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    rAG?. FIVE
People Here and There
Mr. and Mm. II. W. Dubya" of t-efia
nre vialtlntr In I'ondloton.
Robert Bond In In town from the
Bond Bron. ranch nenr ITJiluh.
Herbert lloylen, well known h1ici.
limn, Ih in town today from Pilot Hock,
I'ut UmiTKini 1m tlrlvtutr to Wnlta-biii-B
today, belli called by tome ibv
liiK work proponed lu thnt nociIoii.
to linker and by ten in or on foot over
the mountain.
Cloorge Ollniorc, former I'endleton
new'Kpiiper man, arrived yeHterdny
from the I .a Pine country In Centrul
Oreson where he had been riiKticatluK
for two monllm. He Ih en route to
Nampa to take a poHltlon on a ncwr
paper in that town.
Having opened an office In Pendle-',
ton yesterday, W. D.Vhltcnml of the,
occnunttnif firm of Whitfield. Whit-1
comb & Co., went to Walla Walla thlm
mornliiK on biwinesH connerled with j
ths company'! office there.
Though he linn been told he will
hnvo to prmh throiiRh nix feet of iinow
to rouch the Buffalo mine in Urnnt
county, N. Berkeley In leaving for the
mine thU evening. He Boca from here
Will 1'nlitt County lYncc ;
Tno county court him rniiRht iiie
clean up spirit lu Pendleton and in line
iDaddy of Big League Hurlers
s- If V: ' '
I i 1 '
Bab (Charles B ) Adam of
the Plttaburj Pirate' bnrlln
quad. Is the oldest bearer In Ih
big leaguei both In ream and
in aenrlce.
Babe'll be 38 In May and he
hat cen 11 full seasons In the
major ranks. Vet. he atl"
fled he's as fresh as erer this
year and will be able to lead Na
tional League batsmen through
a heap of worry during the 1(21
schedule. .
Adams has a farm near St. Jo
seph, Mo., and spends his winters
In Buying
( ' o
-Your daily needs from this store, you will find
that the Economy Grocery is in the lead in giving bet-
ter Merchandise, better service, more for your Ameri- 2
can Dollar than you can invest that dollar for else- S
where. Try a few orders from us. We ask YOU to
be the judge. V , ' 2
The Economy Grocery
Phone 409 - 113 W.Webb St
In Concert
I Higli School Auditorium
in- -i
ADMISSION, 50c, 75c, $1.00
with the r;inipuln hiTe Ih iilamilna to
havu the fence around (lie court hunke
Iialnled. County prlHonurx will be iifl
od for the ft-ork.
Hlicrlff in (t i:l.
i'heillf octh Hiiuwt la In the west
end of the counly today serving; n-
Kat I'juX Oiuphi to Vfl.
A nutrrlHKe license wa lusued to
day to V. tfcAlfcn Wilson and Delia
rhlllppl, both rcKjilents of Umaplnc.
Athiiia Knit IltnilKHcd
Hy order of Circuit
'helps the cne o
verHUH J. 1. fpoi
i tit R.
JudK O, W.
A.' Thompson
has been dix-
Judno I'lu-lpa to llcppncr.
Judso O. W. Phelps is liavintt for
Heppner tomorrow morning and In
not scheduled to be "back in Pendleton
jntll Monday.
.Money In Coyole KklnA
J. 1. AliCuiloiiKh will have"j"5 In
county hioncy soon as a reward for
RendJnic 23 coyote jiup skins to the
court hnuve today. A bonus of 13 per
head is puid for xlaURhtcred coyotes.
Held for tarwiy. .
Harry Wallace was brought to the
county Jail today from Athena on a
committment to the grand Jurj; by
Judge II. R. ft'chardn, Athena Justice
of the peace. The prisoner ts charged
with larceny of a dwelling.
HiihImiih! I)wr1- Hit.
Married at Hi-attle November ' IS
191S, Florence llatlfcld is suIiik for
divorce from John J. Hatfield and al
leges desertion as caune for such ac
Hon. The complaint in the case was
filed by Attorney J. H. l'erry
A" .
Charles ChapUn
in a scene ftom)
AKC.ADK 'itiA ,
After Auto Tbk-f.
Deputy Hhc-rlff Spears Is nt Atlalla
today to nsaiHt a Waahlniiton officer
In taking two men who are rhann.-d
with stealing an auto. The men were
on the WflHhinptun side and It is nac
exsary to bare a Umatilla county -offi.
cer to niukii ths arrest.
Tax Money Available.
The towns and' school districts of
L." nun ilia county are being given their
reiipective portions of 'Jix money from
$ll,6t3.15tum over from the sher
iff to the county trcasurei. The city
of Pendleton draws Die sum ol $6151.-
78 from the turn over and the local
school district Rets J SC63.9 1.
Boys MnX lfnvp WivnNca
Within the lust few days a number
of local boys between 14 and 18 years
of ape have taken out the special fish
Inir and hunting licenses required of
fcoys of such age before they can fish
or hunt. ICach license costs 11,50.
Girls are not required to have licenses
In order to hunt or fish.
11 Want CitJn-ludii.
On April 4 a naturalization' court
.Mission will be held by Judge G. W.
1'helps for the purpose of passing on
the citizenship applications of 11.
Those asking citizenship papers are
Gnstave Adolph Muller, a German;
I'eter Caranto, a Greek; Sylvia Dasil
va, a PortUKucse; John McPhail, an
cngiisnman; KrotiericK A. Tracey, an
Kntfllshman; Charles f. Girl an Irish
man: Hcnv
Salvatore Tardis. an Italian: Carl El-!s
nen Bwanson. a Swede and Fred
Wallers, a Swiss.
CrtAXD FOISKS, X. D., March 31.
(A. f.) No word had been rcceiyoo
late last nlsht from John M. Larsen,
Xnw York airplane manufacturer, who
left here' Tuesday for Fort Norman
MacKenzle Basin, with Edmonton, Al
berta, us his first scheduled landing
plat. He is making the trip accom
panied by a pilot and a mechanician lu
an all metal monoplane.
linmerlately before leaving here he
made arrangements to wnd word from
Cdmorton on his arrival theresched
uled last Tuesday. ,
(Continued from page 1.)
Dressed in his purple robes, his
archbishop's mitre upon his head sn.1
a criclfix clapped In his gloved hands.
iay the American, born of simple Irish
immigrants, who by his own efforts
rose to be a pKnce of the church.
Liist nicht the silence of the cathe
dral was broken by ch intins of sert.i
narians and iliaccsan clergy as the of
fice of the dead was Bung. Presiinq
was Bishop O. B. Corrigan, vicar-Rcn-eral
of the diocese.
Tho ceremony was attended by
church dipnitariss and lay delegates
from all parts of the United States and
Canada. .
New Cardinal Anticipated.
ROME, March 21. In Vatican cir
cles the belief prevails th.it another
American cardinal will be appointed
in a ihort time, the dcith of Cardinal
Glhbons aCain hnvinar reduced the
Without Lydia E. Pinkham'
Vegetable Compound, Says
Mrs. Pitts of Newburgh
Newburgh, N. Y. "My trouble was
a weak back and I could not walk two
blocks withoutbeing
tired out. 1 read of
Lydia E. I'inkham'u
Vegetable Com
pound in a newspaper
and decided to give
its trial. Now lean
do my own work and
walk with ease, I
always keep the
Vegetable Com
pound in the house.
It certainly is my
best friend and I
recommended it to many and always
shall. You niav use this letter if you
wish. "-Mrs. Edwuid Pitts, 2 High
St., Newburgh, N. Y.
It has been said that "backache is an
invention of the Evil One to try women's
souls," but even so, it is more often a
symptom of a female trouble which
sooner or later declares itself. Day
after day it drags a woman down and
night after nipht prevents restful sleep.
Such woman should follow Mrs. Pitt's
adv ice and try Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound, and regain health.
Letters about your health will be given
careful attention and held in strict confi
dence if you write to Lydia E. Pinkham
MedicineCo., Lynn, Mass. Theirexperi
ence of over 40 years is at your service.
Our Prices
On China
The new prices on china will mean a decid
ed saving to you. Our stock is complete
and we know our prices are right or elf e we
would not ask you to" make a comparison.
The Largest Diamond Dealer In IstcrD Oregon.
American cardinals to two. Tope
Henedict is declared r-ve the in
tention of f jllowinK the pre edent set
by Pius X In 1911 of having three car
dinals in the I'liiled Slates.
Naturally ihe speculation has
brought numerous ntmes of prelates;
to t!i fore. Arnon? tbest- names are
those of Archbishop Jluni.lein of Chi
cago and .rohliisjiop Hayes of New
York. Some persons also are suffRest
llik the Alunt liev. f-;. J. Haiina, arch
bishop of San Francisco.
For those who are in need of a rem
edy for kidney troubles and backache,
it is a good plan to try Doan's Kidney
J'ills. They arc strongly recommend
ed by I'endleton people. Ask your
Mrs. J. B. Jacolw, 300 E. Bluff Ft.,
Pendleton, says: "I could never Hpen!
too hiithly of Doan's Kidney Pills nr.K
I have never found anything their
equal when I bavo needed to take a
kidney medicine. Whenever I took
cold it settled on my kidneys and caus
ed my back to ache so badly. I could
hardly get around. I had dizzy
spells and headaches. After I took
Doan's Kidney Tills for a few days, all
the trouble was removed and in every j
way I felt as well and strong as ever
The-above statement was tfiven May
17, 1916, and on June 17, 190, Mrs.
Jacob's added: "Since endorsing
Doan's Kidney Pills in 1916 I haven't
noticed any of the kidney complaint
of. t irivn them credit for curing: me. I
gladly confirm my
this time."
60c, at all dealers.
Po., Mfrs.. Buffalo, N
former statement at
Foster-Milburn i
Emll Dohnert, a German; 1 ,
SALEM. Ore.j,laroh $1.-A. P.)
State Senator O. H. Kobertson of Con
don, was today appointed state bank
examiner by Frank C. Itramwell,
superintendent of banks, and the ap
pointment was confirmed by the state
banking- board. In accepting the of
fice, Robertson will automatically re
linquish tho office 'of state senator
under a statute that' prohibits the
holding- of more 'than one lucrative
state office by one person.
M House
i i :, .
Heport Arrivies Karliey,' ' --
The Chicago grain market report is
now received an hour- earlier by the
Overbeck St Cooke office than former
ly. The report Is now received at 10:-
5 a. in. Instead of at 11:15 a. nv The
uiiice opens at o a. m. msteaa oi ac t
a .m. '
Whole CHinty In Team
You may not know it but you are a
contestant in the bijr magpie, crow,
hawk shooting tournament which is to
be held starting Sunday April 3 and
closing Sunday evening April 10. By
arrangement between the" two team
captains Guy Myrlek and J. H. Estea,
The Wyrtck team Includes all people
In th,e county living west of Main
street In Pendleton while tho Estes
team Includes all living east of Main
street. The whole county is in the
team. For crows two points are to be
allowed: magpies three points and for
hawks, five points. In each town
there will be a man to certify as to
the kill made by the shooters in that
ijodv or rrcxDLKrov sot.onjt
(Continued from pass 1.)
m., on said day In honor and in mem
ory of the lato Frank Sheldon Clrlon.
, . Hero Hum Citation
Young I'lrlcJi lost his life while serV-
ing in the Sudan sector with the Fifth
Marines. His father, Frank t'lrlch,
and brother-. Knife I'lrlch. survive him
Thev recently received from the War
Department five citations honorlng the
local Marine, among them a French
decoration, n. French memorial dl
ploma, nnd three citations from the
United Stales government.
M Wor pop
SL85 Sally Medjcy' Fbx Trot. .... .Joseph C. Smith Orchestra
I-aidy Billy Medley los. Trot .Joseph S. Smith's OrclK-stra
85c Hose Nightingale Medley Vox Trot . .'. . r. . AH Star Trio
Tlj Toi Medley One Step. .Joseph C. Smith's Orcliestra
R.-ic ISriclit Eyes Medley Vox Trot Piuil WliiU-man Orchestra
Ixive Iiinl Medley Fox Trot. .Paul Wlillcnmii Orchestra
SSc I Nmer Knew Vtn Tro I'nul Wlilleman Orclicsira
JH You Kvcr Think of Me Medley Fox Trot
' I'anl Wliltenian On lu-stnv
8."e Home Again nliu-s Mfdlcy Fox Trot
" Original I)ixi Jazs
x Trot.
Cruzy Blues
$1.50 Alda
Alda .....
$1.00 H-Mi-a-l!c Baby Mine
Mammy lK-ar
85c Carry Your Croi.it Vitli a Smile.
Tell Mo the Story of Jesus
85o My Mammy
. .Origntal Dixie Jazz Bnml
. . . . . .Lucy Isalx-llo Mnrsli
. . . . .-.I.iK-y 'isa belle Jlursli
': lisle Baker
Flsle Baker
. .iHoincr Itodcliettver
. .Ilomor HiMloliaver
, . . . lV-riess Quartet
J. C. Penney Co., A "Nation-Wide Institstion
Mill Shipment
Ainoskeag Dress
19c Yard
Shipping these fine dress ginghams direct
from the mills gives you the very best pat
terns put out by the Amoskeag Manufactur
ing Co.
Our buyers right on the ground have se
lected only the most attractive patterns and
colors for spring frocks. You will not find a
single design that is not really attractive.
Every woman knows the quality of this
famous brand. It's the standard by which
other ginghams "just as good" are compared.
The Amoskeag label insures the best quality,
look for it when you buy. ' Beautiful checks,
plaids and stripes, full 27 inches wide.
YARD 19c
n-uiA- Ji.s. ,
- 0
J. C. Penney Co., A Nation-Wide Institution
Viulcincatli llawnilan Skies. AllM-rt Canip'ell-lleiiry Burr
85o Ixok for the Silver IJniiur.Enna Brtra n-ClinrU-s llnrristm
Wamlcriiig Home Helen Clark-Chnrles Hurt
85c She (lives Tlicm All the Ha! Ha! Ha!. Billy Murray
Stop, Locfcf, Listen! ..
.American yunrtct
It. 1..
. . . .Sophie Brnslnii
.... Knrleo t'nrHsi
.AlfriHl CUirtot
.tiilscpe IH) liioit
. . Bcitlnmlno Olcll
Jlomcr-MIss Louise Hoiiht
$1.25 lust a Little House, of Ixive. ,
$1.75 Serena ta . . .'
St. Hungarian Bhapsody X. 2,
$1.2.1 lV'au Sair
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$1.2(1 Study front "Die flitldreira Corner" nachnianinoff
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I,7.V (;nginrda Toscanltil anil la Stiln Ort-li-stra
$1.25 M-ivimdt- . '. Kfivm y.lnilxillst
Warren's Music House
enaiiiij!HMiinminn MtiiMr;i;tfitHttt!'''n;'l!l'tTI)''Vli'':,l!'tP'''?'n!HTl'li!';t!!PP'!M'l!;;!!(H!'"HT''!';;r3 1 W '
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2b9 E. Court Phone 880
M. 3. B. Coffee
B Brand
3 lbs. $1.00
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4 i
3 I
9 1
e i
O i