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10 DCI
j LJu.-iL.m-. j.l !.-i u -
AND THAT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE, QUALITY CONSIDERED. You need not fear over paying at this
store, neither need you feel that some one eke is buying their needs at a lower price than you are. At stores
where one price is used as a bait and another for selling, no matter how shrewd a buyer you may be,-in the end
you are going to be overcharged, and surely that is not in keeping w ith the present day sentiment-TIIIUFT. ,
- . - , . - L . ' l , .
Ml pr 5n
PturVMrtl CU t2-
Special Bargains for
Friday and Saturday
Special No. 1.
1 kg. 0. 13. Cleanser 15
1 pkg. Citrus Powder 35
1 Bot. Ammonia .20
10 Bars White Soap .70
1' Bot Bluing 20
Total Sl.ft
Friday and Saturday Spec. $1.00
Special No. 2
4 Cans Elmore Salmon. SO
1 Can Minced Clams 30
1 Can Shrimp 30
1 Can Finnan Haddie 40
Friday and Saturday Spec
Special No. 3
2 Cans Corn
2 Cans Peas
2 Cans Tomatoes
1 Can Sauer Kraut
1 Can Dill Pickles
Total .........
Friday and Saturday Spec.
Special No. 4
2 Cans Peaches
2 Cans Apricots ,
2 Cans Pineapple ,
Total S1.60
Friday and Saturday Spec $1.00
Special No. 5
1 Lb. T. P. W. Coffee 50
1-2 Lb. Tree Tea . .45
2 Cans Milk .30
2 Pounds Sugar
Total $1.50
Friday and Saturday Spec. $1.00
Individuality Characterize the New
Shown Here. '
And though the styles are individual, notable values
predominate. In regard to the new, cool appear
ing dresses we might describe each one in detail,
but even then we would be unable to picture -just
how smart and good looking they are. The best
plan is, to come into the store and see the dresses
and try them on. Then you will realize to your own
''satisfaction of the individuality of their styles and
lowness of their prices. - ,
' $18.50 to $75.00
NEW . '
Remarkable Values from
18c Upwards to 89c
We are now showing unusual
ly complete stocks of 27 and 82
inch Ginghams both in domestic
and imported cloths in striking
patterns. You must see our
standard quality 27 inch Ging
hams at a yard 19c, and our' 32
inch standard Gingham at a yard
In this day of short skirted
frocks, Fashion calls for some
thing new in stockings. We have
heeded the call and provided
stockings to meet the demand.
From the plain silken hose to the
elaborate affairs of lace that
decorate the insteps, giving way
to long stripes of Valenciennes
insertion that run from heel to
toe. They're all here at lower
than last year prices.
Play Suits for Children
Just received, in all sizes, in tan
and blue. AH' sizes get yours
before the assortment is broken.
Prof Albert Einstein,
tiS great. .t advance In
generations. '
'Prehistoric Beverage itows in
Golden, Frothy. Streams Over
Bars of Reformed Saloonf.
CII1CAOO. Anrll 7. U'. P.) Chi
cago tii drinking real beer. 'liia Me.
ftnsiorlc beverage liowed' ' In golden
rrothy streams over the bars" or mom
ut tho resumed saloons. The thirsty
wore drinking Ion and dev1; Chlca.
goans of the male spocles, wore "loop,
it,., ih. inoii" l'rom one cafe to nnoth-
jor mid lining nu nt hrf br throe
dOB). ITohlbltloll oiriccru ticumreu
tlu-y lire dulim thelr-bent to Htop t It
bi-er deliiK?, but thu plnci- to watch
were no ninny and the h!i of the forco
wim emtill. In mnKliis near ww, n o
.,r,.,.. i..iminilu that beer of aleonoiio
content be made tind then the "kicK"
extracted.- Apparently aomo ot tna
brewers "forBof to extrai-t the ulco-hol.
Di AvnoniiMnQ PRnvF
, I LnlUnUUHUU I iiuiu , 1 ...... : ....
Worthwhile bargains
await you in every depart
ment Call and investigate.
lo FeopAos WaroiiQiiSQ,
This store is here to serve
you. Call as often as you
Had a
Little store
Her Ad
3 a Year
Rain or Shine
All Old Is Sold
Work in a Circle
vortisiog, wh.xh cost a trifle
less than 3 per cent for the
year was in her judgment en
tirely responsible for the un
usual success of this new
business. Here is what she
"What holds my costs
down to this record-breaking
level? Volume that's tho
answer. I do a relatively im
mense volume in a small
relatively large amounts
during a day's business.
It follows, logically, that
I can afford to sell my
goods at very low prices and
still make a fair profit. And
that ls-4xactly what I do. It
works in a circle. The lower
my prices the greater my
volume the lower my costs."
This store has been a con
sistent advertiser since the
day it was opened, (Septem
ber 3rd. 1919. There are two"
newspapers in . llafrisburtr.
Thcso newspapers tarry the
t advertising of this store week
, in and "week out, rain or
shine, good business or poor
business. These advertise
ments seldom carry prices or
Illustrations. They are writ
ten like short editorials, two
things always being empha
sized; first, a personal ser
vice on tho part of sales
people who have Ween train
ed byNthe proprietor; and
second, the finest merchan
dis6"that can be bought at
lower prices than can be ob
tained at the average store.
During 1920 this stor did
Jap Crown Prince Starting on Tour
- O'jt in IlarriKburg, Penn
sylvania, there is a woman's
sfieejtilty shop conducted by
Mary Micha During the year
of 1919 this chop did a busi
ness of 27,Ofifl.OO at a total
expense of 14.35 per cent for
dirng business.
During this fame period a
nuliomil magazine found that
following groups of stores
had a aellinj; expense as fol
lows: Dry Goods "3. "5 pet.
Croci-iies .17.91 lct.
Vurlrty Htons 17.76 pot.
Hard are stores ... 20.41 pet
Mottling Mores . . . 23. 27 pit.
Drug stores 14.65 pel.
Furtilt ure stores . . , 21 SI pet.
Jewelry Flore . . . . pet.
rime stored 23.22 pet
Women' Speeiahy
hop 29.40 pet.
A pmacraph taken from
one of her Hdvertfuement, In
whiiti fhf nhowed tin above
fignra. telia f'.ist how her low
ceiUnc rxptftik waa aeeom
lillxhed, but It does not em
j.haxue the fnvt that ber ad-
' f
1 f '
V. A
X - f
'I - i
5 ':j V' IS 1.
Thi 1 tl first plctnro from Tokyo sliowinj the departure of the Japanese crown prince,
Hirohito. on bis Luropean tour. He may also visit America. This is the first time in the history of
Japan that a ruler or future ruler na left the roil of tiie empno. For weeks before his departure,
Mares 3. thousand of Japaneae people prayed before the shrines . to prevent tho trip, thinking that
the break in ancient custom would portend evil for the empire. Great crowds saw the princs ftart
amid tremendous pomp. LecoraiiOM were lavbh and thou&ands of tioop and police (U3d lined
he route. . ; .
a business of 207,OO0 and
tho selling expenso remained
practically the same. Miss
Sachs in public statements
and In articles which Bhe
has signed for various mag
aines invariably emxphaslzea
the value and pulling power
of advertisements that a're
run continuously, regardless
of conditions. Not only are
the women of Harrisburg
nnd adjoining towns given
high quality merchandise at
less, but in addition, they
have an opportunity' of be
coming acquainted with va
rious phases Of the store ser
lcc through the ' advertise
ments that.appear each week
of the year.
In August nnd February a
salo is held for one Week.
Everything that Is old Is sold
regardless of tho price it
brings. Outsldeof these 'two
periods special sales are nev
er held because the store
prides Itself on always hav
ing fresh : merchandise ' of
any kind, and Itho. number of
men" who now accompany
their wives and daughter
when they shop In this store
average about two times us
many as visit' the average
store selling to women only.
The oho quick and pos'tive
way of reducing the cost' of
merchandise to the consumer
is to ten" the rttory of mer
chandise, store , service and
value, through tho printed
word. At least, that Is tho
opinion of Miss Sachs, who
has made a phenomena! suc
reaa ill the tvo abd one-half
short years she has been In
business for herself. -
The one quick and positive
way for readers to secure the
fuli aevantsae of the "reduc-.
tlon in cost" of merchandise
Is to read advertising closely
and constantly,
fc-ww viWHC ' ATirll 7. (A. r.)
.More than 4.00 playgrounds am '
recreational centers in the I lifted
Staten are helping to keep boys out o.
mischief, teaching girls swimming and
other athletics and showing adults how
to benefit1 themselves physlcully and
mentally by play. ,
Tho effect tltey have In keeping boys
out of trouble with II iKillee is em
phasised in reports which have come
to the playground and Ilecreatlon As
sociation from all over the country as
one vt the most important results of
the establishment of playgrounds in
cities. These tacHt are given in the
year book of the association just made
' public.
i The chief of pollen of San Francisco
believes the establishment oi neisu
borhood recreation centers Is a con
structive measure toward suppressing
tho crime wave. He asked tho com
munity service to extend .Its. recreation
i,il'u.ii he believed that the
wrong use of leisure tlmo had much to
do with the Increase In crime. '
Granville Loe, supervisor of the
Portland, Me., Kecreation Commission.
-ivs that bud boys behave themselves
better during the playground season
and also that there are fewer street
accidents of children because of play-
I grounds.
Tho nlnvarnund directors, ' of Hoy
otv Mich., have discovered that sum
mer activities on the playgrounds have
eliminated all swenrln.- cheat in!? nn.
stealing among the children. rny
onto with satisfaction that ihe spirit
of fair play has helped to put the play
ground bully w here' he belongs nnd
boast of mi appreciable falling on or
Cases are reported where mothers
have been amazed to note that Iheir
children did not catch cold although
ihty laved In the snow, that the young
sters have gained In weight and appe
tite. In one ease a father forbade his
daughter to play, because it made her
cat too much.
Olio thousand children were taught
to swim in one Week at Tacoma, Wash,
and It Is estimated that 500, the ma
jority of them girls, have learned to
swim at Seattle.
Pageants, plays and community
singing have been fostered through
out the country In the past year with
good results. One pageant was given
(jt Kalamazoo, Mich., In a snowstorm
but it was attended by several thous
and and the scenes were much enhanc.
ed by the snowy Rotting.
Community singing in factories has
been helpful In establishing friend
ships among tho employees and be
tween thorn and their employers and
In lessening the popularity of crap
Many different organizations are
promoting this work with the result
that a 4! per cent gain Is reported last
(F.ast Oregonlan Special.)
HF.ItMIHTO.V, April ". Tile Haptlst
I .i.ii,, Aid met st the home of Mrs. .
J. R West lust Wednesday. The after
noon was spent In sewing ana com
pleting plnnj for u sale. , .
, i
Ono of tho Jolllest of trie season
parties was given nt the home of Mr,
llena Wutoiman on Saturday aftea.
i con when Master Vernon and Miss
Margaret entertained their friends.
An ideal spring day kept the young
folks out door playing game. At
five o'clock delicious refreshments
were served at two gaily decorated
tables. ,
Kov. and Mrs. Ira D. Hall were
guests of honor at a farewell reception
held in tho Haptlst Church Thursday
evening. The- evening wa pleaaently
spent In reminiscence over the past
ear and a half, after delicious re
freshment were served by a commit
ten t.f ladies.' The miest thon depnrt-
ed after wishing l.lev. Hall and hi wife ,
many happy years after tho long year
of faithful service, ltev. nnd Mr. Hall
left for McMlnnvllle Oregon, where
they will make their home for tho
Mr. and Mrs. U IX'THden have mov.
ed Into Mrs. Illsely' housekeeping
looms on tho east iiide of town.
. f .... -
Yesterday Afternoon Mrs, Frasler
Mm. Joe rtnlph and Mrs. Warner acted
Us joint hostesses at tho home of Mr,
j Fiasier where they entertained the
I Card Club. After a pleasent afternoon
j at card delicious refreshments were
served by the hostesses. m . v.
The married folk MaOTiierado ball
held. In the auditorium litst Friday
evening was a wonderful success. A
largo crowd was in attendance and
much fun was had trying to guess who
u- . . ii ' V. , . TVtn mnalfa u'.m rnninVnil
about eleven o'clock after a delicious
supper was served. . . '
I A meeting of Interest to poultrymen
I will be held nt tho Ciflumbla school
house the evening of April 7th. Pro
! feasor H. K. Crosby of the Oregon
j Agricultural College wlH discus Incu
j nation, brooding, care of . chicks and
(other Important questions. The meet
ing will bo held tinder the auspices
of the Farm Hurcali.
The regulur Commercial Club lunch
eon had a good attendance, Ono of
the important matter taken care of
was the selection of a camp site for
Hermlston. It was derided to locate
the rnmp In the city park near the
city reservoir. The park will be
greatly Improved, trees planted, hy
drants installed and all convenience
tourists require will be put into the
camp site. The city will appropriate
li;n lowarn mis wor( ivmi a IIKO
j mi m will be given by hetiambcf of
Commerce. K Is planned to .make the
(camp site tho most- attractive on the
Columbia highway.
Frock of Handkerchief Linen-
A mid - day
(rock that com
bines all the
advantages of
coolness, ilra
p I i C i t y and
charm la this
frock of hand
kerchief linen
in pearl gray.
The frlllod col--lar
and cults
are- of white
organdie. The
sash tied at the
back add a '
much - to-be
desired touch
of j ou t h ( u I
Bess. i
i Worn with a
gray satin hat
and gray
pumps and
stockings, not
yen Palm
Beach can''
boast of any
thing more attractive,
F SI"-
i :
U. J Y ?
. 5 k
W :y S T
.' if 1
PMk.aa. 4aeiMA