East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, April 23, 1921, DAILY EDITION, SECTION TWO, Page PAGE NINE, Image 9

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Summer Is Calling
The long pleasant evenings, the Saturday half holidays,
the glorious Sundays will soon be urging you out into the
open. You will want a car that will take you swiftly arid in
comfort along inviting country roads, up hill and down dale,
past scintillating brooks, away and beyond, where'er your
spirit lists. You will want a bright, splendid new car, full of
power and pep, one that will zh you along carefree and
comfy, fully confident that your sturdy machine will answer
to every call you make on it. For you the special offer is
made by which you may easily secure
The Super-Comfort
Road Car of
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We have found by experience that the best way to advertise the Ace is to get cars
into the hands of a considerable number of experienced and well known motorists.
One satisfied owner brings us two more sales. That has been our experience in Seat
tle, where our liberal trade-in policy gave us advertising worth more than thousands of
dollars could have brought us in paid space.
v Now we want you to help us advertise the Ace in and around this district. It costs
money to advertise and we are billing to pay you for demonstrating on the highways i
the good qualities of the Ace.
For a limited time only we will take in used cars at an extremely liberal valuation and allow liberal terms
on balance due. Our trade-in estimates on your car will convince you that we are sincere in our efforts to
quickly popularize the Ace in this district without regard to present financial profit
A $1,000,000 Seattle financial corporation and an $800,000 financial corporation with headquarters in
Spokane, are back of the General Distributors Corporation, and we are in a position to finance all our auto
mobile paper. Our ability to be liberal in credit terms is another advantage to Ace owners.
An Aristocrat of the Road
You can park your Ace alongside the most costly
aristrocrat in motordom and feel quite at home.
Ace lines give it a massive appearance, but special
aluminum-metal construction in many essential
parts gives the lightness in weight necessary to eco
nomical operation. Many authorities pronounce the
lines of the Ace the most beautiful in design of all
this year's cars.
We who know so well what the Ace will do in ac
tual performance have no hesitancy in backing it
. with a most unusual guarantee. For three months
we agree to keep the Ace in perfect condition with
out cost to you for service for one whole year we
guarantee Ace parts against showing defects. In
the latter guarantee we are backed by the Ace fac
tory. ' i
Factory Distributors, Selling in this District through the
An Assembled Car of
theHighest Standard;
, Nationally. Known
More and more automotive engineers are realizing that
the assembled car has the future in motordom. Parts man
ufacturers, specialists in their respective lines, backed by
great capital, are turning out individual parts of automo
biles that no single factory can hope to equal. The ACE
is assembled from the best that America can produce in car
Take the Ace engine, a six-cylinder Continental Red
v Seal model known for its splendid performance under all
kinds of road conditions. A simple engine, free from ela-
borate details, . economical in operation, with power
enough to cany a car any place it should go at the highest
rate of speed any ordinary man ever cares to travel.
The other units of the Ace are fit company for the mo
tor. The more you know about automobile construction,
the more you dig into the "innards" of the Ace, the more
you will appreciate the fact that it is a car of sturdy build
that can be depended on to give long and satisfactory service.
Come and see the Ace. Let us demonstrate how smooth
ly it carries you along. If you do not feel capable of judg
ing of the technique of cars bring along some friend who
is well posted. The more you study the Ace from every
angle the more you will be satisfied that it is a car of unu
sual merit.
82 165 F.'O. R Pacific Coast Points