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    f, V -o"wr "
l!umbr of eoptea jirlnted of yestarday'a
' 3,317
aat Oregonlan It Eastern Ore
ffon'a greatest nwiiMpor and a ft
aellirtir force a-ivee to th adertie
over twire th guaranteed pml alreu.
lalloft In Pendleton and Umatilla eoua
it of any othur aawapaper, , . ,
Thla paper Is tnwniier or una audited
. by tin Audit iiuraau of C'lrgulatlona.
city ornciAL PAPES
VOL. 83
NO. 0?03
r - r-r
; . .. -
mm wd
; Money .Condition of. United
States is Fundamentally
Sound and Healthy Business
Looms, Banker Tells Session
Railroad and Grazing Rates
Come up at Convention and
Election of Officers Will
Precede Adjournment Today
The'flnnnelal condition of the Pull
ed Stales la fundamentally sotiiid and
a anon an F.uropenn countries curl buy
from ua the good they need, and peo
ple realize 1 hut a new era of prices hna
coma, the rmont temporary depres
alon will give plaea to a healthy pros
parity. Thua wax the present finan
cial altuatlon characterized by Freder
ick Greenwood, manager of the Port
land Federal Reserve Hank, In an nd
dress at th Oregon Wool Growers' ns
aoclation thla morning.
Mr. Greenwood atnled that the prea
ent decline In prices of various com
modltlea Indicated a general readjust -ment
to lower levels and wan the In
evitable reaiilt of afier-war conditions.
The public, . lie declared, revolted
against high prlrea and a ' re-adjustment
wna necessary. ,
CWdlla Koit I.lqn'd.
"The financial problem " said Mr.
Greenwood, "la one of keening- credit '
liquid by effect Inn orderly marketing
and consumption of commodities. Thla
requirea co-opernilon oo the part of
producer, wholesaler, retailer and con
mmer alike. The wholesaler and re
taller have In many Instances taken
their Inaa and are ready to resume a
new baaix. The oonaumer ahould Iw
content with moderate reductiona
while the producer ahould he willttiK
'.o mke hla ahare of loaa and not tie
up bualnem machinery hy wlthholfliiiK
commmlltlea In the hope of booatinif
prlcea."' ' ' " " 1
No IlKjtrirtMnia liidc.
Mr, Greenmood pointed out that
there had been no reatrlnlon of credit,
atallnir that the red oiim of the
.general Reaerve Pankf tlad'increaaed
-over half ,MIlun dollars during the
peat year, and that there was every In- i
dlcation that the Imnka of Hie coun
try had met the legitimate demanda of
htmlneag and industry
could continue to do to If their cua-
tomera met them halfway.
About one hundred and fifty mn
heard the addreea today, the uudienco
IncJudtna" not only the wool men hut
local bualneaa men.
A reaolutlon anking that cttnprena
Immediately place an embargo upon
further Importation of foreign woo'a,
gnoda manuf net tired " front foreign
wool and foreign meuta, until auch
I A .
Z: ..'.?
Executive Committee in Port
land Session Lays Plans for
Bill in Legislature and Re- 'h"rl'' Myr" wai making ha
, , . ,. J rounda. He atopiied to llHten
iciciiuuiii ai ivcAi Lieuuon.
Crlea from the voice of a email
boy anlit the lr In front of, the
Arcade theater at 2 o'clock thla
morn'ng aa NiKht Patrolman
' Au.
'"Ll'MI!I'H, f!. IVc. IS.- 'li,,iie K'.ana Huha and Colon"! cjeorpe
haney are Intimates of I re-IJeoi-clrTt Jlardinp. Itec-mly Harding took them
to the of cour p or the .Sciot-i Country Club. The above picture wb snapped
j.'at they arrived. Colur.H H.incv was In the niiilst of a dlaciinaion and wa
'.aying It off with Keattirea. Colonel Harvev i tlinn-n ,.t ih. i. fi ii ,r-iin,. to
the center and Ilushes at the rlKlit.
SUM OF 2057 OF
War Veterans Point Out That
T California Legislation Has.
Precipitated Influx of On"-1
entals into This State. !
I'OHTl.ANU, lec. 1S.--(A. 1',) j
State leidalation which will offer an j
-in-inuM.i. i.l t& v.Mfti farm or nottio
loan or cash compendial. on at the rate
of 110 per month of aorvice for world
war vetorana will be prewted hy the
American Legion, department of Ore
gon. a a result of action of the atatc
execntive committee In aeaaion "here
today. Submiwoon of a bill to the leg
inlature to be referred by referendum
to the people ul the next election it Ik
Th Legion ali'O decided to atwn8or
in the legislature a bill eimliar to the
California Japanese law. It pointed
out that the California law haa cauaed
an influx of Japanese Into Orecoml
from California.
and to locate the source of the
cries. They dime from within
the cheater.
The officer Investigated. He
found that a mall oy waft
locked in, the houae waj dark
and it tii growing cold. , The
officer could not get rn nr
could the boy gt out. He tele
phoned to fiuy Matlock, part
owner of the Pendleton Amuse
ment Co., ownera of the house,
itMiuectiug: him u furnish a key
or means of ent ranee.
ISy meana of a chair and fol
lowing the direciinna given to the
officer and thence hy him to the
lad, -h inadc hla sscapo from
tne building. The youngater had
A atlil bearing evidence of being
newj waa raided and conflacated late
Fjiday by Sheriff VV, It. Taylor and
Kvuert Sinclair on. the Hasher place In
Comba Canyon, 12 milea from Pendle
ton. J. P. Lee, charged with operating
the plant, was arrested, taken to Athe
na and fined lir.O in Justice court by
K. 1!. Itfchardij, Juatice of the peace.
The atill waa in operation when the
ffficera appenred.' . Lee 'was busied
with a soldering: iron, making tight
a part of the jetort. No liquor had
been distilled nor waa there any of the
finished product about the place but
10 barrels Of mash, reported aa "very
active, " were destroyed. Evidence In
dicated that the plant 'had not Ion
In use. '
The retort waa of large size and well
made. The coils were of copper and
brlKht and new. Maieriala alut the I
Place indicated that Ie was going Into!
biisinesa on a good sized scale. The
officer said they had no evidence of j
the man's prevto.ia operations or con
nect'ons. They threw out all the
Britain and France Agree to
Pact Designed to Withold
Recognition if Constantino
is Again Awarded Crown.
Action Would Reduce Offend
ing Nation to Third Rate
Power in Eyes of Three Big
Former Allied Nations.-
PAPLH. Iec. . A. P. The
French minister hj to leave Athena
Sunday. Probably the Brlfteh minister
will also leave.
l k IO 10 tit ry t?n-t.
maklnRs" and brought the outfit to ,. 7.J ' . , .
whereby they fcnd Italy wilt almultan-
ln of a picture and ' when
place waa closed and locked
for the night he had been undisT
turbed. ' ,
the Jail where It was added to the
mounting collection which has been
nee .Tlnlra Tnvlor hwnmn
the 'aheriff.
fallen asleep during the ho.'L., .,. ti-v. n-...t... v. ieouIy withdraw ambassador from
jGreece, leaving only a charge d af
lf)iirea to look after, their Interests, the
j French foreign office has announced,
j Execution of the project awaits only
jthe endorsement of Italy.
I This a.'tion would reduce Greece to
a third rate power in the eyes of the
jthree big 'European nations, and la one
I of the atepa designed toindicate tha
allies' opposition to the restoration of
King Conatintine.
CHICAGO, Dec. 18. l". P.) Two
of the greatest fortunes of the Mid
dle West will be merged with the mar
riage today of Miss Lolita Armour,
sole heir of J Ogdon Armour - and
John J. Mitchell, Jr., eldest son of
John J. Mitchell, bank director and
director of a score of companies-
MOM. 10
Umatilla Asked to Join Belief
j' Led by Herbert Hoover,
! Which Will Keep Suffering
Children Until Next Harvest. !
f ai.e.m. j,-: it;-.: a.T.T a W..i
of it'JT rrtil.s of highway in the rtsit-.
Involving esti'iK-.tcd iIiwti. lid ohllta
Hons aKKiepatlm; ;S .4T9..tft find rr.
tual exnendflures tot aline -1 .54 Ji. SB 2
have been authorized under the direc
tor credits and i'lon of the slat
The lives of sOO children of war-de
."tated Europe are in the hands of
A ton-and-a-haJf truck laden with
choice Canadian whiskey, said to have
been bound for Pendleton was halted
at Dayton, Wash., yesterday by local
officials there and Glen Rust and
Trace Baker, of this city, arrested on
a charge of transporting liquor illegal
ly. The sheriff a office here -was no
tified of the arrest hy long distance
telephone and asked for instructions.
The men and liquor were ordered
turned over to the federal tuthorities
at Seattle for prosecutloi. "
A local cm-.rae will ne piaced against
the men when they return here. Sheriff
.... ., . - r, , j, i iTT ner aepartur jor I'enflieton to lnff
-vrm. ..r J'- -'Mpena the Chnstrnas holidays with her
nek, -was being operated with licenses 1 parents. Mi u9ni. itnA la
- . rt .
"Buy a Barrel of Four for Christ
mas" fa the slogan and theine n a
'massive window display of flsur being
j completed today by E!!ia-8chiler
jAuto Co., in their show rooms at the
! corner of Mala and Water streets. The
services of Sim WriKht, lr.al sign
jpainter. and two artis's, were engaged
to mKe the display, whmh is one of
j A huge canvas, painted with a win
der scene, forms the hackcrouod vt.
1 . 1 he turl'i unnuul auiotnohile ahonr
f th" ririiil-t.n AiitoiDwlille lVnlers
I""' ' . , . ' I from the purses of men and women of
j j "ii oil jiiiiiM..!, riiii.ii Him r;iiiii-j
day, March' 10, n and 12, and their j
linnniil ri.incd n'ill fclloiv on Mon.Oiv i
highway cnmmi.ialon ,. i..t. v. n o a,-.ia.i iu. I
'i'i'mir tv-v noil jLicoroing to it
report Itoy Klein. se r.-nry of the!
commission toiliiy. The sum provides !
I7.022.041 on the r.iclflc highway, I
and Hi.SH. I'll on the t'olinniiln h'
Plates otner tnan tnoao originally is- ppn,i,,on P, .h i. , Hi I , ' ..
sued thai car and this violation of v-. ns.sung or spruce trees'
IMCJIC .... .! I.... .Ill h. ..mi.h.,1
starving habieif can be saved hy ?8,00 a
I The two men nvere arrested also at
fOontlnned on twice .
n.M.l.tMIMNT tSTH.L 1)ST. t
NKW VllltK, llec. 1. (: l'
No trnce of nilnsing naval Imllnoni If
thnnght lost in the Adirondack inoun.
tains has been received at navy wire
less stations or at hcadituartcrs.
evening in a meeting of the associa
tion. The affuir rests in thn hailda of
a committee of five, cotirtist jisr of J. H.
KnUht. chairman, iioliert Simpwn, I.
M. Ferguson, liejiry Mangold and K.
It. Schiller.
this county. It is a matter of lives:
not of dollars,' A mere $10 bill will
buy the life of, each bit of humanity
until the next harvest.
Jlerbert Hoover is lending the way
Mild nsl's that Oregon, as astate. re
move the look of lunger from the
faces of STi, 000-children Pendleton's
quota is 400 children? other towns In
the county are asked' to make existence
H'Iia ihiin' rtnvi unriii. n'tll hn "on
tained entirely within the walls , j l'"ibe for 400 more of Europe's tiny
., . . . ..,, . , ,,, i war victims.
iiop. vuo.M'ii moi'o, wins i1'
lesr?ned numcia of dealers in the city.
Davenport, Wash., on their trip toward
Pendleton, the sheriff was Informed
They were fined and part of their stock
confiscated, the Information said, opt
sufficient waa left to. continue the trip.
Ferrymen and officers in all the towns
on the Inland Empire highway were
notified to be on the lookout for the
truck, however, and the arrest at
Dayton resulted from a close tab kept
by police officers all along the line
Wheat for December and May dc-'
llvikrv on th PhlfviirA hmirH of trnjln'
held Ita own tottay, closing at the same
figure as It opened. The December
close, however, was a half cent nnder
that of Friday, being M.69H. March
wheat Joat more than a cent, the open
Ing being, at $1.(5 and the close at
11.(13 May opened at $1.59 and
closed at the same figure.
The quotatlona on wheat and other
raln today, aa received over the pri
vate. Wire of Overbeds & -Cooke,' fol
lows: Wheat
High Low Hose
1.12 l.fisMi
1.621 l.3
1.414 1.5S 1.69
It vp
1,44 H i.ii
.71 H
.46 i
.US 'A
.72 V
lows: Private Argentine ndvicea es
timate the exportable surplua of 1.10,
000,000 btiKhels and their market 2c
lower with a pressure or offerings.
Paris cables that the stocks of for
eign whent are very furue which, Ii
hindering the marketing of native
Sterling exchange lower, with for
eigners selling f itures both irt home
overnight.' Xi iV York advices indicate
that exporters have enough Canadian
wheat to take cure of their sulcs. A
free movement of wheat reported to
the gulf with a lessened export do
mund. A. large flour broker in Chi
cago says he has been unable, to se!l
a barrel during the past two weeks.
( a n not Hcfusc .pabes
J. V. Tallman. county chairman,
met with local business men yesterday
and effected a campaign organization
if which the keynote will be, "We can
not refuse the children. I
I .oti .,.ititr a tnnl a nil chril o if i.l
jthe pavilion, in 'which, trucks, acces
sories and liuhting plaats were shown.
i - lioth afternoons and ev.cnic.gs will j 1
be given over to the displays of cars ' ' . Z. . t trol on the ground that their sale hy
,.,,,1 no admission will ho charged to n " oe cna.rmun G was a vioation of the peace
the .how. Kfforw will be made to movement to secure funds out- trtatvhave been ordered released, ac-
trnvo the exposition surpass that of ' the county, wh le James SturgK cor(IinV to an announcement today by
BERLIN. Dec. 18. (A. P.) The 11
aluminum airplanes consigned to the
'I'nited States but held up In Hamburg
by tht- Inter-allied commission of con
lit 20
the bt
.t ,,.!,. ll,.. Pendleton show )- - ' Jmtl r- """w ",,u
iiieorge iiariman win atiiwai 10 ren
dlcton peoiile. The drive officially
t of ith size in the country.
the imperial treasury department here.
Portland's municipal auditorium will
bo J ist biiU'lng it Vi surprises for the;
motoring public of the northwest when
the Twelfth Annual Antomoliilo show
uf automotive products with a buck-
ground- of Portland's famous flower
tho rose, will prcet the residents of this
section of the country who attend the
Auntml event. -
"The Iteauty Show ot.lhe Automo
tive World" la to be the official title
hv which to siw is to be o"wn this
fiA and Is eseclnlly befitting to the
opena tomorrow, but already there has
been a ready response. Nolin, with
a quota Of $100, is over the top, aa Is
Mcnchum, with a similar quota. Sev
eral local people subscribed today,
nmong them Mrs. Llna Sturgls, who
gave $100.
Quotas arc Named I , ,
following are the district apportion-1 venlnj.
! menta and the chairmen for each: I ' "'8" 1 u is"
Pendleton $40: H. B. Inlow and C n : w ... oe ,.-- ,- " v
A- Hartman.- Athrna 00; Nf, Hansel i""-'" 11 X " . i 7 V
tercst and of International tmport-
m-f tum i iitiiin ijinri in 111111.-1 (i 1 wt'l U II rtllH'iiii " " "1 . , . . , mmm. 1
abroad. Xoech.s,nlbuin,, audi. ,,ens January 10, continuing to th S'
u k i 11.1 ... .,. ,.1.-.. ii mm mm .linlsv 1 LleUallen. Echo $500; Joe tunha
' .......... "' im union...-. ... . . ' ,.' ;r,.j n...nn unit Abji Thorn oson.
Fruitvale and Ferndale $ll(; L. Relne
n . ...n. 11 i- ll.i.rii
mini. . riPKBHiri ... r.. ...... . w.- ....tllv an
and .1, F. Slover. Olhholi $5lU John.P""-'' V''" " Z,""""',"
L' t- j ethical problem involving the right of
It is neither a religious nor a mete
v.ht and a nation to ae;em sen
harmonious reiaiiooi ui--ri.
Herm'ston $400; C
Tom Campbell. Mcacnam I two; "-k-iVrv.V f.., n.-..i. -..n
and 'Alfred Smith. 1 1 ""-" Du-1 ,,' , ',
Pilot Hockiue proilioieu aiiu -r -
Ki ps, .1. I. Casey
Nolin $100; Dale Slusher.
Prices advanced S I-2c from venter- i snV and Is especially befitting U tne 1 " " ' ' . ,,,,... un1 Ithrough ft right understanding of the
day, hroke 4c from the high point, and ! flisplav of tho products of the automo- thOO EH. ( -'- "' 'ul' ""'I position ofthc Irish people," the nn
closed at l-2c to lc net decline for the, ive worjd or passenger conveyance M- D. Vl,on , ' nouncement says.
duy. The market bus be.cn oversold , ,hls v0'ar, inasmuch as manufacturers rice, T 4 . Mo : and 1 11 M- , . "Briefly, the position ia this: The
and the ndveneo Mr tho past two flaya !arp devoting much of their attention burn. Manncm !o. p. ir(sh nation, by right of self determl-
can be attributed to short covering, i , models with lines cf bcuMty and nnd James Kvie. ' J" '1" .J ' ' nntion has by overwhelming majority,
more than to nny other cause. , The Krftce, " , p'h t7"0 pll voted for a republic, haa set uf? a re-
weak action of the stock market does j 'Especial prominence wilt be Riven to, J. A. Lunisoen. tteitn jio public and by heroic efforts maintains
.... ...fi h.,i.,. fi..nrii on,iiii,.r, i-io n aepoiint of the I Clark and George Hoherts. Mission ,.., n,mrMi
-.ou..., ... .,,..,,...-, u,vu . .son ana oirt, rorm the foreground, a
denly last night. Miss Roden had been large Quantity of sacked floor ..t.r.L-.
suffering from rheumatism and It la ed against the scenery and ..a. truck-
uiuusnt it reacnea ncr nearu
Her brother, Joe Roden, who haa
been attending Gonzaga. it. Spokane,
and who waa to accompany hla sister
here, will arrive here with the body
Miss Roden Is survived by her par
ens, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Koden,
three sisters, the Misses Stella. Eliza,
beth and Madeline Hoden; and four
brothers, Joe, William, . Francis and
Jean Roden. Funeral services will be
held Monday at :S0 a. m. from St.
Mary's Catholic church.
loaded with flour, and driven' by San-
ta Claus, are prominent in the fore
ground. ' If "
The color effect of the! room Is
heightened by , colored , lights from
electroliers in the ceiling. The entire
display la placed, as a boom , to, the
"Buy a Barrel of Flour" movement
and is the largest of Ita kind yet made
in thia city.
Floyd Snyder" ha
California where he
Ttugg, in Pasadena.
-owe II
1-iorclg-n Kvliiinse
London, 1.49. MS.. .
Berlin, .013914.
(From overbeck A Cooks. Co.)
CHICAGO. Dec. 18. Whent opened
with a continuation of buying that hna
been In evidence for the past three
The enerol news was . of a
bearish character, some of which fo
von""' "l . . o.....l..,,.;. M.AMmn
and wo do not lieliove that wheat : growing country-wide (lemanu ny mo- - ' :""'' -....-...J .,n.
prices can hold up under these cmidl- torlsts fur this class of vehicle hecom-:" ' 1 """'" " ;
Henry Sommerer.
Hons. ! ing ho pronounced. 1 no ueveioimieo.
Corn Private Argentine advices re-1 0f the closed car is reaching a nisni
port 2S,000,ooo tuisneis out corn still xUtr of perfection m airai .-.:.,
t no low...-
from first hands is still slow hut gen- priced tnn mnnufacttired today bear
entity Increasing with country offer- t this feature and are -appointing
lugs more free. Hales or inn.nnn hnsli- (heir closed .lobs to rival tnoae oi too
els were made to go to store for do- higher priced makes,
livery on December contracts and ns ,,ul ,,f ;s passenger car dealers In
a result the December delivery sold ' Portland, w ho are tnembera of the
about 4c under May compared with Automobile Dealers Association.' S4
In under yesterday. Liverpool fu- have already secured space in the com-
tures closed second lower, with sellers m)t show for the display of their cars-(flapper. .1
pressing more owing to more raver- Tbse S4 dealers represent un)-""
"One thing alone the Irish nation
demands of Great Britain, the final
withdrawal of the army of occupation
TACOMA. Dec IS. (U. P.)-
George Stags, who disappeared follew-
ing tke kidnaping of his son from the
home of hla divorced wife here. Sep
tember 14, suddenly reappeared last
night and waa sentenced today to
from 10 to IS years In the penitenti
ary, following his plea of guilty.. Pet
ty Brainerd, Seattle society girl, who
waa arrested In New York for com
plicity in the tkdnaping, was absolv
ed from all guilt by Stags and the
case against her dismissed.
Following the sentencing of her
former husband, Mrs. Edith Cunning
ham announced her Intention to ask
Qovernor Hart to pardon Stagg. . .
"After all, George Is the baby a fa
ther in fact, If not in spirit. she
said. "I am not vindictive. If I am
assured he will never again molest me
or the baby, 1 will do all in my power
to get him pardoned."
Miss Brainanl Accused.
TACOMA. Dec. 18. (A. P.I Bobby
Stagg, two year old boy for the kid
napping of whom Miss Hetty Brain
erd of Seattle was placed on trial here,
was taken from his mother's Tacoma
home September 14, 1920.
Georpe T. Stagg, a newspaperman,
who Is the boy'ji father, visited the
pome or his divorced viie on eeptem
ftlt te v1'Oct0ber Governor Smith
Z , rk S'gnfS ""-odition pa
stann Z Ihorour'rt,l to Tacoma ,
Und I triaL She arrived here Xovem.,
br 3 and was released on $10.0o'
"eaA!'eV.he arr8' Bobh' " return.
Th. V un tctober 2
Xhe Tacoma x-o.- t,
. t. . -mine received
a telephone message from .vi,.co,uver
B. 4 . stating ,hat lhe . -city
and that he nmi,i ...
over to a reporter e..in ... " .
room and a.ski.,r for "s" Vdle
r;'"'"" Mr Stagg went
to the Canadian city, foliowe1 dlr.
eetions and, on October 21. recovered
Belief has been enre i... .1,. f .
coma police that Pubby firs, was tak-
CW Torlt- Fi,,all- he
so that the republic may function t,er 14 and-a.skedMo.see Bobby. While
'freely. One thing alone the Irish
I republic request of the American re
' public, official recognition of their republic.
Fi "More than this wai solemnly prom
r Ised by Benjamin Franklin to the Irish
the mother. Miss Edith Stagg was out
of the room a few moments, the fa
ther, it has been charged, picked up
Hobby, hurried to a waiting automo
bile and disappeared.
For almost a month the search for
eople in the dark early days of the the boy was in vain. On October 10
(Continued on nave, a..)
Reported by Major Lee Moorhouse,
official weather observer.
Maximum, 40.
Minimum. 33.
Barometer S9.42. -RainralL
.06 Inches..
Barometer falling.
lAmerlcan war of Independence, after juss Brainerd was arrested In New
'the Irish people, in their poverty and York and charged with complicity In
MAKION, 1C. IS. (By Raymond nt their peril, hud sent us soldiers and the crime. The complaint asainst her
P. Staff Correspondent) sailors, generals and commodores, charged that she drove Wacf from
the association of nuti-larms and ammunition. Tacoma to Seattle In her automobile
able exchange rates. From the nctioi airfercnt makes of enrs, which wiy bo ons ,g pra,jUIluy taking shape In the, "Franklin wrote. 'Our partis warm-' following the kidnapping nnd that she
of today's market it s evident thnt the represented by 131 models. The 6''.-jmn(i of President-elect Harding as ly taken by the Irish in general.' hud charge of the bey after he was
short Interest has been too large com 00it square feet of floor space in tbe ho convcrsos with tho "best mintlsi In George Washington wrote - in 1778, tcken. -
pnred with receipts and with wheat nuditorium will allow for the uimuiij ,,nB country," It is learned today. .'Patriots of Ireland, ho strong In nope. . TH-ty Offers f K"4urn
"I have not any dcta'led plan in Your cause Is Identical with mine. Following Miss Brainerd g arrest,
my mind that you could measure offi "Gratitude and 'love of fair' play offers were made to return the boy to
with a rule, but I have some general ihould move all true Americans to his mother if the charges against the
Ideas about It." lie said. i;."ive at least a fair hearing to tha young woman were dropped. No ac-
For the precent. however, these nreause. This mooting is free- to the tlon was taken on the offers and the
carefully guurUid from public gaxo, public." case against Miss Brainerd was press-
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