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News Notes of Pendleton
Jan, 25. Annual meeting of
Hound-Up directors.
Jan. 27. Annual County
Farm Bureau meeting and elec
tion ot officer at county library.
Jan. 28. Mass meeting for
community organization coun
ty library.
Jan. Jl. Circuit 'Court Jury
term resumes.
Feb. 4-5 Hnnlmtlifiil t?,,ii
- caner mgn scnool gym.
Feb. 6. Xmerlcan Legion ,
Smoker Oregon theuter.
riilllli IKiliortjf Dloa.
l'hlllp Doherty, aged 80, was found
dead yesterday at the residence of 1'at
Doherty near durdane, by Charles
McDevltt. .The cause of the death la
thotiKht to have been heart disease.
Mr. Doherty had been left to do the
chorea at his brother' ranch while
the latter came to l'endleton on busi
ness. The deceased was born In Ire
land, but came to the United States 35
years ago. His wife died in 1900. and
besides his brother, a son, Edward
Doherty, survives. Ha is at school in
Portland. No funeral arrangements
have yet been made.
the northern district of Oregon, will
puy an official visit to l'endleton lodge
No. 288 on next Thursday, Feb. S. He
will come to see the initiatory work
exemplified by the local lodge team
and make the annual inspection for
his report to the grad lodge. A large
class wilt be assembled for Initiation
in honor of his visit.
i:ik Official tomlng Soon.
District Deputy Grand Exalted Ilu
ler Ualloway, of the Klks lodge for
i-lOl 101101 101 101 101 101 101 101
Arkansas Sweet Potatoes
The Sweet Potatoes are different, an
orange color inside sweet as sugar
with just enough water to make
them delicious when baked.
Include a few Pounds in Your Next Order.
We have cut a can of those Yellow Cling
Peaches and have them on display. Notice
them when you are in.
They Sell for 25c for a Large Size
1 lb. 12 oz. Can
and are worth the money.
You Can Depend on "101"
Pendleton Cash Market, Inc.
MlONKS 101
(Private Exchange Connects Both Department))
European Itcllcf Committee Called.
Members of the European .Keller
Council committee In l'endleton to
day were asked to meet on Friday
hufternoon Irt the rooms of the l'en
dleton , Commercial Association to
close up the affairs of the local body
of which J. V. Tallman is chairman.
The county, asked for $7700. raised
considerably more than its quota and
has sent to Portland, ready for ex
port shipment, three carloads of
flour. The meeting Friday Is called
to decide on the disposition of the
surplus subscribed 111 the varloui
towns of the county.
-101 101 101 101 101 101 101 101 101 v
' ; FLOUR.
I jitcrtainniPiit (inning Saturday.
Klks and their families and frlopds
are looking forward to the third, of a
series of entertainments In the Men
eely System couse, to be presented In
the lodge rooms Hat unlay evening.
The attraction this week end will be
Cncle Barn's Nieces, a quartet of
young ladies who feature musical
numbers and fancy costumes. Those
who attended the last number, the
Klcketts' Glee Club, were well pleased
with' the entertainment given and that
of Saturday night Is reputed to be just
as good. Attendance to the concert
will be upon presentation of the mem
bership card.
Cirlr Gl Club to King.
The high school girls' glee club,
which is trained by Mrs. a H. For
shaw. will sing at the mass meeting
for Community Service organization
which will be held In the auditorium
of the county library Friday night.
Other musical numbers. Including
some community singing, are being ar-
I ranged, R. E. Tucker, organizer, said
1 today. Responses' from many of the
1 organisations asked to be represented
at the meeting were received yester
day afternoon end today and Mr.
Tucker feels sure that a large and
thoroughly representtaive audience
will at'end for the purpose of per
manent organization.
Ipecial Sale Women's Shoes
:f $7.90 : ' - -:
These are all Quality Shoes, having sold for $13.50 and $15.00. We are
CLOSING THEM OUT because the sizes are broken. Some excellent shoe
values if we have your size.
Every Day Prices
Buster Brown Hose for girls and boys, reg.
priced 45c, now selling for 35c
Ladies' Hose, mercerized in all' colors 65c
Sewing Cotton, 150 yd. spools 5c
Coats Crocheht Cotton 15c
Silkine Cotton 15c, 2 for 25c
Ginghams, Percales, Outing Flannels, yd. 25c
All Candies at, pound 40c
The Largest Pencil Tablet in Town for 5c
Fleischers Knitting Worsted, reg. selling
79c, now . 45c
(If we haven't the colo.r you like we would be
glad to order it for you at the same price)
All Rick Rack Braids at .15c
It pays those who come here first!! Are you
one of them? ,
PayCash Pendleton' Variety Store) Save Cash I
Cattle Moil Doing Well.
Cattle raisers of f matilla county
are doing fairly well this winter, Hen
ry Ijuilnka, well known stockman with
holdings near ITktah, said today. The
winter has been open for the most
part and now, with - snow on the
ground, the growers are feeding the
hay which they raised or were able
to buy at a cheap price lost summer.
Most of the stockmen have kept their
herds small for the winter and are
glad of It because of the low price for
cattle now being paid at the coast.
"While we do not stand to make any
money this winter," Mr. Lazinka said,
"we will not, like last winter, lose
heavily. Perhaps the spring will see
a better price for our stock.'
Farm Bureau to Meet.
The annual election of the Umatilla
County Farm Bureau officers will
take place tomorrow at the county li
brary. Committees on nominations.
resolutions, program, wage scale, dis
tillte, etc., will meet In the morning
at the office of Fred Bennion, county
agent, and this will be followed by the
general meeting In the afternoon,
with a special wheat growers' meeting
at !;30 p. m. At this time the Oregon
Wheat Growers Association will be dis
cussed. The Umatilla county farm
bureau sent S. J. Culley to The Dalles
for Saturday's meeting, at which time
representatives from several counties
made plans for an association. Coun
ty farmers will decide tomorrow
whether or not the bureau will en
dorse the association. . '
A splendid assortment of new Sassy Jane Dresses
of Ginghams and Plaids and Stripes, specially for
house wear. ,
The styles are very pretty and attractive. Special
price of, each ; . . $3.98
Use these materials as we have just received a
shipment in 36 inch and 54 inch Bleached and Un
bleached. 6-4 Pecot, unbleached . . . . 50c
4-4 Indian Head, unbleached 50c
54 inch Indian Head, bleached , 50c
4-4 Heavy Muslin, unbleached .' ; ... 25c
One Lot Canton Flannel 15c Yard.
One special lot of womens fine summer vests, sizes
3 6to 44, with lace top. Made of good quality yarns
and very elastic. Buy your needs for summer now
at 22c
are here. Patrons having subscription cards, please
call and get yours.
Special Sale Blankets
All wool and wool finish. Splendid for the home,
ranch or for camping. Some double ana some single.
$iu.ou maimets z.w7k
$9.50 Blankets J'-
$8.50 Blankets $6-50
Ane Lot Women's Collars
Values to $3.50 pair. Special sale, pair .... .... $1.00
CaMeo 12 l"2" Otiting ' Flannel, fofcrnd... 20c
Percrde'ibest quality) .... 25c OuUruj Flannel, wsiite
DresB Gingham 25c Sateen
French Ginghams 75c Etc Ktc ,
Not all linen, but will wear as well. These lengths
come in 2 yd. and 2 1-2 yd. lengths of beautiful floral
and conventional designs. Made of finest quality
long staple cotton on linen looms insuring the best of
texture and wearing quality. Regular price is $3.50
yard, on special sale, the yard $2.50
. :
Spring Work lo Open county ranking nextto Multnomah In
It ie probable that the spring wcrk-.the total, according to a recent report
on Umatilla county iarms win open
about FSbruary 15, say wheat growers.
This Is an earlier date than mat of last
year., when the work did not begin
until about March, because of the
frosen condition of the ground.' .
Mr. Lyons Dies ,
W. H, Lyons, father of Mrs. M. O.
Bennett formerly of this cit, died re
cently in California. Mr. Lyons whose
home was In, Seattle, was known ili
Pendleton, having visited his daughter
here several times. Besides Mrs. l!en
riett, he Is survived by his wife. Mrs.
Bennett who resides near Danvers.
Montana,, is now In Seattle with her
made by Mrs. Sadie Orr Dunbar, exe
cutlve secretary of the Oregon Tuber
culosis association, under whose aus
pices the sale was carred on. 'Mrs.
Herbert Thompson was county chair
man of the drive and besides the ef
forts of individuals, she enlisted the
aid of schools and cluba throughout
the county. The money Is used to fight
I -.. .W - . !
T2S - I
1 .... .. - " a outer body I
1 LKKUE Mil WA.-MSig. .V 1 1
&fss r&riir!5r Cheavy inner I
Inui olaji Hr , - . 1 MOT BLAST I
CLaT E5 rvsi lilt Lilii J mil ttj)e" VE N Tl LATEO
I BnCiT I I I 1 1 1 tl tfJi .w i i mi ma I
EXTRA URGE fl7.-4 41 "
M sr- fTU r?J& I
Mil )5S5z . mm
Wii Universal Stoves &Fumaces
Red Cross Iletiort Finlshnl.
The final report on the fourth an-
ntlnl WoA Prim roll rail Wna maita nn
today by c K. Cranston, county chair
man, following the recelnt nf a imnl!
amount from Mrs. T. O. Elliott, local
cnainnan at Mil ton. The total in
memhershlns. rinnntinnR ntn . mil...
ed since Nov. 11 is JCS20.91. Vmatil
la county waa asked in rnioa tsnnn
Pendleton, which was assigned 40 per
cent of the original ouota. raised 4A
per cent of the total.i Three towns of
the west end, Umatilla, Hermiston and
Echo, subscribed more thnn thnv woo
assigned in the original quotas. No
oiner lown in tne county subscribed
the amount asked. The final report
will be made ut at once tn he nent tn
norm west district Red Prom.
quarters In Seattle.
Sum Is Turned In. ,
The- sum of J518.73 was turned in
today to the Umatilla County Red
Cross treasury from the Junior Red
Cross, of which Judge G. W. Phelps
is chairman and W. W. Green secretary-treasurer.
The sura was collect
ed largely from membership fees, A
de luxe weighing and-measuring scale,
which was used in the county health
work, was turned in also. The Red
Cross received also today a quilt and
"ome attractive Cresses made by the
Mrs. Edwards Dies
Mrs.- A. Edwards, formerly of this
city, died last Saturday In Yakimn, ac
cording to word received here today.
'- v.rtwnW. "'hn was a prominent
taember of the Baptist church In Pen-1 Research Club and a quilt made by the
.tun, rts.dea here for 15 years, com-1 .pizzennntum Club. These clubs are
Ifig here from Pennsylvania. She Is sewing for the needy as one of their
survived by the following children: a. 1 winter projects.
Edwards, Httrry Edwards, Fern Ed-
(wards and D. E. Edwards. Funeral Itotnrlans Have Meeting.
services were held Monday in lakimaj Judge G. w. Phelps, Roy Raley,
ly the papers will be returned mark
ed: ' '. ' . , i .
"There ain't no auch things.". :
end Interment was at Tahoma ceme
tery. . '
Umatilla Makes Slunvtng
Umatilla county's sale of Christmas
Seals was approximately $1300, the
itev. George L. Clark and j. V. Tall
man were the speakers at today's
meeting or the Rotary Our. .Tliey
discussed community and civic needs.
1 he luncheon wa, as usual, served at
the Elks' club.
vSport Hats Still Popular
More Will Lose Tlian Thought.
More persona who had grain stored
in the Pilot Rock 'Elevator Co., ware-1
house will lose than was at first I
though.t according to N. J. Blyden-
steln, of this city, who visited the
scene of Sunday's disastrous fire yes
terday. Quite a number of men who
believed their grain covered by Insur-1
ance have discovered that their poll-1
cles expired on Dec,-St and had not
been renewed. Mr. Blydenstein says
he knows of 12 men who found them
selves without Insurance, one having!
lost all save what salvage will bring
on 3500 sacks 'of barley. The books
and records of the company were de
stroyed by. the fire and .checking up
of the duplicate records kept by the
fire Insurance cnmpnn'es will takel
time, he said. Some of those who will
lose because of no insurance. Air. Byl-
denslein says, curried policies with the
manager of the warehouse! who. In
some cases, had not called his clients'
attention to the fact that their policies
shnulde be renewed with the new year.
Certain foods, those
rich in vitamins,
are more useful
than others.
Scott's Emulsion
is replete with those
elements that determine
growth and strength.
jcoti A IVwn.loeiBrll N J. J-l
ml-"'' - . :v
'III' 1 ' '"i Mf!
- it i
- '41 b I
j ltetoiiWiifc iLjiaii
LONDON. ' Jan. 26. (U. P.)
The new Parisian tax on bachelors In
orer to provide bonuses for babies
L- having its effect here. (
Bachelors are ceasing to brag about
their happy state.
At the beginning of 1920 a band of
bachelors gathered together and form
ed the Leap Year's Bachelor Club.
They pledged themselves to stand to
gether and laid down the most string
ent rules, which included a taboo on
theatre visiting in the company of a
representative of the menacing sex.
The founder of the club was the first
to fall.
After that they all caved In and
stocktaking on New Year's proved that
only one member was left of the gal
lant throng of, sworn celibrates.
And now, in the early days of 1921
comes this distant rumbling' from
France. A tax on bachelors in order
to" bonus other men's babies.
"Great Heavensl" they mutter, "tnis
thing might get to England any day
There is no talk of forming a 1921
Bachelors' Club. In Buch circum
stances, unity, instead of making them
strong, only makes them conspicuous.
Bachelors no longer pose as irresponsi
ble, care-free devils, dingling money.
The fear of taxation Is driving them
into matrimony, and if any babies are
to be bonussed, they intend to be the
fathers of them, rather than the bach
elor supporters of them.
At the present rate of marriag", t
when the time comes for the Commis
sions of Inland Revenue to levy their
tax on Bachelors, it is more than like
TACOMA, Wash., Jan." 28. Five
local police officers will be sent to the
University of California this spring to
take a special course of study. Com
missioner of Publie Safety Fred Shoe
maker plans. Five of the best men
in the department will be detailed to
take the course for one month, and
upon their return they will establish
a school for the remaining members
or the rorce and impart what they
learn. . f
Thousands Have Discovered
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets :
Are a Harmless Substitute . ;
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are the
result of Dr. Edwards determination
not to treat liver and bowel complaints
with calomel For 17 years he used
these tablets fa vegetable compound ,
mixed with olive oil) in his private
practice with great success.
They do all the good that calomel
does but have no bad after effects. No '
pains, no griping, no injury to the
gums or danger from acid foods yet
they stimulate the liver and bowels.
Take Dr. Edwards' Olive 'Tablets
when you feel "logy" and "heavy."
Note how they clear clouded brain and :
perk up the spirits. Kc and 30c a box.
This excel ent example or the sports hats that seem to fte having
greatest popularity Is fashioned entirely of blue and white felt In a
cries ot folds and fringe ot the two colors overhanging on ude.
felt Is having a vegue beyond what it has had before for many
atason. The lines of this model are particularly good, simple, &rect.
as to th tree d pf all millinery now.
Brookfield Butter
When you want real Butter, call for Brook
field Butter. There is no better Butter on the
market With every role we give you a money
back 'guarantee. If it is not the finest Butter,
you ever used, your money is ready for you.
This butter is put up in one quarter pound
blocks, wrapped separately for your conveni
ence. No getting up in the morning and having
to chop off a slab of cold butter. It is always
ready for the table.. Clean, sanitary, wholesome
with a money back guarantee.
Phone 187 and 188 739 Main Street
U. S. INSPECTED MEATS, your guarantee
pf quality, sanitation and cleanliness.