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England's Mary Pickford
Buy Now for
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Fubllsh'd IHUr and Seml-Werkly. at
l,nli-lon, Oregon, h? Ihn
Kntrrd t the r office si l'endls.
tn, Oregon, u second clM null matter.
Imperial llotl Nw Stund, Portland.
rhlcnKO Itumu, 909 Security Ttullding.
Weahington. U. f. Unreal! 601 l-'our-t-Mh
Hiwt N. W. .
' MtH Ik MM-ll- rrr.
Th An-itrd Press is escliisively
Milled lo Mi usfor republication or
11 news tfipatehf endued to It or
ot olherwlss credited In thi paper
nd also th local new published bore
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Dally, ono year; by mall ,,
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IMily, three montha by carrier..
Daily, one month, ty carrier ....
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. l.MI
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. 1.!
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n,i.lViklv. ona year bv mail . 1.00
d.mE.WuL W- Itiinlhi hv mail 1 nil
Semi-Weekly' three months by mail .(id
(Py Frank L. Stanton.)
Weather's so contrary, ' " ;
Ain't makin' any bets .
Ain't a-propheayin' snow, '
Nor siiigin' violets. ,
Ist fc'me that I said "l would snow ,
Word cams across the wires: . .
"People meltin' high an' low ." - ,
Summer's lit her fires"' . 1 -
When I tor 'em It v hi spring
Roses to deliver. - 1 '-
Plimard blow ed like everything .
Sent the worP to kiver:
Weather's so contrary, ' '
Called off all my bets; , . y. .
Ione with prophesv in' snow . "'
An' sirutin". vkdets! ' . '.' i
Coiyrishted for tho East Oregonian Pub. Co.
1 . ' - k
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. w , - M-i I .
(By William E. Barton.)
ST PATRICK is believed to have been born about the year
" 389. We are more nearly certain of the jrear than the
day or the place.. .. ', , ' -
' He mav have been a Scotchman ; some declare he was born
in France ;'but there is some reason to think that he was born in
England. . " , , . , . -
lt is said that he was born on the Right of the eighth ol
March, but whether before or after mid-night, no one could tell,
as it was before the age of clocks ' .
- When his birthday came to be celebrated, one clan cele
brated the eighth and another the ninth, and each endeavored
to convince the otheriof bejng in error. ?
A good and wise man suggested that "One man could not
have two birthdays,'" and proposed that the eight and the nine
should be added together. By this compromise all differences
" were settled; the seventeenth day of March hence is celebrated
as St Patrick's day. . ' " . . ...
Wherever he was born his name is forever associated witn
Ireland. Not that the Emerald Isle was the onlly place where
he lived and worked. In the English Lake Region the name
' 1'atterdaye preserves the tradition if not the memory of his la
bor in the north of England, not far from the Irish sea. "
When he was 16, he was carried away by a band of marau
ders. For six years he was held in bondage in- Ireland.
At 22 he fled from Ireland. He landed after three days on
the west coast of France, and spent some years in a monastery
on the Mediterranean. " . .7.".,
Then he returned to Britain ; where he conceived the idea of
returning as a missionary to Ireland-.' .
In a dream he saw a man nam?d Victorious bearing many
epistles, one of which was for him, and contained "The Voice of
the Irish." He heard in his ear3 their invitation, "We pray thee,
holy vouth, to come and walk again amongst us as before." 1
Although naturally oumaenc, ana in spue ui me .wjiiwai.
of his relatives, Patrick sailed to Gaul, where he was ordained;
and then he returned to Ireland. ., -
He founded many churches, of which that at Armaugn is
most intimately associated with his name. ' ,
St Patrick was a man who combined a deep spiritual nature
with a strong capacity for action. He had a firm purpose, and.
an enthusiasm which carried him over every obstacle. -
He redeemed Ireland from paganism. He introduced the
t i nmolfK loom in or st Ti A Ti hrou ch t th at
J.auu lailguutic, w ibv is vi "e - -----
4hen isolated island info touch with the civilization of western
Europe. 1 -
Tk one movie actress. Curl her hair. Let the ringlets hang
down her back. Then you have a "Mar Pickford." Germany has
one Norway has one. Sweden has or.e. Italy has one. England
.hasonev England's Wary Pickford Ja Alma Taylor. Here she if. at
left, . Doesa'l she look like our Alary r ; :
t , 1 !
Vegetation is Abundant ; Many
Kinds of Fruit Thrive There;
Plenty " of Fish in Sea.
Juan Fernandez Island. 450 miles we
of Valparaiso, widely re,garder as tho
fciot around which the story Kotiin- j
son Crtiso was written. Is to be trun-
od into a health resort according to:
present plans of tho Chilean govern- j
ment. .
The Island is 13 miles long and four
miles wide. VcBetntioua is abundant.J
Jlany kinds of fruits thrive there an! j
the sea hi the vicinity swarms with a
species tf codfish and quantities of
seals, according to a' recent visitor.
.The actual orginal of Defoe's story
of Crusoe -was said to have been Alex
ander Selkirk, one of a crew of buc
aneers, who quarreled with his skip
lr and was marooned, at -his own re
quest on Juan Fernandez where he
spent four lonely years. TheJ-grotto
vhera Selkirk is "supposed to have liv
ed with hW man Friday still is to be
seen. ' A British warship visited the
island in 1S68 and members of the
crew erected a 'tablet in 'memory or
Selkirk. ' .
ffome years ago tho Chilean govern
ment attempted to colonize the is
land and" gave free passage to emi
grants, 'but the scheme was a failure
and the island now has only 200 inhabitants.
Best guide
To ;
Beauty Secret
TTFP th avxtem clean.
Eliminate the poismu. - If
nature will not do it for you.
help nature with a natural
medicine l:Ua Dr. Caldwell's,
SvrupPepsin.Take a teaspoon
fill for a Few niutits and watch
the results. There, will be a
feeling of lightness, the eyes
will be briuht and sparkling,
the lips red, the cheeks piuk.
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin,
is the recognized, standard
remedy for constipation, and it
ii nnaatipation that five, women
hcha, ilullneas, lost of ipnatita
and sleep, bad breath and bad com
plexion. Tr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin
will re Hera you over nitbt. tad do it
enlly but thoroughly. It la Just a
combraslion of simple laxative hei ba.
with pepsin, so safe that it is given lo
infants. A stit-cent boll Is will last
for months, and last year eight million
boltles ware bought at drug stores--.
In iueli.a guarsnws of merit..
Send mt 70iir name aid aietrns and
I will send you a jrte tna', bottle of
my Syrup Pepsin. Add'tss mt Dr.
W. B. CoUuwII, jij Wash njton
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well to knew the ben. Wriu mt today.
the statement that advertis
ing is the best of all shopping
guides. '
Any doubt In that direction
which might ex.'st would be
quickly dispelled by suppos
ing if it la possible, that Micro
were no udvortsemental
What a worrying task '
shopping would be!
Spring Needs
Regulation Army Russett Shoe .................
Officers Dress Shoes...': -
Officers Dress Shoes, with rubber heels ...
Heavy Munson Last Work Shoes
Special! U. S, Navy Shoes
Deli Monte Sliced Hawaiian Pineapple
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U. S. Army Roast Beef ; ' 1 .
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Del Mflnte Solid. Pack Free Stone Peaches '
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Del Monte Tomatoes, solid pack , '' '
No 2 1-2 can, 20c; $2.45 do.; $4.20 per case
Joy 0' Wheat Breakfast FoocU-'."....--"--------------1 00
Mission Brand Sugar Peas and Minnesota Corn
.....2 cans, 35c; $2.00 dozen, or $3.75 per case
Alaska Salmon, 1 lb, can 2 fc 25c; case of 48, .$5.75
Army & Navy Sales CO.
Phone 861
516 Main
How everyone would miss
the helpful information that
snow guides In the selection of
the best glods, and Informs of
the shop where they can be"
obtained. ,
Not Today
An Adless Paper.
Shoes and Soap
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, What Ycu Owe-
No procressive, thoughtful
person todav will cliallenire
.i-Jl -L-. U -
Fortuiiatoly, the day of ex
perimental buying is over.
The dally" columns of- in
structive advertising, an-,
nouncementa have banUhed
the slow process of learning
by experience how to avoid
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faction, '
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Using columns of the hewspa-'
pers Just the infonuatlun re- .
quired to make the best se
lection .of msrchandlso. Leis
urely, and In the comfort of
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and I
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plun their purciiases.
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can find Information about
everything from shoes to au
tomobiles, from soap to Chip-
pendale Jturnlture. ' ;
" '
Th advertising columns in
this paper.are accurate guide
posts on the road to safe and
udvantah-eous buying. v
- ''
Pcoplo ot forethought and,
thrift will read the advertl.'
ing columns every day.' Tliuy,
know advertising's value lutd
they will overlook no buy
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vantitKO to be derived from
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ti t,;n nvnlolno in Vionalf nf tHp nnhlic service commis
IX us uciug ... v...... l -sion's
act in advancing telephono rates that during the war
- - J i C i n.i
the Uregon commission reiusea ine request, ui uic vov
master general that rates be increased because of war costs -
All that may be true, but what of it?' If it was right for the
commission to refuse a rate advance during war time, why not
.. .. . . ,-1 3 . .. 1 ... At
follow the same logic now wiui iaoor aim Hiaini cs in
clining? If fhe company did not deserve an increase while costs
..nnirr mku ia an infTonsp npressarv at thiatime?
Vt CJC BUailllg, 1IJ o " ...v.. . " J " V !
Another factor in the situation is that the annual report of
the Bell cpmpany fails to show the company m bad straits.
This report which has ijeen sent out broadcast shows that after
deducting $65,731,07- for depreciation and the further sum of
$31,724,103 for interest payments the company still made a net;
profit of $51,821,216, which was more than 6eve"n millions
above the net revenue for 191 and $19,000,000 more than the
net revenue for 1913. . ' ' , .
Having rolled up a very satisfactory profit throughout the
nation last year and, having endured the Oregon rates all
i v v,;-rV, ora if wnnlH ecom tho rnmnanv mi tr tit
very well suffice without an increase at a time when money is
a.: 1.1. 1 . r.Y.iitw r.t iKn nvoro era enilRlimfir la Tf1-
L : 111. uiiu tile jjuituaauig avuiij vi -
.4 A
The.East Oregonian shares the general opinion that the pub
it., on.-lnn onmrniuuisin m H O a miutnl.0 in allOWinC TlhOlie TateS
SdV DC1 VitC t.UlliIll.os-'ivi. i hum v m '' -" ... - - J .
to be advanced. This impression is increased by the explana
tions made by the commissioners. There should be steps taken
to rescind the action taken. If this cannot be had througn a
rehearing there will still be opportunity to use the recall. ,
! C. E. Ingalls, versatile editor of the Corvallis Gazette-Times,
is being boomed for minister to China. The talents of lMr.'Itir
galls qualify him for something better than that He would
make an admirable ambassador to Kansas.
v !!
Bv eliminating unnecessary drives the Commercial Associa
tion is absolutely on the right track; we have been overworked
on this score and it is necessary to have some protection.
The expected came to pas3 at Ardmore.
It's easv to see the point of a joke that's on the other fellow.
-Detroit News. .. -
i That's a dangerous practice those Kentucky planter- are
fooling with burning the real tobacco crop. A short cabbage
mnd Iwtm'e crop now would put th rmkT in a precarioiin
:.iluation,-Kaiis;ts City Star, . "
" IOS ANGELES, March 18 (U. P.)
Sensational charges that Marshall
Neilan, .the film. prxlucer and direc
tor has abandoned his wife and baby
and was unduly attentive to Blanche
Swet't, a "motion picture yrtar, won a
divorce for Mrs. Gertrude Neilan ot
New 'ork. ' . i
The urooerty .settlement introduced
in. the court provided that Mrs. Neilan
is t receive yiQ per week, an automo
bile, and J5,per week in trust for the
education of the six-year-old son. The
property . is valued at $a0,000.
? CHICAGO, ."March 18. -(C. 1'.) -Folice
reserves 'averted a near riot
when Heckles' assaiiid Sir Phillip
Gibbs, an Knglteh Joiirnalist, when he
attempted to speak. Twenty-one per
sons were ejected from the nail.
Trouble was precipitated when Glbbs
said: "1 am going to tell the truth
about Ireland." "Who in hell made
you Ireland's historian?" bellowed
ths git 1 1 cry which was filled with Irish
men. Cries of "kUl him and hang
bim" went, up wbii Clbha menUoned
Lloyd fli?rue. nrime.
reat . Importance
Piano Pt&rctiaser s ,
Rnv "Diamond Dv'es." no other kind.
Uben perfect rennlts are guaranteed.
Each package of 'I)i(unnd Dyes ' con.
tains simple directlons'to diamond-dye
worn, shabby nklrts, watsis, dress!s,
coats, glov-s. stockings. weaters, dra
peries, coveriiigH, everything, whether
woof- silk, linen, cotton or mixed
:e'Oils, new, ricn, i.-toeicHs coioia.
l-piggiit Ha? Color Card, .
We are closing our Pendleton store simpljr be
cause we are unable at this time to secure a suitable
location. Every piano not sold in -the next few days
' will be returned to our Portland store. ;
,To those who. demand the best and yet wish to
save,, this offer.will appeal
The Best advice we know of
is Buy a Piano or Player
Piano NOW. '
You JK-liTt the piano or player-puuio that
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uinl ii will not lie Is disaiKilntmcnt. '
Wf linvc' wvcral iijkmI pianos, tiia"inicut
that we have taken hs part pnynient for player.,
pianos un;l gramls, which will he soW on terms
uikI at a p. ice tlint will' lsirmit of uo aiu
nwui. ', ' , - v '
If. joh purchase Wuidi & Lauc l'latio . or
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siblev to make and we rtro doiiKMistrnting this-
faiit -'every day to the leading , inuslcujiut 'li,
Iirtlainl, KealUe and eu-ry city wlu-re wc lm ,
a IM.iiiiannis f-toic. The liusli M Irnt la)i;
t Kunrantced uncoiKlitiiniaUy for 20 years.
' agaiiiKt any, defect in woiknumstiip or inn-,
U iial. The reason why -you save so niin.li, in
purcluiNliig a Itu.sk La no piuno is owlnz lo
Uiie Im-t tlutt your pun-liase Is dlcoot sm..
actJmi.'as wc manufacture the Hush & Lane
piano and If ytm should buy oil time the m--;
tract lit made dimt to Uic factory liistcail trf
to some a;eiit or ilcaU-r. ' ' ... ; ,'
This stock of pianos and player pianos was very
carefully selected for their exquisite tone andbeauti-
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hogany and Oak'f inishes, and there are a number of
t the finest ai3' most expensive styles. , v
What you should do' is- buy NOW and a visit to thestore will colivi nee ywi.r
, ''.. u tr... . i. ii.. .,.i, mrin .mi r-eillun Plaver Pluno that Is Included Jn tfihi sale. Th
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time buyers will pay 7 per cent interest; this Interest becoming less
with each monthly payment. The use of the piano while paying for
it Is worth more than the interest. ,
You can own a pluno NOW. 'There Is one lute style Hush & Tno'
Cecilliin Player Piuno that Is Included Jn tfihi sale. This piano has
ben n used only In 'tire store for demonstrating and, as Hush & Lane
pianos are sold strictly iip a one piioe hauls, you know Just the amount
you are saving on this piano. There is also' a hits Victor piano In
cluded in this siile. This Victor piano Is mtiitufactured by us and till
piano was sightly daiyaged In shipping. . ; . : t . .
it . '- . - - :, . v .
Bush & Lane Piano Company
Across street froBrtbc East Oregonian