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People Here and There
Jlcyyniiin, form
laflno recruiting
Sergeant M
r,f tho local 1. 8. Marine recruiting of
fire, -who waa In Pendleton Saturday
fur the funeral of the Into Sheldon III
rich, BtatfH that the V. H. Marino corps
. in now open for recrultn. Applicants
mum iir over u years or iik unci 5
llH'hPS lull,
Charles Wellington Furlong, author,
Holcllcr, painter, lecturer, ami all
round celebrity, Ik expected t0 return
tonight from California. Ih at
work on liln hook ojj. the Pendleton
)tound-l'i. '
W. Tenncy, president Vf flooding
colle. Gooding, Idaho, waa a Pendle
ton visitor on Hulunlay evening en
routs home nfler n meethiK f the In
Jnnd Empire Teueherii' Association In
Bpokane. Mr. Teniiey report a nood
year ut tho collcj with a number of
students from Kaitern . Oregon en
rolled. .
J. E. Montgomery In In Spokane, up
on a business trip.
triit fruitgrower, doe hot believe that
tlm fruit tree wore damaiced to any
great extent, lllhotigh growers me
hoping the temperature will go up.
il. llrldgowater, who 1m here todlfy,
says that the peaches are liv r full
bloom unit that the chert leu are i,.n
sowing. Never have prospects for a
goid crop been Ho bright, lie nays.
N'. J. Blydent-teln
left yesterday for
Milton had Noma cold weather hint
night but w. W. Ilridgcwiiter, Mll-
Ir. W. It. Campbell gave up the
profession of inedlc.tnu several years
ago to engage. In the pastime of grow
In', whciut to feed tho rest of the
world. Occasionally he comes In
rroul his ranch in the ('old Springs
country nd when he does those
who do nol agree with him on any
Hubjert usually know he la here. lie
lit In Pendleton toduy uh moat anyone
who favors starting the fold Springs
road from this end can testify. Dr.
Campbell t hln kM It should be started
ut the river uhd built this wuy.
Home. 15 or 20 yearn ago a young
man anawering to the name of V. W.
Tomllitxon wa a student at the I'lil
versity of Oregon. Jn addition to
upending the usual amount of time on
languages dead and otherwise he uIho
took part In debate and oratory. He
did thin ko vigorously that he hud the
honor of representing his tchool .In
morn than one forensic, battle. He usu
ally brought Vlslory to the lemon and
yellow mid otherwise gave promlHo of
a brilliant career, lie Ih now" natura
lization examiner for the state of Ore
gon and a large part of Washington
and In such capacity la in l'endletou
. D. Frunji of Hugene In a I'endlelnn
vlHltor. .
Perry Ulackburn, a resident of llak
r Ih rejjlHtered here toduy.
Mr. and Mr, f. H. Klliott of Walla
Wallu are vlaitorg In the city.
Mr. and Mm. I V.
iston are In the city.
Wright of tvw-
Tuesday Specials
1 Lb. Can Salmon 10c
Reg. 45c Pkgr. Wheat Hearts ; 33c
Gallon Can Pumpkin 50c
Water Glass for preserving: eggs, 18 oz. . . . . 25c
Corn, 6 cans k $1.00
Butter, best Creamery, pound 45c
I The Economy Grocery
w 113 W, Webb St , . , . Phone 409
- -
f. A. Urannon
Walla Wall a.
in here today from
MirtH Kdna K. Unvllle, of Echo, and
Ovle A. Dean, of Poker, were united
In marriage at the I'reahyterlan mana
today with Key. (ieorgo U Clark, pas
tor, officiating. The bride wore - a
charming frock of white mtln and a
filmy' wedding' veil. Mr. and Mm.
John F. Linvllle, parenta of the bride,
were the: only gueats present. After
a Khort honeymoon in Tortland, Mr.
and Mrs. Dean will, make their home
on Mr. Dean's ranch near" Baker.
Will Vlxlt Wulla Walla
Several of the old directors of the
Eautern Oregon Aito Club, with Krnr Ht
CrockeK, new automobile club ecre
tary, will motor to Wulla Walla tonlnht
for a final humnewi meeting of the Tri
State Auto Club from which Tendleton
haa withdrawn. In th party will be
David JMelHon, Itobert Hlmpson, J. E.
Knight and other.
v:wr ui!iiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiifr;!7
fisxt tlme you
wont to concen
trsts ca a Piece
cf work Just til?
astickof WRIGLEY'G
between your teeth.
Cfs a woaderfui help
In daily taste zrrf
Will IMnti JfiHtruni
The Commercial Aanociation board
of manager!) haiMieen called by I'real
ilent Ktnrgls to mwt at 4 o'clock Tun-
day afternoon to plan the program
for the big monthly meeting to be held
TueBday evening April 12. It was im
possible to hold the meeting tomorrow
night, the regular time owing to the
'act the Elkg lodge room will be In UHe.
New 0. D? Wool Shirts, now only. . '. . ? . . $4.38
Reel. 0. D. Shirts, now only $2.75
Slipon Sweaters $1.00
Denim Coats and Overalls. , 75c and $1.00
Alaska Salmon, 1 lb. cans . . 10c
Del Monte Solid Pack Peaches, No. 2V- cans 35e
Also Peas, Corn, Tomatoes, Apricots, Pineapple
and all the fanned Meats at wonderful bar
gains. 10 ft x 12 ft 10 oz. Tent, new $20.00
6 ft x 16 ft 14 oz. Bed Sheets $7.50
Other Tents, Tarps and Bed Sheets in all sizes
and weights at prices far below the ordinary.
Itwill pay you to investigate. ""
Army & lavy Sales CO.
Phone 8G1
and hard
places come easy,
gives you comfort
the zest thzt
means success.
A great deal
A P:l to Iceftp !neparabl ever
ct your beck and calL
That'i the ltlnJ of k hhtjd you '
have in Palthe Pencil.
Ready for any job, big or little .
He' a Pal to be proud of; silver
finitii, chased design, erase) nd
extri leads, for yor md each
n.M.iber of the family.
pet a Pal for
P!!F,!!""!!!!ij ; j'!j'!,'',;v"!,!!!!'i''l!!"'M!
lliMilUililNijiiiMdilliift::'; ;Jii..iM:j!jl.t.-:l
Tcaclicru' JtPrfiecl.
James Harrah, superintendent o(
tlie Umapine whonls, has been re
elected for another year at an Increase
In nalary. Xenrly the entire staff of
teachers was also retained. '
So Ttaskotliull Tournament.
There will be no Umatilla county
county TMSKctnan Tournament this
year, according to announcement of
Siinford SieurLst, chairman of the hish
schmil athletic committee for the
county association. He (fives is the
reason, the early spring which would
cause the basketball Karnes to inter
fere with the baielmll season.
forminff citizens of other countries In
to citizens of the Uulted States. They
broiifiht their lunches a,nd enjoyed a
picnic on the court house lawn during
the noon hour.. Those In the party
were Irene PuPiiis, Myrtle Corley,
Dorris I.ieuallen. Willard Ames, Lee
Crawford. Roland Haker, Ralph Koth
rock and Norman Wallan.
THot Rock Ihiplls I lore.
l'rinc'pal L. Macken of the Pilot
Rock school, is here today with" hlH
seventh and eighth prade pupils. They
witnessed the naturalisation proceert
Injrs at the court house, saw how woo!
was transformed Into Its various pro
ducts at the woolen mills and visited
other points of Interest In the city.
l our Ars Nationalised
Thin is naturalization day at the
court house and up to press time four
natives of orticr countries had been
admitted to citizenship. They are Sal
vatorie Tardlo who was also given per.
mission to take the more simple name
of Cum Hodcers: Charles McGlrl. Cari
Swanson and Fred Walters. Rodgers
Is a HcrmlBton farmer, McGlrl is ah
employee of the Railroad with his
home In Pendleton, .Swanson is a Pen
dleton carpenter and Walters is the
well known miller. One la a-natice of
Italy, one of Ireland, one of Sweden
and one of Switzerland.' V. W. Tom
Uiison as naturalization examiner, rep
resented the government.
Good Apples
We have a limited amount of
Fancy Yellow Newton Apples
worth $4.00 per box .
$2.75 -
Phone 187 end 183 739 Main Street'
Student VitiursH Court J'roecKliinv
J. A: Yeaffpr, principal of the high
school ntdums, brought his seventh
and etghthRrade pupils to Tendleton
today to witness the process of trans-
ot tha AnnnaT Rfatemcnt of 0IA
Of AocUnd. lxminioa of Nnr Kalod, on Uw
Lllit day of Dwmber, li)20, mail to tb ln-
Wannc eommiRdunw of Ut 6ut t Oregon.
'Amount of sUtumry deposit
otpiUl f 400.000.0tt
Mtt pmninms rerfived turiu On
yr 1,G95.1S4.6
Inton-t, tHvtdMitU nit runtu w
ctrivid diiriiiir ttie jew fl2.032.2S
ctirrd dunn tli yr 8S.S75 01
TdUl iiirome . $l,S73,3U2.M
HA )nn paitl iturti tli ytur,
Inrhullun iliitiu4-iii ep.i.M. $ Cri2.J44.08
ComnmMtiiM ati't t-Urit paid
during ttw jpr 015,437.48
Tw, lirnwi nd fwi ild dur- ,
inir yw rR,3:.9 05
Awouni ol tUI utur uiwiitU-
tunM . . . . 254,073. S3
TotaJ exixnuHtuM
, .H.4S1.0M.83
Valu nf trn kuu owfled
Una riot hw f 200,000.00
(incrkpt T-IUD 1.830,7)1! 72
Ciu, hi lnk ami on hand 07,004. Ttti
rreiniiuim in ou r of eultortinti
xrrittfii tiatm iHvJtttwr AO,
12 200.0t6.2
ItitrrpMt and ivau du aiul at-
CTHiti 16.070.S3
ReiuTtrh ji rt'inanraur cm
itWM'N iwid IS. 8(14. 40
Tutal athnitti-d not
firon r!im for Vwo tiniHiid. ,
Aiiutimt ft nik!iHil premmci oa
all rtiil'tHitilini: risks . .
iiie for VLHit;ltVu:iin and Imikcr-
All other Hal'ilitMM
Ti-U.1 rrtufv of
. . i-BfiTiu miki ii..i:i.:hi uf
Nit rrnmiiins m-ifvird dtirtttti tli
er , , .$ 40,171 2
I.o-,!i .Htd dun:iK rar.... .SJ
ln'- in-ifh'd diiriutt tin yi-ar. , 2S.220 71
Nairn- of ominii NtVV iKALAM INSIU
ANi'K Hi.. Lum.wl
tiin- of I". H. manft-fr, Wal'.of M. tiTfr.
N.-hu' ti V, H i;ih,v.t, H. K, Komplltorn.
H'nti-tcrv rvM'Iriu a.uuiify for 'rini'1 Waiwr
l'i kk A Hnt'piian, tMi.lnit aftntt, Yfna
( 1' in. "its, V litt ,kT.Kttn, rriddrftt afiote,
R'cm iii -I Hilling. IVniand, r
ray Cash. Receive More Pay Less
Dspain&Lee Cash Grocery
Phone 880
209 E. Court
morning by the elementary dramatic
clasn under the direction and supervi
sion of Miss Dorthy Fle?el. The play
waa a comedy In one act and was en
titled "A Tase of Suspension." Bob I
Dunn acted ns chairman and ve a
fhort talk preceding the play. Each
character was very good In his respec
tive part an all are worthy of praise.
7 ho plot was woven around a (rroui) of
Ojkwc Salary. lU-durthiiiK. s;j,.s jn a 8emfnry and had to do with
The county school superintendent h j t hooi ijfe- Jliss .N'ellie Oliver was ex-i
office la in receipt of a letter from B. ceiient in the character part of princl- j
f .Rewler, teeretary-treasurer of the j .,ai r ,he SPhdol. The clnh will trv
Slate Teachers' Assn., 'in which he ( present another play before the eno
voices opposition to any reduction in1 of the school year.
ralnrlcs mii to teachers. His letter j
in part followK; j .
There is no Justification for reduc-1
tlon of salaries for the reason that the
RhortaKe of qualified teachers is a
permanent and not a temporary one. i
Not only did many teachers leave the
profession rturins the war the normal !
schools lost attendances so that n the
normal supply has fallen behind year
hv vear. Those schools which nttempt
to reduce salaries will find themselves
either without teachers or with those '
who aro least qualified and lacking in
professional spirit and personality. As
a matter of fact the present salaries
are not war-time salaries -dui oniy ,
tardy partial acknowledgement of the.
Inadequacy of the before-the-war sal-
aries. There is a nation-wide move-;
meat to recruit and hold In the teach-;
ing ranks men and women of charac
ter and training. It will he a state ana
national disaster if school boards and
communities do not sustain this move
Turnover is the life of business; quick selling
goods gives the merchant the ready cash he al
ways needs the cash that buys more merchan
dise, earns more profit. A steady stream of
nickles and dimes, a steady stream of happy
contented trade. The store is live and busy.
1 Pound Roll 50c
v2Pound'Roll ......... 95c
PayCash Receive More Pay Less
Despain&Lee Cash Grocery
209 E. Court ' " Phone 880
Charged With Tiro Theft.
Charged with stealing tires from lo
cal cars. John Spencer and M. A. Ol-
aen were taken Into custody Saturday
night by Traffic, officer Lyday and
are being held at the county juil await
ing prosecution on a state complaint.
The tires were stolen from cars be
longing to A. B. Boycc and I!. il. Olson.
Poultry Mcettr.s Cancelled.
The poultry meeting which was to
have been held Wednesday evening.
April 6, has been cancelled. This was
deemed necessary beciuise County
Agent I'ennion Was unexpectedly call
ed upjn t go to Chicago. The next
regular meeting or tne ciuo win or
held the Hth of April and it is hoped
that I'rof. H. Ii 'Cosby. O. A. C. ex
tension poullryman, will be able to be
1 s
C Penney Co.. A Nation-Wlde Institution
Xo Decision Mittlf.
Following a personal yis:t to the
Cold Springs country Saturday Messrs.
Booth and Barratt of the stato high
way commission, refrained from any
decision or expression of sentiment as
to what they will favor. Some, how
ever, are placing significance on the
fact the commissioners did not go to
Cold Springs landing. It is under
stood that the two men who were here
did not wish to Oct until they could
consult with Commissioner eYon, who
did not make the trip.
Track Moot to In" Finished this
Kvenlng The events of the J.inlor-
sfnior class track meet which were
not completed last Friday evening will
lie finiicd this evening. As tho score
now stands the Juniors lead by several;
points hut the seniors are expected to,
show up better this evening. The In-,
ter-class meet -will be held nt the
Round-l'p park within tho nf.xt two ;
AswrniMy Pin tihon The fust as-;
uemWy play this J'cur wua glv tea this.
Jan ' BOfol Iflllf
. With Two Pairs ! I
: CS
' 6
1 c
In view of what you liavo boon akoxl for.
wool Miits for your boyK oven with only one
imir of kntckors, the abote aououiKVinoiit
boarder on tho soiivitional.
Hut the enormous buying powrr of 312 busy
Penney Stores makes sensational valuis an
every day occurrence lwre.
If tho li.n prices would load you to think of
those ns very ordinary suits tltcn you liavo a
surprise awaiting ?ou in our show window. Tin?
nowi'si novelty wiiol suitings, bl'owns pmlomi
nato. fUnktHl or striHtl with green, black or
ojior harmoni.ii','; colors. Mwln up in the
liiilar Norfolk bolted iikhIoIs In very work
manlike manner: coats are lined with high
griule saloon; pants aro lined throiigliout, all
seams tapctl untl staged.
You'll rack your bra hi in vain trying to re.
nitMiilier tho time von over bought suits like
those at a price so attractive. Itring the ho
in tomorrow for wc are Mire the May of those
suits will 1k- short at
4 N,if-o
J. Penney Co A Isation-Wide Institution
O !