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Publid Dally and H mi-Weekly, nt
lv-r.11ptf n. H''i:in, by the
Enters At 1 li P"ft oitoe m lvndle
ton, Oregon, s scioitU c1hS wall inal-
ON PALIS iv othi:h cities
Impetisl HotH NVws yiand, Portland,
ChlCSITO Plirrnu, SOS Security Building.
WmiiiiiKti ii. l. i".. Huru 4"l l-'oui-
tintli Sirwu N.
Member of ihr Aeclnlri I'rr.
The askicIhimI Vri-rt i exclusively
entitled to the use :jr r-inblulion ot
all n dispatches credited to It or
nut otherwise eif-illf-d in this paper
and slao the locl nis published Lcre-In.
si uscnirnos rates
Dally, one ycsr, by mull ...
hmly, six months, by mail i.u
llly. three months by mail 1.50
Pt.jly. one month by mail , Mi
1'Hily. one year by carrier 7.50
Daily, six inoiuhs by carrier . S.l'i
Knily. thrte monthsby osrrler 1.9.V,
I rt i I ', one month, by carrier fit
S mi-Weekly, one yeir by mall 3.00
uu-Wi-ekly, lit month hy mull 1.00
sn-mi-w ci My three months by mm I .50
day the case id heard. Clever lawyers appointed by the court
plead the e.se of the workers it' the latter think themselves han
dicapped by the lack of education. If the parties to the dispute
do not come to a settlement, the industry affecteTis carried on
by the government so that the public cioes not suffer."
t by Edgai-A, GuestfeS
a loxki.y woiH.n
It's gelling so I want to see
The green returning to tlie tree,
t want to hear the roMn's sons
The birds haw been a way so lone;
That I've begun to wonder whin
They'll come to build their nests again.
As when the youngsters go away .
A id all alone at home I stay.
The vorld has lonely crown to me.
For everywhere I turn to we
Po.ne spot deserted ami In gloom
Where friendly blossoms ought to
(Copyright, 19H, b
i Th- corner where tlie children pl.t?
Loots up at me, as if to say,
"Whin rhall I hear the shouts of glee
Vt hu ii ."te the breath of life to me??"
Ai'l f;om a limb the creaking swing
S.-vi.'.k vaitiug to behold the spring.
1 know they're tired of walls and
The yuiu:ners should be out-of-doors
And street and lawn need merry feet
To make their loveliness complete.
1 in hungry now once more to see
Toe worM arrayed as it should be.
Edgar A. Guest)
DDKESS1NG a Portland jftidience, Dr. Samuel Kohs, who
ever he may be, blamed much of the present day delin
quency on tlie public school system. On the contrary,
much of the trouble ia due to silly uratintr of the variety in-
Jdulged in by this speaker. There are too many people going
f.boiit blaming crime and misdemeanor on most everyone, ex-:
t epi inose responsioie. iney would take all the guilt away
from the criminal and place it on social conditions. We need
less mush of that sort and a stricter moral responsibility upon
the individual, whoever he may be. The law of gravity works
whether anyone likes it or not and we can get nowhere by trying
u iimnc ou.cjiuuic iiuuua uuiiK. uu teienuy. riop ine aiiui
making and put the blame fairly and impartially upon the evil
rtcter. A continual policy of soft pedalling and passing the buck
merely increases tne trouble..
Fortland is 70 years old ; that is not aged at all these days
and Old Man Portland should be good for 15 years more at least
ii he tninks good thoughts and is careful on the subject of the
liquid diet. .-
At any rate our farmers can take consolation in the fact tlie
assessor placed a value pf but 60 cents a bushel on their wheat;
in Union county wheat id assessed at 80 cents.
(By Dr. William E. Barton)
WORDS have a queer way of drifting from their original
meanings. The word "prevent," for instance, means "to
go before." It is a word built up as plainly as a word can
possibly be constructed, out of a Lnpn verb which means to go,
and a preposition which means ahead.
It has come about, and we may well be sorry for it, that the
man who gets there first so often stops the other man from get
ting there at all, that we have come to use the word "prevent"
not of going and of arriving first, but of impeding, whether one
goes himself or not. Such a change in meaning could not have
occurred in an ideally unselfish world; the man who got there
first would be a helper of the next man to arrive. What a bless
ing it would have been, and what a fine comment on humanity,
if "prevent" had come to mean "to help," in the sense of a per
son who has the advantage using it for another's good! The
change might quite as well have been of that sort.
But there is another change worth speaking of. The root
"idio" is common in Greek. Its meaning is "one's own" or "one's
self." t ,
Naturally, our English derivatives from this root are not all
adjectives and verbs: there is a noun descriptive of the man who
acknowledges no standards but his own, and seeks no other's
welfare than his own. The word, as every one knows, is "idiot."
It means nothing more nor less than a completely self-centered
Now, it is interesting to see how this word has modified its
meaning. The isolated man who lives the isolated life, the life
of complete self-hood, cannot be that of a person of much learn
ing; so, by Jeremy Taylor's day, the Word idiot washed of ig
norant persons. ' .
Really, if you stop to think of it, that definition is not wholly
strange. If one could find a man completely satisfied with him
self, completely w illing to learn nothing and receive nothing
from any other human being, and determined to do nothing for
ny one else, there would be some justice in maintaining that the
change in the meariing of the word had done no great violence
to its, generic idea. ,
A, social world is no piace for a completely self-centered
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(East reKoai(ih;Fi)ccial.)
Galbraith .
of Two
is Only
One Step
m EW people in America realize that Australia, away, off
ri in a far corner of the globe, is quite as progressive, if not
more so, in many respects, than the United States or any
country in the world," remarked John T. Johnson, of Sidney,
Australia. "Australia was the first country in the" world to es
tablish the arbitration court to settle disputes between capital
and labor. It has been-in existence over 20 years, and is invar
iably successful. Kecotfrse to the arbitration court is, compul
sory. Either" party capital or labor is heavily fined and li
able to imprisonment if it has recourse to a lockout or a strike
before submitting the case in dispute first to this court. No pro
fessional agitators are permitted to plead the case in court. The
men who plead the case must have worked at their job up to the
WASHINGTON", April 7. The fin
al chapter In the fierrrdoll affair is
wliut the American I.eRton is waiting
for. acoordrhe to Colonel F. W. Gal
braith. jr.. national commander, who.
declared that the releaso of Carl
Xeuf and FrSnk iZimmer, sergeants in
the army of occupution and tinder
confinemnt in a German .Uvil for their
attempt to arrest Grbve- Cleveland
Herdoil, but a step .n float m-r up
tho jlti tfJon inv living the. arch flack
Colonel Galbraith said that the
whole rank and file of the I.ckiop. de
mands that Hcrgdoll l e returned .to
this country to serve the sentence Im
posed upon him for ovedini? tbe draft.
ConsiUerilno prcsa'U'-i -.vis brought
b bear on the Secretin of War l:y
the Leision's national lesristutive com
mittee in it" successful effort effect
the release of tho two American, sol
diers. Paris post raised funds for
counsel to defend them and posts nil
ever the courftry aided with contri
I utions.
. resolution of the Lepion's nation
al executive committee expressed tho
rcKiet of i.-Kion members that an
aroiogy was made by the goveri.ment
ftr the attempt of th two sorffints
to ccptur Bergdoll. Since that time
a number of state departments and
posts of the ex-service men's organi
zation have passed resolutions de
manding that the government force
Germany to return Kergdoll to this
GIBBON, April 7. Mr. and Mrs.
K-. C. Hatter spent Saturday and Sun
tfny In Pendleton with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thompson and
little daughter Zona spent several days
last week I" Athena- at tho' home- of
Mr. and Mm. J. R. Jones.
F. P. Bruce and alster-lniw, Miss
Mtena iveyton wera . Saturday and
Sunday visitors in Pendleton.
(Joe A. Koladay was in Pendleton
Soth ITyatt and daughter Mrs. Dolt
Thompson spent tho week end on
Weston Mountain with the Roy and
CFc.il Hyatt families.
Mrs. May Wells was a rendleton
Visitor Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Brace moved Fri
uay to Corporation Ranger Station.
Wayne Williams has returned homo
from Portland where he spent the
winter attending business college. ,
W. D. Adams has returned to 'his
homo) here after spending the pajt
month In Arlington.
Kd Kidder has returned home after
spending several days in Pendleton.
Bay Jones returned to his home In
Athena yesterday after spending a few
Ca-s here with Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Dolf Thompson and
little son Eldon were Pendleton visit
ors Thursday.
Balph McBean and Albert Bruaueh
spent Thursday in Pendleton.
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SAM fKAXCISCO, April. 7; (T. P.)
Warning to prospective . Oriental
tourists to be prepared, to "tootle the
trumpet melodiously ' was issued to
day by Purser U. K. Palmer of tne
China Mail steamship China.
Palmer exhibited as a basis, for his
warning the following translation of
Japaneses polico Instructions to motorists:
"When a passenger on foot hovcln
s'glrt, tootle the horn trumpet to hlin
nielodloualy at first. If he still ob
stacles your passage, tootle him with
vigor and express by word of mouth
the warning 'III, hi!'
"Beware of wandering horse that
he do not take frlKht as you pass him
by. Iio not enplode the exhaust box
nt him. lo soothingly by or stop by
the roadside till ho pass awuj,.
""Give b.'g space to the festive dog
maliinsr sport lnthe roadway. Avoid
entanglement of dog w ith your wheel
Miokes. ' J
"(lo soothingly on the grease mud
as there lurks the skid demon.
"Press brake of the foot as ynti roll
nrannd tho corners to save the collapse
and Ho up." , '
MOSCOW, Idaho, April 71 (U. VA
Edgar B. Piper, newspsper editor of
Portland, will deMvpr the commence. ;
ment address to tho graduating clans
i ihn University of Idaho on June 8.
lTesldcnt A. H. rphatn announced to
rCATi:i.t,f has NEVinti; sTnitw
,' POCATKLIO, Idaho, April 7.: (A
The most severe snowstorm f
Ihn entire season visited Pocatello
Monday and more than a foot of snm
has fallen on the level, with , drifts
sr vrml feet decu, , ... , ,
In Xo. Hurry.
It was a. big cotton manufacturing
town in Lancashire, where a revival
service had been held. At the close
tho minister called upon all those
who wished to go to Heaven to stand
up, All roso to their feet with the ex
ception ot one young man.
"Don't, you want to go to Heaven,
my friend?" asked the preacher.
"Oh, aye, I want to go, reet
enough," the yeung .fellow replied,
"but not vi' this trip." London Tid
Bits. 4 '
Can you do it now? If yen caxtt,
there's something wrong.
Many find coffee a disturbing
element, so wisely, leave it off
and use
bi Vir-
cereal drink con
taining nothing that
can possibly disturb
nerves or digestion.
has a delightful fla
vor that fully satisfies.
71mis aReasGiiforPostum
friede by Vortum Cereal Con.9
Man In the hall (to new clerk):
Yes, sir, you'll like this office; best
on the floor. I know because I've
worked in them all.
New clerk, highly Incredulous)
Impossible! Well, you certainly are"
Man in the Kill No I'm the Jan
itor. Pitt Panther. . .
Natural Handicap. ,
j "Isn t it odd tnaf women are so suc
cessful in the motion pictures?'
"Why Is it odd?"
"Because It is the silent drama."
Baltimore American.
"It doesn't seem quite fair."
"What doesn't?"
"This motion 'picture comedian
gets J1000 a week and his dog, who
does all the work and creates most
ot the laughs. Bets only two or three
bones a 'day." Birmingham Age-Herald.
JEBSEY C1TT, April 7. (t7. P.H
An attack on the Guggenheim interests
in the American Smelting Refining
company failed when the Guggenheim
slate for directors was nominated with,
out opposition. The vote showed the
Guggenheim, faction had 602, 000 of a
possible IplOO.on.O shares to vote.
COBLBNZ, April 7. (At P.jThp
Gorman local authorities have deliver,
ed a protest to the Bhineland commls-
sinn declaring that tlie French are al
ready enforcing the new custom regit:
lations in the Mayence bridgehead, al
though the commission has not offi
cially authorized this. The French bb
scrt tney are not doing so but are
awaiting instruction from tho commis
sion. Tho commission met recently
but did not reach a final decision.
rmel!i Trmtmriif.
'Do you believe In deporting 'reds'
government ships?"
"Ortaiiily not," replied the square
Jawed citizen. -
"What's your plan?"
"Make 'cm swim." Birmingham
Tho Ice.
An amusing Incident occurred at a
living brldgo tournament.
A well-known woman who was Im
personating the oueen of hearts was
accosted by a follow performer whose
acnent suggested that her cradle had
stood within no'inrl of How Bells.
"I'm looking or the Ices," she said.
"Have you scrn them?"
"Icis?" said the oeen of hearts,
"Are there any Ices? How delightful!
I'm horribly thirsty."
"I don't mean thne kind of Ices,"
tr the rather hurt' rejoinder. T
I looking for the ice of spades!" Lon-
lUon Tii-ittUV m I
WASHINGTON. April (C. P.);
School teachers ore more numerous
than soldiers In Costa Rica according
to reports from that country in a bul
letin issued today by the National
Geographic Society here. The trou
ble between Panama and Costa Rica,
which has stopped by offers from the
United fitates to mediate, has brought
the little Central American republic
to tho front page;
Although appropriately equal In
area to West Virginia, the great ma
jority of tho half'million inhabitants
of Costa Rica live on- a mountain
fringed plateau 50 miles square, In the
center of the. country. The regions
bordering Nicaragua on the northwest
and Panama on tho southeast are al
most uninhabited, except for Indians.
Praetically all of the original Indian
Inhabitant of Costa Rica were ex
terminated when the country was ta
ke by tho Spanish and the population
has. for that region, 'remained pre
dominantly European. This Is in
striking contrast to most Lutln-AmerT-ean
couqtrles where the blood of Span
iard and Indian has mixed.
More than 10. 000.000 bunches of b.
nanas are exported yearly from ' the
.country, mostly lo the United States,
land ihir together with coffee cultiva
tion, has mil do Costa Rica very pros
perous. A high percentage of the pop
ulatton nie land owners, the farms
hojng f r the most part small Intirea.
The central plateau has a cl mate r.f
pe-petu.-tl spring and Is from 3000 to
0i feet bov a level,
M vrPiTyVfSfnrB$Y
t J j A V 1 1 F J3 M B J
:-" iiV-'Tl- rift
Symbol of ' '
corrtct lubrication
'J A EtftTLENE DISC is the1 identifying mark of iiigh-gradelubil-,
cants, the symbol of an efficiency in tka manufacture of fino
lubricants hard to duplicate elsewhere In the worW. Zerolene is
Correct Lubrication.
Follow the recommendations of our Board of Lubrication En
gineers embodied in the Zerolene Correct Lubrication Chart.
"There's a grade of Zerolene for the Correct Lubrication of your
engine. Ask for a Chart for your car.
AjyaMjvr each fype ofevgwe
OREGON Tuesday Apr. 1 0 I
Theatre One Night , U
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( 0
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lfwillf ' '
- ... -
- '
Saturday, April 9.
Good Music, r ! '
Good Eats