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People Here and There
p. V. Vun Jo Water, of Wullu Wal
lu,, with tho O-W. 11. & N. Co., urrlv
i'd here tlilM morning on IjuhIiiosh.
Orovor Tumplo, of Helix, cuius (o
l'i)iiUlijton on tlilH moinliiB'H ruin for
iij short business visit.
'"'j. M. Keeney, of Portland, In a l'cn
dMon vlnltor toduy, looking after bin
IntercNls hero. Jlrv Keeney in a wool
Mr. and Mrs. II. J. Anderson, who
reniuo ut Htunton, were' In 1'cndleton
on business today, having como and
gone on tho Northern Pacific train.
M. L. Morrison, of Helix, la In Pen
dleton today on u business visit. He
Is now residing on his ranch at He
lix, having rollred a a inert-hunt "ey
eful months ago.
' F. T. llyrd, vice president of the
riist Jlunk of Pilot llock and ono of
nip county s large! cuttle lulsem. In
IU( l'ondleton toduy on business.
I- W. White, formerly of Pendle
ton, U In the city toduy on one of hi
regular cull upon the trade. He l
a salesman for a leather goods house
with headquarters In' 1'orllund.
tS. V. Parker, owner of the Parker
Tuxl Co., left'thie afternoon on Xo. 17
tor Portlund where he will look over
tho latest modclii at the Portland auto
mobllB show, which opened on 11 on
ou,v.. 4
( Oeorjro 1C. Bishop, of Freewater, In
in I'enuieton today attending to a cane
In court In which he In attorney, lu
lu a member of the firm of Peterson,
Hlshop tc Clark, of Pendleton und
Itiiiik hlwUiolders to Meet.
Noticed of the annual meeting of
stockholders of tho Inland Kmplre
bunk have been nont out to tho stock
holders culling them to uu et on
Thuraduy morning at 10 o'clock In the
bunk tiulldlng here. , -
Illibblt Bhoot 1HM-Iirccl Draw.
Tho flmt rubblt Hhoot staged by the
Pendleton Jtod & dun Club on Holi
day boa been declared a druw by the
committee which had charge. The
competing captains, Dan lJowmun and
Kid liaum, could not decide that the
other wus entitled to victory no tho
affair was callod a draw.
Tim Moit (itorloiiH Hcnnliini of All
It to ;cl liuck into the Game.
Senator Eorah Suggests Am
endment Requiring War De
partment to Discharge Sol
diers on Their Application.
O. V. Dickson ApiHilnli-il IH-puty. . . .
'the outh of a. W. Dickson us u dep.
uty ahcrlff for thin county wiu filed
on Monday afternoon with the countv
Will (.'Iran (hit Mill lU.cc.
Slcn with HcrnpeiK thin morning be
gun tho work of Klvlng the Wallers
mill race lt annual cleaning. Tho en
trance to the canal at the .Main treet
bridge was cloned by a shifting- of
boulders to that side of tho dam and
the work will proceed unhindered pro
Wiling there Is no more high water
during the next few duys.
I,:tlils On (' nit Houso isieps.
Lights fur the entrances to the coun
ty court house were installed tuduy.
I'p to tho present there have been no
lights on the steps at the entrances.
VIkIIh Most Kurt Schools.
W, V. ircen, county school superin
tendent, left this afternoon fur Nolin
and vicinity, to visit the schools. He
planned to call In several district dur
ing Jho afternoon.
A. E. Doyle, K. C. Peels and T. If.
C,nfleld. all of Portland, arrived this
morning to look after their respective
liileicsts In the construction and fur
nishing of the Klka temple. All will
return to the metropolis tonight.
K. 11. Aldiich, editor of tho Ijist
Ort-gonlun, left on Monday night's
train on a short lslness' trip to As
toria, whore he Is a part owner In the
Astoria Iludget He plans to return
Friday morning.
A. It .Cox and Will .M. Peterson
Were not the only Umatilla county
democrat ut the Juckson Ihiy lian-1
o.uel. arter all. Mr. Peterson, In re
porting the event Monday, negleclcd
to recall that two others from Pendle
ton, staunch In their devotion,' were
also at the festive board. They were
Muck Foster und W. W. Harrah.
Paul if. U'cyratich, of Walla Walla,
manager of the Hlulock Fruit Co., Is a
business visitor In , Pendleton today.
Mr. Weyruuch was colunel of the old
146th. field artillery in which a large
number of I'mullllagCounty men serv
ed overseas and ts on the executive
committee of the American Legion
exoctulvo committee for the slate of
Washington. .
Automobile travel from ' Helix to
Pendleton Is good where the new rond
has been completed, says Fred H.
Mocs, cashier of the Hank of Hopjr. !
w ho Is In town, on business toduy. , Hut
thrro are four miles of tho road be
tween Helix and Havana that were
graded but not graveled, ho says. Thin
kilor (Volug to Convention.
District Attorney II. I. Kentor plans
to leave tonight for Portland where he
will attend the annual convention of
the district attorneys of Oregon. They
will open Uioir sessions on Thursday
and contlnuo In meeting until Satur
day. The attorneys plan to recom
mend a number of articles to the state
legislators for their consideration.
llirihiliir of Hamilton. i
Today Is the birthday of Alexander
Hamilton, who was born In 1759. Sev
eral other famous men were born in
January, among them Benjamin
Franklin, whose birthday Is January
1? and who was born In 1706; ltobert
K. Lee, born January 18, 1H07; Stone
wall Jackson, born January 21, 11'4,
and William Mcttlnlev, bora Junuury
29, 143
Water Ui ltlvr-r Is Clear.
Water In the ITmatllla river has sub
sided from the flood stage of last week
and Is agubi clear, if in down to its
nor null winter flow, owlnf to the re
cent cold nights which have checked
the inciting of snow in the mountains.
Fishing for steelheads near Iho month
of the I'matilla river Is expected to be
good as soon as the river clears up,
which should be shortly, sportsmen
Joe Kcrk-y Arrulgiicd.
Joe Keiley wua arraigned toduy on
the charge of embezzlement of C',00
and given ontil Friday,. January 14,
in which to plead. Ho was Indicted by
i, v , l-lvui imm jur.
MK'uiroll Change Ilea.
Kay MoC'arroll lute Monday ofler
noon changed his plea from not guilty
to guilty. He was charred with driv
ing an auto whilo intoxicated. Sen
tence will be pronounced by Circuit
Judge O. W. Phelps tomorrow morning.
May Take Prisom-rs Tomorrow.
Four prisoners in tho county Jail
who are under sentence to the state
penitentiary probably will be taken to
Salem by the sheriff und his deputies
tomorrow. The men ale James 1.
t'nplen, Hurry Thomas and Edgar
Fitzpatrick, forgers, and William Jic-
Geo, robber. Coplen and Mt-Uee arc
imder sentence for two years euch nnd
Thomas and Fitzputrkk for two und
a half years each.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 11 Senator
Now, republican, Indiana, in opening,
Ihu ,1.111.1. ,nu....uu..., ,...1 i.!
olutlon to direct the secretary of war
to cease army enlistments until the ar
my Is reduced to 17j,0(i men, charged
that the war department was spend
ing money "in a most extravagant
Henator Borah, republican, Idaho
suggested an amendment requiring the
war department to discharge any sol
dier on his application.
Senator Now opposed It "as one way
of smashing discipline in the army,"
to which the Idaho senator retorted:
There is considerable Insincerity in
tint prnpotul to cut tho army. '
, Chairman Wadsworth of the mill
tury committee, supporting the plan
for reduction to 175,000 men, said the
house conferees on the army reorgan
Izatlon bill were responsible for the
present excess In the army. They re
linked a senate plan, he said, to fix a
mil on enlistments.
Kciiuiis from Wool Mw-tlng.
J. C. Kuhns, Umatilla forest super
visor, returned last night from Spo
kane, where ho attended the Washing
Ion State Wool Orowers association.
About 80 wool growers attended, he
states. Tom Drumheller, who was re
elected presdent of the association,
appointed an advisory committee of
five members to confer with forest of
ficials regarding the grunting of per
mits, nnd Mr. Kuhns spent two duys In
conference with the committee.
King-IIinglanil Case on Trial.
The case of J .C King vs. Ward A.
Hoagland went to trial In the circuit
court before a jury today. Mr. King
asks t-'SO from the defendant for la
bor performed in manufacturing an
auto body. The defendant alleges
that the charge asked is excessive and
that the workmanship was unsatisfac
tory. Peterson, Hisliop & Clark ap
pear for the plaintiff and Haley, Ituley
& Stelwcr for the defendant,
IXhlcucp Is Lacking. Pulr l Yced
Police this morning freed (1. Hip-
pensteclo and Joseph Oliver Howe, r-
tir.rin.n rut ih. mm.t iu . ,.,,..1.1.. t i rested csteruay wncn mey were
present that It Is far more convenient ! to,lm' ' ing to dispose of a pair of
new shoes. The officers were tinnoie
to find sufficient evidence upon which
to hold or convict the pair. Chief of
Police Huberts told the two he was
sorry he had to let them out for he
felt that they had stolen property In
their possession. Ho gave them until
noon to leavo town.
to make the trip to Pendleton by train
Serving on a jury Is anything but a
profitable business, P. T. Harbour, of
Weston, says. The S3 a day the coun
ty !nys Jurymen hardly meets their
room and board while away from their
gainful occupation. In a lent Ing way
Mr. Harbour suggests that Juries be
drawn only from resident of the coun
ty sent towns and in that way wheels
of Industry would not be slowed down.
He came down from Weston, where he
operates a brick plant, Monday morn
ing end was rewarded with a day in
which to rest at 1 per, owing to the
dismissal of the cases about to bo
WANTED Reliable slnglo lady cook
on ranch Call 734 between 11 and
3 Wednesday.
LOST Tiro nnd tube 30x3 V on ma
cadam near Adams. Keward If re
turned to Itunch lirus. Garage, Adams
ltKuw nrxNKus
(Con'biueu from page 1.)
WANTED Woman or girl for general
housework no washing or Ironing
-r-good wages References required
Address "Kf" this office.
rupldly northward "over fields, lakes
and forests roverrd wllh snow und
Ice." When they landed the airmen
did not know where they wore, he
wrote. Their food was exhausted.
They hud no churls, only a compass.
"We were wel. cold and hungry," he
write. "It wus hell and misery."
ItalhMiiilit.H Arrive.
MATT1CE, Out., Jan. 11. The Am
erican balloonist arrived hero this
afternoon. ' A big crowd greeted the
Amorlcanswhcn they finished their
long trip from Moose Factory at 2:20
Tho ueronatits left Skuuk Island on
the last lap of their journey this mor
ning, coming a distance of :o miles.
They were immediately taken to a
building here which had been fitted
up for their reception, given food and
made comfortable. The Americans
will probably leave here by train lute
Business Is Good
The lowering prices are inducing people to buy
more freely. We are heartily glad of the return to r
more nearly normal prices. We are at times com
pelled to take less profits on some articles on account
of our policy of staying with the market but we make
up in increased sales.
Are you one of our customers?
The Economy Grocery !?
Call 409
113 Wet Webb
W Have Reliable Service
(From the Dally East Oregoiiiun,
January 11,1s !3.
I,eoni Cohen is in Victoria, B. C
visiting bis sister. One sister, Miss
Lena Cohen, witl accompany him to
A solemn Council of tho I'nmtillus,
Walla Wall.'.s and Cayuses will lo held
at the home of Chlel Peo tomorrow
night. The council Is for tho purpose
of deciding what Indian shall repre
sent the tribes at a conclave in Wash
ington. Mr. and Mrs. Aurr Phelps are visit
ers o McKay creek, at the home of
Mr: Phelp's sisiter, Mrs. C. A. Chap
man. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Cuviness have
returned from a visit to Purtland.
The six new hydrants ordered for
the city fire department arrived this
morning. The cost of each, laid down,
was a liltlo over 36. Chief Ell and
Engine Driver Vaughn went on a tour
of Inspection today and found four
hydrants In bad shape. They will be
MAKIO.V. OhbvJau. II. (A. P.)
President-elect Harding resigned yes
terday as senator froln Ohio, forward
ing his letter of resignation to Colum
bus fur action of the newly elected re
publican governor, Harry L. Davis,
who assumes office tomorrow.
CSrKDAXE, Jan. .11. Elvin Corley
had the misfortune to frocture a bone
in his leg while in a scuffle a short
time ago. He went to Pilot Kot-k
Tuesday to Dr. De Vaul, but is having
to go on crutches for a while.
lioy .Montgomery went to Pendleton
Saturday with his daughter Marjory,
who has been spending her vacation
at home during the holidays.
Madge Nelson came home last week
for a visit with her parents.
Marie Mettie returned home Sat
urday to tako her school Monday aft
er a vacation through the holidays
spent with her parents at I'kiah.
. Mr. and Mrs. Fhaon Mettie of
L'kiah are visiting her parents and
brothers on liutter creek for a short
Lucy Sivii-s is ill with smallpox at
her home on liutter creek.
Joe Pedro made a. trip to Pendleton
this week, returning home Tuesday,
Francis Oilliland returned home
the last of the week after spending
te holidays with his brothers. Arthur
and Arden at I'kiah.
John Llphlfoot of Nye was at Che
Nelson ranch last week after apples.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Iyiwe, who have
Ask anyone whose nerves seemed to
have gone to smash and the last atom
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blond, how It feeht to come back. Ask
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astonishing reconstructive Influences
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many ways it seems to act. And it
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of food value, yet all medicine, it seems
to. have almost the quality of actual
intelligence, jt has the power to in
crease flesh, it enhances the activity of
the blood, lots of It, increases red cor
puscles enormously, takes the pallor
out of the cheeks, contributes to the
defense of the body aguinst exhaustion,
and intensifies the activity of the vital
processes to surh an extent that yon ,
not only look like a winner, you feel
it from head to foot. Ask and clerk at
Thompsons Drug Store and any other
leading drug store what a host of men
and women have gained from this
most wonderful reconstructive
Get a S 1-00 box of Iteolo today.
The Garnet
For January
To remember the birthday of one born
in January, select a ifift embodying the
The Largest Diamond Dealers in Eastern
'.(DIE, Jan. 11. (A. P.) Official
announcement of the visit oi King Al
fonso of Spain to Home has been re
ceived with general satisfaction, all
panics being animated by a sincere de
sire for closer union between the Lutiii
countries, especially with Spain, to
which Italy is united by so many tra
The visit recalls the attitude of the
Holy .See after the Pope lost the tem
poral pmver. The form of protest
chosen by Pope Pins IX against de
privation of his domains was to threat-
i101.0 f.. ,;n.. ...i i. .... i rn wun exconiiiiiinicaiioii oj
,,n,, !f, ..- u.ii.,.. i i, ruler coming to Home as the guest of
Francis (Jilliland went to pilot Hock
the first of the week.
The snow is nearly all gone in this
vicinity with lots of rain and mud.
Dillard French made a trip to Pen
dleton last week.
Mr. and Aim Ono. McLaughliu, and
baby, are visiting Mrs. MeLaughlinV
parents, Jim Daughtry, on P.lack
Mrs. George Ta lor visited with Mrs.
Ililem.'in Wednesday.
Sirs. Koy Montgomery spent Sunday
with her brother. Vcrn Cates and wife.
Mrs. Tot Mangold and children
spent a few das in Pendleton last
the king of Italy. .
Pope lienedict last year, however,
announced withdrawal of the objec
tion to tho Catholic kings visiting
Home. King Alfonso is the first to
Tho king and queen of Spain will
remain in Home for several days and
the occasion will be marked by special
demonstrations o friendship.
WASHINGTON, Jan. It. (A. P.)
The question of whether merchant
ships owned by a foreign government
arc immune from libel in American
courts was presented today to the su
preme court for the first time in suits
brought against the steamships t'ario
Ponia and Pesaro, Italian craft. Itoth
were libeled for damage to cargoes, but
the lower courts upheld the contention
of the Italian embassy that they were
not subject to libel proceedings in Am-
r tea n courts. - ''IfSl
Stats PrnKws Aviation Hoard
LISMAKK, X. D., Jan. 11. (A. P.)
A bill proposing establishhment of
a board of aviation examiners was In
troduced in the North Dakota senate
Fliers would be required to obtain
Itcenses from the state and the boara
would inspect all aircraft in the state.
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niCKMN', Jan. 1 1 . I - Carl IX
Croat, I". 1'. Stuff cNtriwpoiuIonl.)-
The dancer that amateur hypnotists
ivili further impair puUlic morals is
seen iiy tho Vienna Medical weekly,
in a discussion of thn recent attack on
Prof. Warner-Jan regg; Vienna, by a
hypnotized girl.
Jauropir h:s asserted that crimp
sYjlk , J( 1 lf I MAKE OUT
-11 1 L . TAX-
1 ) j f UW)T0 5M
nMaaMOBMNM ' . i XKjH. l- .7 ' Bi-OOt) TsV I
1.1 1 -in in mm" liw.iw"i.....wi". m i wi" mm - . . 1
V VAroRub
Ovtr 17 MiUxm Jan I 'ltd Ytan)
j U!i d she disliked to kill Jauregg ami
was afraid of a pistol, but later relaxed
""ld not be induced by hypnosis,
whereupon an amateur hypnotist suk-
tsted lo a seventeen-year old girl the
I'.s-sasination of the professor and pro
vided her with a piston loaded with
paper bullets. She made the attack. ,
The medical journal, however, con
tends that Jauregg's theory was not j
entirely disproved since the hypnotist
induced the attack under falso prem- !"
ises and suggested to his subject that I
the whole affair was harmless as it 1 '
TV i if 1 loncn it To ha( n nrima
Dut. the uaner contends that the l"" ".M'oiisi assurefl her it Waa
amateur hypnotists can perhaps spread I
a suggestion amongst the public for j
disruption of the whole process of
criminal justice. If such a. process
were undertaken, then there would be
no need for "compulsory hypnosis," as
in the Jauregg case, in order to estab
lish a plea for light punishment, since
the public standard would not require
punishment. Incidentally, tho paper
says there have been cases in the past
of "compulsory (or intentional I drunk
enness." undertaken as a basis for
plea to escape justice.
The Juuregg case has aroused the
Jauregg holds that this statement as
to harmli'ssness robbed the action of
the actual criminal clement, dncc the
SUbjeCt WHS nut nrttnilK- rmnmitlin
I " a
interest of psychologists and hypnotists
throughout central europe. Since the
attack, the girl
of experiments which revealed the
whole process to which she was sub
mitted in the course of the amateur s
efforts to disprove the expert's theory.
t'nder hypnosis, she revealed that the
amateur had suggested to her that
Jauregg had killed her sweetheart:
that she ought to take revenge; and
that if she would do it, she could have
a tbe-itrlc:il engagement. She had re-
"I tried several doctors and all
kinds of medicine, and had alxjut
given up all hope of ccttinir belter. I
ajdid not think It possible that any
medicine could be so wonderful In IW
effect as JIayr's Wonderful ltemedy
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won mv lasting Kratitude. I rnnld not
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