East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, April 23, 1921, DAILY EDITION, Image 15

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It U earrltt oat la rW-fciow utim u4 A
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Fashion Draws Lines
Curved and Straight
T t omn would weir l tb nw
frokg, nbe must hv m".n.r flg
Urwi, or at Ihh( nhn mint ba one
of thou fortunate onw, vi'rjr much In
the nlnotitjt, ho rh 'lHpt their np
urM to an mode. t'Diially thU U the
Um, trcefnl type. But th nw of
any atyle la alwaja good newa, aa It
atrip of allror gray ahrma, though tha
latter la untrlinmed except for Urga
rahlioge roaes of self-material on tha
Kklrt and a fine antique laca bib collar
to aid the old-fashioned look of tba
frock, The very earna pattern could
be employed for a allvar gray taffeta
with apron panel, fichu collar and
me&tia plenty of variety from which to cuffs of eyelet-embroidered aheer or-
0 noose.
It la Interesting to anta among the
new ditties that tha fabric Immedi
ately aiiggnsta tha silhouette the rireaa
ahalt follow. With vary fa changea
of cut, for Inalanca, tba taffeta frock,
which la a popular as It ever baa
gandle edged with fine filet lao. tha
skirt In this frock Is puffed over the
hipa. Orgnndles and dotted Swtsaea
follow the taffeta lead.
The same thing concerning material
dictating lines might be said of tha
crepe de china and oanton crep frocks.
The frock to left shnwt the possibilities of Uce anl sail a.
browa cobweb lace.
In the center Is a frock skowinf long waist effect TUa la designed In whit erep a chine, embrold
ered in bla'k and white silk floss.
The lower plctnre shows a blue taffeta dreta embroidered In white sflk and In whlta crrstAl baads.
It Is made ultb low rounded neckline and tha short aleeves are formed of wide fall circular floances.
The restaurant frock to the right Lt designed In metal brocaded taffeta In pale blue with ilver design.
Tbe drop skirt Is of silver lace, the bodlr la designed la basque effect finished at tim waistline with spray
of tlowers. '
been, folio s the hour-glnsa lines, Chemise lines with wide aash Mousing
nipped waist with tight bodies, and full the frock at a low waistline, a deep
billowing skirt. It remains for tha trim
mind, I' combination with organdie,
the ala things and ptiffinRs of Its skirt
and Sleeves, Its color and IU pattern .to
give variety. Tha fundamental linea
are the same. Thus, while wholly dif
ferent at first sight, a navy taffeta
cut In the front to waistline turning
bat k In revert or tied together 'at a
rounded neck and filled with self-material
of a contrasting vestes la' tha
story of tha ailk crept. Again, there
are enough variations to deceive one
that the silk crepe has many styles.
Are You One of the Cooks Who Can't Cook?
with paneled oversklrt topping another There are floating panels, parts of
overskirt of tan organdie, generously oversklrt that loop under the hem, aet-
yelat-embroldered In brilliant colors. In fullneaa at tha hips, embroidery to
U cut with the same tight bodice that auggeat a two-place dress, but funda-
dark brown taffeta with hairline mentally tha straight, easy-lined all-
''''''lllliL .IJIlIt:'
je a
ESPITE domestic science schools,
books and magazines, there are
many women who are very igno
rant on the subject of feeding a fam
ily. They don't know what or how
to buy; they don't know how to cook
properly and tastily what they buy.
Feeding the family right haa been
atressed time after time, but still
housewives go their ow n sweet way.
What a family ahould have la her
set forth according to Parmer's Bul
letin No. SOS:
A man who does fairly bard museu-
houette holda good here. Much la
done with color and trimming to)
change the ellk crepe frock. Bead
embroidery, patterned borders done by
hemstitching, the stitching rut Into
plcot-edged petala and backed with
contrasting color, brilliant facings,
tailored bows and cockades of self
tone ribbon applied with the pre
cision of a printed fabric, close all
over striping done with alternate rowa
of Wool and metal thread, ss on a very
stunning brown Balkan crepe, confet
ti disk cut from matching or self-material
and sewn on close- with bead
centers, plcoted band of self-material
applied on the bias or spiral, applied
accordion-pleated flounree at the aldea
these are but a few of the cbarma
which the simple-lined crepe frork,
also the voile and batiste and chiffon,
rasclnatas thla saaaoa. Philadelphia
lar work would be likely to get the
food which his body needs if supplied
daily with such a combination of foods
as the following:
One and one-quarter pounds of
bread, having about the same food
value as one pound of such cereal
preparations as wheat or rye flour,
oatmeal, corameal, rice, etc.
Two ounces, or one-quarter cup of
butter, oil, meat drippings, or other
Tw ounces, or ona-Huarter oup, of
tugar; or one-third cup of honey, or
syrup, or ah equivalent amount of oth
er gweet.
of such work as lifting.
thirds of a pound of cereal; that but-
A family consisting of a man and a tw, oil, lard and other fattey foods av
erage 90 per cent fat; that fresh fruits
and fresh and root vegetables average
about one-half per cent protein and 10
per cent carbohydrates, with neglible
quantities of fat; and that meats, fish,
ggs, cheese, etc, at purchased, may
be considered to average about 14 per
woman who do moderately hard mus
cular work and three children say,
between three and 12 years of age
would get the food they require if aup
plled daily with:
Four and one-half pounds of bread,
having the tame food value at three
pounds of wheat or rye flour, oatmeal,
corameal-or hominy, or rica; or about
2 pounds of cereals and ( or t medium-sized
Three-quartera cup of fat (butter
6r butter with oil, beef drippings, or
other fat) a weekly allowance of
cent each of protein and fat. The esti
mate also assumes that all the fat ob
tained with the meats, etc., is utilized,
being either eaten with the meat or
saved for use in cookery. Under thes
conditions the fuel talhfe of the diet
would ba about 10,0" calories per
family per day, or the equivalent
amount of 3,000 calorie per man per
day, the protein value would be about
330 grams per family, or 100 grams
per man per day.
A Seam Finish.
When stitching a seam It la very
helpful to turn back when the end of
the seam is reached and stitch over tha
previously made stitches for about on
inch. This I find a very great help, as
It relieves the strain on the end of the
team and prevents rtpping.
to Hark Stockings.
Before wearing new stockings put a
mark of some kind With colored em
broidery cotton at the top of each and
with another color mark the next pair.
A very small mark at tha tops of
stockings will hot make much differ
ence and then they cart easily b
matched after washing.
Paraffin Paper (or Ice.
When protecting ice from the air to
keep from melting, do hot use newapafr
per, as this rapidly softens to pulp.
Wrap the ice IB the wax paicr which
you take from loaves of bread or 3real
boxes.' This will resist the moisture
and the Ice will keep longer.
Make I'se el the Heater.
Try roasting potatoes in the heater.
When opening the heater door you will
find enough space to roast potatoes
for a meal. Use a piece of tin for a
shield to keep them from burning If
the Or is too strong. Can use aam
method to bake beana It put in a caa-serol.
One and one-quarter pounds of food pounds.
from the following: Fresh fruits and
green or root vegetables,
Twelve ounces of food from a class
which may be called "meats and meat
substitutes;" that is. moderately fat
meats, poultry, fish. eggl. cheese, dried
legumes (bearia, pea, lentils, cowpeaa,
and peanuts). Milk also belongs
among there foods, but because of the
large amount of water It contains half
A tittle mora than one cup of sugar.
or a weekly allowance of four pounds;
or an equivalent amount of some other
Four pounds in all of fresh fruits
and fresh or root vegetables.
One of the two following, the choice
depending on the age of the children:
Three quarts of milk and one pound
of other foods taken from the meat
a glass, or four ounces, of It would be and meat-substitute group.
required to equal an ounce of any one
of the others.
For Onldoor Worker.
A man who works hard out of doors
all day probably would need more food
than thla, and one who sits all day at
hla desk would need lesa. Tha amounts
given are auttable for a man who, like
a talesman In a store, walka about
mora or lata and doa mora or last
Two quarts of milk and Hi pounds
of other foods taken from the meat
and meat' substitute group.
Just a Calculation.
This rather rough calculation Is
based on the assumption that cereals
contain, on the average, about 12 per
cent protein, on per cent fat and 75
per cent carbohydrates, and that on
pound of bread eootaina about two-
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