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1: . u t
, . .. . , , in. j j !
rmm wcms rif tkto-
VEK since Donald cme home'
fl from hit lummer visit on loej
a (arm, ho had wanted pel. Out
tm tha country he had had tr
Scotch colli Jo play wltj; and the !
,ct lamb that his grandfather called j
Oonald'a very own. '10 say nothing j
of all tho chickens and turkeys and1
other live things lhat he could play;
with and e-njoy every time he supped
out of doors. And then, in hours when (
for one reason or another he stayed)
!n the house, ii 1st ressKHty-meow was;
always ready to play with him. j
Small wonder that when he came .
back to the tiny city apartment wlere;
he and his mother and father lived
that he longed for a place to play and
Mima live playmate to romp around
"Isn't there anything a little boy
might have?" asked Donald for- the
twentieth trine after his futitir tad
explained that a tiny lit'V flat was no
place for a dog or cat r turkey, "Isn't
'here anything"
Ilia latwx-r, m a nun to set to the
ifnce, laughed thoughtlessly and re
plied, "Oh, . goldfish, maybe nothing
-lse!" and nurvlcu off.
Left by himself, Donald gave his
The Fish Ate Every Scrap
N-Hano .
Ft '. I Cmnwimt
t.r ,z r
f : l4J Ofr 5
L v
Ite ' ill- ikim
1 zd 1 Wv ; 7---j . q
U'(2 A f y3 3 VUiflCO M i 4 i 1 4
" V-' - L ' U 4PKOiTiieina w S Tn Srn,eOrM
mA AKY boys have a foot power j Some of the part for tnis niachtne j Now m:il;e part (.), dimensions given; puint frame and parts black, to pro
ITMHjig saw for which they have will have to be made by someone i n drawing 2. And parts L". shown on j (,lice a machine like looking project
I a IwU considerable money. The who can do accurate work, but even j 2 and 4. Al.-o parts- V shown on draw-j , 1 1.
II stun shown herewith can bejif madd at some shop the expense ing 2 and brace S. shown on drawing
made and will do good work. How-j would be little compared to the price, 2 3 anJ 4 lhcsc parts to
ever, the holes in the wheels and 1 of a commercial ma"hine. If an o!dih screws and
oiher parts must be accurately bored
or eood results cannot be obtained. !
On the saw table shown, cuts arc;
:.iade at right angles to the fare of!
the board. This is rather difficult
with the" coping saw. For making
cuts for Inlay work a tilted table can j
be fitted on top of the present one ;
to produce cuts at the desired angle i
10 the face of the work.
HT the French cookery Is bet-1
ter than the English? j
Because In the Revolution of
ItlS the Biew-arts were driven out of
iingland Into France.
When peoples' toes are like oaks?
When they bear ache-corn (acorns).
Why people torn blind are unfit te
be carpenters?
pcaue they never saw.
Why man approaching a candle
like a man getting off a horse?
Uevatise tie is goiuj to alight.
Why a fisherman ought t be vary
father's ar.-wer considerable inougnt.
What were goldfish and where could
one get them? Would the Janitor
real:y let a person have goldfish
What did they eat and how much did
they cost?
These and similar questions kept him
so busy thinking that his mother waa
ready for the morning trip to market
before he had time to get Impatient,
Donald always went along and car
ried the bakct, and they had a beau
tiful time talking and visiting and no
ticirig inter sting things on the way.
They wen: down the familiar .street,
then turned to the left and walked a
couple of blocks. And there i tha
wimtow-i-wlut do you suppose they
saw ? ,
Animalf of many sorts pulnea pigs
and canaries and parrots and cardinals
and kittens all In attractive little
csces of varying sorts in a bis front
window qf the store. And In the very
center of the window was a great
crystal bowl In which were swimming
tiny thlncs that looked like Mr. aks of
gold darting through th water.
Donald glanced t the kittens and
the piss and the birds and then he
Of Food Off The Pin
Toys Rnd Use-ful Reticlet-s
TttftT Ft BOY CftN'MftKE.'
By PartNK LSolrr
Instructor,. D tpf Of-ttnnuM.Tw.iKiN zpwsn-ic S choou 0bto(T
1 -J4M, r ' imA-
Section r-uA3 SiCrgx
:sewlng machine is at hand the 're-artle !
and fiy wheel can be und and then
the making will be simple as these
are the diRlcult parts to make run
S'art work by making the leg, X "
x 2' x 33". Abo spreaders Y and A
cut m on X for Y and fasten both
with IVi No. 10 R. H. screws. These
parts are shown on drawings J and 2.
Eecause his is all net profits.
Why flatterers are like undutiful
Because they are sick of
aunts '
What kind of work is the most pus
hing to a cabinet maker?
Puttln; a Kg to the multiplication
Why the fondest glances which a
mother casts upon her child are like
the Turkish cavalry?
Because tbey are tnamy looks
spied the risli.
"There they are!" he exclaimed hap
pily, "there thty are! 1 didn't know
what tl.ey were like when fait" "um'
I could havo some. 1 like 'call Let's
4ei 'em right now!"
"What In the world, Donald!" ex
laiined iiU mother In amazement.
"Ka, know what father said when
ne left thu morning, Donald remindod
iter, "he said a person could have gold
fish in a Hat, and the Janitor wouldn't
mind. Mayn't we buy 'em now?" .
Suddenly Donald's mother remem
bered ij-e words spoken so carelessly
this morning as she saw Donald's eag
er face pr.ased ajainst the window she
couldn't bare to tell him that his fath
er was only Joking.
"Where could we put them, dear?"
she asked, by way to finding time to
,ilnk. .
"You know that class bowl we have
In the atore room?" aaked TJonald.
"Tho one father used to have for a
battery and that wo don't use now?'"
Yes. his mother remembered.
"Couldn't we lis? It?" asked Donald,
and his mother rt.ought they could.
I To make a Ion? storv short ih
went in and bought those goldfish that
very minuti. The day was fairly warm
so Dunall carried them home In a pa
per baekv "Ju-t asthongh I aor 'em
at a rtrooery store." he laiiKhlngly
said. And when he got. bnck home
the hunted up the old
rv w J-ir,
TmbuCD fy,
- k u
,inishillf, ral!l Xote by , dotCfi
i lines on drawins 2 that the brace 8
butts against part O and Y.
The table T should next be made
and fa.tti.iied to Y and V with tial
head si r as suuk tclo. the Kurfae.
Make part M wir.'ch Its s.inply a thick
O with screws. Its purpose is to
provide fuj- a long bearing. Locate
from dimensions on drawing 2 the
points for boring for the hearings for
tlywhee! II and hand wheel S and
4 pul! -y K.
Wake h ind whee! N 8". pulley K i"
and flywheel H 14 all thick. Load
the hand wheel which Is to be used
fnr St irling, with lead. This is done
h hnrln hn'n in lh nf he
wheel and filling with hot lead. Make
counter balance O and set off 1 and!
fsrtf-n to fit-wheel with screws. I
v, t'iiia hoarinirs the nsrts t nr
t,ih fin h nnrchased at anv shoo
A 1
or most hardware stores. Get twoiby name, 'wrote the memoirs of hit.
pieces of 14" steel rod as at drawing i t'me when he had attained the e
S. As your lumber may vary In i trinrdlrarv sire "f i.iu. hundred and
thickness no length Is given. Take! fifteen years.
lieu cnc vooN.',
rR.ee, sotall and 6ReAT,
. - . . . . .
on Arbor DayJ
scrubbed It oKt under Ilia mother's
direction and dried It and polished It
"," - '.rki tn the light. Then he
sprinkltd sumu of his luvorltc stones
over Hi bottom, juit here and there
in the corner and in tue Utile pile to
;ro the cintv-r. .Next he filled the
Uowi with cleau'waier and dropped In
tha long water wetd that the ludy at
Uie iiore hud advised his mother to
buy and last and most interesting of
all, he poured the fish from the bucket
Into the bowl and had the fun of see
ing them dart and nwlm in the sun
shine. There were really truly only two
tu-n, but the slanting sides of the bowl
were like magic and most afiV way
you looked at tne bowl except
siraighl trout view thera appeared
to be five or seven and sometimes as
many as n.ne rbh playing around In
inlit otio small bo.vl. Donald never
did quite understand it, but he loved to
sit and watch the fish all (he same.
Then Jack came to visit.
Jack wasn't any relation to Donald;
he was the nephew of the lady who
lived across tho hall and he came to
,-p.nd a wevit because his mother was
sick In bed. Jack was older than
Donald by two or three years and was
always planning somthlns to do.
"What you wan: to sit and watch
fish for?" he ex-la!mcd scornfully,
when he had tak'n one glance at
Donald's pets. "Fu h aren't tc watrh.
this dimension from parts' already
made. For bearing A-ll two pieces
of iipe or tubing ()) are reiiuired.
Tho length of one to bo the same u
ihe thickness of the tlywhcil and the
o: her the thickness of parts A' and
vV. Get thiee wah?rr to fit the shaft
niiii.ai.jj hy i:. ' li.ivo tne ends ol
.lie Miafl Urilied for pans aj 'mvn.
Uearing C-U requires only en piece
uf tiibms: (4 and two Washers J.
Instiad of . Ins fastened bypliu cut"
tare lo be made ia t lie end of the shafl
Willi u nack saw and strips of metal
driven inio the cuts und al Into the
nooden pullty anij hand wheel
Hore hole the required sUe for the
bearing and avtemble these parts.
.Make the tread part J and toe and
ho: I holds to be fastened On it, Faau n
this par: to Z with two hlngiw. -Now
make connecting rod 1. and parts V
and Q ?nd assemble In place. I ti
p is ' :.0!u Q'to the legs wnen it is
foi.len up and not in use. me uom
If-Si of tlis cltair hook Into part CJ to
! iir.cn the machine from crawling
away from th; operator.
Next make jaw arms It and short
connecting rod I' These parts are as
M uibh rl to the frame of the machine
i ami 'pulley with round head - screws
I or bolls. Make saw culs In the end
of Ihe arms for a r BUlaf pin end
Iropi.-g saw blade. Make cut outs In
jthe back of the arms for the tuM
1 buckle eye. This part can be pur
chafed t tho ten cent si ore. '
Uore hole in the table about 4
for the saw blade. File a belt groove
in the pulley and flywheel with a
coarse rat tail ule. Adjust a aewtnq
machine belt between the flywhec"
and the pulley .nd the machine Is
-aiit fur u trv tn. as at 8.
K have all hear tnai 11 s
never too late 'to mend;
neither is It ever too late to
begio. .Many successes have
jna.le lale In life. Here are a
lew famous people who fntind that It
,vas never too laid to begin:
Cato d;d not icarn uin-n mrm
einhtv years old; nor did Plutarch
begin tne siuuy uinn 11
01 inui
Thophrastiut bon-an Itw greatest
work at ninety, and Colbert, the
famous French state man. returned
at the ugeof nlxtyto' the study of law
Sir Henry Spelman did not btsin
studying sciences
until he was fifty
years nf ane. and yet he accomplished
mueh before ho dU'd. In France a
certain .naniiiio u: ...... .1.
Aulaire awl
not discover lhat he was a poet until
be had B-sed his seventieth year.
Soi-iaio learned to play on muslca.
I !n.-t rumen ts In. his old 0(-'-
and un
(Italian writer. LU'lfCtiro
Monaldesf 0
they're to catch."
"Oh, but I don't want to catch my
ft-h!" cried Donald. "I like to watch
"Well, you'd ke to catch "em too If
you ever tried," Jack assured him.
"I'll tlx you up a stick and a string
and a pin," said Jack, "w.l you can
fish." '
Sa he set to work.
He fixed the stlc and made It roun
and smooth. He got a string that waa
llrm and strong and he b-nt a pin till
it was Just to his liking. "There now,"
he nalrt In a very aatlafied voice, "now
we'll nh!"
After a great deal of effort and many
a splash, he set the flsh bowl on 'he
floor Just below tho window ledge,
where It usually stayed and the two
boys sat on the ledge. Jack dropped
his fishing line Into he bowl and the
boys waited .for something to happen.
, For a minute Donald held his breath
with excitement. But nothing hap
pened. "Don't they do something pretty
soon?" asked Donald In a stifled whis
per when ho thought he couldn't keep
still another minute.
And at that minute Donald's father
walked in the door It was Saturday
and he came home enrlv.
"Well! Well! Well!" he snld pleas
antly when ho s"v the two boys, "In
door fi-hlnsr in winter! What you got
for. bait?"
The Happy Family!
Irom their bed
flowers arise
To wah in dew their sleepy
And smooth their tresses, every one
In readiness to greet the un
I'm eating breakfast, where the breeze
Comes thro' the window from the trfees;
And as mv irarden friends I view.
j To me they say Good Morning, too.
The flowers are all-my relatives ;'
I To me each friendly blossom gives "
Some gift, so mother says; my cheek
j You'll find if you the roses seek;
j And all the blue that's in my eyes
j The larkspur or the flax supplies,
i My forerrad and my hands are white
! Because the lilv'i my delight.
Willi breakfast over, all the day
Till luncheon-time, "is mine for play;
So out armng the flowers I go
To visit all mv friends, vou know.
j Thev nod in greelint? as I pas
! Anf' 'Vii"vr: but trei words, alas!
It )on can't mukc out what llil.
section which contains a dot, .Vou ttlll
kfz T THEN skies' are clear andKSss. 1
-TfflJ W burning hot, lsNB
I xmAI Without a sign of rain.lv
. -
You'll hunt the
And spend
t HEN skies are clear ana
W burning hot,
Here tucked among the rafters of
The woodshed
I think you'll
I'm waiting in
"There! I knew something was the
ma'.tcr." exclaimed Jack, In disgust.
"X forgot bait! What do goldfish like
for bslt?"
"I've got It In my pocket," laughed
Donald'a father. "Bought It on the
way home. I've heard that fish like
regular- flsh food Instead of Just
crumbs and weeds so I got a bog and
instead of Just dropping It on the wa
ter as most folks do, I'm going to let
you boys feed It to the fishes, but first
straighten the pin a that might hurt
the fish."
He opened a little box, pressed a bit
of whitish food around the pin and
dropped the line In the water.
"There now. Jack," ho ald, "try
that!" -s
Much to the boy'a amazement the
fish, after playing around two or three
utinuics. nibbled at the tempting food
und actually ate every scrap.
After that Jack made a pole and line
for Donafd too and many a lime the
boys enjoyed Indoor fishing which to
he aure wasn't ll-lung at all but feed
ing. Hut It was fun Just the same o
why worry about a 'name?,
V number of children can play
l U VA
The players stand In a circle tuual distances apart and throw the bail
fiom onto to the other around the circle as rapidly as possible. If a
hild mLsscs the ball he must remain as though turned to stone in the
position In which he dropped Ihe ball. The "siatuc" must remain thus until
the lam person to miss lias thrown tho ball Into the air and caught .it ten
t.mes. It Is lots of fun to see who can stand still the longest, Indeed some of
the attlludea of the players are so funny that the other statues almost lose
their balance laiiRhlng at them. Try this game and see what good sport It Is.
Another game lhat Is' lots of fun Is called "Kgg Hat"' In this game the
boys (or ihe girls) place their caps In a straight row, preferably against a
fence, slightly tilted so that the ball can be thrown Into them. Then the
player stand In a row a short distance from the hats. The Jlr.it boy takes
the ball and towes It Into one of Ihe huts. If It lands true the other players
scatter and the boy into whose hat the ball has been thrown rescues It aad
throws It at one of the players W-ho ID his turn throws It Into another hat.
If the bejr throwing Ihe ball at another player, misses him, a small pebble is
placed in his hat as a bad mark, and when any player misses so often that
he has as many stones In his hat as there are players he must stand a short
distance from the other players, who each in turn throw the ball at him.
Then the game starts all over again. A soft rubber ball should be used in
this game. ' . '
1 'l
The jealous breezes waft away,
And' I can't tell you what they say.
I've sillers, brothers, cousins, there,
.Where, row on row, they scent the air,
And smile with lips and eyes that glow
IS IT; ?
piece nt "t ublst" nit Is, blink In every
hi-n lintc'llie real pit lure and Its title
a sign of rain,
useful watering-
our time in vain.
in the dust
scarce remember
Chip up two leaves of lettuce nnd
drop into cup.
Over tho lettuce pour 1 tablespoon
ful vegetable oil, rt tablespoonful
vinegar, 1 'salUpoonful cult and a
dash of paprika.
Toss together with fork.
,If desired add t tcAspoonfuli kotclbP
or chill aauce and mix again.
Spread slices of thin bre-d.
Put some of the drcascd lettuce on
a slice of 'buttered bread, pre&s an-'
other slice upon It and cut In two
angle wise. Wrap In parafln paper.
Ey buttering both slices of bread
the vinegar U prevented from soak
ing Into the bread.
The recipe will make 4 or I sand
wiches. -
this gume, all that is needed is a ball.
With love for those who love them 10.
We're just a little family.
That in our garden love to be.
Where father, mother, children, flow
ers, Are happy thro' the long, iweet houn.
I. Reverse part of ft ladder and
find favorites. ,
2. Reverse an intended slight and
find small light cakes.
3. Reverse a Mohammedan prince
and find a slight ftpst. .
. Reverse a thickened "under
ground stem and find to repel.
6. - Reverse sack and find Idle
6. Reverse; a girl's noma &ud tUd
"having bicn afflicted with plV
My first Is In the amrrnaOva.
' My second is an article.
My third is found on rose; bushes.
My fourth brings May flessrora.
My fifth la straight up and down.
My sixth Is three letters Xouod tn
My seventh Is In first.
'332! '
REVERSALS 1. Bten oeU. t. finuo-
bum. Z. b'mir-rimi. 4. Tubercbut. '
5. Vug-gab. 6. Dcha-ailed.
D1AMOXD, &'"'
: ," B H 0 W S R &
"; r B 0 t, ' k
f '"!.'. n R t 45
8 '
WHAT 13 ITRooiter and Iti . .are
" ' . tic H