kast Kulherford, N.
sclUKiUiiri tuuiu, Scur Z U 1.
Mr. and Mr
into the Davi
The opening honr for Sunday School
has been channel from pi:3n to lu;tio
o'clock. Church .services will begin at
eleen. Mr. P.apan of ChieaRo is ex
pected here May s to occupy the pulpit
durin:? the summer months.
Mrs. Uo.ssiu Humphrey and children
end Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Miller and
children were dinner Bursts ot Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Hays Sunday.
.Mrs. i.ieiirude Wilson. toa her at
H rd school and Mr. Charles nrown ot
Pasco were married in Pendleton Sat
urday April SO.
Mr. and .Mrs. Frank Chamberlain of
t'klah visited friends here the iat of
the week.
Among the local Masons who at
tended a special meeting of the Mason
ic lodire in Pendleton Monday even
ins were K. B. Casteel, W t). staver,
Lr. Oscar Ie Vaul, Dr. H. A. Schnei
der, C. W. Depuy, Merwln Gilbert,
Henry Casteel and Orant Chittenden.
Pat froherty and Charles McDevitt
of (Jurdane were business visitors her
School closed in Harmony school
district Friday April 23. A short
program was rendered and a picnic
dinner enjoyed by teacher, pupils and
natrons. Miss Kha Carter, teacher,
left the dame evening for her home at
Mrs. K. L. Wright vias a visitor to
Pendleton Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. ?. M. Hcst. Mi.s Alta
Kinith and Mist Verona Ktillenwider
enjoyed an outing on .Stanley creek
Mr. and Mrs. Jean Kirkpatrick en
tertained the following tit .dinner Sat
urday evening., Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Chamberlain, Mr. and Mrs. j. O. litis
sell. Elmo Russol and fleorce Jordan.
-Mrs. Twig IJinklo and Miss Orace
Hinkle were shopping in Pendleton
Mrs. Carl Jensen, Mrs. Pessle Hum
phrey and .Mrs. C. J. Miller.Motored to
Pendleton Tuesday in the Jensen car.
Mrs. Steve Done of Seattle, is visit
ing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Done of this city.
Mr. and Mrs. if. II. Klndorman mov
ed into their new home last week.
Mrs. Frank Cable visited several
days last week at the home of her
parent, m,.. .,n( jirSi YrcA Haseall.
Fred Fletcher was a business visitor
to Pendleton Tuesday.
Miss Helen e'aul and Mrs. Al
fred Westiintc were visitors to Pendle
ton Monday evening.
Mrs. (Mis Jones who has been quite
sick with smallpox Is better. Her sis
ter Mrs. tjurton of Pine Cruve is car
ing for her.
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Carnes made'a
trip to lhe pine tirove neighborhood
Little Pyrdette liyrd. small son
of Mr. and .Mrs. Frank Fiyrd, had the
misfortune r,f falling Into Birch creek
recent! y from a bridge In the Pyrd
barnyard. Ho was immediately
rcued. His face is Ulte badly bruis-
td, othei wUib he wan unlojufed.
Nearer the Top
Bach dollar raved is another step higher on the lad
d rrof future JnAtpendence. . . . .
Any mar cm earn money, but only he who can save
Is the nuc - ssful man.
No nia'.tct how small your first deposit might tie,
you owe it to yourself to mart raving' now small be-Bir.nliie-j
become big endings and we welcome your
account. We pay 4 per cent on Term Buvlnga Ao
comi'.i and .the Interest is paid yemi-anniially.
Independence is what onr
forefat tiers fought Tur
n's what you should ave for
get a Liberty Hell linnlt
niul start today.
TIlG Inland Empire Bank
Pendleton, Oregon
Which Paint
v Costs Less? .
.aw r 1
NOTE liov7 tbe best paint
spreads easier and covets
mure square yards thari cheap
paint does.
Figure in the extra gallons
of cheap paint that you roust
buy and the extra cost of appli
cation. It means that cheap paint
costs just as much as good paint
on the house.
The best paint then gives
five or more years' protec
tion to your property invest
ment. Cheap paint on the
average, starts cracking in
twelve- months. Which paint
costs less?
72 Years' Experience
The house paints we specify
for your home are the result of
72 years' experience in making
paints and varnishes for every
purpose. Made to stand" the
J peculiarities of western weather.
The best material PIO
linseed oil, zinc and color are
combined with long-time skill,
in scientifically exact propor
tions. , ' t
Our white lead base must pass
through a silk screen with 40,-
000 meshes to the square
inch. A patented purifier makes
it "whiter," so Fuller paints are
exceptionally e'ear-toncd. The
paint when finished and applied
on the house ii a beautiful, elas- -tic,
tough, protective coating.
1 Such paint costs but a trifle
more to buy per gallon and is
five to ten times more economi
cal in service.
Don't allow surfaces to rot.
It costs leif to paint them.
House Painfs
f Phoe.-ix Pure Point
vPur Prepared Point
Manufaciuitd by W. P. Fulle & CL
I for house Daintinz.
C. r I nd you hv lilt btt
"Per Prerired" tnd "Phee-
ni" r rullir ipecinoaooni
THFM. These piintt are lm
toant to you, to it's important
to ro to tin right stores to fet
theffl. Agente names and ad
dressee are printed in the memo,
coupon to the rierht. Cut It out
and put it in yoor pocket now.
For All Kttcrlnr Jobs of Palatini It Is Advfeabte to
Secare the Servient of a fciaxtrr Painter
Get ciiher
that anyone can malta
lonft-aervica paints.
Free Advice
on Painting
ASK. our agent for our free ad
vice. He will show you a color.
caru wmcn snowarj.;
hades of this desir
able paint. !
We have a Fuller
Specification Depart
ment which will tf II
vou all about the
most desirable color
schemes, color har
mony and those other
details vou want to
tnow. J.i J
Take advantage of Fuller House
Faints. Take steps to paint now.
Don't let weather depreciate your
Pcpt. 6. San Francisco
Pioneer Manufacturer ot Paints,
Varnishes. Enamels, Stains, and
for U Years
Established 1049.
Brandies in 16 Cities in the West-
Dealers everywhere.
Also makers of Rubber Cement Floor
Paint, All Purpose Varnishes, Silken
white Enamel, Fifteen4or-(1oors. Wash
atilt Wall Finish, Auto Enamel, Barn
and Roof Paint; Porch tmd Btep Paint
(Cut thia out and piste it In your
note book at a memo.)
My houst needi painting. Puller's
Specification Hout Ptintt art aoltt by
th following Agent: '
Successors to Murphy Flros.
K. Court ft. ; , rhoneSll