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' IlomlH to California nre fairly Rood to hlH homo utter apenilliiir Hevcrul
with the exception of one hill tlir ulrto 3nyii In l'ondloton looking after prop
er Urnut Vm, wiy J ilui?unln
who accompanied by Mr. Huifunln
ha Just returned frojn u two month'
motor trip to California. At this par
Iculur hill, Mr. Tiwiuiln Htuti'H, teuma
nre employed to pull tlio curn out of
the mud. After going over the hill,
the mud on tin) radiator knd fender
of the HiiRunln machine wan three
Inchon thick.
j'. Ira Scott of I-a Crown huB returned
shake Into our Choei
Alln'i Foot-Kaa, the nntiafiptie itowoir
to bn ihnken Into the ! and aprlnk
d In the footbath. The I'lattiiuurir
amp Manual advlaea men in tralnlng
o unt Koot-UaM tn their ahora each
moruln;. it preventa bllatfra and aore
nota and rultevca painful, awolln.
martlnr tori and tk,.a the ating out
t coma and nuniona. Alwaya uae
Allen'a i'nnt-Eaae to break In - new
hoea. i ,, ,
crty and vlaltlng with hla mother. Mr.
(ftiott made tho trip y uuloiuolillo am)
reports tho roudu only fair.
11, X. TnwnHond of the Portland
Railway, IJirht and Tower Company
tupped 111 Pendleton today on hia re
turn from la Cinuido and linker
where he has been trunwicllng IjjhI-neaa,
Dun I. Hinythe iaa MtuVned from a
bualncaa trip to Portland. " .'
Much IiilrrCHt Slum it
Much Intereat la shown In the lTma
tllln county fluid and truck meet to be
held here May 7,. with county puplla
of the elementary and high achoolx aa
contestant any W. V, Green, county
Hohoul superintendent" Hnctlonnl
meela nre to he held not;: Inter' thun
April 10 and Mlltvn, freewutrr and
Umnpln aect Inn will hold ihelr nvcet
:; Saturday Specials 2
Bath Tablets, 3 for ... . . . . . . . . . .......... 25c O
Monopolc Cane and Maple Syrup, li eal.. . . 83c S
Macaroni. .per lb- 10c; 11 lbs. $1.00 g
Head Rice, 12 lbs 41.00
Large Size Lilac Rose Talcum 20c
Sugar, 10 pounds $1.00 w
Large Lemons, per dozen l. . ;. ....... . ., 25c J
Oranges, per dozen 20c
We save you money on your groceries, day in n
and day out Our name is Economy, that's our J1
policy too. 3
The Economy Grocery j
Phone 909 , 113 We. t Webb St.
Just Phone Around the Corner on Webb St.
April 25. Other aohoola will prolm
bly decide upon a date aoon. New fea
tures of thlH year's contnsla - will be
the folk dnnclnff and . the tennla
matches. Bectlona dlreetdra appoint
ed by Mr. Green are MIhb Kvh Hansen
for the central or firm district, of
which I'endleton la a part; Howard
Drew, the went end aectlon; U Mnck
en, I'llot' Rock, and SlBfrld SlKrlat,
Milton, Freewater and L'mnpine. ' ,
II ' !
IVpnty Aawwior Jli-re,
Deputy Aaaeasor W. T. McLeod of
Athena, wan a court houae tMtor this
mornltiif. He will atart hla dutlea next
week In thla aectlon of the county.
Duff Appointed ik-putj.
W, A. Duff haa been appointed ape
lul deputy iiherlff by Sheriff Zoeth
Houwr, to aerve in tne JYeewatcr 1Ih
trlct. The appointment waa filfcd
with the county clerk thla morning.
Istlon lot Incorporates.
Sianfleld 1'ost, American VcRlon,
filed article of Incorporation with the
couuly clerk yesterday afternoon. W.
W. Wallow, Victor H. Martin and nob.
ert Farley are named aa officers of
the organization.
. i
A search In the reaorvatlon for gtol
eu articled of various kinds and de
acrlptlon waa the tneana of DeputU-a
ItldKeway anu Ijirenrter dlacoverlng
what they declare to be one of the
largeat Ulleit atllla ever found In thla
county. James Ixmn was arrested n
connection with the find and releaaod
upon his payment of ball amounting
to I3.i0. ' ,
' the still was dismantled when the
officer arrived upon the scene but
nnrts of it were found. Including a
coil and a boiler. A quantity of corn
meal mnah amounting; to 250 trillion
was found but only a amail portion of
liquor waa found, 1
Uoun declared the mnsh' was to feed
hogs with but the officers declare
hero waa only one hoc; on the place
and that the mnnh was doubtless Jo
tended to be used In the manufacture
of moonshine. -
A number of empty bottles werei
found lying- about and several empty
Officers at the tiniirt house r'olm
still was taken from these premises at
one time before. Tho still discovered
wiwi, nowever, was 01 mut'n amaucr, . . . .
capacity than the one found yesterday. mpanjr or Tac,mia and for beinar a.
.i.kn..h .h- o. 1. from Camp Lcwla who were
HI 1 it r i, ii, 'iv uioi wvi-.r nuw innni
back to their camp today by three spe
clal guards sent by the commander of
the camp. The three soldiers were ar
rested following suspicious actions on
their pari upon their arrival-here and
held by order tof army officers.
Asks for JMvorw.
Action seeking a decree of divorce
from Itulph K. Rush was filed In the
circuit court yesterday afternoon, by
Hciiluh May Hush. The plaintiff o
letfes that the defendant "frequently
lost his temper and viciously asaullcd
her" by slapping her and hitting her
with his fist. Custody of two minor
children in asked. t
Varna I'll1' fcuit.
John Barton Payne, director gen
eral of railroads, is- plaintiff In a
suit filed last evening against Charles
F. Lane asking for Judgment ot
144.07 alleged to be due on an unpaid
account. The complaint avers that
Lnne shipped freighth. the bill of
which amounted to I163.25. There
waa 1119.18 paid on the bill, the com
plaint alleges, and the defendant re-
fusea to py the balance.- ' J '
Soldiers Are Itctnrncd
Three lT. 8. soldiers, alleged to hive
stolen a car from' the Ford Motor
st ruction.
Every Day Bargains
Get your share high grade Alaska Salmon. 1 pound
cans.:........, v....2 for 25c; cae of 48, $6.00 ,
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Minnesota Com, Mission Peas
t.......No. 2 can, 2 for 35c; cam of 24, $3.75
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Reclaimed 4 pound Army Blankets $4.65
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5 pound double brown Blankets, all wool $8.00
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Tito ItMainOnia Mouth
March la a typical pneumonia month
and usually gives' a high rate of mor
tality fur the disease. After a lone
and hard winter, the system lose
much of Its resistance and people grow
careleaa. When every cold, no-matter
how slight. Is given prompt and intelli
gent attention, there is much less
danger of pneumonia. It should be
borne in mind that pneumonia Is a
erpi disease and breeds In the throat
I Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is an
expectorant and cleans out the germ
ladened mucus and not only cures a
cold but prevents its resulting In pneu-,
monia. It Is pleasant to take. Chil
dren take it willingly. '
- imiilrrllnvs Ynffh Itemody
Nothing No Good for Cough or Cold
"Everyone who has used Chamber
lain's Cough Kemcdy speaks well oft
It," writes Edwar4 P. Miller, Abbotts
town. Pa. People who once use thl
preparation are seldom satisfied with
any other. It is excellent to allay a
cough or break up a cold. '
Kx-li-nt Itenirdy for' Constipation
It would be hard t find a better
renydy for constipation than Cham
berlain's Tablets. They are easy to
tiike and mild and gentle in effect,
Give them a trial when you have nee
' Found a Cure for Indigestion
"I used Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets for Indigestion and find
they suit my case better than any dys
pepsia remedy I have ever tried and 1
have used many different medicine
nm nearly fifty one years of age and
have suffered a great deal from indi
gestion; I can ea almost anything 1
want to now," writes George W. Emory
Rock Milla, Ala. These tablets contain
no pepsin but strengthen tho stomach
and -enable It -to- digest the" food
natiiraly, '
FOR HAMO Wicker baby bassinett
Phone S65-R. .
WANTED ( room modern house, fur
nished or unfurnished., . tVHl .lease
for a year. .Apply "4" this office.
KOK 'HUNT 5 ncre tract with i room
' hcMiso and. good well, also chicken
hoiism-M J5.no per month Yearly
lesse. Phono 2S6-J.-
Despain & Lee Grocery Go:
Phone 880 V ' ! J , ' J ;! 1? 209. E. Court St
20 bars
3 Dozen
4 Pl,aICHAMS '
PerPbimd 23c
' "CANE SUGAR " ' '
r Per lniiidred rl0.00
6 Pounds
5 Pounds Bidk
1 5
5 Pounds Nett.
10 Pounds Net
7 Can:
7 Can
..--.-- - -
L?. P.) Wago,n loads of arms and
ammunition waa enrrendered at' the
i'Yench hcadnuarters, at IuesscldorYf.
The collection included rifles, revol
vers, cartridges and machine gun
belts. Strict regulations went Into ef
fect as the military egime assumed
full control of the area. All minor of
ficials, policemen, firemen, foresters
and customs officials were ordered to
salute the French officers on the pain
of conrt martial. CensershipTof news
papers is Stricter. Ten o'clock curfew
is effective. Sentries at city's main
approaches and bridgeheads challeng
ed every person who attempted to
pass. The Relgian line i extended
ilons the Walscum canal from Spel-
dort to Schmusl. '
CHICAGO. March II. (A. P.)
Virtually all the larger western rail
roads today hadowung Into line in the
.wlicy started y several eastern rail
roads taking steps for a reduction of
war time Wages for unskilled empjoyee-
. (Continued from page l.), ,
Washington has, through the hhrbor
of Puget Sound, a great Oriental
trade. Interference with such trade
lid not seem to deter tho legislators
of Washington from passing a bill
which they believed to be " absolutely
essential to the protection of tho White
racetif that state. The proposea'trea--,y
now in course of negotiation will
not 'cover tho subject of alien owner
ship of land within any one state, and
this proposition waa never eoinbatted
or even attempted.to be met In the de-
hates in the ligalature. It Is to be
hoped that the next time this matter
comes before the legislature of Oregon
there will bo sufficient cournge'to fol
low the state of Washincfon, If there
was not sufficient courage to take the
lead and pass a bill that fully ninety
per cent of the people desired passed"
(Ottntlnudd from page 1.)
Portland Woman on Viait
Lot Angeles Tel I of Re
markable Experience. '
"It means a lot tq say a mc-diclm
saved a' person's life but I firmly be
llcve Tanlac saved mine," .deeliirei
Atrs, Ixuuso Bmtley,' lil -Vorth Crane-
Ave., I0 Angeles, Cal., Mrs. Smlley'i
home is In Portland, Oregon, but h
Is upending the winter In Los Anaelei
with her children, who live at tht
above address. ' .
"It Just seems wonderful that I am
enjoying such splendid health again
after 1 had suffered for seventeer
yeafs. It' waa In 1900 that I first bo-
Un to have bad attacks of digestion
and In 1(2 I had such a evere spen
that little hops was held out for my
"Each year I grnduiOly grew worst
and all the' time I Just lived In dread
of one of those spells. My nervee
broke down and often Vcaught myseti
till in a tremble. Of course. I had it
tlo or no appetite and I was almost
sfrald to calt. Fometimes my whole
body ached, and f int felt so discour
aged and worried nil the time I didn't
think I could live much longer.
"About three years ago Tanlac came
to Portland and I began taking It anc
the' very first few doses soemcd n
bring relief.'' In oil ! tool? five bottler
and after that I felt perfectly well, wuf
not a bit nervous and could eat Just
whatever I wnnted. Rince then I have
enjoyed splendid health and haven't
had a single attack of Indigestion."
Tanlac Is sold In Pendleton by
Thompson Brothers.
Jake was physically strong and w-ac
no match In a fight. , '
"Were not they associated more in
timately than you descrlljedT" asked
V. P. McLean, on cross-examination
Yes." said .Mullen. "
Dr. E. T. Harlow, an optic'an,- testi
fied he saw the pistol n Clara
opened her handbag in hs store last
Kpntomlter Frpplintr snowed the pis
tol that killed Hamon. Hiid you see
this?" Jie asked. "I think that's it
the doctor replied. ., ;
We alwaya feature slaiiware both In the cut
glass and engraved and etched glass. ,.
is very popular and' a recent alilpment en-'
ables us to be able to supply mot of your
' needs In our recular patterns of this dtetinct
ive ware.
' "1 " ' UlUa.
The Irecsf Vianwivl Healers In Easier" Orcgoa.
that looSs that abound in
the vitamins best promote
healthful growth.
Scotf sEmuIston
at an aicf to growth
and strength should
have a place in the
diet of most children.
Scm & Bowe, BloonBeU.KJ.
(Tablets or Granules)
a en
large and tomorrow, the final day,
ivca promise ot'beins'.an added suc
cess. j f - -
Music by Sfewyera", alx-piece orches
tra is a pleasing" feature."1 A negro
n.uartet' niso addji to the ent.S-tsinmein
and thilr numbers wei-e well received
'y the throngs. 1 .
Ma(4ilnex Arc Sold
Among Ue firms who have sold ma.
chlnea are the Ellis-Schiller t"o.. which
sold a Dodge roadster; K. M. Tannler.
who sold a blaster" truck... the first
ruck to be sold at the show, and tht
stiinnson 'Auto Co. which sold three
Fords. . '
(Continued from page 1.)
Carter county courthouse nrter a
to the rooms.
Prisoner lKii Xot Wlni.
' AUDMODH; March 11. U. P.)
When Clara milh Hamon heard her
self branded "aa a rich -man's chattel
and cold blooded murderess, she didn't
wince.. The pretty defendant is cnarg
ed with slaying Jake Hamon, the mir
nele man of the southwest and wentj
under fire when Prince Freeling told j
the Jury what he expected to prove. J.
S. Mullen, a capitalist, was 'the first
witness called.
"Hamon first came to Ardmore In
1913 to build a railroad." he said.
"With him came John Hingllng, the
ell-ens man. I first saw the defendant
In 1913, when Hhe wna Hnmon's pri
vate secretary. She remained In thift
eaplclty fur seven months. Hamon
was frequently In her company out of
office hours. I have been In his rooms
In the Handol hotel when sf!e was
.Mullen s,il(" Cl.ira was frail pod
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Prime Rtb Roasts .
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pound.. .... 16c
Leg of Mutton,
' pound ..... 25c
Pork Roasts, lb. 22c
ChucJv Steaks,
pound ..... 18c
Round Steaks,
pound .... ; 25c
Sirloin Steaks,
pound . .... 25c
Porterhouse Steaks
pound . . -. . . 25c
No. 5 Laixl. . $1.15
No. 10 Lard. $2.25
No Frozen Stuff
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J. C. Penney Co., A 'Nation-Wide Institntion
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' e
! C
: 41
New Shoes That Toe
the Mark of Fashion
Black Kid Oxfords Peggy $3.49
Good quality black kid, good weight setfed
extension sole, low heel, pair . . S3.49
Same as above in dark brovn kid. . . . $3.98
Rlahogany Kid Oxfords $4.98
Fine quality mahogany kid, plain toe, flex
ible sewed sole, high leather Louis heel, the
pair $4.98
. Black Kid Oxford, Cuban Heel $5.90 . .
An extremely practical and pleasing shoe
for street wear, fine quality black kid, Good
year welt sole, imitation tip, concealed eyelets,
Cuban heel, width AA to C, sizes 3 to 8, the
pair $5-90
Mahogany Kid Uxlordst cuDan neei $o.ao , :
Made over the same last as the shoe above,
from high grade mahogany kid, widths A to
C, sizes 3 to 8, pair- ; . $8-50
Brown Kid Oxford Haven $8.50
The same .general style as the shoe above,;
toe is a little more pointed with imitation tip,
six eyelets, Cuban heel, widths AAA to C,
- sizes ZV to 8, pair $850
Black Satin Kid Oxford $7.90
Unusually fine texture in the 'leather of
this number makes it at once distinctive and
attractive;; Clever new last, Goodyear , welt
sole, imitation tip, six eyelets, Cuban heel,
widths AAA to C, sizes 3VL to 8 pair. . $7.90
Black Kid Oxford, High Heel $7.50
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Goodyear welt sole, high leather heel, widths
AAA to C, sizes 3 to 8, pair $7.50
Brown Kid Oxford,, High Heel $8.50
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Brown Kid Cuban Newport $9.50
Extra quality dark brown kid, Goodyear
welt sole, imitation tip, Cuban heel, AAA to C,
sizes 3 to 9, pair $9.50
1 1 . r
A. U. renney Co., A JNation-mde institution
-Pi fi ik- idt H at