East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, March 11, 1921, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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iwaMiMuiai'g I ninrfnrn r wmtsi "ftr
njtt a Ur
J A i ' i 1
TV '
J. llCO
Torn Savyer Norf oiks are as correct for "dress or
school as they are suitable for play. , '
Their smartly tailored appearance makes them
stylish while they are roomy and comfortable for
strenuous exercise. .
Tom Sawyers also come in modes for every use
Russians, Broadfalls, Middies, All-in-Ones, Play
Suits, Shirts and Blouses.
Let us show you real values in washwear. ; ,
We can outfit your boy correctly for every occa
sion. -Tom Sawyers are priced at $3.75 and $4.00
Illustrating the Newest? Fashions Moderately
Chosen with exceptional care so that there could
be no question of correctness. There are irresistible
models with embroidery, severely tailored and semi
tailored ideas, the abiding and comfortable Russian
blouse and a great number of others. Prices on all
show a marked regard for saving in assembling your
Spring Blouse needs-, '
Organdies, wash silks, crepes and Georgettes $3.75
j. . t " "
Not all good looking shoes are good shoes. It re
quires a great deal more than mere style and appear
ance to make shoes comfortable and restful. These
two qualities count more for . "real satisfaction" ,
than all the good looks put together. ,
r- r . : ' -. ' ' -,
v However, our footwear combines style and good
appearance and will give comfort and satisfaction.
This is because our shoes are not sewed on just any
kind of last, nor made in iust any kind of shape, but
thoughtfully built, to combine style and to assure the
maximum of comfort and wear.
V(flncffij : Black Kid Pump, "military heels, bench V
made.' Price T'. . . ......... , . . ;.. 56.00
Domcri's'Biack Kid Oxfords military heels, flex
ible sole. Price . . . . . . ... ... ......... $6.00
Vonieii's Black Kid Boot, 'military heels, imitation
' tip-Price VV. $7.50
VohtehVBrdvhi kidiPunips,'militry heels, bench
made-1 Price .Vv......,.f . $6.00
VomeriV B'r&wn Kid OidTordsJ military heels, inuta
. tiotf tips. Price .'. $8.00
Women's Brown Calf Oxfords, military heels.
Pricfe ........... $6.00'
Women's Brown Kid Boot, military heels, bench
made. Price $7.50
Women's White Buck Qxfords, military.heelsr: ,
.Price . $6.00
...... ... -
If your feet ache and pain, if you have callouses,
if your feet tire easily call at our shoe department,
we have graduate specialists to serve you.
AT $1.00 Beautiful scarfs of heavy silks in rich
colorings and attractive figures.
AT $1.50 A varied assortment of subdued . and
elegant tones of the most exquisite figures.
AT $2.50 Swiss, French and Austrian silks im
ported in a selection of patterns that will delight
you ' . 7 ,..".!.- ; "
We want you to see them. . r U; ' ;
!. Make this store your headquarters,
j Use our telephones, our postal dept.
iand rest room;
a flNk Pur ftomtary flkrry '
rtwmib Ali Mhr ptpkr-lnwA 0U tS.
Country Bacon, the pound 33c
Teaches and Apricots, 2 cans 45c
Codfish, boneless, the pound ....... 35c
Pigs Feet, pickled, the pound 20c
Cocoa, Hersheys, bulk, lb. 10c
1 Grape Fruit, large, each 20c
Apples, Cooking, box v 75c
Herring, Holland, the keg .................. $1.75
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for your Sunday din
' ner. ;; , ,( , -7 . . '. , . . : ( . ,
We are serving Kerr-Gifford Hot Cakes, Cooked
Oats and. Wheat, also Hot. Coffee . made from
- Golden West Coffee. We invite you to call and try
arsample- ,. . - , .
Wonderful, Bargains in. Needed Merchan
dise in 'our Bargain. Basement
, . ( , , -. Make the best of your $198
Reserving pone, including every kid, gun metal, fine
deep brown calf shoe, where values ran as high as $1 J
And in this big lot of $3000.00 worth of shoes you
will find all sizes from 5 1-2 to 12. - ,
What an opportunity to save. . -;
These waists, without an exception, make up the
best bargain offering we have ever yet placed on our
Good Bargain Tables. They are all of the finest ma
terials and very tastily trimmed. ' T
You will find all sizes in the lot and you will find
that the values ran originally $2.50, $3.50, $125, $5.00
and $5.50.
, Let your dollars run wild.
We are cleaning up the remnant tables. We are do
ing it by slashing the ' already low prices" that were
previously placed on these good bargains.
,33 1-3 OFF
This reduction is taken from the B- B. price which in
many cases was 1-2, 1-3, and 1-4 of the regular price.
This sale applies-to all silk, wool and cotton rem
nants.' ' . ' ' V ' ! '
eopies waronougQ,
New goods are arriving daily. Visit
this store as often as possible. It will
pay you. , v ,
LKU1J, ConulliH, WnScti ll.f-Toll a
man hx rutn Ike 11 tliKnU tumuy pro.
vcike him, but ucvcrUielmiv thu (lluoa
nve l yNiciu oi it (I'M W inucji like thut
dt a himmn bftn, ncwi'dlntt U Dr.
U. T. Slmnm, j)iui.snr of vi'i'i'lniiry
nie.ili'lne ut llm 'iillfKC. bi. liv
.lin B.mio orKiuiu vt dlifwiUon .and cm,
rut tli wim iyiif yjt i,V'" "Ji ,lu .
ditniK ri'KUltH, '1 lu tlmu ii, i:m1'u1 una.
j tho (NiHlent fid fur iuhii to tllReHt may
iha Icurnpd by twatlng them, with th
dit tint. - . ..
IKiitM nrn bi'lnn iitwd tor roOttcU
work In' th -variou ik'i'ur'Hvnu of
tho collwe.-..- til only tti tlmy upcr-
ulrd on btit ocriiBlumilly u do I hut him "
hwii In a fight 'dp wt'lfh 'h-rn tutd a
broken 1 l rliahPd (6, -the voter. ;
miry and ouniM out 1n'eitthy con. ,
dltlnn rt-iuly to irtiift Hfo new.
"1 ho idmilitrliy lu'twcn a do-f und .
I nmil matf It valuahlo for exiwrl.
nionta." wild Dr. b nitiu. "Muny lm-
! piirtunt' tact inn y ho o!tiinod ,' by
Irylntr vwlwnw tcit wltj "HjTti to two
! hciw they will work In tho liiimun caw.
lot c-iiiri, rlio dolus tho wiirircry ur
I hiimani In th- ttr-nimrnl or tno uoifx.
I Chloroform or olthep In nd Whcnowr r
peci'iiHuJiy In nny opfrnrion being mud
o th ri will bj i
Ili:i!l-I. March II. (A. 1'.) Tho ;
mobilisation of th men and women,
throughout OermiiHV' nltl-4. to otef
In the TjipcJ HlUwIan plohlHrlta be- '
tain yesterday In 4!U of t ho Irith C1p- ,
man flttott. Hpwll trains left Kerlln
for Ilrculnu carryHUf Han nor with l-i
ni'ilptlonH uriclntr Uerman to rully 1o
tie milvntion of I'pper tillcala. liundii
played patriotic music. '
it la e.MTUUMl at leiurt IO6,O0 0r
mnn !lliflbl to votn.wlll b iwnt to
lpter Bileiila and consequently trans
portation i taxed. ; ; ' ,
l ' ' '
i m
V -; -
. ' Notice la hereby glten that tho
Common Council oi The City of Pen
dlcuin. on FebruajY 16, 1921, did
make an assessment for the improve
ment of Jefterwm street from theH
. rerth Jjne of Martin street to the north
line of Wilson street, in The City of
Pendleton, and did assess the contract
prto for making suck improvements
bgajnst the lots, parts of lots and par
cels of land, especially benefited ther-
by. i Ail persons af ected by such im-1
proveraent and assessment desiring toi
tak advantage of tho provisions
cf Cba-jter 5 of Title 2
Oregon Laws providing
ssemmenUi may be paid in ten
annual installments are hereby noti
fied that application so to do must be
made to the City Recorder, aa In such
"fcapter 6 prv-ided within ten days
f Pom the date of this notice. Forms
for such applications may be1 secureil
from the office of the City Recorder.
" Pated at Pendleton. Oregon, this
Ud day of March. 1Z1.
City Recorder.
twfiAUMEST ikiviux;es
JTiotloe is hereby srlvep that the
Common Council of The City of Pen-dl-rton,
on February 1. Ml, did
make r.n assessment for the improve
ment of Hatioek street from ihi north
llfie of KaJey street to the north
lt or Jackson street, in The City oi
JVudletort, and did assess the contract
price for making said improvement
Bjpiiiwt the lots, parts -of lots, ani
jwreHs of land, estwwlally twnefltedj
thereby. AH persons affected by such
improvement and assessment desirins
to take ayivanutce of the provinions of
bapter t of Title 2S, ut Lord's Oregon
Taws providing that such -assessments
may be paid In ten annual installments
ere hereby notified that application
so to do must be made to the City Re
corder, as in such Chapter S provided
Within ten da from th date of this'
notice. Forms for such application
may be secured from th office of the
eorder of the City of Pendleton, plana
and 'Specifications for an appropriate
improvement of the following named
street in aid city: . .
i Grange street from the North Line
of Court Street to the South Line of
Lewis Street, together with the esti
mates of the work to be dope and the
probable cost thereof with a statement
of the lots, parts of lots and parccels
of land to be benefited by such int.
provement and the percentage of the
total cost of Improvement, which each
of such Iota, parts of lots and parcels
of land should pay on account of the
benefits to be derived from such lm
I rovement. and
WHEREAS, the Council has e-
Lord's! aminea sucn plans ana speciucaiiuna
I I . i L - - J . ,
that BUch ' ana esuinai.es ana iuuiiu me sums bm.-
wiactory ana tne estimates tnereror
to be in accordance with the probable
Cost of such work, and,
' WHEREAS, the property recom
mended by the City Surveyor to be in
cluded within the boundaries of the
district benefited is in the judgment oi
the Common Council properly to be
included within-such improvement Dis
trict and no property is excluded
therefrom which should properly be
Included therein, and
WHEREAS, th improvement of the
hereinabove described portion of
Grange Street either gravel Bitulithic
pavement. Concrete pavement or War
renlte Bitullthio pavement on Crushed
rock or crushed gravel foundation is
at this time necessary, therefore, be it,
' RESOLVED bv the Common Coun
cil of the City of Pendleton that it Is
expedient to improve and It is hereby
proposed to Improve Grange Street
from the North Line of Court Street to
the South Line of Lewis Street, by pav.
Ing the same with either gravel ritn
lithic pavement or concrete pavement
Or Warrenite Bitulithic pavement on
Crushed rock or crushed gravel foun
dation; such pavement tb be construct
ed and the surface thereof to be finish
ed upon the established grade of said
street and the street to have enrbs and
gutters and all other things In accord
ance with and as shown In the plans
and specifications for the improvement
of raid portions of said Grange Street
from the North Line of Court Street
io the South Line of Lewis Street, pre
speciflcatfons and estimates for such
Improvement as prepared by the City
Surveyor and filed with the Recorder
of the City of Pendleton on the 8tn.
day of December, 1920, be and they
are hereby adopted and approved, ana
be it further
; RESOLVED that the cost of making
such Improvement shall be a charge
and lten upon all lots, parts of lots ana
parcels of land to be benefited by such
Improvement, and the owners of sucn
lots, parts of lots and parcels of
land so specially benefited by such im
provement shall be liable for the pay
ment of the costs thereof, , and be It
further, ' :
RESOLVED that an Assessment Dis
trict is hereby created to be known at
"Assessment District No. 76" embrac
ing the property benefited and to be
aifsessed for the payment of such Im
provements, which Assessment Dis
trict shall include all lots, parts of lota
and parcels of land lying and being
within the district bounded and
described as follows, to-wit:
of Assessment
Number 78.
Beginning at the southwest corner of
Lot 8, Block 1, Jacobs Addition to Pen-'
dleton: thence 350 feet north and par
allel with the west line of Grange
Street; thence 260 feet east along the
south line of Lewis Street; thence
South 260 feet and parallel with the
east line of Grange street; then west
on the north line of Court Street to the
point of beginning. And be it further
REBOLVED, that a copy Jof this
resolution together with a notice that
the surveyor estimate of the propor
tion of the coot of said work to be
charged against each lot, part of lot
and parcel of land la on file in the of'
fice of the City Recorder, be publish'
ed for a period of ten days in the East
Oregonian which newspaper is hereby
designated by the Common Council
for the publication thereof.
CHICAGO, March It. (A. T.
Plans for a farmers' national sales
agency for the handling of their grain
will be laid before farmers in all the
principal grain growing states this
month in a series of meetings begin
ning Monday.
The conferences arc called by the
Farmers Grain Marketing Committee
of 17, which was appointed In the fall
of 1920 by J. R. Howard, president of
the American Farm Bureau "Federa
tion. At each state meeting delegates
will be selected to attend a final
meeting in Chicago on April 6 to pass
on ratification ot the proposed "im
proved grain marketing plan" of the
Committee of 17. i
Representatives of all the farm or
ganizations In each state interested In
the cooperative marketing of grain, i
together with all the grain growers of
the state, have been invited to attend
the conferences. Representatives of
the committee of 17 will be present at
each meeting to explain the plan In de
in the ratification meeting,; each
state will have one delegate at large
and one additional delegate for each
JIS, 000, 000 worth of grain ma.-fceted
annually. ' On this basis, lllino's will
have 14 delegates, Iowa 9, Kansas ,
Nebraska 7, Indiana 7, North Dakota
(. Minnesota 6, South Dakota 6, Ohio
6, Mlsxourl 4, Oklahoma, 4. Washing
ton 3,-Texa I, Michigan S, California
2, Pennsylvania I, Montana 2, Oregon
2, Idaho 2, Wlsonsln I, Maryland 2,
Tennessee 2,' Virginia 2, Colorado 2.
and Kentucky .2 making a total of
107 delegates.
" Senorlta -Cajtllla Farrolra Da
Cunha baa bee proclaimed, by)
popular vote, to reutcst-woniait
in BrmiU. 7 y '
For Expectant Mother
CSED By Trbee Geiemoks
mi na MOUIT M MTMIUMM H n T, mm
Buerttia Ruuunoa Co rf a. A ruin a. aa,
mobile Founr
1 ' ' " k . - K u i if.--. fKv MuraavA.
I Ilea Wltn ins l,:uruer vi shim wiiy n
I the 8th day of December, 1920, which
Srd da); of Mrch. 1921.
City Recorder,
I said plans and specifications are here-
1 by particularly referred to, and be It
lolk-e of Street Improvement i further
K.ulc Is hereto given that at a regiH RESOLVED that
lur meeting of 'n common (.otincii m
i City of Pendleton hem at tne
ncll Chsmter in Pendleton Or-
, on Vt-hnmrv tSrd, 1931 th fol-
li g Relation ras duly adopted;
jtKltEAR, th nty surveyor of th
of IVndletoit did on th Jlrd. day
I'hrnarv. 111. under directions
i.v nxtuirement of th common tner
ij LIB lit Joe office ot the UESQLYEp tljaf the
th ' Engineer's
estimates of th probable -total cost of
uch "Improvement... which said City
KnKlneer's estimates was msde ana
prepared by F. B. Hayes. City Surveyor
f said City,' m the sum of $:i49.50
and was filed with the Recorder of
aid City on the th. day of December,
1920. 1 hereby included and hereby re
ferred to particularly; and b it fur-
And notice is turtner given that the
Surveyors estimate of, the cost of said
improvement to be assessed against
each Lot, part of Lot and parcel bf
Land on account of said Improvement
is now on file in the office of the City
Recorder, sub)crt to Inspection. Done
snd dated at Pendleton Oregon this
4th day of Februsry 1921.:
' City Recorder.
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"postpone" meant.
and I sail,
"Iryin to have
Not Surprising.
I think the picture lacks atmos
phere," said the kindly critic
'Fact is." explained the artist, "I
had a hard time raising i the wind
while I was painting it." Boston
plans end j Trncrint, ' - - j
Itione liO-W P. O. Brrs 151
Umatilla Hydraulic Stone
General Contractor. Building Iilocks
a Specially. . j
n, A, llt'H, i'roprlelort' '
Oldsmobile four The big sensation of :.'V
the season is iow in Pendleton.
See, it Ride in it Hear its powerful mo
tor in operation. .
Everybody invited, whether you are a
prospect or not. .
v ; (: AT THE SHOW.
Oldsmobile Com