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People Here and There
ira , ,
Oeonro A. AVhlts of Meuchatii In
f visitor In Pendleton.
, ' George Baxter of Cove was here
yesterday on business mission,
Mr. ana Mrs. Cnrl Manning of rilot
Hock were hon Wortiindiiy afternoon.
; ltnlph Fouler 1 u guest at the
i( home of Ward H. Fowler, at La
Grande. j
B. C. 8k lies, well known drug man
of Portland, was In Pendleton today on
P. ir. Cnnnlok arm Warren Wilson
of V.'ulla Walla were In Pendleton
,'! J, W. Strong und It. L. Hollenbuck
, and family of La Grande, were In
Pendleton -Wednesday.
nonrfV polnlH. Whllo here ho visited, furnished In 1920 Ik tho bails of the
Cnutta and Averlll, F. O. Vincent,) suit. Iteeovery of G0fl and costs of
also an Insurant's man of Portland, the action are (ought. Fee and Fee
wuh here today. lore the plaintiff attorney!.
V. K. Noordhoff, FTeswater mer-
I chant 1 a visitor In Pendleton today.
Col. F. (1. Lucas, who gets over much
of the county frequently nays that the
trult outlook In the earn end country
In generally good hut that In spots
damuge ho been done by recent cola
Jchii Tryon won In La Grande Wed
nesday where he attended the funeral
service of Thomas Fouler.
Business mat torn required the atten
tion of Floyd HolKlngton of Btanfleld
In PendUluu yesterday.
Mrs. Jnck Hendricks, who hag been
glutting her ulster, Mrit. Jack Thomas
at Helix, nan returned to her home in
F. M. Hayed, superintendent of the
water department, went to Thorn
Hullow th's mnrnng to look lifter the
final arrangements in establishing u
lump there.
Fulled To Appcur
A default has been entered against
Louie Black Klk und others who are
defendant In an action brought by the
Oregon Washington ttallroad and
Navlgutlon Co. for failure to appear.
t'nn'f Colli Kiiecial Tax
A default Judgment haa been enter,
ed by Judge Phelps in circuit court
against the defendant ;n t'.ie caw oljof action by. Deputy Sheriff Itldgwny
Kerlcy Can to Jury
The embezzlement case against Joe
Kerlcy which ha occupied the atten
tion of circuit court during the past
two days was expected to go to the
Jury thl nfternogn. The taking o
testimony was concluded this morning
at 11 o'clook, and attorneys began
making their arguments before the
Jury Immediately. Much Interest ha
teen shown In the case.
"Hop" Outfit Taken.
Harry lieckman, thought to be a
drug addict, Is In Jail, and the sheriff
is In possession of a complete outfit
for "cooking hop" a the result of an
arrest that has been made by Deputy
Rldgoway. The officer entered Beck-
man room and found' him In bed
with a complete outfit spread out In
the room. A federal warrant Is ex
pected to be brought against him. He
probably will be taken to Portland
within a few days.
Depot lit! Kver Itvvoiver.
A revolver which disappeared from
a room In the liowmun Hotel the night
of April (I has been found and Iden
tified by It former owner us a result
. J. K. Robinson, special n-jont of
the Atlas Assurance company with
hen.l'iu.'it tern in l'orllnnd. was In Pen
dleton today on Insurance business.
He Is en route to pilot llock nnd other
W. J. Kirk and Other taxpayers In the
action against School District No. 120.
A temporary injunction Is also nine
permanent which will prevent collec
tion of a special levy of taxes In l'JUU
from being nindn,
and Spears. Walter Smith Is In Jail
and a charge of larceny In a building
will be brought ugalnst him. An at
tempt on the part of Smith to sell the
gun resulted In a call being senl to
the sheriff's office, and PJdgWuy and
j ."pears followed Smith nnd apprehend-
Would Foreclose) lien ' ! him J" '" he had been suocesB.
, Suli to foreclose a merchandise lien'ful n a second attcrttpt to get rid of
m so apartment house has been Instl- K"C gun. A companion who was with
toted In circuit court by John J htm at the time was also placed under
Vaughan against F. F. Cnry and C. M. i arrest.
Cary, his wife. Material and labor
Phone rates may come down, but in the mean
time you should make it earn its cost to you.
The Wise Ones Call
The ifouse That Peddles Good Groceries at low
If the goods aren't right just say so. Well fix it.
J The Economy Grocery
113 W.WEBB ST. ...
Phone 409
To Haiiqnct at Ferewatrr.
! A delegation of PAndletoniana -consisting
particularly of members of ihe
jcounty affairs committee and the
; merchants committee of ihe Commer
cial Association will go to Freewater
to attend a bayquet this evening by
the Kreowater commercial organiza
Authorize New OrdlnaiK.
An ordinance which will prevent
public speaking within two hundred
jfeet of either Main or .Court streets
was authorised Inst night by the city
council following discussion when a
motion to this effect was submitted by
Councilman Bond. The street has
been blockaded recently, It Is said,
when meetings were held on a corner
in the main business section of the
city. The city attorney was Instructed
I to draft an ordinance Such as was' In
I force during the days of the war. It Is
probable that It will also be Impossible
, to hold public meetings In the city
park under the proposed ordinance ex
cept by special permission of the coun-
I cil.
Pay Cash Receive More Pay Less
Despain&Lee Cash Grocery
209 E. Court Phone 880
; Why Pay Big Per Cent of
1 package 30c
2 packages 55c
3 packages :.......80c
20 drop in Citrus
Apricot Preserves ...i40c
Damson Plum .........'.....40c
Marmalades 40c
1 gallon Tea Garden $1.65
1 gallon Liberty Bell $1.65
1 gallon Molasses ...j95c
10 lb. Poppy Jelly....$1.85
3 reg. 1 0c loaves .25c
2 reg. 15c loaves 25c
7 drop in bread
Interest on Your Credit ?
No. 5 Holly Lard $1.00
20 drop here
Per sack, $9.50
Pure cane sugar
.. .
5 pound net weight..$1.25
10lbs. net weight....$2.45
12 drop in lard
Flour, per sack $2.25
Pears, 3 cans 55c
Corn, 7 cans ...:...:....$1.00 '
Peas, 7 cans $1.00
Pumpkin, per can 10c
Salmon, 2 cans 25c
2 dozen 45c
Pay Cash
Receive More
Pay Less
Despain&Lee Cash Grocery
209 E. Court'
Phone 880
I Food Drafts Available
Tho Umatilla county Red Cross of
fice ha received Inquiry regarding
food drafts which are orders upon an
' in.rli.n l .. 1 l.if A.lmlniatrfltfnn In
Central Burope for staple food. The
drafts can be purchased at local banks
and are similar to money orders bflt
are exchanged by the recipient In
Europe, for food Instead of money.
For.10, a draft providing for I4H
pounds of flour, 10 pounds of rice,
eight pounds of bacon and eight cans
of milk, while for 1 50, a food draft Will
ontltle the holder to 140 pounds of
flour, 60 pounds of rice, 1 pounds pf
bacon, 15 pounds of lard, 12 pounds of
corned-beef and 48 cans of milk.
(East Oregonlull Hpeilal)
l.' MAPI NIC, April 14. tin Thursday
evening at the home of .Mr. and Mrs.
W. W. I'hllippl north, of l imiplne,
their daughter Uella I'hllippl was
united In marriage to ltev. W. Mc
Afee Wilson of Portland. The cere
mony took place at eight o'clock, Kev.
U. V. Harper of Milton officiating.
I'rior to the entrance of the couple,
Miss Liiora I'hllippl, noufln of the
bride, sung beautifully, "Oh promise
Me." Miss Zelltt Hoon played Men
delsohn's wedding march. The bride
wore blue sulln and carried a shower
of Ophelia rose buds and sweet peas.
The ring ceremony was used and at Its
conclusion, congratulations were of
fered Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, Miss Flor
ence l'hilippl caught the bride's bou
quet when It was thrown among the
guests. The home of Mr. and Mrs.
i'hllippl was beautifully decorated for
the occasion with daffodils and won
derful spring flowers of trllllums and
dog tooth violets sent from the Wil
lamette valley, by Caroline Beck of
After refreshments were served ft
chlvarl party from t'mapine were
treuted and at ten thirty the bride and
groom left for Walla Walla where
they go to I'ortland where they will
live in the future. Mrs. Wilson's go
ing away suit was of blue serge with
blue and henna embroidery while she
wore a pretty hat of henna shade al
so. The bride has many friends In this
section of the valley who wish her
much happiness In her new life. The
groom has been tho supply at the
Presbyterian church at Umaplne for
the past six months.
Tho guests we: e as follows: Mr. and
Mrs. Judge Kelly, Hfcv. and Mrs. H. K.
Harper and daughter Alice, .Mr. and
Mrs. A. A. Wlli'ey, Mr. und Mrs.
James Kirk, Mr.vrid Mrs. l.yle Kra
zler, Mr. and Mrs. Jtoy Frazier, Mr.
and Mrs. Stanley Wright, .Mr. and
Mrs. 1J. ( Saunders. Mr. and Mrs.
Kyle McDaniel. Mr. artd Mrs. Pan J.
Kirk. Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Phillips. Mr.
and Mrs. Jim Oliver. Mr. and Mrs.
John Ktack, Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell. J.
W. Cooklerly, M. V. Clark, Austin
Roberts, Mury !,. Clark. Nell Mc-1
Crftcken, Mrs. Fred Iosnter. and Kl
fred, Mrs. R. E. P.ean. Mrs. Guy
young, Mrs. Wilson nnd Maisie Wil
son, Mrs. Fred Hoon and Zella Hoon,
Mrs. Wm. Squire of Yakima, Iora
and Florence Philippl. Pauline and
Mary Uek, Rebekah Kirk, Maty Hol
wager, Marjory Frank, Helen Oliver.
Rcverly Young, Catherine Wellman,
Wallace Kelly and Mr. and Mrs. V.
W. Phlllppi.
Friends of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rec
ords and family ore welcoming them
back to this community as they have
rented the Grant Lowe ranch five
miles below I'maplr.e. The children
have enrolled at School nnd the family
are moving immediately. Mr. and
Mrs. Kecoids have been living in Wal
la W'alla all winter.
Ethel Hodgc-n 19 teaching at the
Singer school at the foot of the llut
lcr grade. She is enjoying the work
and spends a numbeiy of week ends
with Mural ISeaucliamp. Mr. and
Mrs. J. E. Jones were dinner guests
with Mr. and Mrs. Weathers at Gar
dena on Sunday.
Lane Hoon is serving on the jury at
Pendleton during tho spring term of
court, going down on Monday.
- Mrs. Tom Cahpbell required the
care of Vr. Thomas one day this week.
She is now improving.
. Mrs. Roy Macon was brought home
from the hospital at Walla Walla on
Mondny. She is graduaUy regaining
her strength. -
l.eora Philippl of the high school
faculty spent the week end with her
parents at Arlington this Week.
Mrs. Roy Ward moved to Walla
Walla this week and will live there.
Mrs. J. P. Harrah is spending a few
days nt Adams this week.
Many friends attended the fun"-al
of Arthur Grimes on Saturday at Wal.
la Walla. Mr. Grimes died at the
home of his daughter, lire. A. Uuae o,i
Mud Creek on Thursday. He Was a
pioneer of Umatilla county and for
years operated a large ranch near
Vmoplne. Mr. Grimes was 84 years
t 'Missionary
MNo-To-Bac" has: helped thousands j
ro break the costly, nerve-shatterln
tobacco habit Whenever you have a
Icnglng for a cigarette, cigar, pipe, or
for a chew, just place a harmless No-To-Bae
tablet In your mouth instead,
to help relieve that awful desire.
Shortly the habit may be completely
broken, and you are better off mental
ly, physically, financially. It's so easy
so siirtple. Get a box of No-To-Bac
and if it dosen't release. 'you from all
craving for tobacco In any form, your
druggist will refund your money
wupoiit question.
Walla Walla Pendleton
Auto Freight Service
Isavi-s Pendleton 2 p. m.
IVtMltrfnn Ptione 22.VW.
Teach Your i
Children to Save
Your children will lcarn'more of the value of money
thi-oiifih having a bank account than by any other
njpans. , . ,., .....,
lt.enoonrr.ccS them to see the amount Increase, and
nt 4 per tent Inteivst compounded semi-annually, It
doesn't tal c long to snve lnrgti sums. v
Why not Mart nn account fof them now the ultl
nvite benei'its will be inertlmuble. One dollar is suf
ficient to open n Term Savings Account.
t.iH one of thcM miniature
liberty Bolls to. ilwn ror
p ji humor in ht lumic
a counts fa.-l towards success,
Inland Empire Bank
Pendleton. Ore ion lil
y. "v..
s ti
IIS iiWtvW J
VSf 4 ...$
Three-year-old Henry A Smith.'
tr. tof Boston is going to Japan
as an actor-Bilsslonary His tatl,." .
H. A. Smith ot Boston University
rtuves soon to put on a Christian:
pageant employing 20.000 Jap
anese children Henry. Jr will
t out the part to show tUe Jap
A Man is just as Young
end Strong as his
No man can fight the battles of
life and hold his own if his blood
is not pure, for rich, red blood
is what strength is based upon.
When you see a strong, vigorous
man, who never know3 when he
is licked, you may wager that
such a man has coursing through
his veins rich, red blood. Many
people have thin, palo blood.
They are weak, tire easily, be
come discouraged quickly, and
sometimes feel like giving up tho
6trugglc. Such folks need Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discov
ery, which i.4 sold by druggists
in liquid or tablet form.
It is made tip of Blood root,
Oregon Grape root, Queen's root,
&tone root. Cherrv Bark, without
alcohol. Send 10c. to Dr. Pierce's j
Invalids' Hotel in Buffalo, N. Y.,
for a trial package of the tablets.
Olyjipia, Wash. "My husband
always uses Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery as a 'stomach
medicine and tonic, and declares
that it is the best medicine in the
world." Mrs. J. K. Foster, Cor.
Pear and Spring Streets.
Thtt the M itthnmtd
trading ring M tt Ksdttrf
i u he mad m
Tna imitmlmftht
r mk tt v(f f in
Oi.nje HaNM dwfrt
M,1 H
.;!.-V4 r-c:-i I
Genuine Orange
OratigeBtossom 1 1
old at the time of his death. Inter
ment was made in the cemetery at
Valley chupcl where his wife was In- i
terred five years ago. He leaves hlf
daughter, Mrs. Guue, and three son: i
all of this place, Roy, Tom and j
Oeof ire.
-Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hoon were sur-;
prised nt their home on the state line j
on Saturday eveninjr when a crowd of
I'maplne card sharks motored over to
their lovely home mid surprised them
genuinely. Mrs. Albert Hobson won
first prize while T. O. Goodman cut
with Sam Hoon, K. K. ISean and J. K.
Jones for the consolation prize. T. O.
was the lucky winner. The guests
brought their own refreshments which
were served at midnight. Those pres
ent were Mr. and Mrs. Lane Hoon, Mr.
and Mrs. R. K. Itean. Mr. and Mrs. J.
E. Jones, fr. nnd Mrs. Sam Hoon.
Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Goodman, I). J.
Wirk and W. H. Phillips with theii
wives started on the, perilous trip
across the Walla Walla river but broke
down and returned to their homes
about eleven thirty after a pleasant
evening on the road with motor
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Martin received
word of the death of their jon-ln-law
Jnms Givens nt Lcwlston, Idaho, on
Monday. They were unaware of his
illness until apprised of his death. Mr.
Givens was married to their daughter
IJella. They had no children.
Mrs. H. H. Hacon left on Tuesday
for Colfax, Wash., where siie will visit
with relatives.
Mrs. Dan J. Kirk this (Wednesday)
morning received a telephone message
from Claude Steen at I.ewlston that
her brother James Ho'niine had been
stricken with paralysis early this mor
ning and was only slightly conscious.
Jim Kirk and his daughter Sire. Hoy
Itrazicr left this morning for Lewis-
ton. Mrs. Kirk will go in a few days.
Mr. P.omine's condition is serious. All
winter he haa been suffering from
high blood pressure and his health
has been very poor. Only last month
he was in this valley for the benefit
of his health and he was much better
when he left for his Idaho home.
Mrs. Guy Young left Friday for her
homestead at Soda Springs, Ida.,
where she will remain a month. Her
daughter Beverly will remain during
that time with her aunt Miss Philip
On Sunday the pulpit of the Presby
terian church was occupied by Kev.
H. F. Harper of Milton. Next Sun- j
day he will preach again while on the
following Sunday the Odd Fellows
have their annual sormon preached to
PORTLAND, Or.. April 14. (U. P.)
The condition of Oregon winter
wheat and rye at the present time is
estimated by F. L. Kent, statistician
for the V. S. Porcnu of Crop F.stimates,
at 99 per cent normal for wheat and
9" per cent normal for rye.
For tho I'nited States as a whole,
wheat was estimated on April 1 as 91
per cent, nnd rye ns S0.3 percent.
XC. Penney Co., A "Nation-Wide Institution
Backache is usually kidney-ache and
makes vou dull, nervous and tired. I'se
Doha's Kidney Pills for weak kidneys
the remedy recommended by youi
friends and neighbors. Ask your
J. L. Messcrsmlth, blacksmith. "00
F. Webh St.. Pendleton, says: ' Doan's
Kidney Pills are mc old standby.
Whenever I caught cold in my kidneys
il caused bv back to ache nnd 1 softer
ed with kidney complaint. At times
when 1 would stoop over, sharp pains
would catch me In the small of my
back and I would have to rise up slow
ly. My kidneys tided too frequently,
causing mo to get up many times dur
ing the nisht. Doan's Kidney Pills
from Tallman's Drug Store quickly
banished the backache nnd put my kid.
reys In good condition. I still keep
Doan's on hand to use in case of neccs.
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't
simply nsfc for a kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney PIPs the same that
Mr. Messcrsmith had. Foster-Mulburn
Co., Mf'rs., Buffalo, X. Y.
Just seven dozen of these bright, , cheery
waists in this last shipment by express and
really thev are even more attractive than the
first group we displayed at this same pleasing
Fetching combinations of crepe de chine and
lace, silk braid and embroidery for those who
like the filmy blouses.
Tempting shades of tricolette for the wom
an who admires the heavier fabric. Embel
lishment of these is done in silk braids, yarn
embroidery and silk and tinsel braids. , ,
You never saw more attractive blouses at
a price so reasonable. Be sure to see them at
your first opportunity.
.V $1.93,82.98.
As refreshing to dark dresses as are the
first sign of spring to a winter tired world.
Daring color combinations of tricolette with
fringe to match $2.98
Wide ribbon sashes with black silk fringe
I :
:v-t trusts
J. (J. Penney Co., A Nation-Wide Institution
The Taller
Ladies nil tients Taiiorin-;.
I'lcaniiL. l're.-.sina ami
Tclcld.one. 92
Pvixillis T, 8, 9, Bospntn r.lds.
offered at
Whitman Conservatory, Walla Walla, Wn.
Exceptional Training for Teacher
Dunnins System Apply at once to Secretary
1.2 f
1 w.
Q. I
rs !
!.U4(o Just bt to do.. ' 1
1 1 1 1 i -