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DAILtf EAST OiEGONLUf. MtfDtfifOlt, 0Hi30!T, MTUItMtf EVfiKIS'O, JAITUAHY 23, iOfif.
, People Here and There
Edward Nolf, inaniitfcr of tlio rou
ery department ut Alexanders', 1m ex
pectod la return this' evening from
l'ortlund where he ha been for u
number of weeks In u sanitarium re
covering hl heulth.
Interior decorating fr a' Pendleton
hnhie culled J. C. f-arkln, of Bnbcoek
&Peets, Portland firm, to tho city to.
dav. The firm did th decorating for
the new Elks building null la now,
atrlong other contracts, at work on
furnishings for the ncw Woman's
Building at the University of Oregon
ana the dormitory ut Oregon Agricul
ture College, f ,t . '
Dr. F. W. Watts, of Watts & Ilogers
hardware dvalers, ut Athena, is a .Sat
urday bunincss visitor In Pendleton.
O. L. Dunning arose to catch a 6:45
a. m., truln thlmorning tp Pendleton
to meet with his fellow county com
missioners today.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Drew of Echo
are among' the Saturday visitors In
Pendleton. Mr. Drew Is principal of
the Echo schools and Mrs. Drew teach
es one of the grades.
William Blukcly left on No. 17 this
'iifWnAon for l'ortlund whern he will '
Join Airs. Biakely for a visit with rela
tives In Vancouver, Wush. Mrs. Bluk
ly for the past month has been visiting
Mrs. M. U. Chessnian in Astoria.
O. B. Bobbin of Cayuso In In the
city today, a (fucst at the Bowman.
C. O. Holt of The Dalles, Ella Mor
ris and F. Itoblin of La Grande, It. o.
Farley of Ileppner and Lo Hardy of
John Day are registered at the tit.
George today.
Sunk Without a Trace
3 Every dollar which is spent for a product out of
u town is permanently lost from Pendleton. Pendleton S
g is enjoying: proBperityahead of many other towns 9
3 , similarly situated. We attribute this largely to the 2
S loyalty of a great many Pendletonians.
.This is the reason why we adhere so strongly to "
Pendleton products. That is the reason why we have
6teadfnstly refused to handle Portland Bread. When a
you patronize the Economy you stand for a better tn
Pendleton. n
The Economy Grocery j!
1J3 We.t Webb St.
Phone 409
: "l)r. It. C. Ellsworth, who Is a mem
ber of the state board of Chiroprac
tors, will leave tonight for l'ortlund
to attend a. meeting of the board. He
will return on Monday.
Dr. C. V'. Thomas, of Milton, well
known physician from the east end
community, came' to Pendleton today
on business and among other places,
called at the county court house to
'see the commissioner on a mutter in
teresting him.
Oscar Cutler, state highway engineer
with hcudciuartmn in Athena, Is lit
Pendleton today to make an official
report on the accident which yesterdai
afternoon took the life of one highway
worker when a truck turned over on
the' highway east of the city.
Hoy W. ltitner, Umatilla county's
stale senator and president of the Ore
gon state senate this term, came home
this morning to spend two days here
looking up matters of legislation which
the people of Pendleton and Umatilla
county have to offer. He will return
to the capital city tomorrbw night.
Income Ta:
Income Tun Ilrtimis were never us difficult to pirpure
us now. 'flint Is pndcd the Ijnpax r get I be benefit of
nil Hie provision of recent di cMoio. , The lul'mer Yilio Is
holding Ills wheat or the sheepman ulio lia unsold wool
r sheep oil hand can take llir lx ii fit of his iiiveiilr.cN
. and adjust returns for ull Imsi yeurn. Th mnn who lius
Helil Ills cro or llvcwtock and oc some tai for the past
yeai', uiuy lutvo a surrii-k-nt refund coining; In prjor car
to lake cure of the lo ta. . . .
The merchant litis special problems tills year on inviii
lorleit. . .
The man who luift sold a farm or nn outfit may not he
required to fluy on profltM therefrom If a recent decision
1h ujitield. i
Vour Income Tux advisor rdioulil lie an accountant who
Is thoroughly familiar will! all the "ln" and "outs'' of Hie
Jtevcmio Ncrkt
Wo huro handled thoiiHiiids of rases of Iiicomo Tax
Returns. .
Wo huve eases In the files Just like yours and know Just
wluil the DeiMirtinciit lias ruled on tlicse in the past.
Gosper Accounting Co.
Kluuglpr Bide-, opiiosltc Pendleton Hotel.
State Representatives ft A. Miller,
uf Milton; arid Frank Bloan. of Hian
field; arrived In their respective home
towns this morning from Salem, to
ipend the week" end recess conferring
with their constituents. Both will ne-
turn tomorrow night to the capital to
I take up the third week of their legis
lative work'.
Art and Industry
Combine their most pleasing pro
ducts in our Silver Department. Silver
represents the best where useful
things are made beautiful, and beauti
ful things are made useful. That our
prices are most moderate is an addi
tional and important reason for the
popularity of Sawtelles.
The Largest Diamond Dealers in-.
Eastern Oregon.
rrtr D
1 'JJsALtCfiUZti WATCHEs!),'
Genuine U. S. - Arnfiy. Goods
Ktmnlnif at once, ro will Ik-rui selling goods. You liare heard
lot about rcroniMrutrl prices. Well, just paste Oils prkw list
In your hat, but do not waste any limn getting yiu share of
Uicne bnrgudis as they eanuilt Uist long at these price.
U. S. Army New Underwear, Wool Shirts and Draw
ers", until now sold' foi $2.25. . New price: $1.50
U S Army Rec'l O D. Breeches, were $3.75 now $3.00
U. S Army O D, Blankers, new $5.65
U. S. Army Rec't Wrap Leggings were $1.50, now 75c
U. S. Army Officers Raincoats, were $15, now $9.00
U S.-Army O. D Shirts, reissue, were $4.65, now $3.55
U. S Army.O. D. Shirts. RecT, were $3.00 now $2.00
U. S. Army 6. D. Wool Trousers, new, were $6.50,
now : : $5.co
Jtemetnher, the above are all genuine Kurphw Aroiy Goodi.
The prhs's sjieali for themselves and ou know wo have no shod
dy stuff. - '
Wo are also making corrcspondlns reductions in all commer
cial Roods. . "
546 Main St. Phone 861 .
Fifteen hundred ton of hay wan
Kold at Preewnter yesterdn', 8: B. San
derson, publisher of the Freewatcr
Time. In town today, said. The hay
was sold owing to the spring weather
which favored the county yesterday.
The growers, it 1 understood, obtained
510 and better a ton for their crop,
Home sold their entire holdings.
Hert Jerard ls irolni? to Portland to
morrow to attend a sales conference
there next week of the National Xk
dorwrlters" Society of the ITnlten
States. Life insurance men' from all
over the northwest have been called
to the conference and a larKe number
If expected! Fevernl speakers of na
tional ropute In the underwriting- field
are on the program there.
I'maplne la atill hoping- to receive
favorable word on the proposed ex
tension of the Walla Walla Valley
Klectrlc line from' the state line to the
Hudson fiay country. County Com
missioner K. K. Bean said today. Scv.
eral months airo Mr. Bean was desig
nated a committee of one to Interview
C!ny W. Talbot; president of the com-'
rimy, regarding the extension and Mr.
Talbot promised to report on the
money situation and tho possibility of
bulldlnf? following his return from a
conference With tho head officials In
New York city Just before Christmas.
Mr. Talbot has returned, but haa not
yet conferred With the Umapine dele
(fate regarding; hi findings.
I: ,:: .. ::: : -, ;
Drink ,.'
IjiMi Geta Judgment
By a Judgment order entered in cir
cuit court tpday, C. It. Lash,' of Athena
Is given title td Hit 4, block 3i and Im
mediate possession. J. R. SponoBIe
was defendant in the ense.
' t IN OREGON BY S - W ,..
PayCash Receive More Ea-fLes
Despain&Lee Cash Grocery
209 E. Court ' . . ,. , Pftone" 880
A Cash Store
When an item such as sugar drops a few
cents, w6 with' our everyday buying can'
meet this drop each day. .You read the
press story from Washington where sugar
was bound to go higher. We suggest you
buy now, while it is only $S).6S.
Pay Cash Receive More Pay Les3
Despain&Lee Cash Grocery
209' E. Court PhoteSSiy
Giuirdiiih Appointed
Oswald liaumgurden appeared he
fore Judge I. M. Schannep this morn
!tlt as etecutor for the estate of KIl2a.
beth lWumgarden deceased and re-'
potted that all cdndltlons of the will
bad beuh complied with. The Judge
appointed Kd. Gnavanch guardian for
Fi-rda Clnavanch, minor, heir to the
naumgurden estate through her moth
er Blanch Gnavanch;
Sums May Capitulate
Stilt filed by the county amilnst Wil
liam Sams et al., to condemn a' portion
of lug property foi a quarry and' camp
site for the building of a county high
way, probably" will be dismissed, DIs
t Hot Attorney K. I. Keatur said toda.
Mr. Sams has made -overtures to the
court to accept the amount offered by
the county, Mi1. Keator said today ana,
us Boon ns paper are signed to that
effect, the action can be dismissed'.
Jury Term Opens Monday
The circuit court Jury ror tno Janu
ary term will be called back on Mnn.
day to take tip cases set tor next week.
On Monday the cases set for trial are;
A. H. Moore vs. W. A. Leathers, an
J. J. Foley vs. J. 11. Kelley et all On
Tuesday Gust Cotiretsos' damage suit
against Art Hardin comes to trial and
It Is to be followed by the case or
Oavld H. J'enny vs. 3. C. Clemens, ac
cording to the docket. After tnese
cases arc disposed of. the case of R.
W. Ayrca vs. W. B. Hanscom and of
Joel Hanscom vs. W. H. Taylor, ex-
heriff, will come to trial. Both these
cases Involve tno imacnnieiu oeior
Christmas of the . Iftinscom Jewelry
i.xrixsio KtM,s rivK.
WHKE1.1NO, W. Va., Jan. 29.
Klv-e persons were killed In un explo
sion of a railroad engine at Hoard
Tree, 60 miles from here today'.'
l.Gt; rmors i,ovi.il.
PORTLAND, JalK 29. (A'. T.)'
Livestock are steady today. F.ggs are
lower, the buying price at S8 cents
and the selling for selccls, t:i ami 44
cents, .
Both the March and May wheat
slumped today,' March wheat closing
at 1.63 after opening at the same fu
ture, while the -May wheat closed at
1.50 5-8 after opening , at 11.52.
March wheat closed at $1.65 5-8 yes
terday and May aft!.S4.
Following are the quotations receiv
ed from the Chicago Board of Trade
by Overbeck & Cooke:
Open. High. Low-. Close.
March 1.6S 1.6414 1.61 1.6S . .
May 1.52 1.53 1.4') 1.5054
May .66 .66 '4 65 .65 4
July .67 .68 Vfc .67 4 . .67
May .4214 .4214 .4114 -41
July .42 .42 .42 .4214
May 1.41 1.414 1.38 1.39
July 1.21. 1.21 1.18 1.18
May - .63 .6214 -6214
Wheat Sentiment was decidedly
btarish today but the break all came
In the first hour and the market
thereafter showed stubborn resistance
to selling pressure. Tho conglomera.
tion of statistics put before the trad?
during the past few days has been
the subject of much comment "tlie
majority of analyses reading the one
.ocical conclusion; that with a normal
demand from now until the end of th
crop year, requirement! and supplies
will be on an approximate equilibrium,
whereas any Increase In either foreign
or domestic takings will 1n the final
reckoning mean near exhaustim lie
fore anoiner crop can be gathered. In
this connection, It is Interesting to
note that mills throughout the coun
try are steadily Increasing their output
and are buying; more wheat now than
for sevcial months.
It Is generally conceded that stocks
oZ flour n all positions are suh-nor-iiini.
On the other band, foreign
nwr Is of a somewhat different color,
e-oiees from most European countries
c'.'inilng that they will not want our
wheat at present because of the
cheapness of the Argentine. This Is
not likely to be a permanent factor,
however, as any big buying in the
Southern hemisphere would soon ad
Just the disparity and turn European
buycrg back to this country-, if they
really want tho wheat, as they prob
ably do.
(East Oregonlan Special.)
STA.VFIELD, Jan. 29. The Study
club met Thursdas' afternoon at the
homo of Mrs. F. B. Stuart on Barbara
street. Itoll call was responded to by '
14 members, in the absence of the
president. Mrs. W. T. lteeves. After
the regular business was disposed of
the literary program consisted of pa-
pers on theory and spnead of bolshe-j
iiniii, wy iura. r .a. caner, uu unreal
in America by Mrs. W. H. Hesser. 4
Both were excellent and showed much
thought and study.
Mrs. Martin returned to her home
in Klchland, Washington, after a three
weeks' stay at the home of her son
Victor and Mrs. Martin.
The I'ollyannas met Wednesday
afternoon at the home of Mrs. H. W.
Kyle on Furnish avenue. A most en
joyable afternoon waa spent and deli
cious refreshments were served.
JL A. Cleveland, editor of the Stand
ard, was in Eoardman the first of the
week. '
Mrs. C. A. Haezn was in Pendleton
Wednesday to consult a physician.
The Friday evening club met at the
homo of Mr. and Mrs. Charles JI"g-
gard where an elaborate 6 o'clock din.
ner was served. The" diversion of the
evening: was five hundred.
A number of our townsmen attend
ed the irrigation meeting In Umatilla
Wednesday. j
J. U. Zurcher attended to business I
In Pendleton the first of the week. :
Mrs. J. H. Kenney was shopping in
Pendletop Friday.
The First Methodist Episcopal Church
JOHN H. SECOR, Minister.
Sunday Evening,
Michel Lorios Cross ,
A story of Mont rit. 'Mictiel.'a little Way Side World tha t has let
centuries go past without knowing it. This will be the last (Hie oftbe
present series. f v
rrtcKs tnrtEST iWENTonv.
WASHINGTON', Jan. 29. (A. P.)
Forest inventory and a census of tim
ber requirements were urged today
by R. S. Kellogg of New York, repre
senting the American Paper and Pulp
association, before the house commit
tee considering the Snell bill for a
state and federal co-operative forest
policy. Charles I Pack, president of
the American Forestry association,
said protective legislation was ur
gently needed.
Continuous Sin-ing Lubrication
Continuous lubrication is afforded a
new automobile spring by cup shaped
olt reRervolr-R in the end of each leaf.
4 - s
Have your Old Tires Half -Soled with
GATES, 'They last longer.
Gertsoii & Marty
639 Cottonwood Street Phone 59S
Br. and Mrs. if. S. Kern and Mr.
and Mrs. Mark Barthell will motor to
Hermiston this evening to be guests
at a dance at the new auditorium, to
Bd g-IVo'n by business and professional
men of the w est end city In 'honor of
their Wive
When' we' received the following; lei-
tvr from Mrs. G. J. Hurd of Witter
Springs. California, we were rathei
.skeptical as to some, of the statementsu
it contained, so we had one of our own
men make) a ieraonal call 'on Mrs.
Hurd and verify every statement. The
letter follows:
"For twenty-five years r suffered
with rheumatlcm. I was never out of
path and by limbs Weld so swollen 1
siemed deformed. Could only stand
on my feet for a few minutes at a time
and was almost a helpless cripple.'- I
hud given up all hope and life held no
pleasure for me. During all this tinle
1 tried many remedies, spent months
al the hot springs and was treated by
physicians but temporary relief was all
I received! I had little faith In Antl
I'rlc at first, your claims weiV so mild
arid r seemed to get worse after using
the first outfit. But I continued' and
the results were wonderful. The
swelling In my limbs disappeared, the
pains ceased and I could walk without
the aid of a caiie. Even stormy, wet
weather and exposure do not affect
'It has been over two years since
t have used Atltl-l'ric and I have had
no trouble whatever. My weight hns
Increased from S4 to 170 pounds, I
cat anything t please and am as active
us a girl In her 'teens. I owe all my
health and happiness to Antl-t'rlc and
dd hope that those suffering with
rheumatism will not neglect this won
derful remedy for I know It cures."
This letter should prove to all suf
fering with rheumatism that Antl-t'rtc
Is the master of that dlead disease In
all' Its forms. No' niattei1 how long
you haVe suffered, try Antl-l'ric and
If It' dots' riot' help yon yobr morieV will
be refunded. Antl-l'ric Is for Wc by
The Pendleton Iniig Co. and Thomp-l"';
eon Eros,
Factory service representatives for ignition,
starting and lighting system. Carry over 20,000 re
pair pa rts in stock for the electrical systems on
autos, trucks and tractors.
In adition to this we handle the only Storage Bat
tery Guaranteed for Two Years.
Win. E
in ,n
I n?
pi . Enjv
! Vltavict-'
J; 220 K. Court. " '"' :
I' '11
Clia.se Co.
. v n - r-t T rji
Phone 269
HlllwjipnlHflmjii J!!i;i";!ii''li!ti!iiiitHimii!itmm,
iiiiMilWd!lilMU.M"Wj!WlliWbj uiiinum ii ,lHiiii,i.Muii.u