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Home, Sweet Horns
f-'t TTl.i:, Jm g.,Ai p,)Tn
ty five Chinese silk merchants en
mite to the International silk imposi
tion hi New York, the work of Kehru
i ry arrived hcuvlasl night anil will
nc entertained toiluy hy the Seattle
WASHINGTON', Jan. 8. (A. P.l
Early united action by organised la
bor in reply to the decision of the su-!
preme court against the Machinists
International I'nlon, holding secon-"'
.'"jcima miKiii, was in-euieteo
China Club and the Commercial club, today by V. S. Gnuthier, actiiifr presl-!
The party arrived at Victoria, H. C idem or the union. It might take thr
last nicht on the liner Kmpresg of ! form, he said, of a movement to re
lii'fula. jpcal the Sherman anti-trust act.
Included In the delegation are: Hft "le Sherman law was en- !
TIf.I i i,r .h,nn.T,i,.,k.r "" uniair comm
tear Steam Filature of Shanghai, in
Interested in 28 filatures in various
part of the republic; Zee King Yunx
I owner of the THiuMe leer Filature;
: Woo Tsin Pah, owner of the Golden
Anchor Filature and I,ce Tonquay, a
Towtah merchant of Shanghai, who is
A prominent business man of China.
They are accompanied by three gtrl
reelers and skilled machinist!. The
party will leave for New York Satur
day. Representatives of the national aspo
rtation of the raw silk Industry of
Japan will arrive in Seattle about Jan-'
nary 11, enroute to New York
nations and It has been utllirsd to- f
gether with the amended Clayton art j
tor regulation of trades unions."
Action of the supreme court in the
machinists case had nullified the
Rood of the Clayton act "passed, us
j beneficial to labor,', he continued, ud
jding: '
ii now stands-in me position or
forbidding labor to Keek assistance of '
its friends In rnrrying on a peaceful
campaign against non-union or an-1
tngonlstic corporations."
During the past year tobacco smolt-;
ers paid in taxes $295,8()S,000. i
Jlllllllllllllllllllllll!IIMIIIIllIlllllllllIllllll!!llll'IIII!lll!lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll! j
1 Have More Heat
I j With Less Goal
..-FIVE,-, ,
i - i
- t
X - - V
tf(tf V i
7h!s is a delaiser. It Is also tho home of two Greek refugees,
taother ani child, in the Near East Relief iVmp at Bat urn on the
Black Sfln. Tbe dtlouser, Tiiscarded by ttia Kussinns, n the only
shelter Uu. could a found far ttcm. Turks killed the rest of tbe
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every day.
Bathroom, beciroom, every
room. Attach any where
to light circuit
Plume IS
SOU E. Court
lip i
T.) The I'nited Slates will nev
e r be literally dry. Prohibition
Commissioner Kramer k'eolared
today though he expressed the
opinion that prohibition Is here
to stay. Sentiment throughout
the country, ho said, is continu
ally growing stronger for prohi
bition and practical prohibition
will come after the present generation.
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n Portland, located in the heart of
the chopping and theater district
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the SEWARD HOTEL tlie House of
Cheer. Excellent dining room in
connection. THE HOTKIj COIt
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ward. Our brown busses meet all
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r tt nit
kyj, J. XX. USl M.
Fbjslctan and Sargeoo
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21 and 25 Smith-Crawford
relephona To Ru T4t-B
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hap, when there is need of an im
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tionyas in cacs of sprains, bruises,
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op skk hcjdaclif try llliniliii B Wizard
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. I:1i)s.t....fm
I . ju iii-Mii frtr- '- ' rC' t- ' ,Tu. ...... u.--.?r-.;
l'OKT Al' l'ltlN'CB, Jan. 8. (A.
) Hepoits that Haitians formerly
active in the politics of tho republic
were trying to put forward a move
ment looKing to the withdrawal of
American occupation forces have been
widely circulated in Port'au Prince.
it was nam mat arrangements were
being made by leaders of the move
ment to send a delegation to Wash
ington to urge that, inasmuch as the
bandit bands hud been ' subduttl, the
government be turned bark to the
people. .Military authorities do not
relieve, however, that the agitation
will lie far reaching.
Withdrawal of marines would
I mean the instant departure of nearly
1 every American in business in Haiti.
according to the view expressed by
Americans generally. Indeed, it is
said 'that if the. marine. should go.
President Dartigiicimva ; would start
ahead of them.
Discussing this possibility, the pres
ident has declared that, under the
treaty, the occupation forces will re
irlain until the Washington govern
ment is convinced that the gendarm
erle is prepared to deal Willi any situ
ation. It is because of this under
standing that the ugitntion lor with
drawal Is not talcfiu seriously by- the
Haitian or American authorities, al
though it appears -to be growing in
some quart era.
The freedom with which some of
the Haitian newspapers, have accused
and attacked marines has helped
stimulate the demand of some of the
oid political leaders that they be sent
home. ,
M.UWSOX, Win, Jan. 8. (A. P.)
A warrant charging gland 1 larceny
against Pierre fanl .Author, Highland
Park, III,, chemist, reported missing
since Jan, 1, was issued today after
Philip t'rnnzen, n I nlversity of WI-
cousin employe, told the police Au
thor had "stolen his wife nt the point
of 0 pistol" and forced him to furnish
Mi0 for iv "honeymoon" which An
ther and Mrs. Franwii were quoted as
faying they were going to take. I'Van
en said his wife left their uabv with
Frnnren, iiKa ftatement of a love
quadrangle covering three continents.
made charges of double bigamy, gun
play and Infidelity. Am her, his -wife
in Highland Park, Frunnen and his
wife, who, he says, left his home, with
Author niter tolling him that she had
married Anther thirteen years ago in
Australia, were characters In the utory
told to the police.
Wife i"ot Surprised,
CHICAGO, Jan. s. (A. I'.l.Mrs.
)llen Harvey Auther, wiie of Pierre
Paul Auther tonight expressed little
surprise when informed of the state
ment of Philip Franzen In Madison.
Wis., that Auther bud forced him at
the point of a gun to sign a pnper
waiving all claims against his wife
and then had left Madison with her.'
"1 have felt ever iilnce he clisap-1
pea red Jan. 1, he had not met with an
accident but that he had gone to some
other woman.
"I have found severul love letters
signed 'Charlotte'."'
Anther, she said. Immediately after
their Wert id r.g began "spending hi r
dowry of $2,001 on other w-qnien."
Mrs. Auther, who served In France
as a nurse, said she was certain there
was no truth )n reports that her hus
band might have been murdered be
cause of. secret .formulae for 'aniline
dyes he was said to possess.
War Iopurlment expenditures for
the fiscal year ending June 3", 19::n,
were l.fii)'-MiiS.!tr,6,S2.
NEW YORK, Jan. S. (A. P. V
Submission ol a report or an ap
proaching revival of the war finance
corporation aroused opposition at to
day's meeting of the Ni w York cham
ber (if commerce nnd precipitated a
discussion that ended in tabling the
report. ' . . .
The committee on finance, and cur
rency, of which Thomas W. Lamont
was acting chairman, submitted the
report and the opposition was led by
Eugene Meyer,. Jr., former managing
director of the corporation.
The report,. .Mr, . Utmotit polnCed
out contained no definite recommen
dation, but was prepared at the re
quest of the chamber for information
on foreign trade relief and whether
such Telief should be mude through
revival of the war finance corporation.
Mr. Meyer asserted acceptance ;of
the report -would be an evidence on
the part of the chamber of opposition
to the corporation.
M s
Oregon Motor Garage, Inc.
Flume 408 J A Ll'iZ. 119, 121 W. Court
-3 ..lfe-w 04
SALEM, Jan. 8. (A. P.) The gov
ernor said Dobbin wired .definitely de
f lininu to reconsider his refusal of the
highway appointment. The governor
saiil he would be sli'W to make another
ippointment. ...
1 i
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Lydia E. Pinkham'i Vegetable j
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iiserti. varies with the depih of plowing and the nsture of the
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