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A' Marriage "Made in Heaven
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akcaih: toivvv p
T'Wildr Worm 1 Vatiire of
ramntt' Momriit on Sivou
A terrific electrical Ktorm w rv.. as
th bnMtgronnd for one rf the most
.(Ira motto scene In "Pdly f the Storm
:i!V wom v
uh st:r.x
American theatregoers who revelled
In the dramatic wealth of "The Heart
of Humanity" and rapttitlated to the
I'Hiintry," waning Mildred Harris Irresistible qualities of "The Hiaht to
hnpltn, and to he shown :l the A read
" Theatre, beginning liuiii. itsrnr lten
nelt, a farmer, is struck ly lightning
nriil taken to I'oil.v'H little cabin In till"
tuatter community of Kvelyn i;o)ert.
""mm, the woman whom he had secretly
married years lefore. llobert l?tert
wn whom Polly loves, bursts In on the
Happiness" aro doubtless vt the opln
Inn thm in these two photodramas
Uwrnthy Phillips and Allen Holubar,
star and director, have renc-hed the
height of screen perfection. Hut the
public is asked to reserve Ita final ver
dict until It has had it view of "Once
to Kvery Woman," the newest I'ni-
scene and is surprised hi the slsht of jvTsai-Jewel super-production, eomln!
the dying mi:n In iod. Kvelyn, to, to the Ana Theatre today,
'gnard her own secret, tells ttubert I The popular appeal of "Once to Ev
that Bennett Is "Poll man." I,oath-1 ery Woman" In heightened .because It
ing Polly, liohert leave without await- de.ils with e'very-day people ana
Ins ftirther t xplanntimis, iml later he treats of a theme that is as old a hu
fumes to know the hole truth of the j inanity. Mother love Is It keynote,
complicated situation, after Pennett j and It shows the utter vanity of -world-d'es
and Kvelyn marries the rich j ty ambition when not founded on hit
.Miss' Phillips first acDears ns a
"You may be Sure"
";... rays the Good Judge
That you are getting full
value for your money
when you use this class of
The good, rich, real to
bacco taste lasts so long,
you don't need a fresh
chew nearly as often nor
do you' need so big a chew
as you did with the ordi
nary kind.
Any man who has used the
Real Tobacco Chew will
tell you that.
Put up in two' styles
W-B CUT is a long fine-cut tobacco
RIGHT CUT is a short-cut tobacco
i .. j
"Made in Hearea." Tbafi tfce label on th narrlage of Tom
Moore ons ana wenee Aaoree (a&OTe). it really happened that
(way. Tom want to New York to make the first acenes of. his pic
ture, "Made In Heaven." There for the first time he met Renee.
She played the part of his Bister in the film. Now Ronee is playing
the role of Tom's wife in real life.
school girl, the daughter of a viHiure
blacksmith, who, because of her Rood
looks and sweet voice, is the pet of
Uie family. She accepts the sacrifices
of her parents and sister, and when
a visitor from Xew York offers to
send her abroad to have her voice
trained she leaves heme with no re
grets. After many dramatic episodes she
finally reaches the froal of her ambi
tion the creation of the star role in
a new grand opera in New York.
Her humble home and family are for
gotten. Then a tremendousk shock
causes the loss of her voice. Her new
found friends and admirers leave hep.
Tn her mother's frreat love she finds
I eat happiness at last.'
Prominent In the War's support are
- j Robert Anderson, William Ellingford,
Soldiers Wax Sarcastic When
Uncle Sam Asks for Names
of Men Who Have Not Yet
Received Victory Medals.
Children, 10c
GOSH! . -
How you want to pitch in and help Polly
lick that gang
Adults, 35c
j Kodolph V alentlno, Emily Chichester,
Ui Elinor Field, Mrs. Margaret Mann,
Mary Wise, Dan Crimmins, Rosa Gore,
Frank Elliott, Katherlne Griffith, Em
ma Gerdea and many others. .
c V!,narVl,if i'e r .tr..j
! MEXICO CITY, Mar. 2. (A. P.)i
j Mf moo will appoint, no ambassador
1 the t'n'ted States until recognition
ils tendered by thee American govern
I meiit. A ujitemnt to this effect was
lm.-idi lecently by the Foreiam Off '.ye.
"They WORK
while you sleep"
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.i w st r . crv. a f 1 1 i
U ' A'tlrst Kuonil ; Attraction a, I
li'S -.' r'-"- - --VvjijJw rs? ' r- . .
V. -:.-:: --X;vv-rM t f-- -':T I 'fl
r""" ' """' ,r ' . rr, , Mt.', i t liMimm'i m Wk
Thev reckoned without their host, those Hilltop- K A1' ' " P)M
I pen, when they tried to oust the Squatter. Polly the ) I WVvaiL' vai-s
Angel didnt turn the other cheek in the showdown, ill a
II a you shall oe. Ill V
AT T A "' ' . TODAY
! JtLs 1 X Children 10c Adult 35c j . .,ti
'DOfiOTHY - I jLjgfi 1 1 :
! fC ' 0,'2S, 50c-rdrugsfcrei.
M&iii ... . - ii
' i i rC 3T,CV0 ! I ' Children. 5c
.-. i'il I "A M "LAf il Ad"""20c
ZnWSIViAPO marie' .
V Sbl- J k A . 4 r 1 K 1 la
J I " '"CE in enry wemtn's life timet t errttia ; I
' 1 V I V .
J It to you, juit u it cam to Aurora Meredith. 1 i'
I : . 1 . "Mi oo you tBU! it tmf YOU U UM WIIM1 von II Ij
l v y
SAX FUAXCISCO, March 1. -Sey
erai queer answers were received by
captain H. C. Blllinics, V. S. A., R-n
rTancisco, in answer to a circular let
ter he sent recently to California men
who fought in the World War asklna
them to send him names of ten eliglblo
friends who had not applied for the
( ictory .Medals ianied to former aol-
dlers. . . ,
Some of the replies read:
"Dear fir: I got too of the boys to
right there names and address on here
but most all the boys say nothing doo
ms on the meadell stuff. They alt
want more bonas. Medcla don't by
them enything but that bonas bizzness
seams to be up to Congrrass and thej
wm nave to wato and see. what Con
Mass says.''
"Sir: Your reed, contents noted. 1
irresented my army discharge at the
Uafcland recruiting station for the .vic
tory medal and I don't believe there
Is any War Dept. order out compelling
me or any one elso to lve you names
of tan men who not reel, their medals
anywpy I am not going to do same, so
after my rendering about two years
servieo in the army, and then can't
got the medal without hunting tip ten
other men liko myself you may keep
mine." .
"Gentlemen, Dear Sirs: Did not got
my victory medal. They gave them all
out here when I was under quarantine
here for smallpox on Xov. 1 1th when
Armistice Day .was celebrated here. I
am well and sound nor and oked.
(The family had tt) Hoping this will
be O. K. Will await the medal. I
; never had it hut light. How much do
I they pay enlisted men in the service
cttmys good-cNo othcr'TastcVust like it
dlways ood-cAo othcrTastejust lite it
invwssicod-tNo othcrlMCJiiSt lite it.
ciimysgood-cNo omr'TasWJust lite it
gPEjg - ' . I'i'Sv
. . .. -----i a." f & t 1 - M
L 'fa
m giving something which makes the
raising of the money not such an ob
Jectttmable lob oa tt might otherwise
he. fttturday evening the committee
reported that they were within one
hundred dollnrB oft the goal.
Mayor II. A. Barrett of Athena was
hobnnbing with Weston frlenda the
latter part of the week-
Mr. and Mr. John Mayberry, who
have been on an, extended visit with
relatives In Milton, returned to their
home Sunday. '
. Wendel Phlnney, small son of nev.
and Mrs. Mark A Phinney of the I'nlt
ed Brethren church, had the misfor
tune Saturday afternoon to fall and
fracture the bono in his left leg just
above the ankle Joint.
Mr. and Mrs. I Rasmussen, late of
Tacoma, are making an extended visit'
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Boren
Thorsen. They are returning by easv
stages to their old homo in Denmark.
Mrs. Rasmussen and Mrs. Thorsen are
sisters. In order to acquire all the
English they can, the visitors have
placed two young children, a son and
a daughter. In the Wesfon schools.
: 28 YEARS AGO -
(From the East Oregonlan, March 2,
Wllllnm Hall Is here from Echo.
H. B. Mack has moved Into the
Travelers' Home on A1U street. He la
a painter.
A new '.ty ordinance Just passed
says that city prisoners who refuses
to work may be kept on bread and
water until their mlrids are changed.
J. II. French is here from Htttter
E. P. Marshal! has returned front a
bn.'lness trip to Baker.
C. E. Roosevelt left last night for
a business visit in Portland.
Mrs. Rose Campbell of Campbell A
Wilson, and Miss Fannie Mead, have
gone to Portlnnd to trim In Mooney ft
Valentine's wholesale millinery house.
The banjo club, of which the mem
bers are Miss Grace Welch, Miss Verda
Turner, Will Kidder, Frank Maule and
l.otilo IjiDow, are at work on a eon-
ort kn be given soon after Kasfer for
a worthy benefit. . "
Peter Kmhnsk to here from Athena,
H. C. Means and W. ft. Parker of
1'matllla are in the city.
W. I). Fletcher left on Sunday for
Han Francisco.
Apply Zemo, Clean, Penetrat
ing:, Antiseptic Liquid 4 ,
It is unnecessary for you to suffer
with eczema, blotches, ringworm, rashes
and similar skin troubles. Zemo,
obtained at any drug store tor 36c, or
S1.00 for extra large bottle, and prompt
ly applied will usually give instant relief
from itching torture. It cleanw and
soothes the skin and heals quickly and
effectively most skin diseases.
Zemo is a wonderful, penetrating,
disappearing liquid and is soothing to .
the most delicate skin. It is not greasy,
is easily applied and costs little. Get
it today and save all further distress.
e TtM E. W.Row Co., Cleveland, 0
Tonerville Trolley
OJCE in evrry werrum b life come a eeruia
rt moment. One fat her liletimt ome
thrag; cornel to her oa whtcb her whole
future depends. It ruu com or will surely coca
to you, jutt it came to Aurora Meredith
Whet do you think it is' You'll know when yoa
ee ptend.d Dorothy phiiiipe, the rar of "lha
lieert of Humenity" end "The gifht to H
fKnetV play this greet part in a picture that
every woman in tlte world wilt underetanA. A
picture tor wliick a wbofo opera WM produced
aa which the piaycra aang iut a they ems oej
sac mifhty etaee of the Metropohtan.. a daialisel
frdttcUoa in whica the eocial Irsdera of a great
westera city Kta4 aa tft "eatrao'' a mrveoua
love atory that ywu'tl arm forect. See it now.
Lsont miM IX, j'rmrnhirr " Oats ta Enry
Weeaaa.- .
(East Orogoriian Special.) ' ,
WESTO.V, March 2. am Banister,
w.ho used to farm quite extensively
near Weston, and who was rated as
the champion thrashing machine ope
rator in these pails, is visiting here
from Enterprise, near which place ho
is engaged in farming.
W. S. Ferguson of Athena, Was a
Saturday caller on Weston business
W. M. Davis, of North Water street,
returned Saturday morning from
Walla Walla where he has been on
j vumiieian 1 "1 W Uttjra.
xne Bim j. uaiieys were rjnturaay
visitors to Wella Walla.
James C. Turner, erstwhile bonanza
farmer north of the city, now living
In' 1'endloton, was a business" visitor
I here Saturday.
S. ft 1'rlce who owns Wheat land
northwest from Athfia, was seen on
our streets Saturday,
j Mr. and Mrs. Herman Henderson
I left Sunday morning for Frannle,
Wyoming, where Mr. Henderson has
acrentcd a mechanical position with
an'oil company.
oit s. large delegation of Weston
threo-linkors are attending the. I. O.
district convention in Henpner
this week. Those who nre attending
' mostly went by automobile. J'art of
them wttit down Friday while others
went early fnturday morning. They
returned Hunday.
Mrs. Joo J. Read cam tip from
Pendleton Sunday to visit for a few
daya with relatlws.. Mr. Read la work
!nr in a grocery store in Pendleton.
Home sales of wheat were reported
in the Weston markekt during the
-losing days of the week. The owner
ship and who should pay the taxes had
a tendency to depress the. market;
Frank Price, J. A. Lumsden and J.
M. Price, the active committee who
iro rs'slng Weston's quota of the
Chinese-Armenian relief fond, report
satisfactory results. Nearly every one
1 I I I I III ill
v . - . : :A fh lw !
tSh&&.jh . Q&LJXaL 5rVwLit'4a. rtt3$k2&.
' ' " ' ' .
- The Health of the Country vMl
Brought to Your Home ''!iV.VrMl( MlmK -
- . That i3 what bread does for you. V,
The strength of the wheat together with ifrl
its other pure, 'strengthening.. ingredients ' . ;fSl
make bread the most healthful as well as the " Jwff tt 'f'
most satisfying of foods, , , , j '"4'i
. - M
a .'.I7'" .Bfc- .if . IB t
The delicious flavor of- ZlSEWm
Harvest Bread
"Made WithlMiik,,
will convince you that it is the bread to give
your family. ' ,
fiat more bread and make Harvest Bread
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Baldng Co.
t i