East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, December 20, 1920, DAILY EDITION, SECTION TWO, Image 9

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"The Forbidden Woman," which
will r-be wen at the Alta Theatre Sun
day and Monday, I Haiti to have an un
usually elaborate background for the
display of Clara Kimball Young' justly
celebrated gowns, the value of which
Wardrobe la mild to exceed twenty-six
thousand dollar, and Include price
lean creation In the way of evening
gown, afternoon frocka, dinner gowns
armload of fur,, hat and Jewelry
sufficient to satisfy the heart of all
her feminine admirer.
These exquisite creation are the
result of hour of Atudy and labor by
French designer, MIh Ytping, and her
technical director, oil of whom have
made a deep atucy of the harmony of
color and the vulue of color combina
tion for ecreen purposes, or In other
word, they have discovered the exact
vnlue of color under the glaring light
of the Cooper Ifewitt.
"The nverage outsider know noth
ing whatever of the distinction to be
obtained by certain color under the
minute pholegraphic lens," Mis Young
declare, "or what red photograph
black, pale blue on Indistinct white,
with other colors'change their Identity
In a most confusing manner, Nor that
the color scheme of the gown worn
must hurmontze with the various In
teriors, drape and hanging used In
the different sots, so thut all strong
primary colors, shadings, and grada
tions of tone are arranged for com
position effects.
"If one -were to Judge my gown
from the standpoint of street wear and
availability, some of the color combin
ation would seem hideously out ot
place and clash outrageously. ' For this
reason, many of the gown worn by
mo In "The Forbidden Woman" have
been created and designed solely for
use In this one picture, for by virtue
of the peculiar combination of color
they could not be worn for any other
Miss Young declare that picking
over exquisite materials,' plushy vel-
vets, dainty chiffon and cobweb lace
lit quite the most fascinating sport In
the world, and we agree with her.
The abundant health
giving properties of
Scott's Emulsion
are as needful to
adults as to children.
celt ft Bownc. SlooniSrW. N. .
Rnscoe ("Fatty") Arbuckle, the not
ed screen comedian, is fast becoming
known in o Angeles, where he
make hi headquarters, a a man of
part automobile part. "Fatty'"
chief failing I motor cars, and his
garaxe resemble a railroad rouno
hotie, so many different make and
varieties of machines does the rotund
comedian posses. Recently he pur
chased what In declared to be one of
the most expensive automobile in the
The body was especially constructed
In a Los Angeles factory and was
fourteen months In the making. The
. Children, 10c Adult. 35c
Clara Kimball Young
"The Forbidden
Children, 5c
"The Girl From
t As swift as a mountain torrent.- as wild as a rajrine 'cat-
: aract, rushes the tale of the beautiful and mysterious. The
pines of the forest sighed, the woman trembled, the fiend
pmiled vho will save her from a fate worse than death?
The fiend smiled again, but forgot that God is in his heav
en and all is well with the world.
Arcade Today
Children, 10c ' AdulU, 35c
Roscoe (Fatty) Arbuckle
By Arrangement with Joseph M. Schenck
"The Life of
The Party"
From the Story by Irvm S. Cobb
Directed by Joseph Henabery-Scenario by Walter Woods,
fron.t Interior .;) aluminum lined,
unique feature uch a clgsr lighters,
light that Ignite automatically when
door ar( ppened, , and a built-in ce
larette distinguish thig living room on
wheels. .
When he can be Induced to leave
hi new possession, Roscoe give his
attention to the new series of comedy
dramas in which, by arrangement with
Joseph M. Hehenck, he Is to appear as
a Paramount star. The first of these
Is "The Ufe of the Party," adapted
tr-rfm a .tnrv hv lrvln (1 Pihh nii will
ha ihnwn nt tha Arcfldn Theatre next!
Sunday and Monday.
wrr,r and ni'flOKD NonTin.Avn.
it K.nM ni tp tiik c;inr,
"Tli rtlrl from Nowhere." which Is
to be the main offcrlngfot the Pastime
Theatre Sunday and Monday is one or
'he season' novelties. The beautiful
"in Mnrilsnn and the distinguished
xctor Wilfred Lucas, are the featured
Th Mvnle background ot this ptc-
ture Is set In the majestic and rugged
mountain of the northwest.
Here amid all this beauty of the
rtrcat outdoor I enacted a unique
drama and many startling and unique
toriut. on1 turns. ITnder the ombre
shadow of the mountain a beautiful
.in. wnmnn it found wandering
alone and bereft of her memory. Ex
citement, suspense, mystery and the
supreme question a to wno sne ,
fill the five reel in which The Girl
nv vnh,r. in nresented with In
terest of the most gripping nature.
The climax or the siory is reacnw
in. villalnou Klondyke ' Jim,
who ha forced the helples girl to
the marriage altar against ner win.
I, unmasked and made to T-y for his
L S'g-J-I-. . J. -U.-L-L..' . .. ! ' ...-51
wrongdoing. The picture contains
what. Is perhaps tho most Impressive
and dratnntlc surprise of any photo
Wy. of, the, year... (l-h(,j ftvoiads
up to a fcofrit where 'It 'nut-mi that
heaven Itself must intervene to savo
the beautiful girl from the. arm of
the bestial brute whom she Is about to
marry. The climax la a astounding
o H is unexpected.
Great care and lavish expenditure
marked the production of this pic
ture. The scone representing the
dance'hall of the so-called "Palace"
ot the little mining town is one of
the biggest settings of it kind ever
attempted in picture taking.
PAYNE, Ohio, Dec. 20. (IT. P.)
There Is one street in this village. They
used to call It ''Tough" street. The
farther the visitor "went on the. street
the street the tougher It. became. When
Indiana went dry, it was a great oasis
for weary, thirsty travelers. Saloons
flourished on both sides of Tough
street, It entire length. Ten expert
bartender were employed in one
That wa before the Lords Day Al
liance had its Inning. Beginning yes
terday the alliance backer claim, not
a bottle of milk, a cigar, newspaper, or
ice cream soda can be purchased in Ihtf
city. The alliance first forced Charles
Wltford. owner of a movie to close on
Sundays. Whltford said If ho couldnt
do Dusinesa Sunday no one else would,
o ho Jumped Into the fight on the
side of the alliance. The 'only thing
which the residents of Payne found
open Sunday was the windows.
All to Get Rid of a WririHe!
PflSIIff today I
AdulU, 20c I
ill r
Wintton:Salem, K"P3.
Friday p. m. .
V 1
Just wound up the one swellet day of
my life! Sine early this morning, when I
got an invitation to visit R. J. Reynolds
Tobacco Co, lactones, I've been in the
midst of millions of Camel cigarette.
Man the happiest idea you or I ever
had as to the size of this Reynolds enter
prise, or the number of Camels manufac
tured daily, is simply piker-stufft Wipe
off the slate and start fresh 1 Why Pete,
it seemed to me like a couple of those iga-rette-making
machines could keep half the
nation smoking Camels steadily BUT
honest to goodness, there are hundreds ot
these machines batting out Camels at the
rate of 27,000 an hour EACH!
Pete, you wouldn't have to consult a guide
book to know you were in the Camel fac
tories! The atmosphere is charged with
. that wonderful aroma you get when you
open up a deck of Camels! And, you know,
old elephant you've had a trunk full !
As the Camels dropped into the contain
ers I figured the delight each one would
supply! And, how Camels mellow, mild
body would hit the right spot and how
Camels refreshing flavor would cheer up
some smoker's jaded appetite! And, each
Camel free from any unpleasant cigaretty
' aftertaste or unpleasant cigaretty odor I
. Till 1 , rr j
r-eie i it nave to lay on ana iigiu an- vl
other Camel 1 Write vnu some more soon.
Yours joyously
rn rO
sln... j:t p- - I, - -
mate of the proportion of the cost of
said work to be charged against each
lot, part -of lot and parcel of land 1
on file in the office of the City Re
corder be published for a period of
ten day In the East Oregontan, which
newspaper I hereby designated by the
Common Council 'for the publication proposed improvement la now on file
in the office, of the City Recorder, sun-
And further notice la hereby given
that the Surveyors estimate of the cost
of said proposed improvement to be
charged against each lot, part of lot
and narfel of land on aeniint of d
lect to inspection and examination.'
Dated thus 9th day of December,.
1C20. :
City Recorder.
KBW YORK Here you see what woman will so throueh to
W"lmtul. Dr. Julian Bourget. eminent French suigeon ana
UclaT.peci.Hrt. U .hown looking on while Dr. Leroy R. Stod-Urd.
American fanxl surgeon. 1. operating on a New York woman to
rtmorTa wrinkle from nnder her eye- Dr. Bourget, who has
Xm the ftJce, ot many maimed French soldier, is la America to,'
perform similar operation.
niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiintiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii RiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiir
One of Those Beautiful Pastel Pictures Now on Display at f
121 East Court
Phone 318 . 5
Notice is hereby given that at a
regular meeting of the Common Coun
cil of The City of Pendleton held at
the Council Chambers in Pendleton.
Oregon on December 8th, 1820 the fol-
lowing Resolution was duly adopted,
WHEREAS, the City Surveyor of
The City of Pendleton did on the 30th
cay of September, 1920, under direc-
i n and by requirement of the Com
mon Council file In the office of the
Recorder of The City of Pendleton.
plans end specifications for an appro
priate Improvement of the following
named street In said city;
Jefferson Street from the North line
of Jackson Street to the South line of
Washington Street, and
Washington Street from the Eat
line of Madison Street to the West line
of Main Street Including the full Inter
section of Jefferson and Washington
streets, together with the estimates
of the work to be done and the prob
able cost thereof with a statement of
the lots, parts of lots and parcel of
land to be benefited by such Improve
ment and the percentage of the total
cost of improvement, which each of
such lots, parts oZ lots and parcels of
land should pay on account of the
benefits to be derived from such Im
provement, 'and.
WHEREAS, he council ha examin
ed such plans and specifications and
estimates and found the same satis
factory and the estimates therefore
to be In accordance with the probable
cost of such work, and
WHEREAS, the property recom
mended by the City Surveyor to be In
eluded within the boundaries of the
district benefited Is In the Judgment
of the Commqn Council properly to
be Included within, such Improvement
district and no propprtv is excluded
I therefrom which should properly be
Included therein, and.
WHEREAS, the Improvement of the
hereinabove described portions of said
street, either with Oravcl Bitullthlc
Pavement, Concrete Pavement or
Warrnnlta TlltllllthlA ' tnvomont nn
Crushed Rock or Crushed Gravel
foundation, is at this time necessary,
therefore, be it,
RESOLVED by the Common Coun
cil of The City of Pendleton that it is
expedient to improve and It Is hereby
proposed to Improve said portions of
said Jefferson and Washington Streets
by paving the same with either Gravel
Bltullthlo Pavement, concrete Pave
ment or Warrenlte Bltullthlo Pave
ment on Crushed Rock or Crushed
Gravel foundntlon such pavement to
be constructed and the surface thereof
to he finished upon the eiuWinhe'1
grade of said street and the street to
have curbs and gutters and all other
thing in accordance with and as
shown in the plan and specifications
for the improvement of ciild portions
of said Jefferson and Washington
Streets, prepared by F. B. Hayes, City
Surveyor, filed with the Recorder of
said sity on the 30th day of Sept., 1920.
which said plans and specifications
are hereby particularly referred to.
and be It further.'
RESOLVED that the Engineer's es
timates of the probable total cost of
such improvement, which said City
Engineer's estimate were made and
prepared by F. B. Hayes, City Survey
or of said city, in the sum of S8553.40
and were filed with the Recorder of
said city on the 30th day of Sept.,
1920, is hereby included and. hereby re
ferred to particularly, and be it furth
er. - 'i 'hi
RESOLVED that trie plans and
specifications and estimates for such
Improvement, as prepared by the City
Surveyor and filed with the Recorder
of The City of Pendleton on the 30th
day of September, 1920, be and the
are hereby adopted and approved, and
be it further,
RESOLVED that the cost of making
such improvement shall be a charge
and lien upon all lots, parts of lots ano
parcels of land to be benefited by such
improvement, and the owners of such
tots, parts of lots and parcels of land,
so specially benefited by sucii im
provement shall be liable for the pay
ment of -the costs thereof, and be il
RESOLVED that an assessment dis
trict is hereby created to be known
as "Assessment District No. 73, em
bracing tho property benefited and to
be assessed for the payment of such
Improvements, which Assessment Dis
trict shall Include all lots, parts of lots,
and parcels of land lying and . being
within the district bounded and de
scribed as follows, to-wit:
Description of Assessment District
No. 73
Commencing at the Southwest cor
ner of Lot 6, Block 6, Switzler's Add.
to Pendleton, thence 250 ft. North and
parallel with the West line of Jefferson
Street; thence West 100 feet and
parallel with the South line of Wash
ington Street; thence North 160 feet
and parallel with the West line of
Jefferson Street; thence East 100 feet
and parallel with the North line of
Washington Ftrcet; thence North 100
feet and parallel with the West line ot
Jefferson Street; thence East 260 feet
and parallel with the North line of
Washington Street; thence South 100
feet and parallel with the East line of
Jefferson Street; thence East 100 feet
and parallel with tho North line of
Washington Street; thence South 160
feet and parallel with the East line of
Jafferson Street; thence West 100 feet
and parallel with tre South line of
Washington Street; thence South 250
feet and prllel with the Fst line of
Jefferson Street; thence West 260 feet
on the North line of Jackson Street to
the point of beslnning.
And be it further resolved that a
copy of this wsolution together with
the notice that the e-Jrveyor's osU-
'3s..ifwl- .?lr -- imW---
mm m- -wra
v . ii-
Eat More Bread
- I
Delicious in taste J
Smooth and close in texture and grain
Made only from pare, wholesome products
A loaf of good Bread is all strength and en
ergy. It is the product of the sun. The frag
rance and strength of the sun-nurtured, rain
drenched wheatiield.
Harvest Bread
Baking Co.