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People Here and There
,W. A. McDonald pf Arlington Vnow
In the city.' 4
' J. H. Hurst haM born In l'endlulon to.
j day from Frcewatcj
k'", A. C. Campbell, of pilot ltock wan a
Trndloton vlltor y&terday.
J,i Klllutt, prominent In Adnms wan
A Pendleton vlHltor ycaterduy.
Mr. and Mr. H. JR. WuHtln of Ossh.
; mere, Wavh. are tiMtlng In the city
1 today.
G. If. lllMhop of the Inw firm, of Pet
erHon, WmIioii & Clarke wan her yes
terday from hi home at Frecnater.
Mr. and Wih. Raymond Behelbe of
Aniiioim. Wanli, are, Npendlna: itevernl
days In Peinlleion vlHltlng with friend
and trannactlnir biiHlnem.
''. California may lie alright In Ita way
'but thin country looke better to John
' lfle who Ib back In I'matlllu county
, agikln after a vIhII nouth.
1 John Henderaon, of the Pdndleton
high achool, left todiiy for Ia Orande,
hi former home, to he n wcuk-emi
Kueat of Wuldo Ktodutd. Youmr llen
doiHon will nee the lAi (Srande high
hool'i iicnior play tmilxlit.
Cecil CoHper, now In the city con
i tilting with local clientit, hurt been
doing Home hard figuring on Income
tax MtatementH during the punt few
week. Mr. Coaper flnda many bunl
nem men and farmer are faced with
confualnff problem-when' It comee to
muklng return to the governim-m.
Jay Suluman, Inapector In the motor
vehicle division of the Oregon mute
department, weara the badge of the
Klghth army corpa Jhat acrved In tho
Philippine during the Bpanlxh-Ameri.
can war. Ho wan a regular during
tho Ki'-anlnh war but Mince then ha
had considerable guard experience
having held for a time -the rank of
lieutenant colonel In the Oregon guard.
March wheat, which fell In price
yeatt'iday while May grain advanced,
advanced a cent over yentcrduy'a clon
ing, while May wheat fell onj cent.
Tho I'lgurca nhow that .March grain
cloned (1.118 and Muy ut l.f.7.
Following are the quotatlonx from
Overbeck Cooke, local brokera.
Chicago (irnin .Market.
Open High I,ow CIoho
Mar. $!. fl. !' $l.7'4 fl.8
May 1.58 1.59 l.bSf, , 1.67
liup'iHt Mcr'lnga Ciiiitlimo .
'ihe revival nvetlnnii at the Ll.iptb',1
Jhuuli will continue tomorrow morn
ng und evening, 'ihere will be no
mooting thin evening.
gion, (1:30 p. m.
,1'tn.rig k.im p.
P.ound l'p ftatvuiir.n
m. Weik-diiy meet-
J-Mute In Kcllli-d.
Thereje A. Herlln baa 'been dis
charged ax admlnlatiutrix of tho es
tate of Frtmk A. I'erlin, the order by
JudKe Si'hiinnep being filed today. A
f.nai accounting was made and the es
tate fully adinlnlHlered. 1
Ingu an follows: Tuesday, 'ihursiayv
nnd Pnturduyg ut g o'clock.
The public la Invited to all of those
services, there will be good singing
and music and pood preaching and you
will find a hearty welcome awaitinrt
you at the door.
Don't be compelled to say ym have
never heen to the Hnlvatlon Army, but
make this your time to come and enjoy
the services and here the fluspel il
! Jesua Christ. Ood says, "Come unto
1 ..n . .,... 1..1..... i i
j mo an nun mi'ur hum hi ii-mj
maen and I will give you rest. Offi
cers In charge, Oiptnln Jennlo Conrnu.
Lieutenant Myra Moys.
Wcnilicr Very Warm.
lAinl night was one of the warmei-t
of the Hegyion, the m niiuum being 4M.
the maximum today Ih 65 und the I'.i-
romeler registers Z9.1V. Major Iee
Moorhouse, weather ohrervcr, pred:cu
a win m. bright Sunday.-
Hoy Alexander left last night for
Portland 'to attend a meeting of offi
cial of the Pacific Mutual Ufe Insur
Always a Way.
"No, he has never kisied nie."
"tllc him a slluht hint."
. "I have given h in several In viiln.'
"Then try climbing on his lup."
Louisville Courier-Journal.
K. K. Schiller of; the Kllia-Kchlllef Bnce comany being held at the Hotel
Multnomah today. This evening the
gathering will be brought to a close
with a banquet presided 'over by the
vice president of the Pacific Mutual.'
company, Dodge dealers, left yesterday
for Lewlston wherg he will attend to
business matters fur a few days.
F. O. Hehllke, traveling engineer for
the O. W. K. t N. To,, la a visitor In
;the city today. Heihaa lust returned
from Portland, where he attended the
funeral of hla sister, Ir. J. F. Kteffen.
'He also vla'ted In iiene where hi
daughter, Miss Frlcderlke Schllke, Is
a student. - . .
rivro.u wru, m; ohskuvku
W AS!NfiTON Feb. 24. (A. P.)
President Wilson -will follow the cus
tom of riding to the capital with tho
incoming president on March fourth.
May Hold Kale
Another Indian land sale may be
held at the Umatilla Indian Agency In
August, according to Major K. Kwartz
ender. A sale held In December was
unsuccessful but he believes that by
August there may bo more demand
for, the land.
Sinn to Collect.
Kuit was filled yesterday ufternoon
In the circuit court by Jack Jtwett
and-. Ivan Dlmmlck, co-partners,
against Al Hlusber necking udgment
lor $2(14.75 ullcgtd to be due for ser
vices und labor rendered ar.d for
$172.11 for materials furnished.
PrcwInHorlitu Church
Corner College and Alt.i streets, I'.ev.
(j. 1 Hark, pastor, ns denco hut lvust
Alia, Phone 621.
Monday achedule 10:00 a. m., Kli
buth school, A. C. Funk, Hupt.; U.O'I
n. m., Sermon, "Th Three Church
Levers." 6 : 4 r p. m., Young Folk's Oe
votlunal hour. 7:30 p. m., S(-mon,
'The Impress of Two Men." We cx
t nd yo i an Invitation to all the cr
vices of the day.
W Value of a Dollar
The purchasing power of your dollar is grovying;
every day
You will realize this if you are a customer at this
store. ; '
Auto Mou to IHne,
The Pendleton Auto Association will
hold iti regular monthly meeting
next Tuesday night, a week earlier
than schedule, and will make final ar
rangements for the Auto Show, lo be
Vi' held March 10, 11 and 12. The meet
ing will be at the Elk club and will
consist of a banquet, followed by a
business session. J. K. Allen, presi
dent of the association, will preside
and a big attendance Is promised.
The Economy Grocery
Phone 409
113 W. Webb
Phone 409
V. It. Weaver Deports.
F. It. Weaver, who has been in
charge of tho navy recruiting office
which closed here recently, left this
morning for Portland where be will
be .employed In tho nuvy recruiting
station there. He wan accompanied
by Mrs.- Weaver and Iholr little dau
ghter, Marcclla Weaver.
Farmer Iiiscusa Plan
Fifteen Pendleton wheat farmers
met yesterday at an Informal meeting
and discussed the Oregon Co-Operalive
Wheat Growers Association. The
Umatilla county farmers have taken no
action regarding the plan for market
ing the wheat although it h Wbeen dis-
Lcussed widely. ,
J. T. La
30 p
' -
Makes Final IU-mi1.
Kstello ltoss has filed final account
and report as to Walter Hons In tin
county court. In addition to the re
port made she Xiks that an order be
given discharging her as guardian of
the person and estate of minor Wal
ter ltoss. Walter Kohs has become
of age, the report slate:'.
Naareiie Church
Court and Matlock strc...(
It' sn. .pastor.
r :in't)V school at 10 a r.
! Met ring service at 11 a. m
Keening service at 7:30 p. if.
! I raver mee'.lng Thurfday a '.
Cur ga'.biith school is f,nilually
crowing In attendance and Intere-i:. Ir
y o Jo not attend Sunday S?"iol y in
(hould stur'. l:i i,. w. You will be rtel
come here. The pastor will have
something special for both morn
I'it end cvcnl.ig this Oundav. Ym,
will enjoy hearing him. We have fine
times at our mid-week prayer meet
ings in the church and will enjoy hav
ing you with us next Thurnday. Yon
are welcome.
As lonr as a man enjoy fraternal orders
a cliarm of his favorite order will be most
acceptable gift
Th3 Largest Diamcad Dealer in Eastern
Cam In Contlnucil.
The case of Clyde, Hebcrt galnst
James 1'eebe, Ida J. Ueebo and Karl
Beebe now In the circuit court, has
been continued until the dispos'tlon
of the Portland attorney who drew up
the deed In question can be made. ,
Charged Willi Illegal limit ng.
Charged with Illegal killing of deer.
Isaao Thorns, living on upper McKay
creek, wa arrested yesterday by Dep
uty Sheriff Ppeara and William 1-y-
day. The officers were on a moon
shine clue when they secured evidence
of Illegal hunting. Thomas Is out oi,
bonds and his case will probably come
before the Justice court next week.
CanvasH Will Begin.
In accord with the n.it lon-wlde
Presbyterian "Every Member" cam
paign, the local church v.'lll begin
house-to-house canvass March 6. I-ast
year the Pendleton church donated
for its work and the benevolence fund
the sum of $9,800, or $4.65 per capita,
while the national donations ran into
millions of dollars.
First Presbyterian Church
. Pendletcn
REV. G. L. CLARK, Pator
The rreabyterian Church at large gave
last year for Benevolence, $9,800,000, which
is an average of $4.65 per capita. The aver
age is rising. ;
The method of raising money Is a safe and
sane method. ' Every member of the congre
gation is afforded the opportunity to make
a regular contribution into the Church Treas
ury. This Every Member Canvass will be
made on the afternoon of March 6, next Sun
day. Canvassers will visit every family of the
Church with a pledge card to be filled out. '
Every Presbyterian will plan to do his or her
full share. -
Physician Will lll.L
At the suggestion of Dr. I. V. Tem
ple the county court has given orders
that bids be" submitted by local phy
sician for the position of county phy
sician. Ir. D. J. McFaul is now fill
ing the position and it Is the under
standing that the physician making
the most favorable bid will be named
as his successor.
Wanl Heroines of Age.
Walter Ross, ' for whom Estclla
Ross him been serving as guerdlnn
having reached his majority, the guar
dian has been discharged by order of
the county Judge, filed today.
Xcw Officers Chosen.
A. M. Chrystall was loit night chos
en as the new president of the Men'i
Forum of the Presbyterian church.
James K. Akey is vicc-prc.iident nnd
H. K. Dodge, secretary-treasurer. I)r.
David It. Hill is the retiring presl
dent. About 35 men were present at
last night's meeting, which was pre
ceded by a bountiful banquet served
by the I-adies Aid. The Forum meets
even' month and la a flourishing or
Cood RcMilts Obtained.
About half of Pendleton's $7.n0(i
quota In the Chinese-Armenian relief
drive was subscribed yesterday flnd
local workers hope to close the drive
by tonight. The complete county quo
ta. Including Pendleton, was 1 14,0(10
and other towns In the county arc
showing a ready response.
WILL THK PARTY who has tho Pen
. dleton Cycle Co.'s nmnll brown ser
vice wheel please return It.
WAXTKD Salesmen fur G.U00 mtle
guaranteed tires. Salary $inti.nn
per week with extra commissions.
Cowan Tiro & Rubber Co., P. O. Box
84 Dept. 8. Chicago, 111.
Itoy Is (iisxl Swimmer
Harold Hntton, Pendleton boy who
ir attending Lincoln school in Portland
gives promise of becoming famous as
a swimmer, according to a letter re
ceived here by 'Arthur Hatton from
Ted Preble, formerly of this city and
prominent member of the Multno
mah Athletic. Club. Young Hatton,
who In the 50 yard comes close to the
record time, shows as much or more
promise as Kormari Hoes, now world
famous swimmer, lays Mr. Preble
who was the first coach Ross had. Mr.
Preble is encouraging young Hatton
to receive instruction at the Multno
mah Athletic Club under Jack Cody.
(iirlstlunk Church
A largo increase In attendance is
expected at Hible school, 8-jnday morn
ing at 9:45, when the ainj of at least
240 will likely be realized. Kvery
member of the church and as many
more should be present. The special
meetings are growing in attendance
and interest. The sermon subject for
11 a. m. will be, "The Christ we For
get." Chris-Can Endeavor at 6:30 p.
m. At 7:30, the "rmon will be on tho
Tuhject, "Christ In Print and in Prac
tice." A feature of the evening ser.
vices will be special music by McDon
ald's orchestra. Large chorus and ex
ellent singing. Meetings continue
'hrotighout next week. Everybody
cordially Invited. W. A. Gressman,
minister. Residence 104 W. Jackson,
phono 565. i
f irst Methodist KltIal Church
East Webb and Johnson streets,
John H. Secor, minister.
Morning services Sundny school 10
a. m.; Morning sermon, 11a. m., sub
jecct. "Fear vs. a Httgh Calling."
Evening Services Kpworth League
6:30 p. m , topic, "Faith for the Land
of Fakirs." Leader, P.achael Payne.
Evening sermon, 7:30. p. m.. subject,
"T" Creation of a Gr"nt Light."
Mid-week services, Wednesduy 7:30
p. m.
IR C H h S ,
i'ii-'atJriir"iii .
Announcements ror this depart,
muni must bb submitted to the
I0as'. Orcgonlan not later than
Friday evening In order to be as
sured of publication on baturdaj.
V -
PayCash . Receive More ray lss
bespain&Lee CashGrocery
209 E. Court . phone 880
OUR spring stock of pure, fresh foods was never so
varied and complete, as it is at this season. Every
day large shipments are being received, and our
stock of everything that is most wholesome and nutritious
is being kept fresh. The quality is kept up to the high wa
termark and ts usual our cash prices are only the very
smallest fraction above the cost. That is why all our cus
tomers make; saving on every purchase and why every
housekeeper who wants the best for the least money
trades here. .'
. . s . ... -
Pay Cash , Receive More Pay Less
Despain&Lee CashGrocery
209 E. Court' Phone 880
FOR RENT Furnished 3 room apart
ment, downstairs very close In
777 Thompson St.
Salvation Army
East Alta trcet, house phone
papiist Church 1
Rev. W. If. Cox, pastor, residence ;
515 Rush , phone 1167.
Sunday morning ST.inday school, F. j
M. Rilev, Hupt., 9:50. Preaching ser- j
vice, Rev. Hently, 11:0(1, subject.
What is That in Thine Hand." ;
Sunday night B. Y. P. U., Miss Dale '
President, 6:30. Preaching service, :
Rev. Bently 7:30, Subject, "Pitching
")ur Tent." 1
Rev. Hently is one - of the best ;
preachers Pendleton has ever listened
o. He tells yo I Just the truth of God
unvarnished. The house . has been t
packed all week. You come and hear ;
him tomorrow. A big welcome awaits ;
you. There will be bapstlsmal sorvicca ;
r. the evening. j
a . ;
IjiUct lay Saints
The Church of Jesus Christ of Lat- j
ter Day Saints, held In Moose hall.
You are alviays welcome to attend our '
.ervlccs. We invite your investigation !
of the doctrine we teach. Sunday i
School 10:3(1 a. m. Preaching service I
7:30 p. m. every Sunday. ;
J. i . Penney Co., A Nation-Wide Institution
.Sunday meetings as follow
Holiness meetings. 11 a. m.; Sunday ernoon on "The Holy Communion."
school, 1:30 p. m.; Young Peoples Le- The public is cordially invited.
;crmnii Lutheran
German services at 2 p. m. Sunday
school ut I p. m. Services ut the
Christian church.
Chun II of tlu Hctlccincr
Rev. Alfred Lockwood rector.
8 n. m Holy communion.
9:45 a. in., Sunday School.
' 4 p. m.,' Vespers afid sermon. '
There will be special music at the
morning service by the full choir and
by the mule quartet. The rector will
preach in the morning on "The Spirit
uality of the Church" and in the aft-
Small Articles at Popular
Penney Prices
J C. Penney Co. or Bob White Laundry Soap
. 25 bar for $1.00; the bar 4c
Palm Olive Soap, bar - 8c
Diiro Beile Hair Nets, each r .... 10c
Wearwell Hair Nets, each 8c
Society Sport Veils 5c and 10c
Chenille Veils, colored dot, each 10c
Dress Snaps. a!l sizes, card 8c
Pearl Buttons, card of 12 5c, 10c
Hair Pins 2c, 5c, 10c package
Shell Hair Pins, package 10c
Safety Pins, all sizes, card : 8c
Lead Pencils 2 for 5c and 5c each
Lingerie Braid, 5 yard bolt ; ...8c
Ric Rac Braid, 4 yard piece 10c
Trimming Beads, assorted Colors, bottle 8c, 15c
Darning Cotton, spool 5c
Clarks Sewing Thread, 150 yard spool, each......5c
Coats Crochet Cotton, ball f ......10c
Tooth Brushes :...10c, 19c
Prophylactic Tooth Brushes, each 33c
Pebeco Tooth Paste 33c
Hinds Honey and Almond Cream 43c
Palmolive Vanishing Cream,.... tube. 19c; jar, 39c
Palmolive Cold Cream........ tube, 19c; jar, 39c
Palmolive Talcum Powder ...19c
Palmolive Face Powder :....39c
Palmolive Liquid Shamroo, large bottle 49c
Vaseline, bottle ! 10c
Palmolive Shaving Cream, tube 23c
Collates Shaving Cream, tube 29c
Colgat?s Rapid Shave Powder 29c
Colgates Shaving Stick 29c
Gillette Safety Razor with twelve blades, leather
ette or nickled case .....$2.98
Gillette razor blades, package of 6 39c
J. 0. Penney Co., A Nation-Wide Institution
vXiV- wit'
v . At If I ' xv
fW t flti,. I ii. iim'-I -'"'-IliWWl.ilU.' V SsfS
Sloan Bonnet Shop
Announce their removal to the
Nye-Ward Co.
'649 Main St.
Lionel Barry more in Vke Master Mind"
Do You Know
That wc absolutely guarantee our workmanshin?
We do not give you your money back but if our
workmanship proves defective we AYILL do the job
over free of charge. -s
Our complete auto overhauls are guaranteed for
5000 miles.
Our word is our bond.
CeiH'i-al Auto TCr-piiirinc Serkf fur Day or Nislit
Sec us in Our New Location.
31S Willow Street
Automobile Shew. Lets Go! March 10-11-12.
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