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Publlfti'A nlly nd pf ml-WVokly. l
lVhdlHun. psiri, hv the
East oiu.i.c i man I'l ni.iKHi.va ro.
Kilt!-!! at tli pot office st lvmllr
lon, ur-Kun, k itftcoiid ciii-i mail matter.
Imperial Hut el News stand, Portland,
Chlrno Pureim, Kfi-urtty Handing.
Wml.mirton, 1. C, lSurcau &UL Foul
t""Mti Street, v. tv.
Mrailtrr f the Amfrrltrd Pre.
The Asacciated Tresa exclusively
' entitled iu the ue for repuMicaium of
all news dispatches credited to It or
not otherwtpe credited in this paper
and also the luoal Hews published here
to, j
euBseniPTioN rates
rnt! one yenr, by mull 18.00
hmly, aix uiortha, by mail , , a.uv
Daily, three ll'ontlis by mall 1.50
Daily, one month by mall .Ml
I'nily, one yenr by carrier 7.60
Dally, six month by carrier 3. 75
Daily, three months by carrier M
Daily, one month, by carrier ,t',f.
Semi-Weekly, one yetr by mall 2 00
Semi-Weekly, six months bv mail 1. 00
oenu-vt eeKiy three month by mail ,50
by EdgafcA. Guest,
Ola Man Green will bo missed round
For he was the sort o' man you
in Iks
The quiet kind that some think
Yet lus' fit Into n nine, like this
Uke the trees an' plants an' the vines j
- that creep, j
Which you walk by all oP the sum-'
mer long
An scarcely notice, so still they keep.
But if one should die you'd know
something's wrong.
Well, Old Man Green for a stretch
o' years
Has lived tround here, like a friend
ly tree
Jos' a part o' the landscape, It ap
pears. That day by day we should wake to
Itonnd "him the youngsters loved to
. An" with him the old folks sat to
Although he never had much to say,
full many a troubled
Friend to us all, the great nn' low:
Knew the names of the young an'
Greeted us nil with his glad hello.
An' many a sad goodbye he told:
There's the place whore he used to stt.
Tilted back, in his favorite chair,
Tallin' us In to rest a bit
Or watchin' the youngsters playin
Old Man Green is, dead an' gone
An' the old town doesn't seem quite
the same.
There's a great soul lost, though It
wasn't one
Known to fortune or worldly fame;
Just a kindly voice on' a cheery smile.
Which are needed so In a place
like this.
Made every hour of his lifo worth
An' that is the way of men you miss.
If You Use
You Have No Tire Trouble
Gertson & Marty
639 Cottonwood Street Phone 595
If n U V: . A I -i ; f u '? V ?; I)' J
.V ',i ,- ) . T . i '. i Hit x' . f .
(Copyright, 1921, by Edgar A. Guest.)
'nan does not like to make a sacrifice for the good of someone
else. Show him that on a straight merit basis you can meet out
side competition. In nine cases out of ten that very showing can
be made and when the point is proved you not only secure the
tusiness but you are in a position to hold it permanently. You
change from pursuer to pursued. h
It is now predicted another cut will be made , in the milk
price in Portland so that grocers may sell at 10 cents a quart.
Old H. C. L. is slowly but surely shrinking.
The senate seems to want a fight over a treaty as a regular
diversion so we can look for much fireworks over the Colombia
a aaa
Here's hoping that storm will keep, east of the Rockies ; out
here in God's country it is springtime.
TN connection with the campaign for a stronger "buy at home"
, policy, a valuable lesson may be learned from the experi-!
ence of the Golden V est creamery. When the local cream
ery was taken over by the present owners some years ago it was
snaking 3000 pounds of butter a month. It is now making from
15,000 to 17,000 popnds and selling it.
There was a time when it was hard to sell Pendleton butter
in Pendleton. It is now hard to sell any other kind of butter.
'This is due chiefly to the fact the creamery company has estab
lished a reputation of turning out a product of superior merit.
There a certain number who buy this butter because it is made
in Pendleton but most people buy it because it cannot be sur
passed in quality and is seldom equalled.
. When business is conducted on that basis it has a foundation
that cannot be questioned. People like to buy home products
and will usually do so when other things are equal. They should
be shown they can do this without sacrifice and on the contrary,
' with direct personal gain to themselves.
Much money goes away that has no license to travel. It could
do better right here at home. There are people who have
bought dry goods in Portland or elsewhere when they could buy
the same goods in Pendleton at the same price or cheaper. The
same is true of furniture and of articles in other lines. There
are cases galore on record where people have actually penalized
themselves by sending their money away. Better values were
right at their door and they did not know it.
As a matter of common sense people should study these
thing3 and find out what they are doing before they turn the
home man down. This is a time when such a policy is especially
to be commended because it is essential under present condi
tions that the resources of the community be conserved in every
possible way. It is time to stop the leaks and one big way to do
this ia to buy nothing outside the city or the county until you
have given your local people a chance. When money is spent
at home it goes into the local banks and may be used to keep the
"wheels of business and industry turning. Money sent away is
lost to us and we all suffer.
The "Buy at home" campaign is a good thing but it can be
most successfully conducted by emphasizing the merits of what
:we have to sell. It is poor psychology to let the purchaser think
he is doing you a favor by buying home products. The average
Radiator and Its Work of Much
Importance During Hot Time
of the Year; Oil Often.
A Series of Human Interest
Talks on Insurance
w- 1
r --"
Ten years trim now yoor fif- ;
tcen-ycar-old sen will be in bus
incri. ;
He. will run it. to the Barce I
t'.trvs of stress that befail ail
buaitiisfs mm.
You would M:e to be able to
be'o h'rn at such times, vcmildn't
' You c: B. ... , . - j
You can tai'.e out life insur
ant? fur lii'i row zrvl pay tl;
;irf-r:iums until he can handle
' limn hiraclf.
Innrruwe at fiflron ia imr
pm..,v..', 'the rate ins not in-.!;:-".
You "jn establish k
w t.'iiicrfui "v.'ork'P!" capita!" fjr
j our -.en's lisir.3 life :. a very
e. iall co..t if yu tio it cow.
Tbinl; it over vrt tulV wit'n
Pendloton, Oregon
(East Orcgonian Special.)
HOLD MAX, April 16. Wheat looks
tine in this locality. Some of the 1
farmer are through plowing. j
Miss Vera Martin of Drummond
Idaho is visiting at Gusernan's.
Miss Randall a teacher of Xolin, or
ganized a young peoples class at Hold
man lUst Sunday night.
Itev. Xicoles of Hpokane preached
hero last Wednesday evening.
Mr. Fred Hansen and family attend
ed the hall frame at Hcrmiston Sunday.
Mrs. Jane Brown is visiting her son
William Iirown of Juniper.
Mrs. Martha Kimball has been visit
ing her brother-in-law J. Kimball.
The Xolin ball team will play Hold-
niau team at Holdman next Hunday,
The 1-adies Aid of Hoklman will
serve dinner on Wednesday the 20th.
Mr. C. Guseman visited Helix last
"During the hot weather months
attention should be frequently given
to the radiator; nt least, tlio owner
should see that it is kept filled, and
at intervals it should be flushed out
and filled with clean water. In con
nection with efficient operation of the
cooling system, fan belt adjustment
should be made for the fan is needed
in summer. The position of the spark
lever should be watched to see that it
is kept in an advanced position, thus
assuring better cooling of the motor.
Minor parts, such as spring
shackles wheel bearings, steering con
nections and universal Joints, require
oiling more often' in summer. It Is
well that a heavier grade of lubricat
ing oil be used in the motor, transmis
sion and differential than in colder
weather, and oil should be drained
from the motor at intervals not to ex
ceed every 1000 miles. Better per
formance will result when this is done.
"Careful attention should be direct
ed to the brakes to see that they are
kept in as nearly perfect condition as
possible, for during the summer they
get greater usage, with more traffic
to contend with and more cars on the
"Tire pressure should be watched
more closely on tires that have been
in use for a long period because tires
expand more in hot weather. The
owner should have a tire gauge ar.d
use it in inflating. In taking Ion?
trips the owner should be provided
with a good spare tire, and should go
over all the tires during the trip to
see that thev have no defects.
"Every owner wants to have his car
in the best possible condition during
the summer months, for it Is then
that he uses his automobile most. To
get this maximum efficiency, he must
exercise greater care In going over the
',Frc! i the East Oreijonlan. April 16,
18U3.J ' "
Mrs. George Talkenstcin Is 111 at her
homo In Cold Spring. .
Hev, W. W. Erannon la In Helix to
c'ay. 4 dignified looking Indian, ulorloos
in a fine headdress und gaudy blank
ets, lode through the streets tday. He
ia 'Jl.cf Wolfe of Snake river, who be
loiiss to no reservation and who, with
his hundreds of ponies Is independent
of Uncle Sam's assistance.
Pat Cronan, foreman for Charles
Cunningham, is In the city today.
A. II. Stanley is here from Echo.
The cprset which exceeds all others in volume of
sales is naturally the biggest corset value, obtain
able Warner's "Double Skirt." Prices on these
"wonderful corsets are back to the old level. , .
81.49, $1.93, 82.49, $2.98, $3.49
A special model known as style 70 made of pink contil in sizes 20 toSO
sells for $1.49. '
Warner's "Double Skirt" corsets are made with a thin - lininqr of very
strong batiste from the waistline down, leaving them soft and pliable at the
bust, but giving them wonderful strength across the hips where the greatest
strain comes. Like all Warner's Rust-Proof Corsets, they have double boning
and double interlinings. f These, combined with the "Double Skirt"- assure
double service; 1 ' ''
Made in back lace or front lace styles from $1.49 to $6.19. :
Try a Warner's next time. A corsetiere will see that you are properly
fitted. '
Better Merchandise
. Lowest Prices.
We buy for Cash
Sell for Cash
In Mississippi a law is that a man
cannot register Who cannot read the
constitution. An exception is: If a
man cannot read, the registration of
ficer may read to him a section of
the state constitution, and if he can
explain Its meanln; to the satisfac-
on of the official he may be register
ed. It will be observed that the of
ficial has the power of decision, and
of course a white man's explanation
s accepted, while a negro's Is reject
ed. It is a very simple and effective
method. But once, Just once, a negro
got by. He had gone In to register,
and as a matter of form the official
read from the constitution the provi
sion I have Just quoted. "Kxplnln
that," said he to the negro. "What
does it mean " "Dat means, ' as
sured the colorefl man, "dat a nlggah
can't vote in Mississippi." Tho ans
wer was so keen that the official came
through like a good sport and regis
tered the negro. W. Y. Morgan, ' In
Hutchinson Xews.
Multiplying Money
Tlio Liberty 7U-11 llmne (?l
Ilnnk, a gynibol of Indiiwul
I'lllf; SI tlclKxitctl here
i'ur one of th eT-rondy
home deposit"!-!!. ' 1
-.Money suved and l(.pill at 4 p.r cent interest In
this Bank multiplier, rapidly.
Krom a small weekly tlepcnlt, your account with com
pound Interest -wtll nnimmt to n comfortable fortune
In a few .vci.rs.
t ort- vnur persistent -ef forts will make your
"nest exg" grow?.
Weekly In In
Deposits C yars 10 Tear
i l.'lO , I 2S7.53 s:m.M
3.0'i Hi.b) 19t4.no
5. B U;i2.iHJ 31S2.94
8. n 230O.S3 r.104.42
10.H0 2S75.S9 ' Hti0.47
Ftart now and be Independent; tl.00 Will open nn
account here.
Inland Empire Bank
Pendleton, Oregon
P.) New legal steps to secure the re
lease i,l .Thomas J. Mooncy from Kan
untm tiave been taken. Attorney
Hyron j. Parker, who announced h
hart discovered a new legal method of
j reopening the case, has filed applica
tion for a writ of "audita querria" in
I 'he uprier court. lie declared that if
itlie writ Is prantej, it will open a way
j for the Jii'itfo before whom Mooney
I was tried, to order a new trial. The
i prK.e4.,ure, according to attorneys, is
unlipie and seldom used.
OAKLAND,- April 16. (i;. P.)
Paul Colstone, of Alameda, was shot
and killed at the Hethlch. m Shipbuild
ing eonjpany'e plant. The shooting,
according to the police, followed a
quarrel with Captain Uan Ferguion,
chief of Liie ilupyard guard.
J 4 , 1 X
, ft
ABTOftTA, April 16. (I. P.) In
stead of winning the anticipated
sympathy from his spouse, Kleun J.
Davis, who fal ed suicide, was made
the target of divorce proceedings, ac
cording to a complaint filed by Mrs.
Davis. The statement recites that
Davis seUed a revolver, rushed from
his home into the night and fired the
shot Into the air and fell on tho grass
as if dead.
Pennsylvania Vacuum Cup
iarney Oldfield
. , - t
A fijntlst Ii responsible for the
nickname glrea to Joseph Ooldle
Rapp, new Giant third baseman.
Joseph got the Talnable crown)
when he was eight. Now the
'Joseph part of bis name Is silent.,
McCraw paid 115.000 U GoIdC j
.,.,..... ,. i ! ' . V !' ;r '
I. - . ' . . i ,-
' Every
OLYMPIA, April 16. (U. P.) Hv
virtuo of the supreme court decision I 3
denying a new trial, Reven I. W. W, ! 3
members were convicted In connection 5
with the Armlstire diiy murders at
f'entrnlla, and will be transferred from 3
Montesano Jail to tho Walla WullaisH
state prison. Tho men Irr custory arejc
Hrltt Fmith, f!. ri. Illand, Bert island, I
Kay Decker, James Melnerney, Kugen I
Harnett, and John lanili. Their sen
tences range from 25 to 40 yeurs each.
flreat liritain has perfected an en
tirely new type of seaplane which can
either fly or cruise ns a warship, so
dispensing with airplane carriers.
ire 1 ried and 1 rue
Guaranteed to .You
Oils and lubricating. Gasoline station at our curb.
Free air and water. .
Pendleton Rubbor & $
30S E. Court St.
1 1 '
Wholesale and Retail. ' i
WM. DUNN, Mgr. Phone 135
A now world record for parachute H3
Intipinir was made recently when l.leu- s
tensut Arthur !. Hamilton dropped rnii
24,600 feet at Champaign, Illinois. iSiiiilim